Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Republican hypocrisy": I'm seriously curious about something.........

I'm on the fence.........
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama vigorously defended his $787 billion stimulus on Wednesday, insisting it rescued Americans from the worst of the economic calamity and ripping Republican critics who called it a waste.........THIS ARTICLE is the second place I've heard that Obama is calling Republicans hypocrites for the following reason (from the article):

"Obama used a portion of his speech to accuse Republicans of hypocrisy, saying they have enjoyed its benefits even as they criticized the plan."There are those, let's face it, across the aisle who have tried to score political points by attacking what we did, even as many of them show up at ribbon-cutting ceremonies for projects in their districts," Obama said.He said he recognized that many Americans are not benefiting from the stimulus."

I have given that some thought and fluctuated on it. If Republicans were against the entire Stimulus Package, should they have not attended ribbon-cutting ceremonies for projects in their districts? Should they stay home from official duties because they didn't approve of the methodology behind the project? Does their appearing show tacit approval of the method of funding for any given project? Does it have to be 'scoring political points' just because you disagree with a bill? (or is this yet another of those things Obama wants heard and digested by Americans who are 'on the fence'?)
What do you think? Help me out here. Thanks.



Ducky's here said...

There have been a number of stories of governors and others who have been very vocal in opposition to the bill (that is the part the peeps heard) and then took the money (much less attention).

But sarcasm and cynicism are the cornerstone to government and this has been true for some time. None of us are demanding good governance, we are just whining and bitching and watching the economy go down the drain.

What I have noticed is a lot of criticism of Obama from Dems. However, when it comes time for the right to fess up to some of the schmucks they've supported ... cue the crickets.

JINGOIST said...

It's a no-win for the Republicans. They vote no on a "Stimulus" bill which allocates money to their district for a waste water treatment plant. If the R pol DOESN'T show up, the news will be there and his Dem opponent will step in for the picture and take the credit. It's a no-win, so they might as well step in and take the pictures, or the looters will.

This is just more evidence that the Republicans MUST continue to just say NO! to everything the Dems want to do.

At some level these Kleptocrats understand that they are doing DAMAGE to America, so they're trying to get the R's to join in and "help in the name of bi-partisanship."

Hey Republicans, everything the Dems want to do--involving you--is a trap !!! If they'e not cutting taxes (real tax cuts, not Obie's welfare handouts) or drastically reducing the size of government, just say NO!

ANY cooperation with these Looters is a trap!

They've been ratcheting up their class warfare rhetoric recently Z. I wrote about it if you have any time today.

the malcontent said...

It's bad enough to be as morally, intellectually, and ethically bankrupt as the average Illiberal/Regressive but to be completely stupid and wrong about the simplest matters, as they are, is inexcusable. Libs are thin skinned weaklings, much like Obama. They can dish it out but can't take it.
It's really funny to listen to the Left in America whine about Cheney's criticism of Obama's foreign policy. They conveniently overlook the fact that the Bush Administration was forced to deal with the consequences of eight years of the Clinton administration's appeasement of tyrannical regimes such as N. Korea, its refusal to forcefully confront Saddam Hussein's ongoing defiance of the U.N. and Clinton's total neglect of the growing Al Qaeda terrorist threat. After Sept. 11, the Left engaged in constant criticism of most all of the Bush Administration's attempts to defeat Al Qaeda and rein in rogue regimes in N. Korea, Iraq and Iran and they did everything in their power to undermine Bush's position both at home and abroad. So for the Left to now find Cheney's refusal to sit back quietly and let them continue to slander him and Bush unseemly and "unpatriotic" is at best hypocritical, especially in light of the fact that Obama has continued to follow many of the policies implemented by the Bush Administration in its fight against terrorism.

FrogBurger said...

The level of misunderstanding of economics principles is outstanding. They keep denying that gov-run or gov-stimulated economy always fails. Look at Greece!

Those people are just morons and then they ask us to look at science for global warming when they don't even believe in pure facts and numbers for the economy.

Oh but that's right. They only believe wrong numbers. Hence they think gov-run economy works.

Ducky's here said...

That's right malcontent, Bush kept you safe from the crack Iraqi spec-ops who were going to night drop and put botulism in your oatmeal. Man you guys are serious bed wetters.

Ducky's here said...

Froggy, if there were a set of absolute economic truths wouldn't they have been adapted?

Or is it possible that these so called truths are only applicable to a given set of goals?

Possibly there isn't a universal acceptance of your goals and your "truths" are perfectly understood.

You sound like one of these dipsticks that has recently become confused about snowfall and doesn't understand the dynamics concern moisture much more than temperature.

How does this all relate to the moisture in the lower atmosphere or the lack of ice on the Great Lakes. Of course you don't know. You're a right winger and you are quite happy to take simple answers. You have no appreciation for the complexity of the world.

FrogBurger said...

Who's the bed wetter? Who needs government to help save his little bootie?

You duckette is the girly man.

(And I was against the bailout by Bush in the first place, even if it mean blood in the streets)

Leticia said...

No matter what the Republicans do they are always wrong. Obama and his cronies had better start growing up and quit acting like pre-schoolers.

Anonymous said...

"None of us are demanding good governance, we are just whining and bitching and watching the economy go down the drain."

Ducky, what do you think the Tea Parties are all about? The message is clear. It's just not the message you want to hear.

All you've done is demonize and whine about it. We are doing something and demanding good governance. You just don't agree about what good governance is.

What we need is a huge tax cut, which would have gone to work across the country, and given businesses the relief and prospect of investing in their own businesses that they needed.

The stimulus bill targeted certain kinds of jobs, mostly union jobs (payback), green jobs, and government jobs which we have to pay for.

Do you know that in Spain, for every so called "green job" two jobs are lost? Their unemployment stands at 19%.

There is no thriving "green" industry, and now isn't the time to try to create one. In fact the whole "green" job market will likely turn out to be a pipe dream because it's based on a hoax. How much money would you invest in a hoax?

Finally, the higher the taxes, the less money is working in the economy, and the longer we remain stagnant. The government can't create jobs except for mainly government jobs which bloats the budget, the national debt, the deficit, and adds to the already huge bureaucracy.

The economy is going down the drain because what the Obama administration is doing won't work. You can't micro-manage an economy which involves three hundred million people, and expect it to succeed.

I believe the radicals in charge don't want us to succeed. They think they can destroy us and start over with oppressive policies and absolute control.

Freedom may be out of the control of the elites who think they know better, but, it works.


FJ said...

This is all a DNC fabricated issue that's stupid on its' face. ANything top smear Republicans, and soon, anything to smear the tea parties.

JINGOIST said...

Wonderfully expressed Pris! Perfect.

From Glenn Beck:

*People who think the "stimulus" worked--6%

*People who think Elvis is alive--7%


Ducky's here said...

Pris, all you are doing is parroting the same old supply side crap that got us started down this road.

The economy is going down the drain because what Obama is doing isn't working? There's some truth but the Chucklenuts supply side years were a grand success, weren't they.

So once again, we aren't going anywhere and a good part of the reason is that the right CANNOT ADMIT that there tinkle down supply side era screwed the pooch.

Oh and the higher the taxes the less money is working in the economy? How so? Doesn't the government spend it?

But lets have a huge tax cut and just watch inflation balloon. Interest rates will go through the roof but I'm sitting on cash so I'll be living large and laughing at you tea party fools. I hope you get what you ask for.

Tax cuts solve everything. Yup, but just make sure when the equity bubble occurs like it did under Chucklenuts that you don't bite.

JINGOIST said...

FJ, did you know that GOP Chairman Michael Steele met with representatives of the Tea Party Movement yesterday in an attempt to bring them on board with the Republican Party? I'm glad that the Tea Party has decided not to hitch it's wagon to the GOP. They are a very effective pressure group when it comes to keeping the Republican Party in line. The same goes for the Republican Liberty Caucus. The RLC and the Tea Party are overwhelmingly composed of Conservatives and Conservative Libertarians who are REVOLTED at the behavior of the moderate Republican RINOS who used their control of the White House and Congress to cooperate with the Democrats and grow the government, sign McCain-Feingold, and the list of real offenses against our Constitution and Conservative principles is long indeed.

Without the genuine outside pressure of disaffected conservative and libertarian Republicans, the party will once again lapse into the corrupt moderate-controlled mess that we witnessed in 2004 and 2005. Governing as Democrat light is NOT good enough for us.


Here's a word of advice for those spend-happy, Constitutionally confused, left-of-center Republicans who think they can get by because they're on the right side of the terrorist issue or they're Pro-Life (a group that included George W. Bush),...pack your bags!

You helped create this mindset of fiscal insanity and irresponsibility, and now a fascist President and radical left Congress has taken the ball and they're running with it. Thanks guys! We're not having any more of it. Many people like myself have vowed to NEVER again support a McCain-type candidacy, EVER! This is a learning opportunity, will the RNC figure it out? For the sake of our Republic, I certainly hope so.

TOM said...

It is possible to vote against a bill, but once it is law, to use it's provisions to the benefit of ones constituents.

It is also ok to point out that a politician voted against a bill, they are using to gain good will within their district.

Republicans who voted for a bill, or supported an idea before, now oppose that idea because Obama is President, are hypocrites.

Ideology should not change just because the occupant of the White House changes.

Elmers Brother said...

well first of all the CBO upped it to $862 Billion and if I'm understanding correctly he mixed up the language for the TARP and stimulus.

Elmers Brother said...

not to mention all his buddies who got porkulus the czar's friend who runs the window company

It's good to be king. (at least for your friends)

Z said...

TOM: "Republicans who voted for a bill, or supported an idea before, now oppose that idea because Obama is President, are hypocrites."

Of course they'd be hypocrites...let's see where that's happened. thanks.

Elbro, it is getting to be a monarchy in that the media protects so well. Today, again, Obama railed against earmarks and anybody with a brain knows how many earmarks are still in play in his WH.

Jingo..the Tea Party thing's starting to get me very suspicious and I keep thinking ROSS PEROT.
I'm ALL FOR what they want, I'm ALL FOR "No Dem Lite" and I don't know how to solve this problem that OBAMA WILL BE ELECTED AGAIN BECAUSE WE'RE SPLITTING THE RIGHT AGAIN. This can't was bad enough with Perot, but our country's basic tenets have never been in THIS much jeopardy and NOW we're splitting off the Reps again? YIKE.
No we shouldn't support those we don't like but we haven't TIME to get a big enough number of voters to wake up to Obama before he wins again...

Ducky, stop the snow crap; this whole East Coast freezing thing happened almost exactly about 100 years ago..what the hell excuse do scientists have for THAT other than CYCLES? Man.

JINGOIST said...

Z, you wtrote:

"This can't was bad enough with Perot, but our country's basic tenets have never been in THIS much jeopardy and NOW we're splitting off the Reps again? YIKE.
No we shouldn't support those we don't like but we haven't TIME to get a big enough number of voters to wake up to Obama before he wins again..."

You're absolutely right, BUT the very threat of this happening again will help to keep the Republicans conservative AND honest.

I think (and hope) that the tea party people are smart enough to remember the lesson of Perot. I also fervently hope that this keeps the Republican power elite awake at night in fear! The 3rd party threat alone is VERY useful Z. :-)

Anonymous said...

Jingo, Hi, and thanks.

I saw that too on Beck's show today. Megaphone and all. I did laugh out loud!


Chuck said...

I think there is some hypocrisy on the part of Republicans for taking money but what should they have done? Their state/community was reeling from the actions of the Dems in Congress and they needed help. Should they let them suffer to make a stand? Seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

WomanHonorThyself said...

It's bad enough to be as morally, intellectually, and ethically bankrupt as the average Illiberal/Regressive but to be completely stupid and wrong about the simplest matters, as they are, is inexcusable. sentiments exactly!

JINGOIST said...

Pris, I enjoy Beck's show (when I get the chance) almost as much as I enjoy your posts.

Anonymous said...

Well Ducky, this may surprise you but, under Bush, government spending was too high and I was dismayed about it.

If conservatives weren't feeling disenfranchised the Dems wouldn't have won in 2006. The MedicareRX entitlement program is just one example of irresponsible spending and I opposed it. We couldn't afford it. That, combined with the illegal immigration reform bill, were non-starters for most conservatives.

Btw, tripling the Bush debt is not the answer!

Supply side economics is just another name for free market economics. It works. But, like anything else it requires responsibility, and the government staying out of it, not regulating, and taxing it out of existence.

Furthermore the 50% of the people who are not paying income taxes should have to pay those taxes regardless of how small an amount.

Everyone should have a stake in what the government does. If they did, they'd be less likely to accept whatever new scheme the government comes up with.

Individual responsibility is key, and giving half the American people a pass is nothing more than buying them off to get votes and to make them less responsible.

The more revenue the government has, the bigger it gets and the more money it needs. Yes they spend it, mainly on entitlements which are not an investment in the economy, because they require more and more revenue to pay for them, and in the process create dependency on the government. It feeds on itself at our cost.

It's like a junkie who's addiction requires more and more of his drug. In this case government bureaucracy is the junkie.

I would remind you Ducky, that under Jimmy Carter inflation skyrocketed. Interest rates were through the roof. And you blame the Reagan tax cuts for inflation?

Under Reagan inflation came down. That's a fact! The entitlement phenomenon began long before Reagan and he was not able to quash it. He did get rid of thousands of regulations, many of which Bush Sr. unfortunately was instrumental in reinstating.

But then Bush Sr. was not a conservative.

If you could just get your head out of 1980 for five minutes, maybe you can tell us what your solution is. There aren't really many choices are there?

Your sitting on cash and will be living large? What makes you think your cash will save you? What will it be worth by the time the thugs in the WH are through with us?

We'll see Ducky, we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Jingo, how nice. Hugs to you.


Z said...

jingo....I see your point and's hoping :-)
And you're so right about Pris, her comments are amazing, aren't they!

I'll tell you the truth, though...I put Beck on for five or ten minutes and get so depressed I find myself clicking off! He's SO RIGHT and SO convicting that I sit there feeling dread that all Americans aren't hearing this and what a dreadful mistake for our country that they're not.

Pris, Ducky keeps slamming Bush but then says we're all wrong for dwelling on Obama's shortcomings ....I think it's up to the new administration to come up with the good ideas now; why not slam THEM for NOT, right?

Mona said...

Although the President does have the power to steer the economy, lets not forget that the Senate and the House also have enormous powers. IMHO, George Bush's major folly was not reigning in the ultra liberals who danced to power in 2006. Prior to 2006 we were making a slow recovery from the depths of the Sept. 11th disaster. After 2006 it has been a steep decline into the abyss.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Hence the reason I couldn't be a politician. I couldn't support something I voted against on principle. I don't get that and I guess I'd lose elections. Principles have to mean something. My question: If not what does?

TOM said...

There are many examples, here's one.

The deficit reduction panel.
It was a Republican initiative and co sponsored by Republicans and Democrats, as a bipartisan bill.
Just 2 weeks ago, these same Republicans voted against it, and the President will have to make it reality through an executive order.

The Republicans keep telling America, that they were left out of the negotiating process of the Health Care bill. Not true.
Proof is, that their amendments are in the bill.
Tort reform, is part of the bill.
Buying insurance across State lines, is part of the bill.
Many other Republican ideas, are part of the bill.
Most Americans don't know that, because Republicans are not telling the truth.

Many ideas the Republicans have supported for decades, they are now speaking against, because the Democratic President, is promoting them as part of his agenda.

Z said...

TOM.....thanks for coming back. Tell us which ones the Reps supported they're now against.
And, you might saw tort reform's on the bill but WHERE IS THE BILL?
Is it the Rep's fault that this WH isn't forthcoming enough to do what they promised?
No, the Reps were NOT included in many closed-door mtgs, we all know that.......
I REALLY appreciate your being here and thoughtfully and civilly debating, I don't want to just spew what I think I know, I want to learn, but I can't go with you on how the Republicans were included.

Law and Order, is going to a ribbon-cutting tacit agreement with the methodology of how it was funded? could have a point.

Mona..always good points, thanks...Bush didn't ride herd and we'll never really know why; he seemed to go on principle and certainly not the media's views of him! So it's not like he was trying to be popular.

Jingoist: Michelle Malkin JUST said the very thing you said about the Tea parties waking up Republicans...almost ver batim.

Anonymous said...

What Pris and Jingoist said!!!

If the Republican Party is the Party of No... then the Dems are the Party of Woe. People, we are going to have to do a lot of sorting and research through BOTH barrels before this Fall!

TOM: Nobody knows WHAT was part of the bill that was put together behind closed doors. It wasn't until MA lost the Kennedy seat that they started plugging in "tort reform, etc. With all due respect, you need to look at the facts more closely and quit watching MSNBC. I know the main scream media makes it difficult to gather facts rather than spin, but it can be done.


JINGOIST said...

Z, the SAME thing I wrote? What an honor. I think the world of her! What channel were you watching? I'd love to see if I can pull it up.

JINGOIST said...

Hoosier Mom, the reason these Looters scream so loudly and complain so bitterly about the Republicans being the "Party of No" is that it removes their cover--their ability to say that ______ was a "bi-partisan effort and the Republicans spent us into..."

When we REFUSE to go along with their ruinous schemes, they have to OWN them! This is the best thing we can do right now for the country, and for the party.

TOM said...

I thought the example I gave was a good one.
The HC bill is being held up, because Republicans won't vote for it, even though some of their amendments are in the bill.
Sorry, Republicans do not get to have a bill that is 100% only their ideas.
This closed door thing is nonsense. I watched C-SPAN while the committees debated Republican amendments. Some passed, some failed. That's normal.
Again, the proof is that Republican amendments DID become part of the bill. If they were left out, the bill would have no Republicans amendments in it.
Republican amendments like tort reform, buying across State lines, etc. were not plugged in after MA elections, you (Anon.)are misstating the facts.
The jobs bill is full of Republicans favorite, tax cuts, especially for small businesses. Yet, Republicans have declared, they will not vote for the Presidents job bill.
The stimulus bill was 1/3 tax cuts, but Republicans could not vote for it.
Again, Republicans do not get to have 100% of their ideas in a bill.
The President is being bipartisan. The Republicans are rejecting that offer. Their votes prove that rejection, and so does the misinformation the Republicans are telling the American people.
Elections have consequences. Republicans are acting like poor sports. Being a party of NO, is not the role of a minority party.

JINGOIST said...

Tom wrote:
"The President is being bipartisan."

Tom, c'mon man! This guy has been THE most arrogantly partisan President that I've ever seen! The crap they've pulled behind closed doors, the multitude of GD lies they've told, and the act of locking Republicans out of negotiations has so poisoned the well that it's impossible to fix man.

Have you been paying attention?

TOM said...

I am paying attention, possibly you are not.
it is a fact proven by news recordings, and the official record of the meetings, that Republicans were not locked out.

The first Congressional meeting President Obama had was with the Republicans. Even before he met with the Democratic caucus. About one week after he was sworn in. It was about the stimulus package. He sought their input. The Republicans told him tax cuts, tax cuts. He changed his bill. He did not intend that 1/3 would be tax cuts. He accommodated Republican demands for more tax cuts in the bill, they still voted against it.

JINGOIST said...

LOL! Okay Tom, whatever. It must be nice to have your own PERSONAL reality. :-)

Z said... was on Hannity tonight...she said exactly what you said about the Tea Parties in relation to scaring straight the RNC!

TOM. You said.."Sorry, Republicans do not get to have a bill that is 100% only their ideas." which is almost verbatim what Obama said the other day. It's just silly, though, Tom...So the Republicans supposedly got tort reform (WHERE IS THE BILL, has it been posted 48 hrs like they promised? Can we read it YET?), so what? This bill will change 1/6 of our economy and it's moved in a direction this country was never meant to be directed into.....and there are lies throughout.

Do you REALLY believe Obama when he says "if you like your doctor and your insurance plan, you can keep them"? REALLY? It's tough to keep your plan when it's folded.
The stimulus plan has been a nightmare and they want MORE.

What happened to 'shovel ready'?

Z said...

Tom....pls tell me where the beautiful picture on your masthead is from!?

TOM said...

I got that picture off Google. I don't know where that is. I thought it just looked good, so I used it.

You can also Google the health care bill. It has been on the internet for months and has been discussed line by line. It also proves, that those Republican amendments were there well before the MA elections, and that those Republican amendments were introduced by Republicans, debated, and passed, or failed.

48hrs? Hidden? Wrong. You need to do better research.

"TOM. You said.."Sorry, Republicans do not get to have a bill that is 100% only their ideas." which is almost verbatim what Obama said the other day. It's just silly"

Nothing silly about that. It is just reality, that you cannot accept.


To bad you cannot accept reality, not mine, but factual reality. Part of official facts. Facts reported and recorded. Have fun living in your delusion.

You guys, there are many things to criticize Obama for, but your criticisms are baseless. The facts just don't back you up. Your entitled to your opinions, not your own facts.

And your stereotyping is showing. I am not a blind follower of Obama. I don't like the HC bill, because it is bad law, not because of the baseless arguments you give. I was against the bailout, not for the baseless arguments you give, but because we should not be bailing out banks and auto companies. But Bush gave the same reasons Obama gave for his TARP bailout. I was against Bush's bailout, and I was against Obama's bailout.

That doesn't matter. to you I am just another liberal blinded by Obama. WRONG, but you wouldn't bother to know that about me.

Z said...

TOM, please link the healthcare bill and the date it was listed...there's been a flap over that even among Democrats who were angry that it wasn't posted, that they had no idea what was on it.
If it's been posted in the last month or so, that's good.
I have always thought Obama ought to go on television and explain each point if he can...but you can't go line by line for 2000 pages, can you.
I think there's a lot in there, Tom, that's misleading, from what I HAVE read, and much of it leads readily to a public option....

And, no, I don't think you're a blind Obama follower, not from your blog...I think you're reasonable and civil and I respect that a lot.

You said "I was against the bailout, not for the baseless arguments you give, but because we should not be bailing out banks and auto companies"
What the heck reason do you think I was against the bailout? Same reasons, trust me..

beamish said...

I notice Obama has his Republican paint roller out.

Seems to me if there was a Republican that voted no on the stimulus and criticizes it now that also shows up to a "ribbon cutting ceremony" of one of these projects (where most of the alleged stimulus money hasn't even been directed anywhere yet, by the way) some one responsible for the stupid shit Obama says in front of cameras would have seen fit to put that Republican's name on his teleprompter.

But what do I know? I've never smoked crack.

FJ said...

I, too, am happy that the tea party is keeping its' distance from the GOP. BOTH major political parties are out to manipulate and hijack its' electoral power. The only chance it has is to maintain its' complete independence and NOT become an arm of EITHER political party, but where neccessary, negotiate it's support of EITHER party's candidate (and not an "Independent" 3rd party run unless it can guarantee 50%+ support for him/her). It can be most effective in influencing the "primary" candidates... throwing its' weight behind conservative democrats AND republicans.

The Liberals Still Don't Get It. said...

The joke goes "What do Albert Einstein and George Bush have in common". Liberals then love to give the punch line which is "Nothing". Then they laugh and revel in their superior wit because they think that they have just made a funny that knocks down President Bush. Now, I first heard this joke years ago but instead of President Bush, the subject was President Reagan. I then heard it resurface during the 2000 Presidential campaign and again in 2004. But last week when my friend told it to me again I thought I would write about it.

As usual, the joke is on the left. The joke is on them because actually this isn't a joke at all but a pretty good statement of fact that points out the difference between intellectuals that live in fantasy worlds and those of us that live in the real world.

Einstein was a brilliant mathematician. George Bush is not. Hey, nothing wrong with that. Most of us can't touch Einstein's theories; even those liberals that love this joke. They ignore their own incompetence on that issue however instead believe in the fallacy that Einstein was an overall brilliant mind instead of a brilliant mind in only a limited field. Point out to a liberal that they themselves cannot explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity and they quickly change the topic.

But there are some other differences between Einstein and President Bush too. Note that there is no "President" before Einstein's name. And also note that George Bush was elected President twice to boot! Einstein couldn't have gotten elected dog catcher. Point that out to liberals and they will probably call you a NAZI or worse as they now start looking for the door to get away from you.

But the biggest difference between Einstein and President Bush is in their political ideologies. Did you know Einstein was a devout socialist? Check out his thoughts about the role of government and his politics from the Monthly Review (May 1949) where he said "I am convinced there is only one way to eliminate these grave evils, namely through the establishment of a socialist economy". President Bush is by no means a devout socialist. Point that out to a liberal and they will then turn to their last line of defense which is accusing you of kicking poor little kitty cats and other abuses of animals if you don't allow them to run for the door to avoid you all together.

So yeah President Bush and Einstein had little, if anything, in common. And it's not a degrading jab at President Bush to point that out either. But as usual for most liberals they don't think before they speak. Instead they simply speak and apply their own reality to what was said which in turn makes them funny in their own minds. But it is only in their own minds.

Here's another joke for you. What do American Liberals and Einstein have in common. Answer: A lot when it comes to politics! Not the least of which is a belief that government should forcibly take care of the poor and stupid little citizens of this nation who cannot take care of themselves.

Tell that joke and liberals will scowl at you because they don

Z said...

Fj, it can be effective that way...but you're not advocating Third Party, are you?

Libs Still Don't Get it...great story, thanks for that ..and no, I'd never want Einstein running ANYthing, let alone our country!

Beamish...really? :)

Ducky's here said...

Individual responsibility is key, and giving half the American people a pass is nothing more than buying them off to get votes and to make them less responsible.


Less responsible for what? The right throws this idea around and usually doesn't dare say it's just code for "I've got mine and screw you and that's biblical", but I'd like to know what you mean by "responsible".

Z said...

Ducky, I refuse to believe you're as obtuse as this comment and your last one on my Olympics comment make you out to be...that's why I didn't respond there, I figured it's too sad.
What is wrong with you?

you don't know what being a responsible American IS? Have you ever heard of people pushing their sleeves up and doing what they have to do for themselves? Like the Midwesterners who were so badly flooded out after Katrina but nobody really got set to help because they didn't BITCH?

Do you really believe everyone's supposed to attach himself to the government teat? others, do for OTHERS do for themselves.

beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...


Maybe it's cheap to try to explain the irredeemably stupid things our docile President Obama reads off of a teleprompter through Obama's admitting crack smoking in the past, given that he doesn't write the things he reads (and he would probably read the ingredients of chewing gum out loud if someone hijacked the teleprompter's text to say that).

It's indicative of the left's inability to construct a rational thought, and it plays to the 30% of Americans that would vote Democrat even if they announced that they were going to rape everyone's grandmother next Tuesday.

I like to think, which automatically eliminates me from taking a Democrat seriously. But really, if there is a Republican that opposed the stimulus and criticizes it now yet makes appearances at something made possible by the stimulus (window factories? A choo-choo train in Florida? help me out, oh state of the union address speechwriters...) why can't the President name names and places?

It's empty words from an empty head in an empty suit.

Z said...

beamish, you think that's a lie, too? I never even think about things like could be right.
I wish I had your brain

beamish said...

Of course it's a lie.

It's what leftists do. It's what Obama does.

Instead of debating the stimulus plan with those who objected to it, he wants to debate nonexistent hypocrites.

Instead of debating those opposed to his health care reform proposals, he wants to debate non-existent Republicans that called it a "Bolshevik plot."

And so on.

You can gauge someone's leftism by the amount of intellectual dishonesty they display.

Obama is our most leftist President ever.

beamish said...

With Obama, all herrings are red.

FJ said...

I'm advocating non-party. The day the DNC runs a conservative against an idiot so-called "moderate" like Arlen Spectre is the day I vote for a Democrat.

Z said...

Fj, that'll be the day...probably that'll be the day after you go harpooning (smile)

MK said...

".... insisting it rescued Americans from the worst of the economic calamity"

Just like he won the iraq war right.

Z said...

MK...great point..just exactly like that!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that CAT!

I have one that looks very like it.

But what does the cat have to do with hypocrisy of ANY kind? Did I MISS something?

~ FreeThinke