Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The scariest Obama administration story yet:

The fact that the Black Panther case was dropped is so staggeringly scary that I don't know what to say other than "This is a DEMOCRACY? ...when voters CAN be intimidated IF it's a Black guy intimidating a WHITE guy?" Please see the interviews in my videos HERE if you haven't heard the details of this story. If you haven't time to see all 3 videos, make SURE you watch the bottom one...the liberal civil rights attorney who tells the unbiased, unpartisan TRUTH about Obama and Holder's Dept of "Justice"; The mainstream media's barely covered it. If at all?
I'd really like someone to take Holder's side on this.....I'd really like to see the argument.
(thanks, Bubba) x



Chuck said...

I'd like to see the GOP retake Congress, hold hearings, and then impeach Eric Holder.

JINGOIST said...

Z I remember when this first happened. If the situation were reversed and klansman had kept blacks away from a polling station we'd STILL be hearing about it daily!

This is just further proof that we are being OCCUPIED by a foreign presense. This ghetto commie and his ilk have no business whatsoever presiding over this country. The black panther voter intimidation incident was nothing more than an in-your-face F.U.!

All I can say is 'way to go J.Christian Adams!' The DOJ is calling his allegations "baseless." White racists used to play the same games...

Always On Watch said...

I so agree with the title of this posting.

Loss of integrity at the ballot box means the loss of the people's ability to vote.

And let's not kid ourselves....Had whites been intimidating blacks at the polls in November 2008, the charges wouldn't have been dropped by the DOJ.

Always On Watch said...

Here's a funny....The word verification for my above comment was "orkin," as in the pest control company.

We need to get rid of the cockroaches governing us. Heh.

JINGOIST said...

Did I say something wrong Z?

Voice Of Reason said...

I can't disagree with you at all.

Ducky's here said...

Probably a good idea to drop the case. As it stands one Minister King Samir Shabazz was removed from the polls by police and there is an injunction against further shenanigans.

It might be tough to make this a conspiracy case when one Minister King Samir Shabazz was the only one engaging in threatening behavior. So why do you want to give said lunatic Minister King Samir Shabazz a platform to scream about persecution and get in the public eye? There is little chance of any additional penalty since he did not commit battery and he didn't resist his removal from the polls.

Now when the dipstick in the third video, one Mr. Bull (accent aigu on the "bull") starts using this as a platform to start talking about fraudulent A.C.O.R.N. voters when there has been no indication that election boards committed any voter fraud on behalf of A.C.O.R.N. you should try to protect vulnerable right wing minds.
We know they sometimes want facts and since this case involves a really scary black guy they are easily spooked into a mass stampede. So take this all for what it is. There was a single individual, one Minister King Samir Shabazz, at a single polling station and he was removed without incident. Now how is that going to be grist for Glenn "He's psycho" Beck, The Vulgar Pigboy, O'Lielly and the rest of the right's "news sources". No to spread the requisite panic they need to bring in A.C.O.R.N. and really get you worked up over scary black people.

Always On Watch said...

Hey! I commented here, and the comment isn't appearing.

Another Blogger glitch?

Brooke said...

But Z, only white people can be racist, you know.

This is just another form of Democratic thuggery on voting days, akin to the tire slashers of the last couple cycles. What is scary is that it is sanctioned and protected by this administration, and the media? Not a peep.

Anonymous said...

If this doesn't show the true intentions of the O. administration nothing does. The unbelieveable gullibility & stupidity of those who fell for his medicine man cure-all pitch have saddled this country with problems yet to be seen, & for generations to come.

And now, as seen on Al Jazeera, he is turning NASA into a 'Make the Muslims Feel Good' program. WTH is next?!?


Z said...


Z said...


Z said...

Jingo, something's wrong with BLOGGER, apparently....
I did a 'testing' and it printed then left, too!
Sorry about that, please try again!

Anonymous said...

It's impossible to take the Holder side for the sake of argument. I can't do it.

I will say this is an unconstitutional position which the DOJ has taken. Heads should roll, and impeachment should be in order. The people didn't vote for a racist government, they voted in good faith.

A thugocracy is not what they bargained for either and it's time for the thugs to go!


Z said...

sorry, everybody, Blogger (or something?) is playing havoc with comments today......please try later.

This comment will probably disappear soon, too...four of mine already have.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Z said...

might be working better now..fire away!

Z said...

Well, suddenly all your comments showed! Thanks, everyone (and thanks, Blogger!?)

Chuck, that's the thing to do, for sure.

Jingoist, I'm pretty sure CNN didn't even cover this except when Holder dismissed it... Adams is gutsy and I hope he never lets this go. I hope he's not threatened.

Always, that's why it's so scary! conservatives and moderates are talking about voting the Dems (and then Obama in '12) out (even some Dems I know are talking like this) but it's hard to do with this kind of intimidation and it's probably just the beginning of it.

Ducky, you need to read the facts. I know YOU don't think this DOJ dismissed anyone for partisan reasons, but look at it again. Bull scares you, huh? :-)
Don't look now, but I think Black people aren't too happy with this, either. Believe it or not, THEY believe in legal voting, too. Why are you so racist?

Brooke...isn't it nuts?

Pris, thanks, it IS impossible...Ducky tried but you can see what happened there.

Ducky's here said...

Z, was I censored this morning or did the post fail?

Anyway, to return to the matter at hand. This was one wackjob individual at one polling place (not multiple polling places as rabies radio is stating).
He was removed by police, did not resist arrest, did not commit battery and was apparently guilty of only a misdemeanor.

There was no evidence of conspiracy so wh would you bother with the expense of a trial? For what useful purpose? You have a restraint on Lord Prince Whackjob Shabazz.

No what we have here is a former U.S. attorney trying to get street cred with the you know who. He goes off about A.C.O.R.N. which had nothing to do with this case and generally makes a fool of himself.

It's the pure stinky cheese. Manufactured for the frightened.

Ducky's here said...

Oh, my bad, z. The post finally showed up.

Z said...

Ducky, Blogger's acting really goofy today...I had about four "testing" comments to see what's happening and they'd disappear, too. Sorry about that.

As for this case, I think that if you listened to the videos, particularly Bull's, you'd have to feel differently. Bull has NO horse in this race as far as partisanship, he even said he couldn't vote for Obama because he knew he was a 'hustler'...Why would a liberal Civil Rights Atty say that, Ducky?

The Whistle Blower speaks a lot about the bent of the DOJ and when he hears people saying Black against White crime, ostensibly, doesn't matter, we've got big problems.
Other panthers were arrested and let go, but we can't have big men standing around giving nasty looks, carrying night sticks and telling people they're not supposed to answer question BUT can call them 'crackers' and say "now you'll know what it's like to be ruled by a black man", we have problems.
Imagine if a white guy said that?

I see your points; this case is one guy ...or at least Holder whittled it down to one guy....but it has bigger implications.

Z said...

Boy, is BLOGGER ever acting up! Chuck has 9 comments on a post and the comments section shows 0. Brooke's has 2 comments showing on the home page and 3 comments on the comments page.
This is a bummer....

Karen Howes said...

Wow. That cartoon says it all!

cube said...

They're all scary... look at BO's plans for NASA *shudder*

I can only hope Adams' case gets the legs it deserves because this was clearly a racist AG deciding a case on merits that oppose the rule of law.

Always On Watch said...

I just wish to point out that this was a single nutjob. There was no plural. Your use of "whites" is inaccurate. possibly intentionally.

Not intentionally. You know me better than that. Don't be an ass.

But let's think a minute. If one white had intimidated blacks in November 2008, wouldn't the DOJ, particularly Holder's office, had dropped the hammer and prosecuted? I think so.

Always On Watch said...

And one more thing....Why do you always jump to the conclusion that you're being censored? Sheesh.

Z said...

cube, it won't get legs, the media will kill this story. I just hope Adams REALLY rants and raves about it because he says Holder's people said they weren't prosecuting all the panthers in that situation because they were black and there will be no more black prosecutions involving voting. This is OPEN SEASON, folks....and we thought we'd legally beat them in NOVEMBER? What a joke.

Always: if it was a white person keeping blacks out of a voting area, that person would have been convicted and jailed by now and there'd be SEVERE warnings of KEEPING ON THE ALERT FOR VOTER INTIMIDATION, you're so right!!

Z said...

AOW; I don't know why he feels that way; I've censored him maybe twice and I've told him both times :-)

Anonymous said...

Ducky, this is about the DOJ, not whether Shabazz beat the hell out of somebody or not.

Btw, is that your standard for being qualified for punishment? Anything less get's a pass? How about the vaunted hate speech laws? Or does the 1st amendment protect only people of color?

How many people didn't vote at that polling place that day? Do you know? I don't!

And how do you know this wasn't a test to see what shakes out?

Think! At least try to!
If this is allowed to slide it'll happen in greater numbers next time. The DOJ message is, it's ok for black activists to intimidate white voters. That's the unvarnished truth, as much as I hate to say it.

If you believe civil rights apply to everyone, then don't try to wriggle out of this. If you don't believe that, say so!

Oh, and one more thing. I saw on TV this morning, a video showing Shabazz calling for killing white people and white babies. Nice huh?

Yes Ducky you defend him, by all means. I can't wait to see what you'll say, if Shabazz get's his way. If you ask me, calling for killing, is more than akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.


Craig and Heather said...

"This is a DEMOCRACY?

Z, I hate to nitpick, but I was under the impression that the US is supposed to be a representative republic. I expect you are aware of that, but I think it's interesting how so many people coin our form of govt as "democracy", when, strictly speaking, it is not.

While there are elements of democracy involved, the two are different as pure democracy can easily lead citizens into an attitude that existing law means nothing if an individual doesn't happen to like it. Anarchy can be the result as each person believes his own opinion to be as equally valid as anyone else's.

The resulting chaos can be an open invitation to governmental tyranny as one opinion eventually emerges to forcefully gain power over all others.

Does that at all resemble what we are looking at in our country today?


Z said...

Pris, I heard about that "kill white babies", too.......it's pretty bad; and that's only a symptom; as you suggest, it's the DOJ that's troublesome, who gives a darn about a creep who spews racist remarks, unless he's asked to do so?

H, we've had that Democracy/Republic talk here for a long time; most of us just use democracy because it's always been called that, without too much nitpicking!....a representative democracy...voted for by the people or its representatives, and that's my point, of course; How can we say we've got one, or encourage the world to adapt this, if WE can't be sure our votes count?

Craig and Heather said...


I figured most commenters here know the difference.

But I'm not so sure the general public does.

When the concept of "democracy" without the "republic" aspect gets planted in people's minds, it gives a much different feel to the concept than the idea that we have representatives who are responsible to a corporate majority. Am I making sense?

I was just wondering whether that shift in thinking has played into the mess we currently have.


Z said...

Heather, honey, I think you make an EXCELLENT point there at the end.....yes, it could very well play into it, very interesting observation. And the reminder is a good and valid one. Thanks. xx

LASunsett said...

Close, but not the scariest.

Giving extremists the opportunity to learn about weapon delivery systems beats this one out.

Z said...

oh, man, Sunsett, you just ruined an otherwise lovely evening at my place :-)

Ducky's here said...

AOW, because I've been censored here.

Ducky's here said...

Pris, why would the DOJ want to go to trial when the best they have is a misdemeanor charge?

You want to give these jujyfruits more reason to recruit when the best you can do is put one moron inside for a brief period of time?

I know that right wingers jump to conclusions when they're frightened (which is virtually all the time) but give it some thought.

This is about a disgruntled ex Federal attorney who is trying to stir up some street cred by appearing on the rabies circuit.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

Indeed - the scariest story yet. Absolutely watch the 3rd video (thanks for posting them Z). Bartell Bull - a classic liberal (and Democrat) attorney who was at the forefront of the civil rights voting movement - destroys the Obama administration on this issue. It's shocking that the ringleader attempted to intimidate HIM in a public hearing! Ringleader Shazaam gets a slap on the wrist instead of JAIL.

You know Bull is not easily afrighted since he weighed into the thick of Mississippi ugliness in the 60's. He's right to call the president a huckster and has the credentials to make it stick. So where's CNN again??

Anonymous said...

"Pris, why would the DOJ want to go to trial when the best they have is a misdemeanor charge?"

To demonstrate that intimidation of voters and preventing others civil rights matters, and will not be tolerated.

You prefer the message of placation of some who are of a certain race? You prefer others believing they can get away with this too?

Maybe you'd like polling places with street thugs taking a threatening stance all over the country. Why not? They just got an invitation to do just that!

Just like any third world country, or banana republic. There you go Ducky, your idea of utopia, I'm sure.


Z said...

Ducky, You can't imagine how many of your comments I've wanted to delete...so stop whining. I'm glad you're here, live with a couple times where you tipped me over the edge, please.

Deborah, excellent .... imagine THIS GUY voting for MCCAIN? He really impressed me, but so's the whistle blower who'd just got a promotion and raise. If more people would step up and out of this administration, maybe we could fix this country again.

Pris, imagine an American approving of (at least) two huge black guys carrying nightsticks and calling them CRACKERS and frowning and not speaking as people spoke to them..at a PRECINCT where it's illegal to hang around OR carry weapons?

Always On Watch said...

Your few times to be censored here comments that were "over the edge" and rude.

Remember, this blog is Z's property. Her property, her rules for eviction. Heh.

Ducky's here said...

I'm curious, is the justice department going after the Independent Citizens Movement?

You know, the nutlogs that shot two cops in Arkansas just a month ago?
Seems a far greater danger than this Shabazz lunatic and we know that a couple of z's readers aren't too far from being in sympathy.

Z said...

Ducky, I had to laugh because I'd never heard of the group you bring up and yet did hear mention of it the other day....and remember thinking "Ducky'll use this as if it's a huge thing!" Good one.
Still, I just Googled and the only group under that name's in the Virgin Islands...??

I think that anybody approving people who intimidate American voters is worse than a killer, tell you the truth. Ya, I do...killing America is worse than anything I can imagine.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, your bait and switch won't work. Deal with the topic, or buzz off.

Z, when one is as lame and indoctrinated as Ducky, nothing is off limits. Pathetic.


Elmers Brother said...

that's funny duhkkky the Independent Citizens Movement is considered the democratic party of the Virgin Islands