Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garbage IN, rockets OUT?

This is a captured Palestinian garbage truck from Gaza.
The truck is set up to fire 9 Kasem rockets and then drive off innocently.
The note pasted on the drivers door says In case of traffic violations, please contact The Palestinian Authority.
The Israelis have evidence of ambulances and emergency vehicles set up the same way. Doesn't it just make you all "warm and fuzzy" all over that Obama just gave the Palestinians 400 million dollars of your tax dollars? He's the best - isn't he?
I just received this from our commenter Silvrlady (thanks) and had to post it........I've heard that emergency vehicles were outfitted with this kind of thing in the Palestinian areas but even I had trouble believing this confirms that information and is just more reason to question those who believe Israel is the aggressor...... Of course, some might say this truck was 'captured' illegally and the Israelis have no right to do so!!........"don't fergit, Ah'm fer the under dawg, Ah'm a liberale":-) Israel's protection never seems to be important to some people.


Ducky's here said...

Well, since Likud has made virtually all consumer goods available only through smuggling and stopped all outgoing trade from Gaza, therefore stopping all economic development, who runs the show in Gaza?

That's right, the militant element of Hamas. Now, virtually everyone would figure this out, even Likud but they want this standoff to continue so they can milk Uncle Sucker for the welfare checks.

Bunch of 'tards playing idiots delight and we bankroll both sides.

Z said...

ooh, wait a minute. So we're to blame LIKUD that Hamas and other Arabic sources smuggle in arms instead of food (do they really care about the Palestinian people?) so Israel has to be on guard?
And, of course, goods are available once they've been checked. Thank GOODNESS they checked that last shipment we saw, huh? Boxes upon boxes of arms under the cauliflower and Jerusalem artichokes?

As for playing us for suckers..... both sides....I'm not sure you're completely wrong there but at least Israel's mostly been on our side in getting us information that keeps US ALIVE possible..and, I'd rather be on the side of a country which allows arab citizenship in their own country despite the problems and on the side of a country which deserves to be where it is and react when threatened.

GM Roper said...

Ducky, all you have to do really, is ask yourself how many of the Arab countries including the PA and Hamas authority areas allow and foster JEWISH citizens to fully participate. Saudi Arabia? Nope. Jordan? Nope. Egypt? Nope. Iran? Oh Hell No! Qatar? Nope. UAE? Nope... well, that kind of settles that argument doesn't it?

cube said...

As far as the welfare checks go, at least Israel gives us valuable intelligence in return. What do we get from Hamas?

*cricket chirps*

Elmers Brother said...

his needle is stuck again

Z said...

Oh, GM, EXACTLY! Case closed...doesn't that show SOMETHING? By the way, why can't the rich muslim brethren in Arabia pay for the PA's to build up their areas? (because they keep the PA's poor and uneasy so they keep scratching Israel's scab, of course)

Cube, you echoed my thinking, least they're getting us important information!

Elbro...ts....ts....ts...ts.....ts...ts Can ya hear it?

Elmers Brother said...

all I hear is static or perhaps white noise is the better description

Ducky's here said...

GM Roper, tie a freaking sock on it. Do you think that Arabs have full rights in Israel?
Are you serious?

Doesn't have squat to do with my statement anyway, straw man.

Likud by maintaining a strict embargo, in and out, stops any economic development in Gaza and cedes control to the militant wing of Hamas. This in turn lets them cry about a few rockets shot over the border so they can keep collecting welfare checks from Uncle Sucker.

Ducky's here said...

Let's see. Arabs are nearly 25% of the population in Israel. Yet, even though they have full rights (LMAO) they don't have more than a handful of powerless token representatives in the senate.

Someone's been pushing the stinky cheese.

Anonymous said...

The technical term is GI-GO, garbage in and garbage out, (sorry Z!) from the computer field where I've played for the past 31 years ...

See this link for a story about this same truck and photo from a few years ago. Different country. Similar story.

Also the reference to Kasem rocket may be the Qassam or Kassam, which is a simple steel tubed rocket with fixed fins, and that isn't going to work too well in that round tube on the truck. There's another story about this being part of the truck exhaust system but I'm no expert there.

At least it gave Ducky a chance to ... well, I don't know actually. I rarely understand his rants. More GI-GO perhaps? ;-)

~ Will

Z said...

Will, my title was a play in GI/GO! I thought it was pretty clever, but I guess not?
Same country...Gaza/Israel..
how's it different??

Ducky, can you enumerate all the things Arabs can't do in Israel, then remind me why Israelis can't do anything in the ME? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Z, I linked to a discussion of the Gaza find, and inside that discussion was a link to this same vehicle found in Iraq a couple of years ago. Here's the two year old link

~ Will

Anonymous said...

Z, try this link from October 2008'>Link

Sorry, I guess there's so many it's hard to keep up with them ...

~ Will

Elmers Brother said...

yeah duhkkky, be specific the RCA dog is getting tired of your S**t

beamish said...


Likud by maintaining a strict embargo, in and out, stops any economic development in Gaza and cedes control to the militant wing of Hamas.

That would be the militant wing of Hamas elected into power by the Egyptian ex-patriates who miscall themselves "Palestinians," and the embargo that has virtually halted the chief export of the Gaza Strip, suicide bombers.

You could just merely reiterate that you're a leftist. You don't have to make the anti-Semitic turn to make such a claim redundant.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, z, they can't travel freely to visit relatives under Iraelsi occupation. let's start there.

Ducky's here said...

... and I'm sure you felt that Catholics in Northern island didn't face discrimination right, z?
Well of course they did, quite similar to the discrimination Arabs face in Israel.

Now, how did Northern Irish Catholics solve that problem? Breeding. They are no longer a minority. Same thing will happen in Israel.

Z said...

Ducky you ARE joking, right?
Ireland was comprised of ALL Irish natives... Catholics were rough on Protestants, too..WAKE UP.

There's no correlation to the Arabs in Israel; that is NOT THEIR COUNTRY. Israel was specifically built for Jews to go back to their homeland and have safety, created by the UN, your bunch.

My GOSH, how can you say the things you do?

Elmers Brother said...

a Palestinian state was created at the same time as Israel...but that's usually ignored.