Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hear Z on Gathering Storm Radio Friday

I'll be on Gathering Storm, Always on Watch and WC's radio show, at 3:30 EST (LA time, 12:30pm) It'll be me and Always talking about THE MEDIA. Call in, we always have a good time. You'll want to tune in first at 3:00 EST to hear John of Culturism, he's a very smart, good guy with a very interesting subject. I hope to hear you there! thanks..Z


Anonymous said...

I'll be looking for it Z.

Good luck

Z said...

Dude! Come BACK, SHANE!
you're very missed, I'm so glad you came by.
Thanks for the 'luck'...Always On Watch always makes it so easy.
The first time I went on, I swear somebody could have found me dead with my fingers wrapped so tight around the phone they'd think I'd had some bad news and expired!!...I was just waiting to go ON!!
The second and third were such fun...I think this is the fourth.
Now I"m so calm about it I'm worried !! A good performance always requires SOME stage fright! :-)
(not to worry, I'll be a tad nervous by 12:25!)

David Wyatt said...

Z,I wish I could hear it. I will pray that the Lord uses you. God Bless you.

David Wyatt said...

Z, since I won't be able to listen to your show, here's a little something to get you excited & ready to give 'em both barrels!

christian soldier said...

Will be listening!

Z said...

David, that is FANTastic!
Thanks for the prayers and the excellent music! I loved it.


David Wyatt said...

My pleasure, Z! I'm sure it went well! That's my kinda music!