Tuesday, July 27, 2010


HERE is the article. From it : "Hayward, who paid the price for a series of gaffes, including the comment "I'd like my life back," will receive a year's salary of 1.045 million pounds ($1.6 million) as part of his severance package. He will also be entitled to draw an annual pension of 600,000 pounds from a pension pot valued at around 11 million pounds and retains his rights to shares under a long-term performance program which could eventually be worth several million pounds if BP's share price recovers."
Poor Tony. HE paid the price? :-) He's banished from the huge problems in America, he gets to leave all that behind, and will be handsomely paid for the rest of his life. "Hayward said it was right that BP embark on its next phase under new leadership...." DUH!
Imagine the guy who's taking over? There isn't enough money in the WORLD to get ME to........although, wait a minute..................if you do a REALLY lousy job and have to go.........hmmm. Where do we SIGN UP?


Linda said...

I thought he was going to Russia!

Anonymous said...

They should use his silly mud filled head or arse to plug the well.

Z said...

Yes, going to Russia.......
he's still getting this huge amount of money!
He should be going to SIBERIA!
(tho I wasn't one to think a day on a yacht was so bad considering the stress and pressure he must have been under, frankly...)

Z said...

by the way, Linda...what do you think of the post below this? xx

Anonymous said...

Well Z, when we just found out that the city manager of Bell California, a small city, is getting an $800,000 salary, and a pension of $600,000 the same as Hayward. Maybe Hayward isn't so far afield after all! Unbelievable!

Btw folks, the average salary of citizens of Bell, is, $29,000. The difference of course is, their taxes are paying the outrageous salaries of public "servants"(I use the term loosely), of Bell, CA.

At least BP is a huge private corporation.


Z said...

Ya, Pris, the news is all over it, isn't it.
Imagine? FOX is going to do a story on the kind of city Bell is to emphasize even more the ludicrousness of these salaries. Man, the people were giving it to them at that council meeting, huh? Did you see that?
Bell is not a middle class town, it's lower than that.......where did those people GET OFF?!
and where's the oversight?

BP, in my opinion, can pay ANYTHING it wants.....my point is how amazing it is you can screw up this big and get paid that well for it. Most people get fired or demoted$$

Anonymous said...

"my point is how amazing it is you can screw up this big and get paid that well for it. Most people get fired or demoted$$"

Yes, I know Z, and I hope you don't mind my going OT a bit. It just really hit me, when I read your post. Yes, I did see it. I don't blame those Bell citizens one bit. The police Chief's salary is $500,000 a year. Whew!!

I guess a pension is a pension, a contract that must be honored. A sweet deal for sure. Hayward will collect on that, and no doubt work somewhere else, at a high salary, and get another pension there.

I agree with you about BP paying what it wants btw. Interestingly, we still don't know what caused that rig to blow up. Will we ever?


Ducky's here said...

That's only the half of it. They know the jig is up in America, at least for a while, so they assigned him to a job in development in Russia.

He'll be bringing his wealth of experience in environmental disasters to a state with loose regulation. He's a natural.

I'm surprised he didn't get the gig in Libya.

FairWitness said...

Why do publicly held multinational companies screw their shareholders with deals like this? Has everyone in the business world gone bonkers? Since when is abject failure and incompetence achievements worthy of hundreds of millions of dollars?

Mustang said...

Honestly ... I hate my high school guidance counselor with a passion.

Faith said...

From the beginning Hayward struck me as somebody who shouldn't be in charge of anything. I didn't see how he got paid for anything all along. Oh well.

Love those citizens of Bell, CA. That's how this republic should work.

Ducky's here said...

The hits keep coming:

NEW ORLEANS - (AP) Oil is spewing from a damaged well north of a bay where officials have been fighting the spill from the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.


The Coast Guard did not know who owns the small well or how much oil has leaked. But a sheen has been spotted in the lake. Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts says oil is spewing from the wellhead.


A mere bagatelle, I'm sure.

FrogBurger said...

Presidents get huge book deal and charge a lot of money for speaking engagements when they screw a country up, too.

Obama will ratchet millions of dollars once he leaves while leaving us with a nice tab to pay.

At that high level of big corporations and big government, I'm afraid they are crooks 95% of the time.

That is why we people must fight to keep things small. Fight huge corporations and fight big government. Because they go hand in hand.

FrogBurger said...

oops. Still learning English :) Didn't use the word ratchet correctly. I had a doubt but I still clicked "Publish." Bad!

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Ducky's here said...

Who's this 'White House'?

So many spammers around. I got an e-mail from the first lady asking me to sign Obama's birthday card and help make it a special day. I helped alright.

Is he working or playing golf?

beamish said...

Chump change conpared to the largesse Speakerette Pelosi is trying to push to shore up Chinese and British oil companies (like BP) at the expense of American oil companies.

Hey look, BP spent more money on political contributions to Obama in 2008 than in the past 20 years of its donating to candidates.

You get who you pay for, I guess.