Friday, July 2, 2010

J Christian Adams: Illegal elections coming to America?

Please, if you've seen or read about the DOJ attorney who's quit the department because of its position on black crime on white (which arose during the Black Panther intimidation case which Eric Holder threw out), please at LEAST watch the third video which shows
celebrated Democrat Civil Rights Attorney Bartle Bull say he fears for every future election because "Obama is a hustler". This seems more frightening than anything else we're facing today in America because, when it gets down to it, the VOTE is all we've GOT. Who would have thought we have a president who sanctions crooked elections? PLEASE at least watch the last video, but you'll want to see the Whistle Blower's interviews, too, believe me; (send this to friends,'s not only we conservatives who must know is this administration getting away with it? Is our media REALLY DEAD?)


Anonymous said...

If Holder directed the DOJ not pursue cases involving white voter intimidation by blacks, then we have a very serious problem in our country —more expansive than most can even imagine. Given the ACORN and SEIU shenanigans of the previous three elections, Holder’s new policy means that there is no restriction at all what Black Panthers and others can do (and get away with) in the up-coming elections.

This is easily one of those Alinsky's manufactured crises. Imagine what could happen when a voter, authorized to carry a concealed weapon, refuses to be intimidated. You see, if there is no recourse in the courts, then citizens will begin taking matters into their own hands.

How do we think the White House/Holder would respond to such an event?

How would the "fair and balanced" press cover it?

This could lead to a perfect crisis; not only could the White House rail against the 2nd Amendment, they also could use the incident an example of white racism against black folk who were only providing security at a voting precinct.

On the other hand, suppose voters do nothing at all. If voters stay home then Democrats will win a landslide election because everyone who ACORN and SEIU helped illegally register to vote in 2008 will be back to vote numerous times in 2010.

It is a perfect storm. Now I wonder why some of these advocacy groups aren't suing over this issue. Maybe everyone is already intimidated.

cube said...

Intimidation with a capital 'I'. It's almost as though we're trapped in a box that we can't break out of no matter what we do.

The first black president can't be attacked because it will be perceived as racism, even if his acts are racism in reverse.

Our best chance is to tie his hands by winning as much of the House and Senate seats as we can in November and vote his incompetent butt out of office in 2012.

Craig and Heather said...

It is a perfect storm.


It is disturbing how quickly the lawlessness continues to increase.


Z said...

Cube, except that our votes might not count quite as much as they used to...the Libs see the country turning away from their big spending dependence on government, wary of its treatment of the oil spill, etc etc.

And, as MUSTANG so rightly suggests: THE PERFECT STORM.
If you say NO to illegal amnesty and voting, you're a Republican BIGOT...if people get mad enough they WILL take to violence and the Left (as Ducky has here with the mere suggestion that people are angry enough to fight) will call Martial Law and worse...

This is a situation that I can't imagine our country's in and MOSTLY, I can't believe that young journalists are THIS indoctrinated that they aren't calling for suits.!! Maybe this Bartle Bull will? He was fantastic, so honest, ...he even voted for McCain because he, a LIberal Civil Rights Attorney, thought Obama was trouble ......


Ducky's here said...

Maybe we can have the Supreme Court pick the winner again.

You right wing zanies have pretty much used up any whining about elections.

Ducky's here said...

mustang, you can't go strapped to elections in Florida?

Man, you must feel insecure, I'd petition the court for relief.

Z said...

Wake up, Ducky, you can't hide behind ignorance forever...I hate to be unkind but if you saw the third video and can say what you're saying (will it ever stop being about Bush and would you PLEASE read the Miami U study on that election? PLEASE?), then you're so gone by ideology, there's no talking with you.

Leslie said...

Some daffy people like to project their own insecurities onto others --makes them feel that they have some intelligence; most of the time it only shows just how dull-witted they really are. Quack.

Leslie said...

You see, in liberal-land only people who vote for liberals have any rights. So of course the racist black panther group can have as many thugs at the voting booths they need, knowing they have the full support of the racist, communist leaders in office.

November election 2010 will be monumental...

Z said...

Leslie "November election 2010 will be monumental..."

or a complete rip off with Black Panthers and other tricks laying in wait, of course.

Elmers Brother said...

its reparations

Anonymous said...

Let's see, there's ACORN, the SEIU, and The New Black Panthers. Looks like that "civilian security force" to me. Obama's army.

I call it anarchy from the top down.

The reality is, when you walk up to a polling place no one can tell what party you belong to or how you're going to vote just by looking at you. I'm voting come hell or high water, and all I need to do it, is my feet.

You know Ducky, when you have no scruples, or concerns for the safety of Americans, and civil rights, you have nothing to offer.

Get lost!

Mr. Adams and Mr. Bull are patriots, and we owe them our gratitude for standing up for the people.


LASunsett said...

//Wake up, Ducky, you can't hide behind ignorance forever..//

Sure he can.

People die that way all the time.

Anonymous said...

"You see, if there is no recourse in the courts, then citizens will begin taking matters into their own hands."

As they should. When the laws are no longer's time to enforce them.

Racism? Bullshit. It's a fact that Obongo's election have set back 50 years of civil rights on it's proverbial ass. The lawlessness, intimidation and cries of "discrimination" have never been louder. So much for "progress".

"It is a perfect storm"

Indeed it is. The scumbags assume that we won't fight back. But...they're wrong.

Suck it up quacky. Muslims are a curse on civilized society. A curse on human rights. And a curse on mankind. We've seen what fascism masquerading as a"religion" can do do the harmony of civilized nations. All Muslims better take heed....the pendulum will swing the other way. There's a point at which good people will refuse to accept to be pushed by the barbarians and moon worshippers in this country.'ll be their own fault and undoing for not modifying and pushing their dominate and perverse ideology on Americans.

They better look for "safe havens" if their shit keeps up.

I have plenty of reason to despise these 7th century animals.


Anonymous said...

"the VOTE is all we've GOT"

As I've said before...if the power of the vote fails....Americans will...WILL...resort to any means to return America to it's historic state. If the scum cannot be voted out of office in free and fair elections...God Help Them. If illegals and union thugs are allowed to alter the outcome of elections...then Americans will rise to declare them null l and void.

The "progressives", anarchists and shit birds will rue the day they were born.

I guarantee it.


Remember...this is how it is...4..FOUR...Supreme Court not believe in the CONSTITUTION...including the scumbag newly added "open minded" Latino "miracle"...SOTOmajor(?). A clone of the card carrying...Ginsburg.

Craig and Heather said...

Major: The lawlessness, intimidation and cries of "discrimination" have never been louder.

We've got issues with unsecured border, radical Islam, hard push for communism from within, corruption in the highest levels of our govt, general restlessness of population and a huge decline in overall morality. Did I miss something significant?

Feels like the US is coming apart at the seams.


Anonymous said...

"We've got issues with unsecured border...."

And C & H...Americans...real Americans are well aware of it too. There's an acute awareness among us that things are already OUT of CONTROL. Among which is Jan Brewer who has articulated the illegal scourge that ALL states have to deal with. And so far she alone has managed to bring to the forefront America's disgust with PC-ism, lawlessness and complete unfairness of a system that ignores or overlooks the debilitating effects that illegals have on every state.

Just as our DOJ ( Holder the incompetent, racist tool of the left ) has attempted to rationalize the behavior of black panthers ( the KKK in black ) as inconsequential with his dismissal of charges against voter intimidation. and must be as stupid and as racist as his actions so far have been demonstrated. Remember this is the fool who declared that Americans are "cowards" when it comes to issues of race. Yet this fool...this demented challenged the AG! And his black the CIC!


Then Bobbie ( KKK ) Byrd is lauded as a "pioneer of civil rights" his death...Strom Thurmond....because of his party "opponent" of integration.!!!

People now see through this hateful charade...Tea partiers are NOT the answer....but complete defiance of these edicts are.

God Bless...what the USA...used to be.


Anonymous said...

""While we celebrate the fact that five Justices got it right, we should be very worried that the other four still would rather search for penumbras and emanations for their own idea of social engineering than in actually reading the clear text of the document they swore to uphold."

Believe it or not at your own peril...this is what 4...FOUR...out of 9 members of the Supremes...believe.


Deborah on the Bayside said...

Bartle Bull's comments say it all. "Obama is a Hustler." No wonder he also wrote: "No He Can't" in calling Obama's movement a "Trojan horse revolution."

So, Ducky, would you just as soon they stayed home and at the back of the bus in Mississippi, and Martin Luther King stopped "whining about election?" You're certifiable on this one!

Z said...

Look, everybody, when a publisher feels the need to put a disclaimer on a copy of the Constitution, what do we EXPECT?

These are THE scariest times we've probably ever had....and the left isn't waking up to what's happening.
But, that Civil Rights atty in my bottom video SURE DOES..>liberal, voted for McCain, because he says he saw what Obama was about during the campaign. WHY DIDN'T EVERYBODY? (that's a rhetorical question. :-)

Anonymous said...

"here’s the icing on the cake: Obama made the claim that “being an American is not a matter of blood or birth, it’s a matter of faith” and said that “we can’t forget that this process of immigration and eventual inclusion has often been painful. Each new wave of immigrants has generated fear and resentment towards newcomers, particularly in times of economic upheaval.”

In other words, those of us who are against illegal aliens breaking our laws by sneaking in through our borders and other ports of entry are a bunch of racists who are looking to deprive these people of their livelihoods.

In the words of our RACIST IN CHIEF.....

Time to look forward America. The floodgates are being opened supported by the "CIC.


Faith said...

We've got issues with unsecured border, radical Islam, hard push for communism from within, corruption in the highest levels of our govt, general restlessness of population and a huge decline in overall morality. Did I miss something significant?

I'd say that about sums it up. I'd probably subsume it all under the philosophical and political sea change that's engulfed us since at least the 60s, whatever that might best be called: Political correctnes of course. Postmodernism perhaps. Putting good for evil and evil for good for sure.

And it's all both cause and effect in a way too. That is, it's all evil, or sin, AND it's all God's judgment too.

Faith said...

I dunno, Major, you've questioned whether enough Americans have the will to do anything to stop it all, and I've doubted it too.

Wish there were a way to have a citizen's military or action group or alernative to the government that we could collect together for times like this. Something legal, but anything we do along those lines is going to be outlawed. Miserable situation.

beamish said...

This seems more frightening than anything else we're facing today in America because, when it gets down to it, the VOTE is all we've GOT.

Ballots and bullets change governmments all the time (re: July 4, 1776)


Maybe we can have the Supreme Court pick the winner again.

Except there isn't a way to count the votes in Florida that would have had Gore win. Independent research by both the New York Times and Miami Herald counted the ballots in Florida and determined Gore would have lost anyway.

A Republican presidential candidate won a Southerrn state. Golly that never happens.

Anonymous said...

Faith ... there are two legal mechanisms designed to protect us from the federal government. The first is called state government.

Now it is true that the power of state governments have been off-set over many years because the states have become whores for federal money. Accepting federal money is akin to accepting the mark of the beast.

Additionally, the federal government thought it would be a good idea to have senators elected by popular vote. This was a tragedy for states because before the 17th Amendment, senators were selected by state legislature and appointed by governors to represent the state in the United States Senate. Members of the House represented the people. Thus since 1913, no state has been adquately represented in the federal government.

IMO, if we could get back to the structure provided to us by our founding fathers, we would have a proper government.

The second is called our Constitution; we must continually remind ourselves that the purpose of our Constitution is to LIMIT government. Since we never require our elected officials to obey the constitution, why should they?

My two cents worth is that American education is brainwashing our children so that as adults, they will do as they have been doing for the past sixty years: whatever the federal government tells them. We end up with people like Ducky; worse --we end up with people like Ducky in the Congress or White House.

Anonymous said...

Beamish ... in Ducky's universe, Bush stole that election, caused the Gore marriage to fail, directed Katrina into New Orleans and ordered elves to infect black people with HIV because Bush hates black people.

I am convinced that the only reason anyone would want to study Daffy is out of idle curiosity.

Craig and Heather said...

I guess I offered my list too soon. It potentially could get worse.

Someone sent me this as a forward and, while I usually disregard stuff like this as "alarmist", the general tone that's being set by our leaders gave this enough weight, I didn't feel right about deleting w/o passing on.

Dear Friends:
This is an urgent alert.
You need to know about what may be one of the gravest, most insidious threats to religious freedom I've seen in my lifetime: What may be an attempt, at the very highest levels of government, to RE-DEFINE the very meaning of religious freedom, from "free exercise" to merely private worship.
If what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a speech at Georgetown University reflects a new direction in government policy, then mark my words, our religious liberties are in peril.
Please, click on the link below to see my "Two Minute Warning" video commentary at the Manhattan Declaration website to see exactly what I'm talking about.
Study carefully the play on words; words matter.
I urge you: Watch this video, share it with friends. Blog about it. Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper - point out what is going on. It's time to expose this outrageous and dangerous assault on religious freedom.
We cannot be asleep at our posts while we still have the freedom to speak out.
Chuck Colson

Here's a link to an article and the vid of Clinton's speech. I don't have enough internet capacity to watch the speech at this time, so I have to admit ignorance to the full context.

I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise that there is an effort being made to re-define religious freedom. The definitions of everything else are being changed under the innocuous-sounding banner of "human rights". Regardless of what anyone thinks of Chuck Colson and his efforts, it might be a good idea to look into what our Sec of State is talking about. It probably won't matter much to those who are fairly apathetic about their faith, but I thought it might be worth mentioning here.


Craig and Heather said...

And Ducky,

This has the potential to affect Catholics as well as Protestants, orthodox Jews....even non-violent Muslims who think their religion is one of peace.

I had my meltdown over this administration over a year ago, so there is very little that's happening that comes as a surprise to me.

The days are evil. We are to redeem whatever time we have been gifted.


Craig and Heather said...

There's an acute awareness among us that things are already OUT of CONTROL.


I'm going to respectfully counter this statement. It's true things look to be out of control from our perspective. And I agree that many citizens are aware of it.

Our country looks like:
Isaiah 3:11-12
Woe to the wicked! For the evil doing of his hand will be done to him.
As for my people, children are their taskmasters, and women rule over them. Oh my people, your rulers cause you to go astray and destroy the way of your paths.

From God's perspective, this is exactly what needs to happen and he's allowed the wickedness to increase, in part, so his people will see how foolish it is to place our trust in human wisdom instead of in Him. Some are pretty hard headed and need a little more convincing than do others.

It's under control. But things are likely to get very ugly.


Always On Watch said...

It seems that we've lost integrity at the polls.

Thus begins and continues a dictatorship.

Now, about what happened in Philadelphia....Do any of us doubt that if white thugs had been intimidating black voters that day that the DOJ would be prosecuting to the full extent of the law?

Always On Watch said...

And....Obama is a Chicago thug (aka
"community activist"). So, what should we expect from the BHO administration (the DOJ)? Exactly what's happening.

Karen Howes said...

I posted an article by Adams about voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers... that's not being investigated.

Thanks for spreading the word on this.

Z said...

KAREN, the question is WHY IS IT NOT BEING INVESTIGATED? IMAGINE if ANY REPUBLICAN group tried anything CLOSE to this??? IMAGINE?

We'll have Haiti coming in to be voting monitors in 2012 and we'll probably need even them by then. It's clear that we've lost our way so BIG TIME that it might be irrevocable.

Always: it seems like VOTING was at least one thing we could ALL agree about, Dems AND Reps. And STILL the Left claims we stole the presidency from GORE (thank you, God) and that WE do voter fraud? It's unbelievable.

Beamish, the Miami HERALD, that's right...I thought Miami U had done the study that showed GORE LOST FAIR AND SQUARE (or did they work together on that?) Thanks for that.

Mustang; It's all about our schools...ALL about that. Our kids are lost to believing America owes them (and everybody ELSE on the planet) a living....and they don't even know who Geo Washington IS. No wonder we have to call that holiday PRESIDENT'S DAY. Imagine if the teacher asked them what presidents are included on that day?

Heather; maybe God means NANCY PELOSI, huh? :-)

Craig and Heather said...

Heather; maybe God means NANCY PELOSI, huh?

Possibly. I do wonder whether it is mere coincidence that this shift as occurred in connection with the increase of radically feminist women in powerful positions.


Craig and Heather said...

What's up with Blogger?
I keep getting error messages even though my comment posts.

Karen Howes said...

Oh, I think we KNOW why it's not being investigated, Z. As you point out, leftists howled because Bush "stole" the election from Al Whore.

Projection, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Small question---Big Thought
Z. Have you ever considered going into politics yourself?

We could use your sharp mind and
wit-- to tell the public how it really is, why we should care, and how to keep America strong and safe.

I vote for Z. !!

Anonymous said...

That's me Z. Voting for you !

Z said...

Good point, Karen...
WE all knew it wasn't stolen, the Miami Herald proved it wasn't stolen...

It just seems to me that VOTING is so important that anybody who could even look at those Panthers with the nightsticks would get that THAT WAS INTIMIDATION! Remember, they weren't allowed to speak? Probably because their questioners "CRACKERS" as Mr. Bull pointed out that they DID when one did speak. This is SO DAMNING and more scary than the situation is the silence of the mainstream media.

No WONDER Obama'd like to close the internet down.'re joking but I appreciate that! The thing is, I'd tell it like I FEEL IT IS, and that's not too popular in America these days! :-) There are other bloggers FAR better equipped in every way to run.

Z said...

Oh , MATISSE, I had a feeling it was you when I wrote that comment (before seeing your update!)

Thanks....YOU ARE KIDDING!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

"You see, if there is no recourse in the courts, then citizens will begin taking matters into their own hands."

Excellent observations Mustang. This is the culmination of years of actions that have been designed to push, push and push more. Affirmative action...level playing "legal" discrimination of one segment of our society ( the majority of Americans ) to the "benefit" of the minorities.

The cowing of Americans into believing that the discriminatory and racist actions perpetrated upon them are "good and righteous". That this will ultimately end racial differences and hostilities has been a proven to be a lie. We're a generous nation of people...willing to extend a hand to anyone deserving of it.

However we've watched the last 50 years being turned into a literal and real war against productive Americans and into a class struggle. Even though billions of dollars have been spent of our treasure and resources to...produce a totally dependent class that continues to suck the nation dry.

Compounded now by the invasion and territorial gains of millions of illegal have nots from 3rd world ghettos...who have established nothing more than parallel ghettos in out country.

And again...we're expected to continue to allow our wealth to be taken from us in the name of "diversity, multi cultralism and fairness".

November 2nd...will be the breaking point. If free and fair elections do not change the makeup of Congress...does not allow us to protect ourselves from the rape of the treasury, our civil and constitutional rights...then it should be open rebellion.

We must and need to adopt a defense...and an action plan for resistance. Starting state by state. The mutts, anarchists and "progressives" wouldn't hesitate to do the same. They must be met head on.


Ducky's here said...

Seems this all started in earnest when minorities and the poor actually got a limited voice in American life.

That's the bad kind of freedom. Those folks might even get part of the pie.

Elmers Brother said...

so duhkkky it's okay with you that the Black Panthers intimadated voters?

Z said...

Elbro, sounds like it..

Ducky, what "all started"...this kind of intimidation? you approve?

Faith said...

Seems this all started in earnest when minorities and the poor actually got a limited voice in American life.

Right, what's "all this" refer to?

Objections to injustice?

Faith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Craig and Heather said...

Seems this all started in earnest when minorities and the poor actually got a limited voice in American life.

That's the bad kind of freedom. Those folks might even get part of the pie.

This is not about minorities and the poor having a voice.

And any freedom can become a "bad" think when it is abused.

When liberty is redefined as "license" and privilege breeds an attitude of entitlement, ugly things happen.
The problem is not limited to any particular racial demographic. This post just happens to focus on one aspect of the greater issue.


Craig and Heather said...

I actually know how to spell "thing".

Anonymous said...

"The sky is falling; the sky is falling."

Z said...

Anonymous: you can say THAT again.

When we have a government afraid of legal elections and blocking them, that's a HUGE knock against democracy. In AMERICA. Ya, the sky's definitely falling.

Steve said...

Z, this is your friend Steve.

This story points to how Obama has let his country down more than in any other way: Instead of quelling racial tensions, he has exacerbated them. How truly tragic.

Now you truly need, more than ever, a post racial black president, simply to undo the damage being wrought.

Mark said...

I am late to this discussion, and I merely skimmed many of the later comments (in a hurry), so if this has already been stated, I apologize:

It seems to me that a precedent has been set here. If so, the next election may go again to the Democrats simply because Conservative voters might be intimidated at the doors to the polling place. The black panthers or any other racist organization, it seems to me, has been given carte blanche to do whatever they feel is necessary to secure a victory for whatever fascist is running in any election, be it local or national. The cards have been stacked against a fair election. If Conservatives win a victory in the next election, it won't be because the Obama regime hasn't done everything in their power to prevent it.

If The fascists win the next election, it will no doubt continue the slide down the slippery slope towards outright tyranny.

Be afraid, Conservatives. Be very afraid.