Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a WHALE of a stupid story

How long before you think Obama's people decide we need to be QUIET AT THE OCEAN and cruise ships have to be banned?
ssshhhh!! I think this whale can't take the NOISE!


cube said...

Every day brings a new outrage or three. It just doesn't end with the Won.

Z said...

Ya, I mean I like whales as much as the next person, but I swear it's just this kind of thing that Obama'd want to make a LAW ABOUT just to make sure the whales aren't bothered. In the top part of the article, this is disaster for the certain type of whale and, at the very end it implies "they'll be just fine" anyway.....even with the noise.
Typical. Scare them at the top and hope they won't read the bottom, right?!

Ducky's here said...

Stupid, outrage?

High functionals want to know more about life on the planet. I don't understand the far rights opposition to knowledge.

Craig and Heather said...

I'm not sure whether or not there is a real problem. But I almost laughed at the likening of the ocean to a crowded New York Deli. That seems like a bit of an overstatement.


Chuck said...

I think he won't do much Z

"The impacts of increases in ocean noise from human activities are a concern for the conservation of marine animals like right whales,"

The idiot is going to think they're Republicans and not bother to help them.

Anonymous said...

Nuke the whales because "you gotta nuke something."
--Nelson Muntz


FrogBurger said...

I need a law to stop the noise of stupid leftist. It makes me not want to mate either because the legacy left by their policies leaves a bleak future to children.

Z said...

I guess I must admit this was purely rhetorical....I figured if whales are suffering, it's the way of the new left to put us second to the animals and ban our pleasures, etc.

Ducky, I'm starting to think you have a sense of humor; you can't be serious.

Cube, exactly.

H...a bit of an overstatement, for sure!

Chuck, I think he'll do nothing...but if they were Republicans, he'd definitely let them drown from noise pollution.

tio..i happen to be an animal lover so I hope not! :-)

FB..we need people like you mating...and you have such a nice mate!

Anonymous said...

Z-a Simpsons reference there. Lisa sees Nelson's "Nuke the whales" poster and says, "You don't agree with that, do you?" Nelson shugs his shoulders and says, "You gotta nuke something."

Anybody else remember back when that show was funny?


Z said...

tio, i've never seen one episode but I knew that was a quote from somewhere other than YOU :-)
I loved featuring your dad here with his INFILTRATION piece!

Anonymous said...

It just floors me, how these environmentalists, can know what an animal is thinking, or what it's communicating.

I've thought when a whale beaches itself, it's probably time for it to die, or it's sick. Animals get old and die and sometimes they get sick.

Maybe the whale goes to a lot of trouble to beach itself. Maybe it's a natural thing for it to do.

And maybe people shouldn't try so hard to get them back into the ocean, when they've made the effort to beach themselves in the first place.

As for noise, the ocean is a big place, if it's too noisy, I'm sure the whale can swim in the opposite direction. Maybe they like the noise. How do we know?

How about we just leave the animals alone. Nature has a way of perpetuating a species, and a time for it to end it's time on earth. Become extinct.

Finally, there's another mammal which is indigenous to earth, and that's the human. Nature has a way of dealing with us too. It thins our herd with plagues, new diseases, and natural disasters.

We find ways to survive or die. We have found ways to better our lot. We were not given the gift of intelligence to sit by and do nothing. We figured out how to use our natural resources because of intelligence and curiosity. But if it's God's plan that we become extinct at some point, we will.

All of this conjecture by "experts" is just that. Conjecture. My guess is probably as good as theirs, and I don't get federal grants to guess, and that's all these folks are doing.

Btw, oil is part of the earth as well. There are fissures all over the planet deep under the seas. There is constant seepage of oil all over the place.

That's nature too. Yet environmentalists and the left hate it. They hate a natural substance supplied by our planet.

If we weren't meant to use it, why is it so plentiful? If we weren't meant to eat meat why do we have incisors. Why are we omnivores?

It's fine to want to know more about life on the planet. It's arrogant to think we mere mortals can "fix" nature.

Personally, I'm willing to leave all of this in God's hands, because I believe we're pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things. I'll leave the human hubris to those who kid themselves that they can control something so much bigger than we humans are.


beamish said...

High functionals want to know more about life on the planet. I don't understand the far rights opposition to knowledge.

Shut up, Ducky. The whales can't hear themselves over your functionless noisemaking.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Actually, this is fascinating. But so is your post illustrating how the non-sense folks can jump off the deep end with misplaced compassion. It's so easy to believe some crackpot will come up with that. They will care more for slights to non-human things than major insults to humans.

I've seen it next door. I have a business neighbor that raises money for mostly health and environmental causes. They throw a big party and invite "important" (their word) people, all set off with "music" ghastly in sound, quality and duration. And doors and windows wide open, of course.

I approached the owner in a very civilized manner with both a garden gift and brief documentation about the ill effects of noise on human health - they are serious. They were NOT interested in keeping it down.

I kept asking him "You tell me you have such compassion for somebody halfway around the world you don't know and have little influence on their destiny. Why can't you demonstrate that compassion here, where we can all see it by how you treat your neighbors?"

His only answer was how the "important" people were coming and all the press - so important that it our lives didn't amount to spit. Yeah. I could see it was all HIS ego.

When that crowd gets on the whale noise bandwagon we're lost.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Oops - one more comment.

One of the most biting cartoons I saw was a pregnant mom heading into the abortion clinic. The little baby in her was saying "I wish I were a baby whale."

It's not a leap to imagine your scenario.

Z said...'s not about neighbors, it's about third world countries...isn't that typical? SAD.
And yes, the abortion cartoon is sublime..fits perfectly.