Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Burkas in SPACE" ??!

Please see THIS post.. The Born Again Americans blog carries the story of the head of NASA announcing what Obama asked him to do in his position. As Director Charles Bolden puts it, "foremost, he (Obama) wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science ... and math and engineering." FOREMOST? REALLY? "feel good?" What do you think of that?
Woman Honor Thyself blog also wrote about this HERE and so did Chuck Thinks Right (and he always does) HERE.


Faith said...

Blech. Pft. Ptui.

Z said...

Faith; Exactly.

cube said...

I agree. This makes me spitting mad, too.

Why in the world should NASA have anything to do with raising moslem self esteem? It seems as though I'm reading an Onion piece, for goodness sakes.

You know what will improve moslem self esteem? Them learning to play well with the rest of the world. Other countries will embrace them once they drop their ridiculous, nevah-gonna-happen Sharia law ideation.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We need to get people educated about the destructive nature of BO's policies.

Karen Howes said...

I think that we can expect nothing less from one of Camera Whore's cronies.

Posted on this myself... good that you are too!

Always On Watch said...

Pandering to Moslems.

I'm sick of it, sick of it, sick of it.

BHO invents Moslem achievements out of whole cloth. I'm sick of that too.

FrogBurger said...

Especially when those numbers came originally from India. Obama is a dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

Gene Cernan put his 2 bits in on Fox. Said it was ridiculous. They are now beginning to backpedal a bit.

Z, 2 minds on a single thread. You picked my suggested title, but beat me to it. >>^_^<<

The Muslims had some good achievements, but they were
w-a-a-a-y in the past. Gone downhill ever since.


Anonymous said...

Why wasn't Mr. Bolden asked go to our own schools and talk to American children about exploring space, and to promote math and science to them?

Could it be that what would benefit America and her children is too unthinkable for this President? Of course it could.

What has Obama done, up to now, to benefit America? I can't think of anything. All I can see is, that those same children in those classrooms are saddled with debt that this President and democrat Congress, couldn't wait to pass, and want to saddle them with more.

This overture asked of Mr. Bolden, is a ridiculous, useless task. A waste of time.

Everything Obama does illustrates his disdain for this country. Why would he do something positive, when he's in the process of destroying America?

NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Agency. That means American, not international anything. Certainly not bowing to the muslim world.

Obama is willing to see our space program die. He has no use for it, and it's American, which is even more reason for him to allow it to take a back seat in future space exploration.

His heart, if he has one, is with the muslim world. He spent his formative years as a muslim, and there's no reason to believe he isn't one now.


Ducky's here said...

More proof it's almost over.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely outrageous. Sickening. Just sickening. And right now in Paris they are debating the abaya! SPIT!

Anonymous said...

The last time these primitive, goat hustling, nomadic invalids made a "contribution" to math & the sciences was over 800 years ago!

Look at the Nobel winners if you want further proof. The West & Jewish Nobel winners outnumber the savages by a ratio of 20 to 1. Meanwhile the rest of the civilized world continues to forge ahead with these disciplines as well as medicine and space. While the Neanderthals increase the world wide body count and move ever backwards.

Everything islam touches...turns to dung.

I'd suggest that NASA ask for millions of muslim volunteers to explore the furthest reaches of space and colonize another worthless piece of orbiting rock. Like the one they worship in mecca.


Z said...

can anybody come up with a good reason why Obama might put this 'foremost' on the NASA director's agenda?

Anonymous said...

" I can't go too far along the hate-Muslims line when I appreciate that they are human beings under bondage to the most evil religious system ever invented by Satan himself."

Yet Islam means submission...which they do willingly. I have no pity for ignorant fools that refuse to throw off the yoke of oppression and foment hate and murder as a part of their ideology. They have a choice...all human beings do.


Faith said...

They've been aggressively taught from childhood that the Koran is God's own voice, Major. They've bought the lie that murdering Allah's enemies pleases God. And the whole shebang is daily enforced by violence by Muslims against Muslims. That's not a lot of a choice. It's a very rare person who can rise above that kind of indoctrination. Yes, hate Islam, Islam is what is doing this to them. But don't hate the people.

Z said...

Faith, I hope you didn't think I suggested we should hate all muslims!? I know you know I've never said that..quite the contrary, to the consternation of some of the bloggers.

It's difficult to throw allah off but there are MANY MANY muslims coming to Christianity..HUGE amounts from what I've been told by many missionary reports...in China, too.

Major, they have a choice but they're so indoctrinated. Then, of course, you get liberal secularists and even some liberal Christians who liken that islamic mindset to Christianity! Ya, because we believe Christ is the only way to eternal life, do you see any Christians blowing up innocent people in the name of Jesus Christ!? Man!!

Chuck said...

Z, thanks for the mention (and the subsequent embellishment).

Love the title, seems like a skit from the Muppets ;-)

Sort of like "Pigs in space" (no pun intended)

Anonymous said...

"Yes, hate Islam, Islam is what is doing this to them. But don't hate the people.

Please...without the followers there would be NO Islam. Islam is the fools who follow it. The same for Nazi's, marxists and Fascists. Don't hate the people...indeed. How naive. They...are the muslims who are the terrorists who are the believers.


WomanHonorThyself said...

Thanks for the linky luv Z!..this pandering will be the death of us..Pray Z!

Craig and Heather said...

without the followers there would be NO Islam. Islam is the fools who follow it. The same for Nazi's, marxists and Fascists. Don't hate the people...indeed. How naive. They...are the muslims who are the terrorists who are the believers.

Like Nazism, Marxism and Fascism, Islam is a lie that is used to hold hostage the souls of fellow human beings.

Faith said...

No, of course I didn't mean you, Z, I was mostly reacting to Major but others occasionally attack the Muslims in the same way.

Z said...

Thanks, Faith...just wanted to make sure I don't give that impression.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

"can anybody come up with a good reason why Obama might put this 'foremost' on the NASA director's agenda?"

Yes, Z. Maybe he's running out of things to apologize for. "The American flag on the moon? Sorry, fellas. It won't happen again."

Or it's just another way to diss American exceptionalism.

(Thanks IBD for the idea. they also pointed out: The NASA administrator spoke in June at the American University in Cairo. The occasion was the one-year anniversary of President Obama's apology to the Muslim world, also in a speech in Cairo. Only this administration celebrates an apology and sends the space agency chief to do it.

We are reminded of how many jihadists here and abroad actually cheered the space shuttle Challenger disaster as a blow against the Great Satan. Typical was Ali Al-Timimi, a noted imam and native Washingtonian who had government clearance — even worked with a former White House chief of staff.

He called it a "good omen" for Muslims because it was a blow to their "greatest enemy.")

Z said...

Deborah, and when I think of the names our left calls OUR COUNTRY when people there cheer misfortune on...pretty astonishing.
Yes, we can't exceptionalism and Obama's seeing to that; I've asked Ducky 10 times which country he believes is exceptional if we're not, and he never answers.......
impossible to answer; it doesn't exist.