Saturday, July 10, 2010

Misleading titles and our agenda-driven media

I planned no post between the last and my Sunday Faith Blog but I just saw Yahoo Homepage's headline about the oil spill..... and it's so misleading I had to comment. Here's the title:

Cap work causes more oil to gush into Gulf

Really? So, if people are just browsing their Homepage headlines on Yahoo, they see that. Fine. How many do you think actually click on the headline and read the TRUTH in the article? No, most of them think "Man, this oil drilling has to STOP.....MORE oil's gushing into the Gulf??" Yes, except the more oil gushing into the Gulf is to enable a better cap to be installed in approximately two days. See the bias? CNN has rarely run anything BUT the oil spill since it happened, Yahoo uses misleading, unintelligent headlines like this...they all have the liberal "no more drilling" agenda and some people think our media's doing a service to the American people?
And, of course, check out the post below which shows how much the media blacks out!


Ducky's here said...

The Black Bush just gave the go ahead for additional drilling in Alaska,the judge lifted the Gulf moratorium, you can still 'drive baby drive' and trash the place and you're still whining?

Z said...

stop it, Ducky, educate yourself.
Nobody thinks this is a good situation. By the way...what, you now want us to stop driving??
God, I WISH he was a Black Bush, by the way.

Chuck said...

Z, I think it is very sweet how you do this outreach to people like the Duck. Letting "special" people like him come here and ramble on with his nonsense. Your a saint.

Craig and Heather said...

you can still 'drive baby drive' and trash the place and you're still whining?

I guess we could trade in the Suburban for a horse and wagon....

Faith said...

I noticed that headline too, typical spin.

How does Ducky manage to so completely miss the point of your post?

Deborah on the Bayside said...

This is right up there with TV news showing a handgun behind a story about a man being stabbed to death. I've seen it!

Z said...

Faith, hi...and I'm just not sure :-)

Deborah, ARE YOU KIDDING? NO agenda, right? geeeZ

Z said...

by the way, Faith, I'm so glad you had the same thought with that headline. COnfirms my thinking...sometimes I have to admit I wonder if I see too much in the media, but I don't think so. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I think the main agenda of Yahoo articles is to trick you into reading the article. They put "bizzare," "amazing," "one of a kind," or "unforgettable" in the headline, I follow the link and then kick myself for having believed the headline. One of these days I'll learn.


Z said...

Hi, tio...that's the typical ploy of headliners, isn't it. This situation, and many like it (I see them every day) is less sensationalism and an obvious attempt at misleading.

The Born Again American said...

I can't wait until I see a headline on Yahoo that proclaims

We regret to announce that the Duck was run over by a solar powered, electric vehicle which doubled as a wind turbine... He will be eulogized by "The Troll Under the Bridge", who will try to give credence to his pathetic existance...

Anonymous said...

Z, "odd" is another one of those Yahoo favorites. I just saw a headline for "Snoop Dogg's Odd Request." They're not getting me this time.


Anonymous said...

Yahoo has to do all it can to continue the crisis mode which works so well in accordance with government riding in and taking over yet another industry.

It's just one perfect storm after another and the media does all it can to help propagate it.

Btw, we still don't know the cause of the BP explosion, do we!

Ducky, so, you don't drive?


Z said...

tio, I know what you mean.
I don't click on ANY of the celeb junk because I don't want my click to count and influence future stories; that's all this is about see "what are people reading?" The thought that Yahoo ran LINDSAY LOHAN and Larry King did an HOUR on her, and Hannity did 10 minutes with her father...WHO CARES? WHO REALLY CARES?
and, our country's slipping away and Leno interviews people who didn't know, on July 4th, where we got our independence from and WHY!?
scary times.

Pris...I guess some people feel the cars should all be put in a junk heap. :-)

Anonymous said...

"Pris...I guess some people feel the cars should all be put in a junk heap. :-)"

Yes Z, except for theirs of course. As Robert Redford said when called on his having an SUV after he slammed the people for driving these big cars, "I need my mine"!


Anonymous said...

OOps I have a "my" there where it doesn't belong.