Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is THIS racism??

Not much needs to be added to that............MILLIONS more Americans feel like this crowd does, but you'll have to see it on Conservative blogs. As usual. (Send money to Allen West)
Also, from Lloyd Marcus: "The mainstream liberal media has been relentlessly badgering the Tea Party movement with accusations of racism. Because I am a black tea party patriot, I am bombarded with interviewers asking me the same veiled question. "Why are you siding with these white racists against America 's first African American president?" I defend my fellow patriots who are white stating, "These patriots do not give a hoot about Obama's skin color. They simply love their country and oppose his radical agenda. Obama's race is not an issue." Amen
(thanks, Impertinent...Z)


Ducky's here said...
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Z said...

Sorry, Ducky, I don't have Olbermann quoted here, especially when it's so utterly stupid. Ya, she's an 'outstanding American' who suggests "nobody in the Bush White House CARED about the poor." How very intelligent on her part.

I'm deleting you with pleasure.

Z-man said...

I'm hearing alot lately about the Tea Party and racism but what's missing are concrete examples of that racism. You'll just read the allegation but nothing that backs it up. Maybe you know Z but what are the examples exactly the NAACP and others are using? Please don't tell me it's because we oppose Obama. How did we reach this point as a country?

Z said...

Z-Man, Andrew Breitbart, who Ducky refers to as racist, has offered $100K for any proof of racism at any Tea Party, suggesting that with that many camera phones and video cameras, etc, SOMEONE must have caught something on tape. But,nothing so far.......
He also suggests that to have received an edited tape from someone (and I hope he reveals who it was) and be so maligned, when the Tea Party people have full tape on that one incident where someone supposedly did get racist at a TP event and MANY TPers surrounded that person and told him to leave. The tape stops before showing the anger of the TPers at the moron. There's also talk that some of these racist morons, the few who have showed up, have been plants, but we can't prove that, either, and we haven't a media interested like it used to be in getting to the truth.

I don't know how we reached this point, Z-man, but it seems to be only the last 2 months or so, maybe 1.....odd, isn't it? The Black Panther situation, the Sherrod of REPUBLICAN RACISM.....why?
Then Byrd, the ex recruiter for the Klan, who'd filibustered the Civil Rights Bill is called a hero by 'progressives'...Trent Lott (not my favorite, but..) admires Thurmond and that's interpreted that he admired Thurmond's early days of supposed racism and Lott has to leave his position!?
again, if we had a media........

Z said...

I'm thinking it might be all they've got to fight for November.
I think they've got something much bigger up their sleeve, too...we'll see.
It's clear that anything Republicans do to win will be maligned and denigrated in the media, so we have to hope what the dems have planned is another lie we can hope to somewhat disprove in at least the Conservative media.
As it is, Sherrod (as I say in my previous comment) was busy campaigning by suggesting REPUBLICANS CARE NOTHING ABOUT THE POOR...pretty good deflection from her comments, huh? It's all contrived..."Poor" touches Americans and threatens them, it's very powerful. As is RACISM. The Dems aren't stupid, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

The history of progressivism is the history of virulent racism in America. Our country has never been a racial or ethnic utopia. I believe that mankind is naturally biased toward his own kind, whether Roman, Afghan, Jew, black, white, or yellow —but no man or woman has been as hateful toward blacks as Progressives (nee communists).

Progressives in the early 20th century used these differences in a most nefarious campaign to further divide American society between blacks and whites. It was such an effective campaign, the Nazis adopted this same strategy against the Jews between 1925—1945. And when Americans finally had enough of this, when we began to move ever so slowly away from it, progressives suddenly fell in love with black Americans and began working on the other side to exacerbate hatred toward whites. It was a win-win situation for progressives, whose politics is and ever was one of division. They, more than anyone else, realized that it is easy to fool stupid people with their slimy tricks. They continue to do this today: you don’t have to listen to me, just listen to the news stories, statements by the NAACP, the president, Eric Holder, and that twit who leads the Nation of Islam.

Those among us who regularly use racial epithets are merely pawns for these despicable progressives. Finally, we have honest men like Allen West who are standing up to it. But now remember, people like Duck-crap live for such things; they revel in racial and ethnic divisiveness.

Faith said...

They're trying to bring down the Tea Parties, that's the only reason I can come up with for this current cry of "racist" against conservatives. But it's also just built into leftist ideology.

There's nothing racist about anything Andrew Breitbart did. In response to the NAACP charges of racism in the tea parties he was trying to show that there is racism in the NAACP, but unfortunately all the attention went to Shirley Sherrod instead. I gather he understood the context of her story so he wasn't after her, only wanted to show the audience approval of her description of her past racist thinking.

The left has become adept at turning the truth upside down. Shirley Shirrod is blaming conservatives for what was really the fault of the NAACP and her bosses and the administration.

THAT's the real racism here, the leftist assumption of racism on the right. Even Sherrod's past racism that she supposedly transcended is a clue to just how much of that attitude must exist in blacks across the nation in general, and a couple people here have reported on experiences with that attitude already -- Jan and was it Chuck?

As for the evidence against the tea party or conservatives there isn't any. We're "racists" only because we oppose Obama's policies. Since his policies are seen as help for the poor, which somehow equates to "black" in their minds, anyone who opposes them is racist.

His healthcare plan is supposed to bring the poor uninsured under coverage so if we oppose it that can only be because we're racist, it can't be for the reasons we give, that it will create an inefficient system and destroy the superiority of our current medical care.

Most illegal aliens over our southern border are Hispanic so if we want to check the influx of illegals we're racist. Amazing but that's how they think.

Opposition to Islam is not about their avowed murderous intentions, it's racism. That's how opposition to that mosque near ground zero is spun too.

Ducky's here said...

Couldn't take it, eh z?

Well let's try this. Remember the flap when Dan Rather received some unvetted documents and went and reported that The Dauphin might have been less than courageous when he had some strings pulled to get a National Guard slot?

Noe, Breitbart commits the same offense and the right is doing everything in their power to spin it and defend the man. Why?

Yet you will be the first to mouth some aphorism about the out of control liberal media or some such silliness. And you will never, ever admit you're wrong. Not very courageous.

Faith said...
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Faith said...

Go listen to Breitbart interviewed by Hannity before everybody backtracked on Shirley Sherrod, Ducky -- he made it clear he wasn't even THINKING ABOUT Shirley Sherrod -- I have to suppose because he understood that she was telling how she overcame her past racism and he must have expected everyone else would see it the same way. He was genuinely surprised that she was made to resign over it as that was far from his intention. His aim was to show the NAACP's approval of her past racism.

There's no reason not to believe him. The only reason he had to air that segment was to counter the NAACP's accusations of racism against the tea parties. Again, Shirley Sherrod wasn't his concern, as he says to Hannity.

This whole incident blew up against him too as it obscured his intentions.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, I see some similarities between the Rather and Breitbart incidents. I think the biggest difference is that Breitbart takes the conservative side and gets branded as a member of the right wing fringe. Rather takes the liberal side and is considered mainstream, down-the-middle.


Z said...

tio, I just watched a video of THE VIEW'S Joy Behar (who also has her own show from what I hear) saying to Sherrod that "You say the White House said resign, you can't mean Obama, he'd NEVER do's not Obama..."
You can't make this stuff up.

Ducky, "Can't take it?" I'm not sure what you mean...Why would you come here, knowing how very little I respect Olbermann (NONE) and quote HIM as someone we're supposed to take heed from? He's hateful and disgusting ...there's no truth "I can't take"! Are you kidding? :-)

As for some research; that was a complete SMEAR on a president and you compare Breitbart to that? He got that information from Mapes who PRODUCED IT, faked the voice of Killian, etc! The whole thing was a put-up.....!!!!
Breitbart, who, as FAITH rightly says, had nothing against Sherrod and EVERYTHING against the ridiculous RACISM claims your side's been slinging for a few months now? Isn't it amazing you were using that term here before the msm even got into it with you? Where do you guys get your memo? Moveon? Kos? the white house? I would really like to know.

There's never been proof of racism, Breitbart gets a video sent to him which looks COMPLETELY believable (and actually IS, she's been given a much bigger pass than ANY Republicans would have..makes me laugh as I type that) to show the NAACP audience smirking and laughing at Sherrod's racism and now Olbermann knights her and all's well in your world?
Oh, by the way...I won't admit I'm wrong? :-) Did you read what I wrote about Sherrod before I realized I wasn't as wrong as I'd thought at all?
You read my blog enough (God only knows) to know I have ALWAYS admitted when I was wrong. Always...
but, good try.

Faith, you're so right......there's an ugliness, however, on the left that needs to smack Breitbart down, and HARD. I think it's that they just don't know how to fight for November and RACISM is what Obama's 3 news producers he hired after winning the presidency, and probably Van Jones, have come up with. Journolist's "just call them racists" is effective and they know it.

THANKFULLY, we have videos like the one I posted which show the truth about racist conservatives! Anyway, I regard Progressives as FAR more racist than ANY Conservative I know. WE know that Blacks can get ahead without more affirmative action, WE know Mexicans can learn English as fast as our foreign ancestors did, WE know one must NEVER elect ANYBODY based on color, etc etc etc etc.

Lloyd Marcus and Allen West have been called UNCLE TOMS; see you can't get off the liberal plantation and survive without name mustn't think for yourself, work hard and succeed and believe in Liberty and be a Black American, least not by Progressive rules.

christian soldier said...

Allen West is on my very short list of candidates I will support......
I've found another thanks to Mark Levin-Joe Miller - Alaska-
We need Patriots who will not back down to PC and will up-hold the Constitution - the original intent -Constitution -no the 'living breathing' one of the liberal/socialists!

The Born Again American said...

I've seen multiple clips of Leiutenant Cornel West and he is the greatest example of a true American Patriot that has come along in quite some time... My only regret is that he is not running in my district against that RINO Connie Mack... Shame on you Connie, I voted for you and your father... GET A GRIP MAN...

Z said...

I just got this email from a friend, a frequent reader of geeeZ, who didn't feel like commenting here about Ducky's remark: "Is he really so delusional? I ask because he is incapable of admitting he's wrong about anything; he cannot recognize his own irrational behavior."

Not only that, ask him for any proof of what he says and Ducky disappears.
Remember, my usual line on Wednesdays when he says something he can't back up is "See you Friday, Ducky".

and, voila

Carol...I must have just got the same info you did re Joe Miller..the things his opponent's accusing him of are TYPICAL WH MEMO agenda; "You can't take money from an organization that DEFENDS RACIST VIEWS" I'm SO SO eager for Miller to ask Dem Murkowski WHICH RACIST VIEWS the TPs defend..If he doesn't ask that, I'm not sure I could vote for him.

Z said...

Hi, Born Again..well, then, you MUST not have the sentiments of the Tea Partiers or you just COULDN'T appreciate West like you do, RIGHT :-)

Don't you wish every state had a Col. Allen WEST? God bless him.

Anonymous said...


Christie / West...2012?

Wouldn't that be a wonderful change? A proven Patriot in West ( his service ) and a man who's unafraid of corrupt unions and sticking to his campaign promises as NJ's new Governor.


Opus #6 said...

Z, do you remember how Ronald Reagan was maligned by the media? He was a 2-bit chimp-loving B-movie actor. And one of the best presidents of the 20th century. Despite their attacks, he won by a landslide.

Anonymous said...

I've already contributed to West, and will donate more, before this campaign is through.

They can cry racism all they want. The Tea Party is here to stay. We know who we are, and that's enough.

Too bad isn't it, the left has to lie and cheat to get anywhere.

Here's a truth: Conservatives want you to know what we believe, the left doesn't want you to know what they believe.

They hide behind lies, deceit, accusations, and censorship of their opponents. The truth for them is like sunshine is to a vampire. They're afraid, and operate best in the dark.


Anonymous said...

Keep preachin' it Z. There are signs that people are coming around...

Z said...

Anon...I don't know what to say about that was 2004 and I sure wish it had sunken in. I don't know what a big hit it was, do you?
It's wonderful...thanks

Anonymous said...

despite claims that she realized it wasn't about race she still turned him over to 'his kind' and didn't help him as much as she could have...whats not racist about that?

did she repent? maybe doesn't negate the fact that she treated him differently because he was white

and what about when the MSM was attributing a statement from Limbaugh (like him or not) that wasn't true and it cost him being part owner of a football team

NO ONE apologized to him till after the business deal went south because of their lies

beamish said...

Breitbart didn't make the NAACP host and cheer a racist. He didn't even make them videotape her dumb ass.

Craig and Heather said...


Christie / West...2012?

Wouldn't that be a wonderful change? A proven Patriot in West ( his service ) and a man who's unafraid of corrupt unions and sticking to his campaign promises as NJ's new Governor.

Gov Christie is something else, isn't he? I've thoroughly enjoyed watching Youtube clips of that guy not be pushed around by media or peers.


LASunsett said...

//Remember the flap when Dan Rather received some unvetted documents and went and reported that The Dauphin might have been less than courageous when he had some strings pulled to get a National Guard slot?

Noe, Breitbart commits the same offense and the right is doing everything in their power to spin it and defend the man.

These are two two different cases. Here's where Ducky is wrong to compare the two incidents:

The false papers sent to Dan Rather were an attempt to directly affect a Presidential election. Even after CBS and Rather had doubts about the legitimacy of said documents, they aired the story ANYWAY.

By CONTRAST, the edited video sent to Breitbart was sent to discredit Breitbart or give the WH a sacrificial lamb. With either motive, it was merely an opportunity and attempt to further advance propaganda while ramming through another unpopular bill.

If Ducky had any neurons left firing in his skull, he'd be able to figure this stuff out. But as you all can see, debating with him is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Anonymous said...

"He didn't even make them videotape her dumb ass."

We'll always underestimate their intelligence, won't we? Here's a pimp that received a $13,000,000 settlement from the Feds. And pocketed $300K for herself and her husband from the Feds. Then a short time later...the same defendant ( the US ) hires the plaintiff ( shirley ) to run the usda. Huh?

Listen....blacks are smart enough to pick our pockets..get welfare....get lawsuits filed in their favor...get scholarships....get AA...get SAT scores lowered....get points for skin color and on and on.

Not so...errr....dumbass are they?

Then...we get to pass the blacks over for illegals...WHO HAVE NEVER BEEN DISCRIMINATED AGAINST...over those...who might really need help.

Or those from latin America...or any other etchic group...OVER LEGAL LEGITIMATE CITIZENS WHO HAVE A BIRTHRIGHT HERE....

Fooked up...I'd say.