Thursday, July 8, 2010

Octavia's bit the dust

CNN has fired Octavia Nasr ......I had the original story HERE. Think she deserved firing? HERE is what Yahoo reports. Yes, probably having a terrorist sympathizer as your Middle East Editor wasn't a great idea. YA THINK?
You think she might have supported those garbage trucks in my post below?


cube said...

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Further proof that the "msm" is sick, corrupted and is hopelessly devoid of bias and rife with anti semitism.

When we have "reporters / journalists" siding with terrorists, murderers of our citizens, troops and innocent civilians, then falsifying news in favor of this's time to send them to the depths of obscurity and with those they adore.


Anonymous said...

BTW...ready for the black jihad?
Ready for the murder of white people?
Ready for the very uncivil war that is being waged on lawful Americans by Illegals, black revolutionaries and islamist scumbags united with the former two?

It may or may not happen. But..don't you think these pos are preparing once again like they did in the 60's.

You think we've come further than that? Guess again. After 50 years of bending over....reverse racism...they still don't have enough of what belongs to..YOU!

Wake up...CRACKERS! THE MUTTS...THE SCUM...THE PARASITES...scuz me...want you dead. And they're doing everything they can to see to it.

Even though...we have a "blak man" as president.

But quack quak....thinks he'll escape the rampage...while he's holding up his...."I love the panthers and Barry" sign.

LASunsett said...

Good for CNN.

But..... they still have a long way to make me believe they are news journalists.

DaBlade said...

Hi Z,
Thanks for checking in on me. I've been thinking about jumping back in to the blog thing in a week or two after I get settled into my new job.

That's right, I said it.

I'm starting a new job in Wisconsin on July 26. YAH! 5 months being unemployed has felt like an eternity! Nothing was happening for me here in Flint, hence the relocation. AND BACK in newspapers no less. Good thing I like cheese, right?

I haven't forgotten about you (or all the rest of my friends in the blogosphere) but I didn't want to jinx myself during this strenuous process. More to come. Hope all is well.

Ducky's here said...

al-Maliki, our stooge in Iraq, also praised him. Are we going to fire al-Maliki?

Anonymous said...
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Ducky's here said...

Good excerpt from Juan Cole's blog today about our press freedoms. Can't be expressing the wrong kind of freedom.


But with Ms. Nasr, it is not a comparative issue, it is an absolute one. No figure in US media is allowed to show any understanding of or appreciation for any aspect of the life and works of someone the Lobbies have decided must be demonized and vilified (and in Fadlallah’s case, preferably killed). Theirs is a politics of demonization and marginalization in which no rounded, considered judgment is permitted. Fadlallah had severe flaws, including his condoning of suicide bombings against Israelis. But he condemned the 9/11 attacks and the Morocco suicide bombings as pure terrorism, and that has to be reported, too. (It mostly wasn’t). And, he authorized Muslim women to actively defend themselves against domestic violence, which was the thing Nasr had in mind.

The firing of Nasr is just a latter-day privatized McCarthyism, a phenomenon increasingly corrosive of American civil liberties and which is not limited to (though it generally characterizes the tactics of) the more rightwing Israel lobbies.

Ducky's here said...

The black jihad?

z, you're letting the hoi-polloi in again.

Chuck said...

Don't worry Z, she'll get a job in the Hussein Obama administration.

Z said...

California's just fine...the Oakland area has ALWAYS been a hotbed and it's tense right now and very peaceful so far.
Orange County's about...I don't know...a 9 hr drive from Oakland? About that.

Ducky, there's reason for concern, don't kid yourself. It's calm now, I hope it stays that way.
You know, a cop can't accidentally kill a minority member but people don't get as agitated when it's a White person, do they.

Chuck...she probably WILL.

Z said...

"Bobby Byrd was right" DOES NOT FLY AT THIS BLOG (no pun intended)..
It's been censored and will again...

Z said...

Ducky, I'll buy that surmisal...I never saw Octavia in print about why she admired F, I don't know how the author reads her mind, but I'll buy it.

But McCarthyism? Is the left EVER going to learn the truth about that and get over it? Talk to some of the kids of many of those celebrities and tell me none of their folks were writing amazingly subversive films...the kids say they were. I'd give about anything to find an LA TIMES article of maybe 25 years ago, I've looked and looked, because it was a list of names and their kids admitting their parents were subversives..
get over McCarthyism.

That's as dumb as the Left saying "You can't judge all Blacks or even Black Panthers by that NUT who calls for killing white babies!"
Odd, the Left implies Pat Robertson speaks for all Christians, huh? :-)

beamish said...

Good excerpt from Juan Cole's blog today...

That would be the Juan Cole who is a convert to Ba'hai and a self styled "Middle East expert" that has experience in the topic amounting to little more than stopping for gas in Dearborn, Michigan.

Still plagiarizing the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" anti-Semitic nonsense, I see.

Ducky's here said...

Well, z, it is a fact that he was very outspoken about womens rights.

People are rarely all of a stripe and in this case some of his actions were quite admirable. He was a very outspoken critic of 9/11.