Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vicious attacks at FOX? What do you think?

CAROL and MUSTANG are featuring this video about ISLAM....It's so important I applaud them for blogging it and had to blog it here, too.

The following video is one I found yesterday when a friend emailed me about the Muslim Family day at Six Flags......Nothing really troubling here, the muslim spokeswoman reminds us how muslims, too, died at the WTC on 9/11, and she explains why the grouped picked 9/12 for this Family Day (the only minor objection FOX had, by the way), and she proceeds to talk about how much charity muslims do here in America.......but look at her eyes, her demeanor.. "Salaam Aleichem" Keep the video above in mind.......

is where MediaMatters thinks it shows "FOX'S LATEST VICIOUS ATTACK ON ISLAM TARGETS" (I wish they're produced the last "vicious attack on islam targets"...just for FAIRNESS, you know!) When you read the linked piece, you'll see that the counter interview by the muslim in my second video above hardly makes this "vicious" or "Fox's LATEST attack..." on ANYTHING. FOX was extremely respectful in its interview with Kaufman, the man against the Six Flags Day and, and featured the Muslim opinion the very next day. Both sides' information just doesn't count as news anymore, folks. :-) Truth is "vicious"?

This Six Flags Muslim Family Day started in doesn't seem to be too objectionable, except that I'd hate to see the UPROAR should Six Flags host PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN FAMILY DAY, huh? You think there just might be a review of THAT on CNN or MSNBC? :-)



cube said...

There's nothing vicious about these FOX interviews and I object to them being characterized as "vicious".

I wonder how the ACLU would feel about Catholics Day @ Six Flags?

Chances are they would squeal like stuck pigs, yet they're OK with Moslem Day.


Ducky's here said...

Yeah. Muslim families enjoying themselves like any other families. That's as subversive as the folks unrolling prayer rugs at ground zero and praying for the dead.

Clearly Fox wanted to generate controversy and it sure doesn't take much to get folks whipped up for no reason.

Z said...

Cube, I actually hear there is a CATHOLICS DAY, don't have time to look into it now...but, you're so right, nothing vicious about this.

Ducky, please watch the top video.
FOX gave an opportunity to Joe Kauffman, who had valid reasons why this day might be looked upon as curious considering the day they chose (the mosque in NYC will open on 9/11/11..what a coincidence, huh?)...
Ya, FOX gives both sides an airing, and it's 'VICIOUS" and "whipping up folks"

WOW...damn that one channel which wants Americans to hear EVERYTHING :-)

The Sharia Law information in the top video is worth viewing, if you're not living with your head up ... um in the sand.

Ducky's here said...

Cube, Catholics routinely use city services here for feast days (The feast of St. Rocco in the North End is terrific) and there haven't been any law suits.

I ave a feeling you belong to a sect that just doesn't know how to have a good time. Make a joyful noise and all that?

Ducky's here said...

z, what does the top video have to do with Fox news getting a red arse?

The nature of Eid is for celebration and fun which is what these families do at Six Flags. What's everyone's problem?

The top video has nothing to do with the Fox clip.

Z said...

Ducky, as I've said, get your own blog, PLEASE!? Then you can insult, advise and instruct yourself.

it's telling that you think that top video has nothing to do with the other information...maybe ideology really does make us THAT blind. I wouldn't have thought so.

I could have written more of the connection but, frankly, don't want to subject my blog to too much scrutiny. The top video has EVERYTHING to do with all of this.
So does the woman in the video reassuring Americans that THERE IS NOTHING TO BE WORRIED ABOUT.
Right on point.

Or, possibly, NOT...maybe she has the purest and most lovely intentions and she's one of those NON Sharia types...if so, GOOD FOR HER :-)

Anonymous said...

A typical Ducky response, to be sure; one wonders if it is possible for anyone to be so stupid.

The first issue deals with the confusion produced among non-Moslems when Moslems proclaim they are a religion of peace (the older scripture) when in fact they adhere to violence (the newer scripture). Ergo, no one can trust the word of a Moslem because their foundational law is corrupt. The second issue addresses equal treatment under the law; not giving preferences to one religious group over any other. If Six Flags will not allow a Catholic or Protestant Day, then under what authority do they grant a Moslem Day?

The question is rhetorical; we know you never bother to read the posts or watch the videos before you offer us your ridiculous comments.

Anonymous said...

Duckster won't start his own blog because then he'd have no one to 'talk' to.


Anonymous said...

I don't think there is such a thing as a non-Sharia Muslim. Islam is Sharia and vice versa. Right?


Anonymous said...

Evidently Ducky, if you're a muslim you can't have fun at Six Flags, mixing among the general public like the rest of us do!

It's well known that many muslims don't take to assimilation into our general population. They seem to prefer being isolated and unto themselves. Do you think having this sort of privilege lends itself to, at some point, mixing in with we mere infidels?

Btw, I don't see the necessity for gay day at Disneyland either.

I guess profiling is allowed after all. But, I digress.

When the call went out in 1998, by Osama Bin Ladin for world wide Jihad, it was meant to be taken seriously. If you choose not to, you're in denial.

Look at what's happened to Lebanon, a once Catholic dominated country.

Europe is gradually being taken over as well, and why? Because of politically correct politicians who refuse to insist that their laws are to be enforced, and obeyed by all who live there.

They bend over backwards to appease and bow to an aggressive, demanding group, who insist on having their Sharia law.

Take a good look, this is in our future, and your far left is on board with it, for now. You'll use anyone for your cause, even an enemy of your country.

I say for now because the left is anathema to Islam, and they're using you too, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but not forever, Ducky. Nosirreee!

The Imam who works to have that mosque built next to the WTC ground zero site, has already brought up their desire for Sharia law in America.

The Obamacare bill exempts muslims and the Amish from participating in it. Uh oh, more profiling!

So, who pays for their healthcare insurance since muslims say they don't believe in it and won't pay for it? Has separation of church and state, been abolished? I don't think so!

This is just the beginning. It takes some courage to publicly speak against it, as it grows it will take more courage. Will we never learn?


Z said...

Louis, you're right. You said the whole post in a nutshell...but the left either doesn't understand or they like Sharia; personally, I think the Sharia law which enables men to beat their wives is prehistoric, but hey, we can't condemn islamist nuts.

Pris, We'll never learn and, when we DO speak out, we're castigated by the left like FOX was at the site I linked for "continuing VICIOUS attacks on muslims" when FOX has never done anything but show both sides of issues.
You can make a comment against a muslim without getting it rammed back down your throat for being unkind and unwelcoming, but make a slam on Christians or Jews, and that's JUST FINE. Matter of fact, THAT's 'enlightened'

Anonymous said...

"the muslim spokeswoman reminds us how muslims, too, died at the WTC on 9/11"

Why does this even get any validity/ credence at all? Why should this matter as a means to excuse Muslims from the horrible acts committed in their name? So...Muslims kill each other with abandon all over the Islamic world. What's different about them murdering their own any normal day of the week in Iraq, SA, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Quatar, Iran ( especially ) or Afghanistan?

It's clear that the WTC murderers never gave any consideration at all to the possibility of muslims being killed in the attacks, isn't it? If they cared ( or probably knew that the odds were that there were muslims in the towers ) they would have turned around? It's obvious that this didn't or wouldn't deter them.

Look at the nonsense that the Jews were forewarned about the attacks and passed a "secret" message for all Jews to stay home on 911. If anyone would have passed a message to stay home that would have been the muslims that would have posted coded warnings on all the jihad / muslim websites in NY.

Fact is...they don't give a damn about one another. It's the overall conquest of islam over the west that matters to them, isn't it? So what's a couple of muslims in the wrong place mean to them other than acceptable collateral damage.

Our problem is that we think...they should think like us...or we can't understand why they don't THINK LIKE US!!

And therein lies our downfall...that we're so freakin' naive and civilized ( our ROE's in war ) that we cannot / will not....think like THEM!

Ask any soldier that has had a tour over there and knows the muslim mindset...ask them if they aren't convinced of their savagery, barbarism and inhumanity to further their goals.


Z said...

Major, while I'm quite certain there ARE muslims who practice their faith, ignoring the terrible information in the Koran, you are SO RIGHT about THEY DON'T THINK LIKE WE DO. Especially the billions of muslims who DO believe in the killing of infidels.

My mother, tho not Arabic, was raised in Cairo, and TRUST ME, she's sometimes had occasion to say "people here think they think like we do..they DO NOT." She knows.

We have weakened ourselves since Obama. As my friend/blogger Mustang said "They hated us but had respect for us under Bush.." Now, they hate us and have absolutely no respect for us.

We are WEAK in their eyes, Major ...we're letting soldiers gingerly tap on cars to see if our missing sailors are in them, we're allowing Miranda rights, we give a week's notice before searching homes in Afghanistan!, we're saying we won't torture when we had and others Daniel Pearl BEHEADED...I honestly think the leftwingers are stupid enough to BELIEVE that "If they see we like them, they'll leave us alone"
They HONESTLY think closing Gitmo will HELP! It's just another "Look, they caved again, America's so weak"..THAT's what the thoughts will be.

We're WEAK, we're cowering under islam, and we have a president celebrating all they've done for Western Society. How I WISH those muslims who don't follow the Koran's horrible statements would STAND UP against their own. I'm TIRED of OUR having to be sensitive.
It's almost a joke.

Ducky's here said...

Pris, the event at Six Flags is a celebration of Eid.

Now we really don't have an equivalent holiday in Christianity, certainly not in Protestantism.

You do find it in Catholic traditions, Mardi Gras is sort of a reverse Eid but it's long lost that connotation.

The fact is that you just object to Muslims showing themselves in public.

Oh, by the way, not that accuracy matters much but the Mosque is two city blocks from ground zero and despite what the bigot Pam Geller says, it is not tall enough to look down on ground zero.

Pitch till you win.

Z said...

I don't know, about EASTER SUNDAY AT SIX FLAGS?

Ya, we just hate to see a bunch of muslims "showing themselves in public" ! You're kidding, right?

By the way, Don't look NOW but who's objected to that day at Six Flags? The objection was the DATE, they cleared that up. The rest is so important because it's another thing supporting the information so wisely stated in the top video.

It's the Muslims insisting on their special "ONLY MUSLIMS" day...did you get that? Of course, Pris is correct....a MUSLIM DAY really must have profiling, isn't that true?

As for Geller, who cares? She mostly gets it right on islam and needs to be listened to but you'd rather pick one thing she said and slam that as it's easier than sitting up and noticing what's happening. By the this point? Ya, if built today, it's tall enough to look down on Ground Zero.

Anonymous said...

"Major, while I'm quite certain there ARE muslims who practice their faith, ignoring the terrible information in the Koran"

I've been waiting as have most Americans for a show...a affirmation of their "affection for's freedoms ( which repulse them ) it's commitment to equality ( which is checked by sharia )'s tolerance ( which is lacking in everything fooking muslims do, so long as it's WE...WHO TOLERATE...NOT THEM. Witness Cair, Mas or any other sheet eating, whining muslims demands that WE....capitulate to THEM.

From muslims to illegals to share the an acceptance that we must bend, bow, tolerate, understand, and "redeem" ourselves in their minds....then WE ARE NO LONGER AMERICANS IN CHARGE OF OUR DESTINY. AND OUR "ELECTED" A$$HOLES IN CONGRESS.....ONLY WISH TO PROTECT THEM SELVES.

Unless...we demand a true representation...(80% of Americans are Christian and CONSERVATIVE ) and deny the mutts and the "progressives"....we will cease to exist as a republic. And don't even fool your selves into thinking that foreign illegals give a shit about America.....what they care about is....keep the checks and the AA coming.

We are in an America that's so divided by race and class....we'd put India to shame.


Anonymous said...

Errrr.....sorry about the above post....I'm only sorry I was so Pissed off....I hit the wrong key.


Joe said...

The Fox interview was not vicious, in the interview in the second video the lady was dishonest and Islam is NOT a religion of peace.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you enjoy leftist thought control as it pertains to the Six Flags episode, you're going love this.

Anonymous said...

Actually Ducky, I'd be happy if any immigrants embraced America. My ancestors did.

My mother was an immigrant, so don't tell me I'm anti-immigrant. She, and my maternal grandparents came here and fitted in.

They made no demands, they just made an American life here, and loved this country.

What I object to, are those who come here and demand special consideration because they think they're special. They're not.

In fact, they want to make us Sharia compliant. Do I resent it? You bet I do and I make no secret about it either.

There's a saying Ducky, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do". It's good advice. It shows respect for one's host country. But, when it comes to America, respect isn't in your lexicon.

Btw, before 9-11 I never saw Islamists wearing their garb. Only after, did I see that. There's a reason for it, it's called an in your face demonstration, which I see as, "we're here and we'll make ourselves felt, like it or lump it".

Some folks may forget that day, but as long as muslims don't accept our customs and laws, I won't forget it, and neither should anyone else.


Z said...

Major, that's what I said..I wish they'd arise and condemn the islamists.

Mustang, I'd heard about that, isn't it incredible? Yes, a girl must change her mind re homosexuality, give up her Christian belief about it, so she can be a counselor.

LOOK OUT! BOY, the trouble! But, let a Christian girl stand up for what she believes in..HELL TO PAY.

Joe, I'm glad you agree...

Pris, well said...but too logical for some people :)

christian soldier said...

Z- thank you for the h/t-I need not add anything-as your other commenters have about said it all :-)

Opus #6 said...

It is almost amusing to watch the libs step up their attacks on Fox, talk radio, bloggers and the Tea Party. Must feel awful to be twisting in the wind like that. November is almost here.

Anonymous said...

The top video states that Islam advocates the execution of homosexuals. Obviously they turned a blind eye to one of the heroes in the spread of spread of primitive medieval tribal insanity ... i.e. Yassar Arafat. How could they possibly miss following their religious commands with such a blatant example?

The video also states in comparing the koran to the bible that the koran was "written" by one man — but doesn't say who that man was— Who were they referring to since Mohammad was illiterate? And since Mohammad could neither read or write how could he know that his talks and parables were actually transcribed exactly?


Anonymous said...

One of today's heroes who understands the meaning of Islam better than most people appeared in the second video — Joe Kaufman. He's been harassed and sued for telling the truth and warning the public about Islam and definitely a man worthy of respect, IMO.

Have to ask this: Was the Ducky's missus the shifty-eyed fashion plate who took over the video after Kaufman appeared? Seems to be about Ducky's speed and obviously related religiously, IMO.


Z said...

I ache for Joe Kaufman, Brigitte Gabriel and so many who are trying so hard to get the truth out about islam in this country......
the leftwingers just can't see it and, sadly, they'll suffer, too.

highboy said...

Ducky you're just a flat out liar. I realize you lib turds just have to object to everything that might contradict your ideology, but its a verifiable fact that days like this and a hundred more examples show a blatant bias. No one gives a rip if Muslims show their faces in public, you're simply being a coward with that stupid statement, equivalent to the race card whenever backed against a wall. As z suggested, you'll NEVER see an Easter day, a Christmas day. It doesn't just stop at Muslims. Let's see a "Straight Pride" parade and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

"the leftwingers just can't see it and, sadly, they'll suffer, too."

Due to their insufferable ignorance, I'd won't be a bid "sad" to see them go. And if the islamist fascists get their way...they'll be the first to get it under the new caliphate. They know they're fools, naive and untrustworthy. They know who supports the deviants, the unnatural causes and who have undermined their countries founding principles.

And they'll get them out of the way....pronto.


Anonymous said...

Again...we're expected to believe them and think like them? They're all followers of their quaran and taquiya! Got it? It's OK to Lie to you silly, gullible infidels.

Islam has declared war on the west....get used to it and quit swallowing the BS that this POLITICAL IDEOLOGY would have you "live" ( die ) by.


Z said...

Highboy, good points. cousin sent me an email of REALLY heinous muslim screeching about how a suitcase of anthrax could kill 300,000 Americans if wisely placed, etc. She included her note to all: "The level of hatred in the world for the West has become a massive cancer. Heartbreaking that we have reached this point."
I really think there are some who believe it's OUR FAULT, that WE brought this on when the Koran talks of killing the infidels! and that's not a new book!...heck, they just finally got the nerve to ACT, especially now with an appeaser at our helm.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Z:

Another example of why the west is doomed if we rely on the medias lies, ignorance and fawning over the islamist who we know LIE! Yet they're so polite, accommodating and ignorant over the threat facing us. Maybe they think they'll have a career on Al Jazzzzzzera, like Rick Sanchez or this putz in this video.

What's more shocking is that this hag, "reporter" could not conceal her contempt for the first speaker...and couldn't hide her fawning ignorance over the last speaker...and his able use of taquiya.

CNN at it's "best"


Anonymous said...

"a suitcase of anthrax could kill 300,000 Americans if wisely placed"

That should earn them CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and ABC specials with Oberfurher recommending that this should allow them to build 100 more
( 1 mosque for every 3000 murdered ) mosques in NYC.

I think there's a good / excellent chance that this will happen given the number of OTM's that have crossed the border illegally too.

I'd just pray that this would signal an end to our juvenile love affair with this fascist cult...and that the ME would be turned to glass. I might even buy a Prius after the oil disappears.

Of will be our fault for "misinterpreting" the quaran texts.


cube said...

I have never heard of a Catholic's Day at Six Flags, but then, I don't know everything and I am always willing to be edified.

Anonymous said...

"I am always willing to be edified."

Better that then..."behead-ified", eh?


Z said...

Major..I just watched the CNN "Interview"..
To hear that interviewer say "EVEN Pres Bush said that Muslims aren't all bad (I paraphrase)".....makes me grit my teeth. Bush was worse on this subject than ANY subject "We all pray to the SAME GOD" (as IF)

Geller is apparently "a Director of..."
The Muslim is a "RESPECTED journalist!" ! no bias, right?

He goes on to say "Al Qaeda USES people like Geller to incite violence against Americans"
ooooo, THAT's pretty scary to Americans who believe this, isn't it? VERY VERY effective on this guy's part.
They always quote Jesus, of to do that. shows how OPEN they are :-)

Bottom line: Build your 15 story building "Welcoming all people.." SOMEWHERE ELSE. This is disgusting and it's only WE who must show any sensitivity..and that's got to stop, but Islamists know it won't.

I almost feel sorry for the guy, he has every right to believe what he believes...but when he quotes the LOVELY Koran verses and leaves those which incite OUT, you know we have problems.

Anonymous said...

So when will there be a "Catholic Families Day'' or "Jewish Families Day'' at Six Flags? Not that I'd want to see it, truth be told. This event is an outrage.Islam has been killing people and has been an intolerant pain in the ass for 14 centuries. How does something like this change any of that? Islam isn't a ''religion'' to be engaged in accmmodation or respectful dialogue . It's an enemy to be defeated. Johnnymac.