Monday, July 19, 2010

NAACP RACISM revealed by BREITBART..and an update

PLEASE see the video at Mustang's blog...Andrew Breitbart exposed this story and we all need to support him and his blog(s). HERE is his other one (By the way, read Wikipedia on him, it's so biased you should read it when you're in a bad mood, it'll make you laugh out loud. I know him a little and know a lot about him and I think he's one of the nicest guys around, but they don't! Well, he is a Conservative, after all, who left liberal ranks, so he's a traitor).
Andrew is up against a HUGE media conglomerate which won't present to the country the truth he's finding (matter of fact, they're still turning away Gigi Gaston's documentary WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED, about the 2008 TX primary where Obama people were telling little old ladies outside polls "If you're not voting for Obama, GO HOME"(and worse).) You'd think the American media would want to tell all of America about that,
If the NAACP was a group made of mostly conservative white people and ANYBODY spoke like the woman speaks in the video at Mustang's, do you think the media would ignore it?! (I know, stop laughing!!)

See the NAACP video and see that laughed-over and applauded, blatant, hateful racism and learn some truth. It's good for all of us. Poor America.
UPDATE: The woman's resignation for having been so racist has been accepted as of this evening.


FrogBurger said...


Not only she discriminated, but she can't even make any sense after she admits it.

If every black people assumed every white people were feeling superior to them, we'd be in trouble. I hope my black friends don't think that way of me :(

Glad she got fired, though.

Anonymous said... after day you all read sheet like this...yet some still don't think it's worth revolting over.

Somehow you all think that..."we'll resolve this at the ballot box"...Bullshit. It's way too far beyond that naive, infantile fix. Look around you think that the TP'rs wil ever be a viable 3rd party? Do any of you really believe that your "anti establishment...anti elitist...anti big government" vote will actually have a scintilla of change anything?

Sorry...we are all dreaming.

We just do not have the change suffer...suffer for the next 20 years friends, There is no way..NO WAY...that this government will ever...EVER...return to the formula that made us great.


Anonymous said...

This is so bad. I wonder, do the people now in this administration have a clue, as to how much damage they're doing to the black community, as pertains to future black aspirants who may run for office?

Right now, there's an arrogance of power there. They overreach, and even blatantly expose the ugly face of racism, and they don't care if we see it, and know it. A sad day for America, and for all those who voted for Obama in good faith.

This could have been a proud time for Americans, and the beneficiaries of the trust placed upon this President and black officials. Instead, this administration has become sullied and mistrusted, all through it's own doing. A very sad day indeed.

One can only hope we can recover from this. I think it'll be a cold day in hell, before trust will be restored.


FrogBurger said...

It's worse than that, Major. The left is turning people against each other using this racism b/s.

Mitterrand and the socialist party did this in France in the 80s. If you were voting for the the RPR or UDF, the right parties, you'd be a racist.

What happend? National Front skyrocketed and is coming back strong now again. Mitterrand actually used the National Front to divide the right-wing parties at the same time and stay in power.

It's all deja vu again for me.

FrogBurger said...

Yes, Pris, very sad. For me who doesn't have the baggage of racial issues in the US, now I feel it, now I am aware of it, now I wonder why my good African American friends think of me. It wasn't the case before. Very disturbing.

Karen Howes said...

Yes, neither this woman nor the Black Panther "the only cracka is a dead cracka" Shabazz are racist.

But the Tea Party is, and black people within in are like the Jewish collaborators/concentration camp guards.

Faith said...

Accepted her resignation? Well, that's a start, but didn't she just admit to a crime? Some form of fraud in the performance of her job against a client she should supposedly have been doing the best for? Shouldn't she be prosecuted? And wasn't it a "hate crime" at that? I don't like that whole concept myself, but hey, if the shoe fits . . .

Anonymous said...

Faith, I think she was asked to resign only because she was caught on video. It's all political.

It's not honor at work here, or the DOJ would not have taken the position they have regarding voter intimidation.

Further, tea party members, such as myself, have been accused of racism, with no evidence to back it up. Still, it goes on.

This too, is political. Pitting race against race. An orchestrated campaign of hate.

The American people did not bargain for this when they voted for Obama. There is, it seems, no limit to how far the left will go, to maintain their power.

You know FB, I carry no baggage in racial issues either, and I was born here. Perhaps it's just as relevant for your black friends to wonder what you think of them. They should be as concerned as you are.

It is a two way street. True friends will remain friends, regardless. Time will tell.


Z said...

FB, I never really felt 'baggage' in re to my black friends, either...until the media suggested I might!?

Faith makes a good point; this woman who spoke at the NAACP thing admitted she's broken every law the media'd be ENRAGED at were she Republican. She showed favoritism, denied a person his rights, and thought it clever enough to get a laugh from a black audience. And she's probably just going to be appointed somewhere else in the O administration? Like Van Jones?


Gramma 2 Many said...

Is that just the most glaring blatant racial discrimination you have ever seen. As Sean Hannity says, the NAACP needs to apologize and do so immediately.
Pris, you are right. People are going to stop and reconsider before they ever mark a ballot for a major office and the person running is black. A true injustice done by none other than one of their own.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

"I took him to one of 'his kind'." What is THAT all about? She said he's a poor farmer, not a lawyer. Doesn't sound like "his kind" to me! Glad she got the boot. But to where? This "kind" of wormy bureaucrat lands somewhere.

Z said...

I suspect she'll land close to Van Jones, who got another job with Obama after being let go for being a Communist.

FrogBurger said...

I should have used a different word from baggage. History would have been a more appropriate word.

But yes, Z, the race-obsessed media suggests it.

But I had to argue in favor of the tea party movement with my African American friend, who told me it was racist. I told him I liked the tea party and that I wasn't racist. Quite the opposite as I found him freelance work. But even that could be interpreted as white-domination by some pyscho lefties.

Anonymous said...

The USDA did the right thing letting her go. But, yes charges should be filed.

Anonymous said...

Back in my college days at USC I had a Political Sci. professor who said, 'the pendulum always swings back.' Carter gave us Ronald Reagan, Clinton brought George Bush. Well, it's time. Swing, damn it!! Swing! (I can just hear the Duck screaming now.)


Anonymous said...

And yes, the woman claimed that she became friends with that white farmer. If you believe that, I have a bridge for sale. You can have your pick, East or West Coasts.


cube said...

This happened in March 2010. Once the video went viral, she resigns
and the NAACP to renounces her behavior.

Now it turns out that she was just using the story as a narrative to reveal to black audiences just how evil racism is. I don't know if this was just a case of context or not. I guess time will tell.

RE: racism. True story... my eldest daughter used to play in the park most days with some neighborhood children. One day Sesame Street did a show about race and she asked me if I knew that so-and-so was black? Truth is, it had never even occurred to her until Sesame Street brought up the issue and it had never occurred to us to tell her. To us, it was just a group of kids playing in the park. Go figure.

Z said...

Silvrlady, I don't believe that adage applies anymore. We always had the America lovers, our kids who were given the truth about our country and had heroes and a solid future, to fall back on push the pendulum in another direction. I think we've lost that. Our kids have been taught to hate everything about us.

I'm sure that woman hasn't made friends with him, either, except she does mention at the end that she suddenly had the epiphany that "WHITE PEOPLE HAVE PROBLEMS, TOO" Where the HELL had SHE been?

Cube..that's quite a telling story and a good post. How very, very sad. I believe I felt the same way...who knew we're supposed to feel racist?
My mother led a very sheltered life in Cairo as a child and was afraid of Black Americans when she first came here because they reminded her of the Arabs that she'd been told to be careful around when she had to walk the streets....(so to speak :-)
It took the housekeeper of my grandmother here in LA, a black woman I'll always love named Minnie, to convince her that black was just the color of her skin and nothing to be afraid of. We adored Minnie...she became rather a friend than employee.

Ducky's here said...

You also have to report that the incident she is recounting happened before she was with the Department, she did help the guy and h retained his farm.

This is nothing more than a cheap edit job like the A.C.O.R.N. "exposee" and reminds us why thinking people ignore your incessant whining about the press and about your being so shocked to be accused of bigotry.

So the video was nothing like Faux News claims and it's a reminder that this pathetic administration doesn't have the juice to stand up for anyone.

But you got the truth out there, z. Congratulations on being part of the noble effort of the right wing blogosphere.

Z said...

We all know that, Ducky!
We DO read facts....But the White House called four times and told her to resign.....Maybe they thought it sounded a little racist, too?

Um...seems to me that any group that laughs at what she said could be deemed..RACIST, eh? :-)

Isn't it odd that FOX News gets information out there and they're maligned by leftwingers because they can't bear the truth in their stories? Very dishonest, Ducky. YOu need to watch that you're going along with that. it's not good.

Thanks for the's not easy having to dig the truth out from under the rubble of what was once a real media.

beamish said...

We didn't throw Shirley Sherrod under the bus. She climbed under the wheels and prayed no honkeys ever saw her speech.

Anonymous said...

Wow is right. So sad that you people believe everything the media feeds you...what a bunch of sheeple!!! (And yes, I am White)

beamish said...


The excerpt of the video has Sherrod recieving praise from the crowd for discriminating against a white farmer.

The full video has Sherrod trying to accuse the Bush administration of 8 years of racism, as if having a highly respected black Secretary of State was as "racist" as say, dropping an air tight voter intimidation case against the Black Panthers.

Sheeple? You're an idiot.