Tuesday, July 6, 2010

CNN, hypocrisy and Hezbollah-admiring journalists

You think Netanyahu and other Israelis watch the VERY nonpartisan (smile) CNN?
Ocavia Nasr, Senior Middle East Editor for CNN, is Twittering mourning for one of Hezbollah's leaders, Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlalla who advocated muslim "martyrdom operations" within Israel. Thanks, CNN...........nice to know where some of you stand. But, of course, it's NOT a place where bias is welcome, right? The NY Times says in its obit that "...Fadlallah is believed to be responsible for the killing of 241 U.S. Marines during the 1983 Beirut barracks bombings." That makes me feel warm and cozy toward Fadlallah and Nasr, doesn't it YOU? How awful. Imagine the outrage if she'd worked for FOX? Imagine that she'll keep her job? You bet she will. "This is CNN."


Joe said...

I had a very good friend killed in the Beirut bombing. Imagine how I feel toward Fadlallah.

Z said...

that's terrible, Joe. I'm SO sorry...yes, I can well imagine how you feel toward him.

Anonymous said...

Good ol' Chicken Noodle News. Can't say I am a bit surprised.

I live in a very small town on the backside of nowhere--the poorest town in the nation according to the next to last census. We couldn't get Fox & I was in the cable office at least once a week screaming. Well, the screaming wheel got greased. The man in charge of the place saw my car in the market parking lot & found me amidst the veggies to tell me I now could get Fox. Haven't seen Noodle News since.


Z said...

Silvrlady, that's funny! the man in charge found you? Ya, that is one small town :-)
Glad you could escape the soup news!

LASunsett said...

//CNN, hypocrisy, and Hezbollah-admiring journalists//

Words that go together well.

Would we expect anything less?

Anonymous said...

CNN makes us all feel good about ourselves; we sing folk songs and bang tamberines against our heads, and as a consequence, we get dumb as snails and elect morons.

FNC on the other hand, makes us aware of the world around us as it really is ... and consequently, it makes us want to choke assholes who deserve it, or failing that, kick our pets.

Thanks a lot Fox, you bastards.

Sunset's friend

Impertinent said...

Oh Oh...Breaking important national news....

Lindsey Lohan going to jail for being a scofflaw and a skank.

Sorry Al Gore...the babe isn't available...you'll have to stick with the ordinary masseuse in them Hollywood Hills.

She'll be available in 90 days though Al. Can you wait?

Karen Howes said...

To hell with Octavia Nasr and CNN.

Ducky's here said...

Twittering mourning? Any specifics or just a far right rant?

Ducky's here said...

Joe, how do you feel about Saint Ronnie Raygun who put the Marines in an exposed position and then sanctified their sacrifice by cutting and running and emboldening terrorists?

How do you feel about Ariel Sharon for writing checks his butt couldn't cash in Lebanon and then suckering us in?

Z said...

LASUNSETT...good one! Damn FNC for telling us the truth :-)

Imp: Wouldn't you think America has more to worry about than Al and LIndsay....I couldn't help but think that, too.

Ducky, READ THE LINKS...what are you talking about?
Ya, Reagan had soldiers in Lebanon and knew they'd get killed, right? "emboldening who?" I thought you didn't believe in terrorists?
What do I care about Ariel Sharon? He did some dumb thing I've never heard of and, what, I'm supposed to be Pro Palestinian and go along with the imam and Octavia and think Jews should be killed in martyrdom attacks? REALLY?

Elmers Brother said...

Joe, how do you feel about Saint Ronnie Raygun who put the Marines in an exposed position and then sanctified their sacrifice by cutting and running and emboldening terrorists?

wow duhkkky do you ever change the bromide in your kool aid?

Ducky's here said...

Hypocrisy? Maybe you can explain why a Lebanese woman shouldn't have some sympathy for the man who resisted Likud's occupation of the country.

Why do you consider that hypocritical? Or must CNN be completely pro Likud? That's fair an balanced.

Ducky's here said...

Now there's elmo with his typical substantive reply.

Did someone question the bonafides of your hero? Say it ain't so, Ronnie.

Z said...

Ducky, I have people coming here tonight but let me answer quickly.

Octavia is an Arab, possibly muslim...I don't give a rat's POOP how she feels about muslims or Jews, frankly....the hypocrisy is that CNN bills itself as NOT BIASED and the left and CNN are constantly laughing at the supposed bias at FOX. They were doing that before FOX even went on the air, I remember that very well; what IS it with leftists who don't wait and see THEN criticize? You don't read bills and draw conclusions..just ODD.
Nasr's coverage is very one-sided..that's wrong. And, when CNN doesn't forewarn people toward her bent, it's hypocrisy to insult other stations.

FOX has balanced news and has very opinionated Conservatives and Moderate shows...avowedly so, billed as such. CNN? Wolf, Rick Sanchez, etc...all very biased, show it every single day, and yet FOX is considered the biased one...what, is it kind of like the Black Panther DOJ situation?
if you're a conservative and slam a lib, you're biased, if a lib slams a conservative, we ignore it?

see everybody later.

Chuck said...

She'll get her own show, it's CNN.

Joe, sorry to hear that.

Ducky, sometimes you can be the most despicable little thing. So it is the fault of Reagan that this murderous bastard killed 241 Marines?

Joe says he lost a good friend so you take that as an invite to attack Reagan? At Joe's expense?

Your incredible.

highboy said...

Ariel Sharon had the balls to actually fight terrorism, rather than simply throwing up his hands and saying "we can't win" like ducky and the rest of the libs. As for empowering terrorism, ducky should get his facts straight: it was Carter that allowed the entire middle east to be taken over by Muslim terror regimes by giving one of our biggest allies in Iran the middle finger when it was asking for help. But hey, he built some homes for poor people so I guess that makes it all better.

Elmers Brother said...

Now there's elmo with his typical substantive reply.

I'm just surprised you did't call him gay, oh king of the red herring.

Elmers Brother said...

duhkkky you usually ignore substantive replies.

Elmers Brother said...

Just wanted you to know that the reruns are getting old duhkkkleberry.

Elmers Brother said...

you know if you call repeating the same phrase about Reagan and Lebanon substantive

I'd say your needle is stuck duhkkkster

Z said...

hi, Elbro, for Ducky, that IS substantive. :-)
Poor Reagan....we never had such prosperity and the left hates him.
Then they blame Bush when our economy started going downhill once the Dems got control over Bush's congress. Go figure.

beamish said...

One of my childhood friend's older brother was killed in the Beirut bombing.

Fuck CNN.

Anonymous said...

I'll let y'all know when Duck Season opens. Web Foot better go hide.


Z said...

seems like it's those who lost friends who REALLY get the outrage that anybody'd suggest Reagan put those kids in harm's way on purpose...