Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vote Democrat....here are 11 reasons why......

........and it doesn't even mention ALVIN GREEN, who wants an action doll made after himself. By the way, the Yahoo headline on Green the other day called him an "Unconventional senate candidate"...could you imagine what they'd call him if this poor guy was a Republican??


FrogBurger said...

It's awesome. There are a lot hypocrites in both parties. But I think the Democrats have more. That includes some friends of mine who advocate welfare, yet decide to leave CA because of too much taxation and not enough jobs so they can screw up another state with their ideas. Lefty ideas are like cancer.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Bravo! And that doesn't even touch Nancy "you have to pass the bill to find out what's in it" Belicosi or Waxman's "I haven't thought about what level of taxation would be too high" (because there IS no limit!).

I actually looked up Mr. "I'm afraid Guam will tip over and capsize" after I heard the whole rambling inchoate exchange. He's a lawyer -- and talks like that? Must be drugs or he can't sleep. What's that doing in Congress?

Ducky's here said...

I just can't post today, z.
Democracy, Now just reported Tuli Kupferberg's passing.

A sad day. Obama should put the flags at half mast.

I wish his album of found poetry were back in print. Some creep stole mine back in the day. His reading of "Knuckle sap glove" was epic.

Long live The Fugs. RIP Tuli you still owe me a drink after that round in Cleveland.

tha malcontent said...

The intellectually lazy koolaide drinking leftist voters won’t even take time to dissect the damage that this cockroach in the White House has done. So why would they even consider not vote to re-elect him again? .

shoprat said...

Too long to be a TV spot ad but it is good. Sadly you can't make this stuff up.

Joe Conservative said...

There's nothing wrong with voting Democrat... provided you never vote for a Progressive

cube said...

I was familiar with all of these examples of liberal thinking ... an oxymoron, BTW ;-)

Anonymous said...

Z, this is great. My favorite, the "tip over island"!

Once again, this video proves the inmates are running the asylum.


WomanHonorThyself said...

and the list goes on and on Z!

Leticia said...

Frightening isn't it? I still can't figure out how most of them were elected into office?

I hope this will wake people up.

Anonymous said...

Forget it Ducky, this guy really bugs me. Nothing he ever did was more than warmed over piss.

Now given the idiot suffered several strokes, it is just as well he died before the government came in and decided to pull the plug on his spaced-out ass. And face it, Fugs wasn’t in the same league with Charlie Daniels or Maynard Kribs, for that matter. Lamers like Fugs explain how commies like you get dumber every year.

He's a complete lamer as a musician so I don't see where he's much of a source for public interest. He's been doing his share to water down the culture.

BTW Duck ... do these words seem familiar to you?

beamish said...

Joe Conservative,

There's nothing wrong with voting Democrat

Sure, if you can get over the party being founded by politicians opposed to the US Constitution (anti-Federalists), subverting the Supreme Court to confiscate the land and recognized property of native American tribes with treaties with the US Government (Jackson's "Trail of Tears"), firing upon US military installations to start civil war, creating and federally financing a terrorist organization (the Ku Klux Klan), assisting the Soviet Union in taking over Eastern Europe (World War 2), reversing a successful foreign policy of containment to doom southeast Asia to Communism (Vietnam), allowing Communism to overtake 14 different nations (Carter Administration), arming the North Koreans with nuclear weapons (Clinton administration), and growing the government to take over banking, the automobile industry, the energy sector, and health care (Obama administration, so far...)

There's nothing wrong with voting Democrat if you're particularly hostile to the Constitution.

Ducky's here said...

Good 'ol Mustang, wrong as usual. Yu need to temper your aggression.

Every so often fine art and popular culture go through periods of reaction to excessive formalism and complexity. It's the nature of things. If you'd like to study the phenomenon you could pick up a text on French realism's reaction to Rococo. Try a painter that our mutual friend, Beak, despises, Chardin.

Now formal mastery really wasn't what The Fugs were about, clearly. That whacked out exuberance that got to the core of American folk with The Holy Modal Rounders was a pretty healthy reaction and you'd start seeing it come up in the Pop movement. One of the great strengths was a form that gave everyone a chance at participation.
His association with film maker Dusan Makavejev was illustrative.

Now when you look at someone like Charlie Daniels I wonder what you think he was about? He's not an inventive player by any stretch. His technique isn't first rank and he's never been about much except marketing jingoism.
Sees perfectly reasonable to ask why his views worthy of special note. Face it, it's Daniels who's the lamer. Fact is that The Fugs did more to advance American pop music than Daniels ever will.

So if warmed over cliches are your thing ... keep listening to Charlie Daniels. Our pop culture has been in stasis for a couple decades now thanks to the likes of a hack like Daniels and his fans.

Ducky's here said...

... and in well ordered world, mustang, his "Morning morning" from the second Fugs disc should outlive anything Daniels has done.

Z said...

Ducky, do you ever have fun and appreciate people who can make you have fun? Daniels has been popular for FIFTY YEARS and you think you know better than his fans?

"Backward Jewish Soldiers (Hug your Gentile brothers),"
Ah, now we know why you're such a fan, huh?

Ducky's here said...

z, I know good fiddle playing. The fiddler in my pick up old timey group (I play a WW I Fairbanks banjo, Charlie Poole rules) is pretty accomplished and could probably kick Daniels' butt off the bandstand.

I do not joke around when it comes to early American folk, one of the things we did absolutely spot on right.

Enjoy him if you like, knock yourself out but DO NOT tell me he has serious chops. I believe in standards and not compromising on standards

LASunsett said...

Here's a sample of the brilliant lyrics of the Fugs:

//Who can kill a general in his bed?
Overthrow dictators if they're red?
F**king-a man!
CIA Man!

They cannot even carry a friggin tune. They play the same chords over and over. The only difference between these guys and the Sex Pistols is the technology.

And yet, Ducky has the audacity to condemn Beamish's music.


Z said...

Ducky, I believe in having fun...if the music moves you, enjoy it, ACCOMPLISHED MUSICIAN or not. Who the HECK said Daniels was a virtuoso, ANYWAY? ANYBODY HERE???
Mark O'Conner's one of the best.But, he sells records so maybe you don't agree.

LASUNSETT...thanks for the 'lyrics'...the Wikipedia bio was nauseating. He was, apparently "NUANCED" :-) Radical A$$
pardon me, but.........what a hero, huh?

MK said...

11 reasons? Why would a stupid leftist need 11 reasons?

Oh i get it, they only need 2, 1 + 1 = 11 to a leftist.