Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The White House may lose some bigwigs....got a preference?

.....there's talk this morning that the White House may be cleaning house among Obama's chief advisors. Some names bandied about are Rahm, Jarrett, Axelrod and Gibbs. Who do you think might go, why, and what excuses do you think will be given in lieu of "he/she screwed up"? I personally hope it's NOT my least favorite White House thug, Gibbs, because he's been the best Press Secretary the Republicans could ever have. And, do you think the dismissals will be announced at midnight Friday or Saturday, as usual?
Obama's returning to "Campaign style discipline"...and Dan Pfeiffer's back, look for some changes.
Maybe some of those teleprompters will be fired?
But, seriously, folks...who do you think might GO?



FJ said...

I think getting rid of Obama would be their best move...

Z said...

...ya, and Biden, but I hesitated to actually state that in my post :-)
Still, I can't imagine ONE OF THEM there in the WH or in the DNC we felt honorable and talented and intelligent and America-loving enough to step in, so.........
We need an ELECTION and SOON.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I didn't know Obama had suspended his campaign. Isn't that what he's been doing since he became President? Campaigning?

He's in our face every day, telling men how to be Dads, visiting solar plants and highlighting the "saved" jobs at said plant. Dictating. Making proclamations. And making backroom deals the Chicago Way.

Writing executive orders to avoid the advice and consent of Congress, and relying on unconfirmed czars to administer his policies. HELP!

We're sick of him already.

I wonder what his new theme will be:

CHANGE is not what it's cracked up to be!

For Obama, the bloom is off the rose. His halo has slipped. So far, it's been all about Obama, all the time. I can't see how more of Obama will serve to help the Democrats.

So now, it looks like more of Obama's cronies will join those already under the bus. Yep. It's all their faults. Obama's been a victim of bad advice, poor baby.

His problem is, if he tries to move to the center he loses his base. They're already disenchanted.

Keep your fingers crossed folks, and let's keep our eye on the ball. It's going to be a long year, but it's got alot of promise for the good guys.


Linda said...

I agree with FJ, but I don't think that's going to happen.

Gibbsy is creepy!

Anonymous said...

It's a tossup in my mind as to whether Emmanuel or Axelrod is the more evil.

There's something almost vampirish about Emmanuel's looks -- he reminds me of the well=preserved corpse of a once good-looking but throughly corrupted and degenerate young man. A living Picture of Dorian Grey!

Axelrod is a meat and potatoes schlemiel, but certainly no one we need as top White house policy maker.

Obama isn't really much of anything. He's a quasi-elegant, quasi-erudite front man for some sort of cabal behind the scenes of which George Soros is certainly a member -- but on the tip of a very large iceberg.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Rahm is a behind the scenes guy, so he might be able to stay. Axelrod and Gibbs are spokesmen for Obama.

Since image seems to be everything, and the truth is a victim with these people. I'd say, Gibbs is a likely candidate to go, and possibly Axelrod.

Gibbs because he's clumsy and childish, and Axelrod because he comes across as a street fighter.

Truth will remain a victim, but whoever is chosen will be a more polished liar.

Unfortunately, the one who needs to go is the wannabe dictator, and we're stuck with him until 2012.


Z said...

Thanks, everybody..boy, I pictured tons of people commenting on who they'd like GONE!! You are SO great to have weighed in.
I think it'll probably be Gibbs...although FOX thought RAHM's screwed up BIG TIME and will go.
there's no way Axelrod will go, in my opinion...that would be like Rove being pushed out by Bush. Never gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

When Gibbs did his little "shopping list on my hand" bit, I think he fueled a further
negative as Obama's voice. It did not go over well with the press from what I could see.
I vote him out first and agree with Free Thinke,,,Emmanual's looks are scary!!
An angry Obama ain't so cute either.

Z said...

Matisse, for Gibbs to slam Palin for the writing in her palm when his hero can't give a 20 min speech without staring into the teleprompter was pretty ironic, huh?
Sarah gave a 45 min speech with only outlined notes (you could see she only looked down to keep on focus) and he has the nerve to insult? WOW

David Wyatt said...

Send 'em ALL packing, Obama first!

beamish said...

My vote, Hillary Clinton. Toss her overboard.

Now granted, Democrats know as much about American foreign policy as golf balls know about genetic engineering, but surely the idea has entered someone's head at the White House that her tenure at State has been a panorama of incompetence.

Photo ops with the Russians with a "little red button" trinket giveaway? Really?

Losing Central Asian basing and overflight access so that the supply lines to our troops in Afghanistan run undefended through Taliban controlled territory in Pakistan? Really?

Now Emmanuel and Axelrod and Gibbs are all perfectly incompetent boobs that nobody will miss if they're forced out.

But their incompetence isn't killing anyone like Shrillary's is.

Jen said...

hehehe. They're in panic mode.

I love it.

Emmanuel needs to pack up his enourmous ego and hit the road.

It is possible for the dems to NOT nominate a sitting president for the primaries. Crazy, but if things get reeeally bad...

I'm thinking Hillary has her eyes on the prize...

Ducky's here said...

Emmanuel is the only one that counts. A conservative corporate stooge who screwed the pooch on health insurance reform.

The left really wants him out.

Anonymous said...

I would like to run them all out on a rail!!!