Wednesday, February 10, 2010

He's still a PROUD RACIST

I covered THIS STORY a week or so ago. It's about the Councilman from Santa Clarita Valley, near Los Angeles, and how he declared himself a PROUD RACIST and that's what the media and immigrant groups picked up, of course. What he actually said was that if being against illegal immigration and loving America was being racist, then he was a proud racist.

Here's the complaint shown in THIS ARTICLE TODAY: The Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition has sent letters to state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown, Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley and the U.S. Department of Justice, alleging that Councilman Bob Kellar “breached the public’s trust and has acted in an unethical, racist, xenophobic and biased manner by making public comments scapegoating so-called illegal immigrants.” (Z: No, he's against illegal immigrants, not 'so-called' illegals..what IS a 'so-called illegal' anyway?)

Wow. Apparently, a councilman can't even speak against ILLEGAL immigration. Odd that nobody's suing alarm system companies for being against ILLEGAL burglars, isn't it?

Then, I found that Meg Whitman, candidate for California Governor, the ex head of ebay and someone I'd have thought will really stand up for California has disavowed herself from the Councilman who had supported her for this remark. Again, you'll see that the linked article leaves out the beginning of his "...then I'm a proud racist" sentence. I'd not vote for her if there were someone I liked better in general. The Democrats seem to have insisted she do this.
Is this country going to be able to get back on its feet with the kind of political correctness which takes honesty out of the equation?...the honesty that would help us sort things out? ILLEGALS are ILLEGAL and, as the Councilman had said, many ARE robbing my State of so much money and are probably doing the same all across the States...........We can't be against THAT? NOBODY is against the Hispanics who come, we welcome them and so many are viable, contributing, America-loving immigrants...........but ILLEGAL breaking into America has to stop. We finally had a Councilman who said so and now he's going through this......WOW.

You think he's a RACIST?


beakerkin said...

Key word is legal.

Another friend just got hit by an illegal driving a car. Her emergency room visit 17,000. She has damage to her optic nerve and may have to go on disability.

I am having my own problem with Dr. Yeagley who has become vulgar and rabidly anti Black. Speaking of bigots my site meter recorded Uptown Steve visiting from here.
Racial arsonists are a real bore
and Unamerican.

Elmers Brother said...

codifying speech is part and parcel of the PC crowd...get used to's going to get worse.

Z said...

Hi, Beak....
Key word definitely is LEGAL; why some don't understand that is way beyond me...I suspect it has something to do with the PC Elbro's just commented on.

Elbro...I can't see how it could get worse. Except, the worse it gets, maybe more will wake up and demand it STOPS.
That AUDI commercial was SO SO good (Super Bowl) because it was so UN PC and I guess it's pretty popular...FINALLY, at least a German company had the guts to laugh at the green fools, huh?

FrogBurger said...

I don't think he is but he should have been smarter in his communication. He should have said something like "if you define racist as someone who wants one language and the respect of immigration law, then you should go check the dictionary."

Z said...

Good point, FB.

If I were Hispanic, by the way, this WOULD really tick me off: (wikipedia article)

"Some other race. Includes all other responses not included in the "White", "Black or African American", "American Indian and Alaska Native", "Asian" and "Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander" race categories described above. Respondents providing write-in entries such as multiracial, mixed, interracial, We-Sort, or a Hispanic/Latino group (for example, Mexican, Puerto Rican, or Cuban) in the "Some other race" category are included here."[9]

Hispanics are listed as "Some other race"? !!! Plus, I thought they were Caucasian, but what do I know. SOME OTHER RACE?

Z said...

Here's that link if you're interested in the "described above" part of that quote!

Anonymous said...

Whenever the left wants to shut people up, they scream racist. Works every time.

Mustang out

shoprat said...

We have to choose our words carefully because the media is controlled by leftwing hatemongers who only want to see us silenced. Anything we say will be interpreted in the worst way possible. You almost have to be always thinking "How can the left twist this into something horrible."

Anonymous said...

The left can twist anything. And will.

Hi Z, they do understand what he said. That's of no consequence to them if they want to destroy someone.

We're dealing with people who are experts at personal destruction, and have no qualms in doing it.

For them, the ends justify the means.

What a sad state of affairs for our civilization. Carping, attacking, destroying, all badges of the left and they wear them proudly, don't they?

I guess a bunch of losers have no other course left to them. They can't win honestly, so they lie and cheat. I think, after awhile, they believe their own lies.

Orwell must be rolling in his grave.


Leticia said...

Definitely not a RACIST.

I have no problem with immigrants coming to this nation as long as it is LEGAL.

I have a huge problem with illegals coming here and demanding rights, waving their flags and driving cars uninsured.

We need more people to stand up and STOP illegals from coming into our nation.

WomanHonorThyself said...

of course they twist everything..good Lawd!

christian soldier said...

Meg has been thrust upon us by RINO Rssss-
You know how I feel about the Rsss who do not have a clue as to what is in the Constitution!!!

I say-good on him!!!!

FrogBurger said...

Yesterday I was watching Hardball and 3 idiots were saying that the gov of Texas threatening cession and being against a strong federal gov was based on racism.

Z said...

FB, that's incredible..and typical Chris Matthews.
Mustang was right....RACISM is the word the left throws around for ANYTHING they don't like.
It's gotten to where even some liberals are going to be thinking how STUPID they are, don't you think?
They can't BELIEVE what they're saying, CAN THEY?!
On second thought, our media's made of mostly libs and, if that's any indication of honesty and integrity...cancel my statement ...they DO mean it.

Power is EVERYTHING and, until America wakes up and decides this country's more worthwhile than power and infighting and keeping abortion available, we're in REAL REAL HOT WATER and don't anybody think our enemy's aren't well aware of that.

meanwhile, there are at least 35 terror training camps in this country (see Bloviating Zeppelin's post of a day or two ago sidebar has his address) and we can't do anything about THOSe because of OUR CONSTITUTION!!! How can America even last with that going on? HOW?

Anonymous said...

codifying speech is part and parcel of the PC crowd...

You mean like this:"NOBODY is against the Hispanics who come, we welcome them and so many are viable, contributing, America-loving immigrants...........but ILLEGAL breaking into America has to stop

You Californians crack me up. You know full well why your state, society, economy is down the crapper. still tow the PC"all muslims aren't terrorists" PC bull.

It's OK for CAIR, LA RAZA to spout their racist, hateful anti American puke...but you can't call a spade...a spade. It's OK for illegals to parade down your streets waving any flag except the stars & stripes...these "immigrants" aren't like those who came here in the early 20th century. But you refuse to admit it.

Chuck said...

While I have to agree with FB that he could have said it better, this does not excuse the media from intentionally misquoting him.

Anon, I am truly confused with your comment. Do you think, after reading the post, that Z is guilty of PC?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Meg Whitman: don't even THINK of voting for her.

Plain and simple.

This guy's just Another White Boy excoriated for DARING, for having the SACK to actually TELL THE TRUTH.


Z said...

Anonymous...don't lump ME together with every liberal across this country and their PC, and don't kid yourself that there are that many more libs here than in a lot of States.

Yes, I AM one who doesn't feel ALL MUSLIMS are BAD...sorry, but I just don't. I'll never believe they want us all dead. The very religious ones, YES, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, but I will say I'd like to get rid of every mosque and minaret from America BECAUSE the bad amongst the good are preaching hate and destruction to the kids, even ones from decent families..and THAT I happen to know for sure.

Z said...

BZ, anybody's better than jerry Brown, buddy

Ducky's here said...

The Boston Globe's Jeff Jacoby, a real right wing ultra conservative did the honorable thing a while back and wrote a very good column.

He pointed out that this talk about Central and South Americans who take the legal route being welcome neglects to state the obvious, there is no legal route. Unless you are Cuban there are very low legal limits.

So people in poverty are going to flee that poverty. Seems inevitable. We can't call ourselves a nation unless we do define who may be a resident and enforce it, but this legal vs. illegal argument overlooks too much to be useful.

Or we can do what everyone's hero Saint Ronnie Raygun did and fix things with an amnesty.

Well, immigrants are so embedded that the current recession is creating pockets of pretty severe blight. Time for action and neither side is stepping up on this one. It's been going on for so long that you have to believe someone wants it to happen and man did it pick up big time under Chucklenuts.

cube said...

My problem with the illegal lobby is that they're not advocating joining the ways of this country, but trying to bring about a change that most of us don't want.

Why should I press one for English? That should be a given.

Basically, I believe if you want to live here, then learn the language, don't break the laws, and we'll get along just fine.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Of course he's not a racist based on that remark. It was a very careless use of language, though. What, does he think the news reports things in context?

Anonymous said...

ElBro is right. I've never heard the term "codifying", but that's what it is.

THe best way to fight it is to not participate. I'm teaching my kids to be un-PC. It's not easy.

Z said...

Ducky, odd, but there are legal routes..stand in line and wait to come in. I know Hispanics who've done that. I know Germans who've done that, French who've done that..Where's Mr. Jacoby been?

No, there are no legal routes for TWELVE MILLION..gee, we're sorry.

I remember the good ol' days when one had to have sponsors to come into this country...people worked HARD to get into the best country in the world. They appreciated it for having waited and worked for it.
Today, we're doormats and the doormat's getting filthy and broke.

Please stop with the Chucklenuts, it's a stupid broken record and annoys me. It's my blog. stop.

Anonymous said...'s your answer...for all Americans...not just PC addled californians. You're beginning to sound like the damn Brits...who BTW number over 70% who no longer recognize their country. So...let's keep apologizing for the 3rd world illegal mutts...that have made America a dump.

"Illegal immigration.

Do the math on remittances—$50 billion a year sent back to Latin America; perhaps $20-25 billion sent from California alone, mostly from illegal aliens.

The following thought will get one censored as cruel and inhuman: millions of California residents, here illegally, without English or high-school diplomas, somehow manage to rely in part on state subsidies for food, housing, education, legal help, and transportation to free up cash in the billions to be sent southward to Mexico.

In addition, much higher per capita rates of illegality, from gang activity to DUI arrests, characterize far too many of the illegal alien community, requiring state investments that outweigh the often argued advantages of increased sales taxes, Social Security deductions supposedly not drawn upon, cheap wages for unskilled labor, etc.

In other words, to suggest that a very sophisticated society is spending billions to educate, incarcerate, and treat millions from the former Third World is forbidden. And the corollary is even more bizarre still: millions risk their lives to flock northward to the United States, even as the premise of multiculturalism in the schools, affirmative action in the workplace, and the chauvinism manifested in popular culture is somehow that an oppressive Eurocentric America “owes” penance. Historians two centuries hence will remark on the anomaly of the notion that millions of Mexican nationals both wish to emigrate to the United States, but simultaneously once here to voice grievances against the culture they so wish to join—sort of like the old demonstrations against Prop. 13 when protestors used to wave the flag of the country they did not wish to return to and trample the flag of the country they so eagerly wished to remain in.

Z said...

Anonymous, could you PLEASE show me where I've molly-coddled ILLEGALS? I'd love to see that.
They're ruining this country...
what's new that you're telling me?
I hate it, my American friends who legally came here from Mexico hate illegal immigration more than even I DO (which is really going some)....
why did you post this?

Faith said...

Doesn't Anonymous know he's preaching to the choir here? What's his schtick anyway?