Friday, July 23, 2010

Z on the radio.........

HERE is the link to the podcast at The Gathering Storm Blogtalkradio show where I was interviewed today. I had a great time and hope you enjoy listening. I want to thank WC and Always on Watch for having me on again. Also, thanks to Ducky for calling in.
By the way, for those of you who are no better computer techies than I am, click on "HERE" above and you'll be where you need to be but you'll have an advertisement pop up first; just click in the top right X on that ad and that'll disappear and then you'll see the blogtalkradio rounded square which has a black circle with two vertical white lines in it. Click on that and you'll hear WC's introduction. EXCEPT, there's a glitch and you'll hear a phone ring and then everything goes blank and then screwy for a while...but, just when you think the silence is going on too long and you did something wrong (it's quite a while, be patient), you'll hear Always On Watch's laugh and the show WILL begin. Enjoy!



Craig and Heather said...

Thanks, Z.

I was disappointed because I couldn't figure out how to get the thing to play.


Anonymous said...

Breaking Great News!!!

"“Why can’t Arizona be as inhospitable as they wish to people who have entered or remained in the United States?” U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton asked in a pointed exchange with Deputy Solicitor General Edwin S. Kneedler. Her comment came during a rare federal court hearing in the Justice Department’s lawsuit against Arizona and Gov. Jan Brewer (R).

Apparently the fools in the D(ip-sheet) OJ are completely incompetent. I'd rather see that "" from Madison do the representin' for Holder!

Read for yourselves:

Save Arizona


at your service

FrogBurger said...

It's fun to listen to. Especially when Ducky concludes with an idiocy.

Anonymous said...

OOps...Sorry folks...

Save AZ


Always On Watch said...

BTR has a lot of tech glitches. But, hey, the service is free.

FrogBurger said...

Forgot to mention I agree with Ducky on the Economist. It's fairly moderate. It's center or center right but maybe things have changed as I haven't been a subscriber in the past 2 years.

Z said...

Heather, you can hear it now.
I couldn't get it together when the show first came on, either, and was afraid I'd have to listen only through my phone as I waited to go on but I finally just clicked on something and there it was. Good luck with the podcast...just be patient as I suggest; there is a Blogtalkradio glitch and then it's on just fine.

Always, it's a terrific service, isn't it? Just amazing. I really enjoyed it and even just listened to the podcast. Thanks so much

Z said...

FrogBurger, it could be in general, but I've only seen fairly leftist stuff when I've had Economist articles emailed to me. I also knew Simon Jenkins in London and he's no conservative!
I'm glad you listened!

Major, that is FABULOUS! WOW, that judge has brains and nerves! Let's hope she prevails. And AZ, too.

FrogBurger said...

I loved it, Z. I felt like I was with you chatting. The Ducky body bag psycho moment was also priceless.

Z said...

FB, it didn't speak well for him, did it. Well, we all misspeak sometimes. I could say a lot about it but I won't.
Let's just say it was fun!

Always is a wonderful Hostess and WC is a sweetheart who let's the girls rant and rave!

I"m so glad you listened.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I listened to the show and really enjoyed the format. I've been in a self-education mode as I've posted, so I've been absent. The recent controversy about Sherrod is really, I think, instructional.

The BO regime is really incompetent in their governing mode. As for their campaign mode, pretty good. That's scary.

I've really learned a lot during my self-education phase and I'm going to try to engage now. Great show and enjoyed Ducky's call. Give him credit, he's gutsy and committed to his cause.

Well done, Z.

Ducky's here said...

Thanks Froggy, calling The Economist left center is a bit of a head scratcher.

What really got me though was the reaction to Rachel maddow. A women with a political science degree from Stanford and a doctorate from Oxford who's established herself in a tough business on merit and it's like "ow could you listen to her".
Then it immediately shifts to Pam Geller who's claim to fame is spending the collection plate money on bus ads insulting Muslims. Very professional and certainly the kind of hard news that wows them.

I swear got me so frustrated I do wish Obama would stuff Breitbart in a body bag.

But if the core of the hard right wing got everything they wanted I think they'd still be unhappy because there primary desire seems to be to complain.

The Economist was gaga for Thatcher. How can it not be at least right/center?

Ducky's here said...

... and the line between journalism and advocacy has been pretty blurred.

It came across as the press's responsibility to deliver the verdict in the NBPP case rather than report it. Then when they report that it's a fringe group with only a couple dozen members, they were removed from the poling place and there wasn't a single complain of harassment issued, then they are being "biased".

It was not a serious incident but the right wants it blown up like the Department of Agriculture fake tape. Why?

FrogBurger said...

Ducky, I studied political science and other things from one of the best colleges in France but like MadCow, I am far from being an intellectual that can be respected.

Like me she's too caught up in emotions to be a credible source of information, even less rational analysis.

She was fairly good with Tucker Carlson because he was forcing her to be less emotional and try harder.

Now that she's alone she goes wacko sometimes. I even remember a highschool skit she did that was very pathetic for national tv.

FairWitness said...

Z, you did a great job talking about media bias this afternoon. Articulate, funny & compelling. And not the least bit nervous. Impressive performance! I had you on at the office and was telling my employees .... "that's my friend from Los Angeles..." :-D

FrogBurger said...

Z should have a podcast with Beamish. I already told her.

Z said...

Law and Order,you've been missed and I'm glad you're coming back. THANK YOU for listening. Yes, Ducky is committed.
Or should be? :-)

Ducky, Rachel Maddow is as biased as ANY highly intelligent person from the Right but SHE is marvelous in your opinion and the person from the Right is ALWAYS WRONG to hear you tell it. How can you even imagine anybody should take you seriously?
And, by the way, how's being a lesbian "a joke, Z"?
But, it was kind of fun talking to you, I have to admit and am glad you called in. Thanks.
Oh, as for THE ECONOMIST, I told you, I knew Simon Jenkins for a short time while living in London and TRUST ME, that is no Conservative. I have read plenty of articles which were from the left there. If it's mostly a Centrist or Right of Center periodical, that's fine. That's not been my experience.
At least they got it right with Thatcher.
You'll never understand the Panther case and its ramifications and THAT'S FINE, nobody expects you to. If you think big black guys with nightsticks standing tall and silent and looking pretty threatening outside voting precincts is a good idea for American democracy, how do you expect us to deal with you?

FrogBurger, I like the constant bewildered eyebrow scowl of Rachel, so smug, so the Olbermann nasty pout... These people are SO sure of themselves...Everyone who doesn't think like they do is scum in their eyes.

As I said on the show, the very idea that journalists would demand for FOX to be closed down as the Journolist guys discussed, due to BIAS, and leave MSNBC around is almost hilarious if we didn't actually have Americans who ARE that biased.

FairWitness..that is SO much fun! I've missed you around here, I hope all's well xx
Thanks for bragging on me...That feels good :-)

I have to admit that it was tough not running downstairs to Mr. Z who used to listen down there when I was on before and saying "How'd it go, honey?" Ya, that hurt.

FrogBurger, I think Z and Beamish is such a good idea I'm actually toying with it...
Beamish........? :-)

FairWitness said...

Really! Felt good to brag about you and I loved what you had to say about media bias.

I try to visit your blog daily, but we've been very busy this month and I haven't had much time to write. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

For far too long, we’ve allowed ourselves to be in a place where the media is the news; that isn’t what the media should be doing. I don’t want a left-wing media; I don’t want a right-wing media, either. I want an honest media. Now from an historical perspective, I can’t say we’ve ever had a completely unbiased media. At best, we’ve had advocates for one side or the other. But these days, the issue has gotten completely our of hand. Imagine ‘journalists’ plotting to discredit anyone who opposes the candidacy of Barack Obama. If you want them to shut up, just call them racists. Anyone … left or right, who doesn’t see a problem with this is daft.

I loved your BTR appearance today, Z … I’m sorry Le Canard attempted to make you feel uncomfortable. This is what he is all about; a mondo dismo of sorts.

Semper Fi

Z said...

FairWitness, no 'sorry' necessary, that's for sure!! Just glad you're busy at work and that you're here now!

Mustang, I was thinking about that tonight.....and I thought "what ever happened to WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHY?"
That does it for me ....that's what the front pages ought to opinion...just the facts.
I'm glad you listened...thanks xx

Karen Howes said...

I just finished listening to this, and it was great.

Media bias is definitely something we need to be aware of!

RightKlik said...


Faith said...

Finally got to hear it. Another enjoyable chat about an important issue. Thanks.

Faith said...

About the Arizona suit, oh happy day, a sane judge, a sane DEMOCRAT judge.

Opus #6 said...

Ducky is a male? News to me. If only he could find his "springboard of sanity". :-) Is he trying to convert you to liberalism? Is that why he posts here?

We no longer beg for decent media. We are the media.

You did great!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the show, Z!

It was fun hearing you keep Ducky in line. ;-)

and Ducky...I just watched Wings of Desire and it was FANTASTIC!
oh my gosh....that final scene....her monologue...I can't tell you how good that was...but you know.

beamish said...

As I've often stated, and Ducky's on-air leftist meltdown exemplifies for posterity, the reason Ducky believes the Obama administration isn't left-wing is because the Obama administration hasn't set up death camps like other leftist leaders of history have (Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc.)

Sieg heil, Ducky.

beamish said...


I think Z and Beamish is such a good idea I'm actually toying with it...
Beamish........? :-)

My work schedule isn't the same every week, and I'm slowly migrating into a new apartment (me new Fortress of Solitude, heh) but it might be something doable once I'm actually unpacked and settled and not being a mobile WiFi pirate.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Good interview.

Z said...

It means a lot to me that so many of you took the time to listen..thanks. It IS an important subject; What I said on the show stands, I think "Without the media as it is, we might have escaped an Obama presidency"...
So many lies, so many truths hidden, so many bad guys fired on a Saturday night (who DOES THAT but the WH?), so many stories seemingly made to gather attention while O signs bills we know NOTHING about. And so much more in that vein.........I just don't know how we get around it but we have to to save our country, and I mean that quite literally. :-(

beamish...I'm not kidding; I couldn't figure out how to run a blog radio talk show to save my LIFE (technically) but I know I could carry the conversation side and with YOUR quips?...holy SMOKE. I think it could do something, if I do say so myself. yes, they'll dump me and take you on to Imus or Loesch soon afterwards, but that would be OKAY BY ME. You were MADE for radio. I just have a face for it, as the famous line goes (smile!) HAA!!

Jan said...
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Jan said...
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Jan said...
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beamish said...


I'm sure your face slows the wheels of time while mine can stop a clock.

We'll see. I'm actually rather quiet and shy in person. Not much given towards public speaking, although my current job has me talking on the phone all day long.

Z said...

"...I'm actually rather quiet and shy in person. Not much given towards public speaking, although my current job has me talking on the phone all day long."
maybe you're now in training..God works in strange ways :-)

Jan said...

Z..please forgive the comment in triplicate! I have no idea how that happened, except that I kept getting the message that it wouldn't publish...when it, obviously, was publishing.

I was upset, but not enough to publish the same thing, three times! LOL...sorry about that.

There's a scripture that says that 'out of the mouths of two or more witnesses' will something be established, but I don't think this is what they had in mind, do you? :)

Btw..if you are ever offended by the content of my comment, I won't be offended if you just delete it...I realize that not everyone likes hearing about such experiences as mentioned in my comment...though every word is true.

I just went ahead and deleted all three. :)

Z said...

Dear Jan, I didn't see what you've deleted but wish I had.
Were you troubled by the radio show, something I said? I hope not.
I've emailed you. xxx

Jan said...

Z..I've just replied to your email.

I deleted the comment because it was way too long, and because it posted three times..and because it did have one statement that you, or some of your readers may have found offensive...and I knew that you would be afraid of offending me by deleting it, yourself. LOL

Actually, I was complimenting you on the good job that you did on the broadcast, and mentioned that the Sherrod thing had reminded me of a very bad experience of my own, in the past.

Not to worry, okay? :)

Z said...

Jan, got the email, thanks.

Thanks ,Jan....the show's always good with good hosts!