Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Liars and Politicians...but I repeat myself, sorry

And, of course: How do you tell if a politician's lying? His lips are moving.


Always On Watch said...

I tell ya, I'm growing mighty cynical about all politicians nowadays.

Where are the statesmen?

Chuck said...


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Love the cartoon and I use the joke all the time in my classroom.

Brooke said...

The man is speaking to all of them would be my guess.

EDGE said...

Great toon!

christian soldier said...

the cartoon is so right on!!!
Let's go back to HOCKEY!!..(-:

Sam Huntington said...

Politicians lie so frequently because we reinforce their negative behaviors so often, by reelecting them.

It isn't their fault, you see. They are lawyers, after all. The fault is ours, because we failed to choose wisely.


Z said...

SAM, I just read Tom's piece you posted last year...it's excellent.

Debbie said...

Good one. Most of them are lying. Read yesterday that Scott Brown voted FOR the latest jobs bill with the Democrats. Everyone thought he was a true Conservative and even talked about him running for president. His first vote is for an Obama bill.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...

About Scott Brown. I think for Massachussetts, he is a conservative. He has said he's opposed to the Healthcare Bill and Cap and Trade.
If he remains true to those promises, then he will have proven to be true to his word.

Did Scott Brown lie? Well, maybe not.
Didn't he say he would be an independent voice? Yes he did.

I'm not happy with his vote yesterday either, however, Coakley had announced she'd vote for the healthcare bill. She lost and that's the important thing. That's a sea change in Mass.

Now, if one is going to be such a purist as to throw the baby out with the bathwater, we'll end up behind the proverbial eightball.

I'm planning to contribute to solid conservatives in certain primaries. Once the candidate on the Republican ticket has won. I'll support the Republican.

To me, our goal should be, first and foremost, to defeat the liberal or leftist steamroller that has us in their clutches.

If we pout, and withold our support or stay home on election day because every candidate on the Republican tickets isn't conservative enough, we can look forward to two more, and possibly four more years of radicals in charge.

Alot of damage can be done during that time. Some of it, irreversible. It would take on a life of it's own.

We have to remember one thing. As conservatives, we can lean on the Republicans and get results as we did on Immigration Reform. As it stands now, we have no clout when it comes to the Democrats.

We simply can't afford to take the chance of the current majority in Congress winning and remaining in power.

This is not business as usual when it comes to politics, it's a fight against the far left. It's our future and our children's future which is at stake. Let's keep our eyes on the ball.


Leticia said...

LOL! Good one. Come to think of it are there any politicians that don't lie? But I was glad he yelled that out at BHO.

Z said...

Pris, AMEN! Please write us a post with those sentiments...(I'll email you ...and BEG) :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Z,
I'm past due huh? I don't deserve begging. Yikes! Ok, I await your email with bated breath! Ha, Ha.


Anonymous said...

Funny how a oxymoron can put a soul in stitches, but I was indeed laughing hard! Great Cartoon Z!!!

Sam does capture the irony of the whole issue!