Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Media's covering the Tea Parties!

CNN's Larry King had a discussion regarding the Tea Party and accusations of RACISM last night. He had two people who believe there is racism and two people who do not. I don't usually watch King anymore but it caught my attention and I'm glad I didn't change the channel because it did provide a laugh....here's what happened (I paraphrase but it's as close as it gets):
Dana Loesch, co-founder of the St. Louis tea party and favorite talk show host of our good buddy and blogger Beamish, was asked by King if she thought the media was biased against the Tea Party. Obviously, she laughed and said every indication was that it is and reminded him that they've barely covered its true size and scope.
Here's where it got hilarious: King's response to her was "But, how can you say the media doesn't cover the Tea Party? They're
now that it's been accused of racism!?...........you have to watch this stuff; it used to bug me but now it's comic relief. And a little pathetic.)


Greywolfe said...

Larry King is still breathing?!? Ok, now that IS newsworthy. That he's senile and a blithering idiot isn't so much.

However, I must say that I get a real hoot out of any time I see Dana Loesch on TV. She's witty, pithy, and lovely. Pretty much a clone description of most of the right wing women.

Chuck said...

Think about it a bit Z. Some will say "good press, bad press, just spell my name right".

This may be to the benefit of the Tea Party. Because of the lack of coverage there are still some who know either nothing or very little about the Tea Party.

They are hearing about it now.

This is mostly bad press (at least that is the intent of the media) but how damaging is it really?

I don't think the NAACP has near the credibility it used to, especially with new allegations coming out against them.

Stay tuned, this may not be the bad thing it appears now.

Z said...

Greywolfe, I think you are SO RIGHT about RIGHT wing women :-)

Chuck, I agree...I think that's why I'm finding it funnier than I used to. I'm seeing now that only the pretty far leftwingers buy into the racism accusations, etc. Most people know that's very far from the truth, especially the black Tea party members :-)
I had FOX news on the other morning and they were running some loony stuff Biden was saying, it was really incredible stuff and I was thinking how he's so irresponsible and seemingly stupid when he talks, then I switched to MSNBC to see the hostess on MORNING JOE say "I know we're fans of Biden's here but he's really been saying some EXCELLENT things lately, you can't deny he's intelligent and has a handle on things and says what he thinks"
It shows how very out of touch these people are. (Among other things, Biden had said we're leaving Afghanistan then back pedaled because he got criticism and says it could only be 1000 troops and that's all he'd meant!) (right, JOe!)

Then, this morning, Norah O'Donnell was on that MSNBC show and saying the USDA woman's resignation had to happen because what she'd said was awful "But we have to realize NOT EVERYONE IN THE USDA thinks that way" WHAT? Did anybody suggest that?
Her clear inference (based on their conversation beforehand), of course, was that EVERYONE IN THE TEA PARTY IS RACIST IF TWO PEOPLE ARE. Then the leftwinger journalist Margaret Carlsen actually said "One side has more racists and we know which that is" I swear she did.


Opus #6 said...

I keep getting more hopeful because the left have taken off their mask. Most of them are radical. And the ones who aren't have switched to being independents.

Always On Watch said...

I also agree that some coverage in the msm is better than no coverage.

Those listeners/viewers whose minds can be changed will hear the information and do some research on their own -- and they'll discover that the Tea Party Movement is not racist at its core and beyond.

Anonymous said...

I observed at Sunset's blog earlier, most examples of idiocy are protected by the Constitution. This is true no matter where the idiocy is displayed.

The reverse is not true. No one from a Tea Party rally or NAACP meeting may lawfully assault any idiot, take away his or her sign, beat them up, or threaten them with bodily violence.

So to suggest the behavior of one or two individuals illustrates prevalent racism in an entire organization is a massive leap in logic. We must instead focus on whether the organization (pick one) is operating with good will. In the case of the Iowa TPO, and now the NAACP, I think they were too slow on the up-take.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...
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Greywolfe said...

Ducky, you're starting to irritate me. So, I believe it's time to poke some holes in you. "Time and again its been proved...." Ok, so provide some data. Don't make a statement like that without backing it up.

Here's a quote from the House JEC (Joint Economic Committee) reviewing the effects of the Reagan tax cuts.
" The Reagan tax cuts, like similar measures enacted in the 1920s and 1960s, showed that reducing excessive tax rates stimulates growth, reduces tax avoidance, and can increase the amount and share of tax payments generated by the rich. High top tax rates can induce counterproductive behavior and suppress revenues, factors that are usually missed or understated in government static revenue analysis. Furthermore, the key assumption of static revenue analysis that economic growth is not affected by tax changes is disproved by the experience of previous tax reduction programs."

In addition, all of the money given out to those that are non-productive (i.e. unemployment recipients) is aquired through taxes. Which means that it is a direct drain on those that produce and create jobs. Not one job has been created by an unemployed person (unless he got tired of the rat race and became an evil capitolist entrepeneur.)

Get some facts to back up your blather or please just shut up and go protest some bat habitat demolition or something.

Z said...

Ducky, sorry...you know the rules. Enough insults. You'll be deleted again and again from now on, I have no problem with that whatsoever. I tried. You didn't.

This is my front porch...you can stay off it if you persist.

cube said...

I don't think it's a benefit for the Tea Party to be characterized as racists by the MSM. There are people out there who will believe the charge however unfounded it is.

Z said...

Cube, I don't think it's a 'benefit' but I think most people know that any group as big and which stands for such good values isn't a racist group. Still, I agree that, with so little evidence of what the left is claiming, they must be doing this strictly to get the tag of racism stuck on the TPers...
A lot of this WH gang says things that aren't true knowing that most Americans aren't asking for the truth, and they're surely not getting it from the msm.

beamish said...

Dana Loesch is hilarious. She reads her hate mail from clueless leftists on air with a Valley Girl "omigod" voice. It's comedy gold.

Z said...

beamish! "OHMEGAWWWWD!" (chewing gum here)

Z said...

by the way, I was RAISED in 'that Valley'..be careful :-) (and I've never heard one girl from there talk like Valley Girls!!!)

Leticia said...

I bet that was fun to watch.

We e-mailed the our local news station to cover our Tea Party event because Dick Morris was our guest speaker. They e-mailed us back and said they would be there, they never showed!

However, a small article was covered in the local paper.

The media is too biased. Tired of it.

Dick Morris was awesome.

FrogBurger said...

I'm just thankful the US has the left and the right represented in the media. I can't imagine not having Fox and the talk show radio right now. In France all of this doesn't exist. So unless you read "Le Point" or "Valeurs Actuelles", what are called "Liberals" (for Classic Liberals) in France are not represented.