Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Scott Brown's Request today

Wouldn't you like to know what the votes are which are happening before his February 11 swearing-in which have made him desirous of being sworn in tomorrow? I would. Let me know if you all find out, please!
And, please let me know what YOU think of NO below....Thanks! z


Anonymous said...

Funny, Owens the democrat from the 23rd district in NY, was sworn into the House BEFORE he was certified as the winner!

Yes, funny how that happens isn't it?

I'm pretty sure the new financial regulations have been passed, and of course the new budget has been forwarded to Congress by the WH. The "Jobs" (stimulus) bill is in the offing as well.

Brown's current predecessor has been voting since Brown's election.

As to what's going on behind closed doors is anybody's guess. It has been rumored that pieces of the healthcare bill are being attached to other bills.


Steve Harkonnen said...

heidianne jackson said...

i appears he is going to be seated tomorrow at 17:00

Leticia said...

It's about time he gets sworn in. Of course, the Dems could not do so before they had their private meeting.

I hate subterfuge and our current administration has taken it further than that.

Z said...

Yes, Heidianne...just heard on the radio, it is happening tomorrow. Glad he asked, sad he had to.
I couldn't help but think about the frantic phone calls all over DC by the Left.... "NOW WHAT? NO way to hide this stuff left to us? NOW WHAT?"
I'm hoping Scott Brown is every BIT 'in your face' as he exhibited today in his letter "This is what Massachusetts deserves and they're getting it"
Go, Scott!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone ... don't forget now; Mr. Brown is a social moderate. And, should I mention, also a politician?

Be real ...

HoosierArmyMom said...

I never looked at him to be anything more than Liberal Lite with some of the Conservative values reflected. One has to remember he was elected in a liberal leaning state. He will lean toward what his constituency wants. The best you can hope for is he'll be fiscally conservative and a social liberal... which means he could vote either way on ObozoCare. If they clean out some of the pricey constraints, he might just go for it. None of us knows exactly what his knowledge of the Constitution is. We know he's Scott Brown, he drives a truck and he considers the the seat to belong to the people of MA. That's pretty much it.

I don't think he is the last great hope of Conservatives, at best, he makes me hopeful he will steer the Democrat Party back to what it was before Progressive's poisoned it. Which would make it no longer a threat to the Republic and the Constitution.

Chuck said...

This is the new Democratic Party. I think some of the congressional Dims have gotten the message and will slow down on the games

Law and Order Teacher said...

It's amazing that the Dems start getting nervous and they start trying to look legit. They are scam artists just like almost all politicians are. I hope Brown is a true believer, but I have my doubts. We shouldn't sell our heart to the first politician that talks a good game. We need to watch what he does.

Anonymous said...

CAN we count on him to BALK the D'RAT Agenda?

That's the ONLY thing that concerns me about Scott Brown right now.

If he caves, we're cooked.

~ FreeThinke

Mona said...

Craig Becker (SEIU Associate General Council) is scheduled to have his Senate hearing tomorrow. He is Obama's nominee for the National Labor Relations Board. This guy is BAD news!!! He is somewhere left of Stalin. Brown is aware of how awful this would be.

Z said...

Anonymous..he's voting Conservative, I don't care how socially moderate he is (surprising for me, believe me). This country didn't need a super majority of leftwing dopes.

Mona..welcome to geeeeZ and ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How are these nutty whack job FAR leftwingers getting in under the radar screen? I guess it's because CNN and MSNBC and the networks won't tell anybody, huh? Is FOX covering this? WOW.


Look, Scott Brown may not be all we want him to be but, right now, he was ALL WE NEEDED HIM TO BE........he will NOT vote for the healthcare bill on principle AND because his MASS. voters already have a program and they don't want to pay MORE for OURS.
Let's give him a break and see what he does!
He might be Pro Choice (I'm not 100% sure) but we needed someone to break that super majority and i believe he'll be on OUR SIDE most of the time.........we can hope!

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I could care less what these Republicans think about in their own heads.
If they vote for what matters most in this country, like keeping the country SAFE so we do have a tomorrow, then I will take 10 more Scott Browns.

The truth of the matter is , it takes a majority to have some say so, it is the way of the system.

Demanding everyone pass certain cliques ideas of purity is what can cost a majority.

If you have a majority within the party to keep things on track, we should be bloody thankful.

Reagan believe in the big tent, and if we want to save this country, I suggest we follow that example.

Worry over the big stuff and quit sweating over all sorts of smaller stuff.

Z said..., too, as I said.......time to band together and get the BIG stuff Obama's trying to do STOPPED.
We can worry about the small stuff if we EVER get to the point we CAN...which I doubt. :-(
Good to have you here tonight..xx

Ducky's here said...

None of us knows exactly what his knowledge of the Constitution is.


He went to a good law school so my guess is it's a lot better than yours.

Sitting around whining about the tenth amendment doesn't make you a constitutional scholar.

Cheer up, he'll probably be to the left of that toad, Evan Bayh.

Z said...

We know he knows more than that president you elected, least Scott Brown wouldn't challenge the SCOTUS for all the world to see.......some constitutional scholar.

Folks, I had lunch with a friend today whose friend here has land in Boston and needed a lawyer a few years back and it happened to be Scott Brown; she thinks the world of him and couldn't stop raving to my friend about his services and his intellect and professionalism. Not so important for the senate, those two qualities anymore (!), but I thought I'd pass on a little personal tidbit.

Anonymous said...

Obama is more of a CONSTIPATIONAL scholar.

He sure knows how to gum up the works.