Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You'll want to SMACK me when you read THIS! (I did, too!)

So, we're having a wonderful time in Santa Barbara.....drove to Solvang for lunch; perfect weather; pickled herring and Danish meatballs..mmmm Ya, it's touristy, but it's fun and the scenery there and back is gorgeous.... rolling hills, oak trees, an ostrich farm (ever seen an ostrich!? amazing! They look like DEMOCRATS with their HEADS in the sand!)

We got back to our hotel room and, of course, I was gasping for NEWS! (enough with serenity, ocean air, rolling hills and dill sauce! I WANT NEWS!) Got the TV on just in time to see the roll call for New Mexico..."state of the rising sun, Bill Richardson...Native Americans...bblahblah..." (The 'rising sun' is mine, I'm sure that's not it!)

SUDDENLY....New Jersey's squawking about yielding its votes to Illinois(WHY? I don't understand that, but...they seemed fine with it).........AND THEN THERE IS Hillary RODHAM Clinton (as they announced it...why can't they say Barack HUSSEIN Obama without their calling the Right RACIST?..think about that one, it's a little weird, but think about it), like a REAL person, being squeezed through the stifling crowd by secret service..stuffing herself through the throng (I almost typed thong...oh, GOD, what a horrid thought!)...AND THEN THERE SHE WAS WITH NEW YORK's rowdy bunch! Charlie Schumer GRINNING from ear to ear, thinking "Man, it's like NY only HAS one damned senator..AGAIN".............and she starts:

"Madame Chairman............ blahblahblah........I suggest we skip the vote and UNANIMOUSLY VOTE FOR OBAMA AS THE NEXT PRESIDENT"

uhoh. If I was from a State that started with a letter after N and I was that delegation's pick to brag on MY State and had the honor of announcing my State's delegate count, I'd have been CRUSHED, wouldn't you? "Oh, MAN, I'll NEVER be on TV again....Hillary! I wanted MY five minutes of fame!" Seriously, wouldn't you have been sad? Was that a first? anybody know?

Well, as you know, the PLACE WENT WILD!! They cameras zeroed in on a young Black man wiping tears from his eyes and Z GOT TEARS IN HER EYES!

You heard me!! I WEPT A LITTLE THAT A BLACK MAN WAS NOMINATED TO THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES. Yes, I have to admit it. Very moving moment.

Then I remembered who it is and I woke up. WOULD that it had been Michael Steele, huh?

It is a magic moment, particularly for Black America....a REAL GREAT MOMENT, no matter HOW we can't stand the Democrats' platform.

Did you see Pelosi ask for "ALL IN FAVOR OF OBAMA...Please say AYE! "Those voting NAY?" She didn't wait...she just announced it DONE immediately! 2/3 had voted, so SHUT UP! Were they afraid for America to hear NAY? TYPICAL DEMOCRAT.....the only CHOICE they like is killing babies, have you noticed that?

Chris Wallace, of FOX, said "He never thought this country would nominate a Black man in his lifetime" Did you think that? It never crossed my MIND this wouldn't happen. Did you feel that would never happen in YOUR lifetime? Then Britt Hume says "Well, Jesse Jackson ran and I treated him like any other nominee, I called him "SIR"...etc. " He said he CALLED HIM SIR! Why wouldn't he have? Because he was Black? THAT bothered me! BRITT...what? I hope CNN didn't hear that, WE will never hear the END of it.

Anyway...What are your thoughts? Tell me if you got a TINY bit choked up about the nomination of a Black candidate, or if you just wanted to CHOKE that Black candidate!

(i've gotta say I'm enjoying this convention. Mr. Z is NOT) BLOG ON, pals!! Talk to me!! i'm going in the pool now!!



da patriot said...

Z...You're such a softie. Yes, I got choked up also, but for a different reason. During an argument with a Liberal friend a few years ago that the first nominated black candidate for President would be a Republican. I hate being wrong.

Anonymous said...

The first black candidate ever nominated AND ELECTED president WILL BE a Republican.... Alan Keyes. ;-)

shoprat said...

It is not a question of skin color, but a question of one's agenda and beliefs and Obama is too far to the left to suit anybody who actually thinks about things rather than simply reacts. There are black men (and women) who would be make a great president but they weren't up for nomination. (Walter Williams comes to mind for at least economics, though I don't know about his foreign policy.)

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

I'm still doing the math on what it means when a viable candidate for the Democratic nomination with over half of her party behind her shows up to give a speech in neon Dreamsicle look-at-me orange against the tepid blue background, who's only praise for Obama whatsoever was - that he's a Democrat.

Now Bill Clinton is going to make everyone forget Joe Biden is speaking tonight.

And then Bill and Hillary Clinton are going to leave town before Obama accepts the nomination.

And we're all going to vote for McCain in November.

Yehudi said...

Let me be the first to be politically-incorrect and vote for 'choking him.' If naive America pulled their heads out of the sand and really took a hard look at his background, he wouldn't garner more than a few hundred votes. Israel has the exact same problem...we're full of idealists who think that the answer to the world's problems comes wrapped in a radical new package. G-d help us if Barack Hussein Osama is elected. Seriously.

Z said...

da...I KNOW. I am a softie; I just felt happy to see a black man brush a tear off his cheek for a black candidate, BUT (SHOPRAT) I did NOT say I liked OBAMA!!! AND, I do not think a man's skin should be what gets him elected. NO WAY (you should know me better than that by now!!)
And I, as I said, love Michael Steele. And I'd vote for Thomas Sowell tomorrow.

FJ..are you a Keyes fan????

Beamish; I was listening to some coverage today on Hillary and a Dem pundit mentioned her cothes.....sort of in passing "didn't like that about her talk, didn't like this, etc., what she wore..that, this" I was SO sad the interviewer didn't ask "what she WORE?" I'd have liked his explanation, too.
It really was a LOOK AT MEEEE! outfit.

Today, she cringed being brought on the floor through the teeming could just see she's never been expected to hobnob with "those people" before...Oh, she looked SO "I hate this" as they pushed her to the NY delegation.

The Clintons are SO not happy they've lost their grip on their party. Not for the country, these people; FOR THEMSELVES. It's like Obama not picking her...had he believed in his platform being what's needed for this country and loved his country enough to do all he could for her, he'd have picked the one person he could have won this with without a doubt..HILLARY. But, he couldn't. It's POWER, not America.

Z said...

THANK GOD,I might add.

Z said...

by the way...anybody feel what I felt? like delegates are thinking "I wanted to get to speak for my State and Hlllary grabbed the opportunity from me"

has this ever been done? Where someone just said "Cut to the chase..he's our guy: stop the delegate count announcements?"

I don't know...would like to.


Always On Watch said...

AND THEN THERE IS Hillary RODHAM Clinton (as they announced it...why can't they say Barack HUSSEIN Obama without their calling the Right RACIST?..

Excellent point! Mr. AOW won't omit that middle name, and he says it with such distaste. I've never seen Mr. AOW so interested in politics -- or disgusted by politics, for that matter.

Now, it is indeed a historic moment for a black candidate to be nominated. No argument there. But I can't say I got choked up. I might have if the candidate were Steele or Keyes, though. Also, Pelosi's handling of it was heavy handed.

Anonymous said...

Read a couple of days ago this call from Hillary was planned at the roll call.
Pure theatre dears.

And so sorry, Gov. Manchin from WV..I know lots of Dems who are voting for McCain.


Chuck said...

Sorry, just nauseated. Now if it were Micahel Steele or JC Watts, I'm all for it.

As far as the middle name, it is amazing.

EDGE said...

When I voted for Keyes in the primary a few years back I don't remember libs coming up to me and saying what a great guys I was!

Man I hope we can beat this guy!

nanc said...


nanc said...

p.s. - she's posturing for the 2012 vote and she'll cinch it. to be gracious now will mean a wealth of votes later when hussein obama is but a flashback.

Anonymous said...

I didn't tear up either. Obama is just another left wing politician. His color makes no difference to me. Neither would I tear up if it was Hillary. She, being a woman, makes no difference to me either.

Tonight, we listened to Bill Clinton the champion of liars, actually say with a straight face our military is stretched, when it was he who made the devastating defense cuts we are still trying to recover from. Yes, I believe he called them a "peace dividend".

All the while he ignored the terrorist threat and made a "show" of his response to it.

I hear the stage in the stadium, from where Obama will speak will be fashioned after a greek temple. Tall columns and all.

If he walks out in a long robe and sandals you'll know the dems are in deep trouble.

This guy loves these huge throngs of worshipers so much, you'd think he was Fidel or Hugo! Hmmmmmm...


Anonymous said...

Not just a Greek Temple but a mock up of Air Force One.

This is just nuts.

The hubris of Obama is pretty hard to swallow.

I know everyone likes to hear their own name but really.

And then the unscripted drop in by the ONE.
Oh please.

Meanwhile the little thugs were sent to threaten WGN owned radio where Stanley Kurtz was speaking about Obama and Ayers.

Oh boy.


Anonymous said...

By the way, J.C. Watts is voting for Obama.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dottr, A mock up of Air Force One? Tell me you're kidding, please.

Doesn't he realize that doesn't play well with middle America? It's as though Obama is a live caricature of himself. Playing President.

It really is an amateur talent show. A perverted "American Idol".

I know about J. C. Watts. So much for political integrity. He's voting race, pure and simple.


Z said...


My weepiness was not about Obama ...Oh MY GOD ... You guys know me..I can't STAND the guy's ideals, his vision, his lies, his distaste for THIS COUNTRY! NO NO NO!!

I felt weepy for that Black man who was obviously SO touched at a Black being nominated officially. FOr HEAVEN'S SAKE! I can't blame that man!

But, OH, can I blame that man for either voting SHEER race OR having bought into turning America into a Marxist state.

YES! I said clearly I'd vote for ANY Conservative Black candidate like Williams or Sowell or STEELE (my preference). I am not SUCH a big Keyes fan, believe it or not; but I'd certainly vote for him only because he's not a democrat.

As for JC Watt..he did it forever for me. Persona non grata...and I liked him! AND he's apparently starting some Black TV or RADIO thing? Have you heard that? is he going to be setting the example that minorities should turn aside their integrity and their beliefs and should vote for THEIR COLOR?

Great. Let's vote for Obama and Che Guevara. There's a Cesar Chaves Drive here in Santa Barbara...imagine THAT? You could PUKE with what went behind the naming of that street, the subversion, the GRAFT, the politically correct pandering. IMAGINE?

I HATE THE IDEA OF OBAMA BEING NOMINATED!! I felt emotional that we've nominated a Black American .... I could PUKE that it's HIM, A SOCIALIST. Blacks SHOULD be humiliated. But, of course, they're not.
I haven't heard Clinton yet..we were out for a marvelous dinner and a terrific bar afterwards.........UGH, I've got the TV on now in the hotel room and I'm hearing repeats now "Barack obama is ready to be pres of the US"

This man has no shame, either. Is it a Dem thing?


Anonymous said...

It was a touching moment. One would need to be a stone and remarkably extremist to not concede the historical aspect of the nomination...I even believe that the tears on Michele Obama's face when Beaux Biden was talking about his father's commitment and srength during a time of great tragedy in all their lives were REAL....that said. Yeah. Great. Now let's move on.

Biden gave the republicans alot of material in my opinion: from his exaggeration of Obama's good judgement--which required his omission of the vote AGAINST the surge which was the REASON for the success and the possiblity for Bush and Iraqi officials to be discussing timetables for was glaring. LOL He also omitted his OWN no vote on the surge and yes vote on Iraq, suggested it was McCain who lacked judgement and in trying to evidence Obama's good judgement, used the fact that Bush is now using, like does that mean Bush is RIGHT or is he still a moron??? LOL

Not to mention, in the same speech about how Iraq was such a failed policy--the mantra for which Obama has continuously suggested 'that money would be best put to use here at home for domestic issues--Biden suggests that we 'rebuild' Georgia? ha...Sorry dude, if we can't do it for the Iraqis when we gave them our word and WE are the reason they are IN THE BOAT they're in, I dont' see how we're suddenly funding Georgia's on Putin and Medvedev to do that...or all those Europeans whose headache it will be if things get out of hand...sorry, they weren't really there for us, I'm kinda done with trying to bail them out.

Most important, for a man touted for his character, I found his attack on a man he just declared to be his friend with whom he only had differences with on policy to be appalling! He didn't argue policy differences; he called into question McCain's judgement, character and integrity! That's how he speaks about his friends????

Not to mention his close connections with Iranian groups from which his Senate campaign has taken thousands of dollars. These are the MULLAH'S flunkies..and we know from SAM, that they are NOT the crowd we want to cozy up to ...they want normalized relations NOW, with the current regime...Biden voted AGAINST putting the Republican Guard on the terror watch list...he will be NO HELP in helping the Iranian people...but will help the regime to continue to oppress the people...yep, Biden is going to help the republicans much more than we could have hoped.

He talked about his mom teaching him to 'get back out there' that the measure of a man was not his failures, but his 'picking himself up' ideals of personal responsibility...THEN, he followed that right up with a complaint that the gov't had not 'been helping the American people get back up'??? LOL Wait a minute. Your mamma didn't go out and fight those bullies for you; she told YOU to go, because even though it was the harder decision, she knew that YOU had to do it...for your own self-esteem, your own self-reliance, and your own dignity...BIDEN"S methods would strip an entire next generation of that rite of passage and the road to self-confidence and independence, creating a nation of dependence, self-loathing and malaise...would that Obama had picked Biden's MOM as VP.


Ducky's here said...

My thoughts are that just a few years ago this guy was fixing parking tickets in Chicago and the Republican nominee is even worse.

This country gave up any desire for intelligent political leadership long ago.

Can't wait for the speech at the Greek amphitheater set. I hope the warmup isn't a chariot race.

Still, Obama won't be treating us to quotes like "I don't know much about economics. Maybe I should read Greenspan's book." That's right folks, Candidate McCheese thinks Mr. Bubble, the guy who helped engineer our current credit problems is the last word in economics.

So as boring middle-of-the-road as Obama is. At least he isn't a Libertarian retard like Sowell or Williams. Or an apologist for death squads and an outright liar about Hussein's capability like Powell. Or a useless affirmative action incompetent who jets around the Middle East trying to find someone who will bother to talk to her like Brown Sugar.

So maybe the Dems did do the right thing. They nominated a competent but really kind of boring moderate who will get us back from the ledge of insanity.

Can't wait for McCheese to pitch it to the women while that botox queen of his walks three steps behind him like a mandarin with her feet bound and never opens her mouth. I just hope the Dems go negative on this piece of human offal.

Rita Loca said...

You need to go on more makes you SNARKY! I love it.
Michael Steele. I wish!!!

I can not see any f this down here in Paraguay,but I already have everything set up for the absentee ballot in Nov. and I will not be voting for Obama bin Biden.

Brooke said...

I'm with FJ.

I could care less what the color of the candidate is; I would just like himor her to NOT be an outright Marxist.

Anonymous said...

According to the WASHINGTON NOTE:
on August 27,2008, John Kerry and other DNC friends hosted a get together in Denver with the former foreign minister of Germany..Josechka Fischer. I am not sure I spelled his name correctly.

Some sat Mr. Fischer knows a bit about terrorizing and community organizing, too.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm a HUGE Keyes fan, Z. He's a conservative, NOT a Republican. He studied under Allan Bloom, who studied under Leo Strauss @ Chicago. He's an "ancient"... like me. A little hard to label.

As a MD resident, I've voted more times for Alan Keyes (x4) than for Michael Steele (x3).

kevin said...

I would gladly vote for the following for President.

Micheal Steele, Alan Keyes, Lynn Swan, Colin Powell, Condelezza Rice...

I also like Sowell, Larry Elder and Walter Williams, but they are pundits.

Of course, MLK was a Republican.

Ducky's here said...

I read many of you stating that Obama is far left or even Marxist.

This is quite risible since the man has made it a point not to have any position at all.

Now, are any of you neocons able to point to one instance when Obama has expressed a Marxist sensibility?


Ducky's here said...

Walter Williams, was he the bling bling boy who was being paid under the table by the Bush administration to pimp No Child Left Behind (how did that one work out for you) ?

Z said...

Patti, great to see you. Hey, I thought the tears on Michelle looked legit, too, then I thought "if you'd heard this story 3 or 4 times, would you cry again?" Not so sure.

Ducky, You're showing that you can lack reasoning skills...what's so fantastic about CHANGE? Just for CHANGE sake?
You slam mcCain and seem to give Obama, a man of ZERO experience, a run this country?

DUCKY....WHO WOULD YOU HAPPILY VOTE FOR AS PRESIDENT. GIVE US A NAME, I'd really like to know that. that a joke or true about Joschka (the Molotov Cocktail thrower) Fischer?? He was a pure Marxist anarchist in the late Sixties (With Gerhart Schroeder...see how liberals can vote for people who have no class, no dignity and even want to murder? Kinda like BILL AYERS!)

Funny the DNC has NEVER mentioned HUSSEIN, huh? It IS his middle name.
MAYBE they're intolerant. If hey didn't think anything is WRONG with an Arab name, why not use it? Ya, right...just blame Republicans for using his REAL can't make that stuff up!!

JM "Snarkier than usual"? ruhroh
Mr. Z wants to know if you were near Angel Falls in Venezuela...?


gotta admit, FJ....I need to do more research on Keyes: I think a LOT of his stances would have made him an impossible presidential winner. Michael Steele? I LOOOOVE that man.

Oh, and Ducky? that 'botox queen of his' has been doing charity work for 30 years, runs a huge company, does all their investment decisions, adopted a child in need, has soldier sons, has given millions to deserving philanthropic institutions, and isn't running for president like Michelle seems to be doing..but good try. I think you'll hear Cindy, if she speaks at the convention, talk more about her husband, not herself.

I think people need someone who knows what he's doing and knows that the CHANGE Obama wants to bring is the same socialist and Marxist CHANGE Europeans are now finally trying to vote themselves out of (and doing a pretty good job, thank goodness for Europe)..

Z said...

Ducky, you're not paying attention.
Tell me what incredible give-aways and distribution of wealth means to you, okay? Here's a guy who supposedly champions hard work and success as the American dream, then has plans to tax those people so hard their dream vanishes.

This is a guy who wants to tax corporations right out of being able to hire the middle class and poor, out of being able to do the great R&D that America has always prospered from (and the world, of course) and which will cause ALL our jobs to go overseas....

Nobody wants to argue the definition of Socialism know very wel what it's come to mean. And, if you don't think distribution of wealth is a marxist philosophy, fine, but don't slam the commenters here for getting it. Everybody is NOT the same, and nobody HAS to give anybody anything.

You know what taxing the upper class to death means! There will BE no more jobs, no more private charity: AMERICANS WILL HAVE TO GO TO THE GOVERNMENT for jobs, healthcare, etc...everything! Socialist Valhalla!. You think the Obamas and Bidens and Kennedys of this world don't get THAT? Is THAT AMERICAN? WOW.

Z said...

RE: Williams...Byrd is an ELECTED OFFICIAL and has "recruitor for K K K" on his resume. You're slamming Williams??

WAIT, DUCKY. He was paid under the table to support NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND and you find that wrong?
HOW Dangerously CLANDESTINE! (Look OUT!! LOL!)
Why can't you find it wrong, then, when the NYTimes is exposing our CIA secrets? Seems bigger to me.....I'm just sayin'.......??!!!!!!!!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I'm mostly moved by the fact that it means something to so many blacks; but I'm also frustrated that it takes this, to supposedly move beyond race. I think that a lot of people have kept that glass ceiling intact, whereas I've seen it broken already. I don't need to see a person of color in every sphere of influence to believe that anyone of any color can achieve anything in this country. This is the land of possibilities. I wish more Americans were there with me, beyond race, so that they wouldn't be electing the most liberal Senator to the highest office, simply because he has the appearance of something novel: a black man in the oval office.

AND THEN THERE IS Hillary RODHAM Clinton (as they announced it...why can't they say Barack HUSSEIN Obama without their calling the Right RACIST?..think about that one, it's a little weird, but think about it)

I think the difference here, is Barack Obama doesn't refer to himself by his full name. And in the manner in which our side is saying his full name...especially with emphasis on the middle (all caps)'s not out of benign innocence.

Anonymous said...

...point to one instance when Obama has expressed a Marxist sensibility?

Ducky, your man Barack is a "single payer" extremist just like you. He wants to confiscate billions from EXXON-MOBIL and redistribute them as $1,000 tax credits to the under $100k/yr set. What MORE could you want?

Z said...

Hi, Wordsmith; Why do you think a man wouldn't use his own middle name? He just doesn't like it, or is afraid how people will take it?
For that matter, all his life people referred to him as BARRY, why go to Barack now? It's curious, that's all. WE ALL KNOW why he doesn't use it.
But, now he calls RACE CARD on McCain when it's Obama who made the comments about his picture on the money, how "he doesn't look like the others" 2 lines into the Berlin speech, etc.

I don't see people for their ethnicity or color so it's jarring to me.....sometimes I honestly forget someone's Black or whatever, or gay, for that matter; but it seems to be the Left who always reminds me.

And, I absolutely think we are using HUSSEIN as a rib, no doubt about it, you're right, it's not innocent! But, I think it's an important reminder of his comments about putting Muslims first if there's any question, etc. I think Americans need to know a lot more about him than they do.
And, if it's all rubbish, they need to know that because the implications would then be unfair; so far, sitting in Wright's church for 20 years and denying he ever participated in the White bashing we saw ad nauseum by the other congregants is just silly and deserves exposure for what it says about him and his my humble opinion!

Anonymous said...

I think a LOT of his stances would have made him an impossible presidential winner.

Funny how that works... men of principle can never get elected... unless they're running AGAINST principled men of opposite principles... that's why I'da loved to see a repeat of the Illinois contest at the national level.

Z said...

exactly, FJ. But he came close to Huckabee on video saying "We have to bring America back to Jesus".

WE might think that or we might not, but it's a sinker, sadly.

FJ...educate me (again!)..what's Keyes' stance on Iraq?

Ducky's here said...

No Farmer, I think he wants to tax Exxon/Mobil. Quite a different matter.

Now one of the neocons here is going to come back with the standard line that you only pay for corporate taxation in higher prices and I hope that silly person is prepared to debate and admit they are simply saying that oil companies have monopoly pricing power (applies to any other industry they use the idiotic "you pay in higher prices" argument).

Not a lot of reasoning here. You've got some that think rising deficits don't cost them in either inflation or a devalued dollar.

But you're being taxed to give away that money to layabouts. Fact is you've got three basic elements in the budget, SSI (good luck on social security reform in the current Bush created environment), debt payment (thanks St. Ronnie Raygun) and military (25% of our budget so we can beat the crap out of Grenada). That's it. It ain't going to illegals folks, catch a clue where your monies being spent.

I'm wealthy I own lots of T-Bills. It's going to me, you suckers.

Ducky's here said...

Farmer, Obama doesn't want anything to do with single payer. He's a primitive on health insurance.

The American sucker would prefer to pay 20% of GNP for health insurance with insurance companies taking 20% of that right off the top for doing nothing.

Then the right wingers start their demented mantra of not being able to "afford" single payer. They can give insurance companies a 20% cut for doing nothing but we can't afford single payer.

Yes, I'm sure there is an explanation but Obama ain't making it because he and Biden love to fellate the insurance industry.

Marxist? Please, bore me later and keep paying me with those tax cuts.

Z said...

"Isn't going to illegals?" UHOH..."Stop the ER services at that hospital that had to close because of the illegals until the gov't bailed them out"
Stop the $700 a month a woman I know personally gets who is not a citizen...and she gets free medical care and I pay $1000 a month with an $8K deductible. YOU paying for her, Ducky? is it YOU? Or is it our government?

And, I'm sorry Bush couldn't pass good legislation on SS..he tried, your people wouldn't let him.

HE tried to do something about health care with a very good idea including coops of small businesses, you guys didn't care for that, either.

If everything doesn't lead us back to GOVERNMENT, you guys are just not happy.

Ducky's here said...

No money to manage the housing situation and have everyone benefit from a stable market but billions for the Israeli welfare queens.

Right wingers are funny.

Ducky's here said...

z, I agree that your premiums are high but your premiums are high but you want more right wing nonsense.

This is the "free market" (LMFAO). You got what you wanted. DO NOT COMPLAIN.

heidianne jackson said...

z, but is he the first black man to be named the presidential nominee for a major political party in this country? i don't think so. first of all there is a good chance that five previous presidents had some black blood in their make up (read the article here,_only_6.25%25_African - from the article:

"Barack Hussein Obama is not half black. If elected, he would be the first Arab-American President, not the first black President. Barack Hussein Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother's side and 43.75% Arabic and 6.25% African Negro from his father's side. While Barack Hussein Obama's father was from Kenya, his father's family was mainly Arabs. Barack Hussein Obama's father was only 12.5% african Negro and 87.5% Arab (his father's birth certificate even states he's Arab, not african Negro)."

interesting if nothing else. another article that's along the same lines is:

Anonymous said...

No, it was NOT a joke about Herr Fischer.
This is why I put it out here for you to see. I thought Mr.Z. would have some data on that gentleman.

There were others listed in that article .
This all occurred yesterday morning in Denver.

I think it was one of those events where they ran off the reporters, you see.

Also Mentioned was a woman with last name of Slaughter.

The Washington Note, is either just a site or a blog or paper. But, it does exist.


Anonymous said...

There's a name for all this weepy sentiment about "the first black man to be nominated," etc.

It's called BATHOS.


PS: Not a dig at you, Z, but NO ONE should be loved, applauded, supported, nominated, pushed or elected SIMPLY because they are BLACK (or anything else)

We MUST advocate or oppose candidates for what they REPRESENT not how they LOOK.

CJ said...

It's easy to get your tears jerked by a speaker who plays to your lowest emotions apart from your highest thoughts and that's really all a political speech aims to do. I think it even happened to me seeing the tears of a Hillary supporter who didn't want to give up her dream of ushering in the first woman President. Having such a reaction makes me mad and I shook it off but the point is it's human and means nothing in the end if you don't let your emotions rule you.

All the speeches get judged good or bad by the standard of whose interests get noticed, and a speaker these days better not say anything truly important or truly true about, say, what government is for, because that might suggest that its function isn't to feed, house and clothe and make everybody happy.

I'm fascinated to hear that Obama is probably a lot more Arab than black. Shouldn't that get a little more recognition?

Z said...

FT. not a dig at you, but I couldn't disagree with you more. This IS a first and it's an important first. Factually, as Heidianne points out, it's probably incorrect but, let's face it, he is known as the first black candidate and that's huge. The circumstances really have no bearing. That we don't like or admire the man is simply doesn't apply to my point, in my opinion.

WVDottr...Mr. Z has plenty of information, most of which I put in my previous comment, the "Molotov bomb-throwing anarchist" Google him, you'll see plenty. Suffice it to say mr. Z hasn't been able to stand the man since Fischer's anarchy days...too bad Obama doesn't have the same character, right!? xxx

Heidianne, I admit that the fact that he's 'billed' as the first Black ANYTHING is suspect. Why not first (at least) BIRACIAL? (THO, as you submit, that's not true, either)

Sorry to have been misunderstood. Maybe it's how I presented my thoughts. I think you all know how I feel about OBama and I know none of us is racist....whatever the man is, he 'translates' as a Black American having won the candidacy of the other largest American political party. I applaud it.
But I don't applaud it nearly as much as I deplore the idea of his leading this country.

I don't want him (it's keeping me up at night, frankly), I want Steele or just about any other well known Black American conservative...NOT OBAMA, no matter WHAT he is.

This can show all the America-first haters that we are what Republicans have felt and acted on for years...that Americans are mostly not racist....that says something to me. I KNEW IT, but we can now point to the nomination as proof. I think that's a good thing.

DUCKY...I am not complaining; I'm comparing. There's something wrong when an American citizen is paying a huge amt for healthcare and, on top of that, her tax dollars go to paying for those who's stolen themselves into this country with that express goal. That you don't see that is obvious and sad, isn't it!?

having a great time and am happy for all your input.

Tonight's duty for Z is coming back from dinner and trying to convince Mr Z we have to watch the Obama speech over Forest Hills Tennis..HELP!! (this will not be easy!!)

Z said...
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Z said...

Cj...the day I let Obama appeal to me on ANY level, will be the day I'm done. !! Trust me.

But, I still have to say I was seeing a Black American weep at seeing another Black American accepted by SO many people..for this huge position. that these people are TOTALLY misled is an important point but we've covered that in myriads of other posts and comments..and will continue to do so, right!?

I'm real sure I haven't said anywhere I personally DON"T DESPISE the idea of obama...

Z said...

I had other points here...anybody get to figuring how disappointed the delegates after the N States must have felt when Hillary turned off the roll call and they lost their big chance to talk on tv and brag on their State? I did learn today this is the fIRST TIME anybody's done that at a convention...I found it so sad.

CJ said...

Z, I understood your point and meant to be supporting you. I guess I wasn't clear enough. I meant my own reaction as an echo to yours -- sometimes I need to SAY what I'm thinking along such lines. Of course you don't support Obama, you just got your tears jerked over the occasion. So did I, only for some reason it happened more, as I recall, in relation to the Hillary supporter. I think what might have kept me from sympathizing about the First Black President side was my absolute dislike for Michelle Obama ever since she made that statement about never before feeling proud of her country. Her speech of course was designed to bury that political no-no forever but I can't forget it. I kept seeing her face in the crowd and felt absolutely steely against her. Otherwise I agree, it's a very big deal that a black, even a merely 6% black (who looks black) has been nominated. And I think it was really great of McCain to come out congratulating him on that in a new ad.

heidianne jackson said...

the number of "firsts" with the obamalooza tour just keep on coming, don't they? sad, sad, sad.

CJ said...

About your other point, I had heard that the accolade declaration had been preplanned and just took it for granted, but you are always attuned to people's feelings in a way I'm not, and I know you must be right about the feelings of the many states' delegates who didn't get to shine for their state. I wonder if that will get mentioned anywhere.

Gayle said...

Dang Z. 53 comments! LOL! I guess I'm just a little late getting here!

Well, I wrote my own post on Hillary's speech and that's all I could take. I quickly put on a movie. Haven't watched any of it sense because I'm not into purposely inducing brain damage on myself. LOL!

No, I didn't get all choked up watching Obama. I guess I've become a hard ass. But it's Obama for heaven's sake. Not for one minute have I forgotten that. Not to chastise you for getting choked up, of course. I understand that it's great seeing a black man get this far toward the White House in America. BUT IT'S OBAMA! LOL!

Z said...

Heidianne, that's for sure!

CJ..thanks. I had a feeling it was crossed wires. I'm glad you do see my point about it and share that feeling. OH, am I WITH YOU on Michelle Obama.....I just don't TRUST her.

I have not seen the McCain ad but I sure would LIKE TO....I wish his people would have waited another day or two before announcing the VP selection (I hear it's coming tomorrow?)....If it smacks of "ya, it's your turn, but I'm going to try to grab the limelight from your party" to ME, you know less enthusiastic anti-Left voters are thinking even worse. I KNOW, I'm the one who wished the Bush people did MUCh more to stand up for themselves, but this smacks of something I think could affect voters. "Why now?" It's not like the election's next week and they have to use all they have NOW.

I've seen a few of the bigwig campaign handlers and they're very young, very unpolished and overly brutal and overly zealous, in my opinion.

Finesse goes a LOOOONG way. I like hearing McCain congratulates Obama on his nomination in an ad ....very good move.......

Z said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

Gayle, your last 2 sentences are exactly my sentiment, believe me!

I got choked seeing another Black American wipe away a tear at the moment...that is ALL!! HELP!

Anonymous said...

Only a very few things that move me ––– hard evidence of integrity, compassion and true beauty. Empty symbols mean nothing to me, neither do cheap theatrics.

The Democrats are all about manipulating ignorant people with false claims of idealism, empty rhetoric, sentimentalism and cheap sennsationalism. They are experts, as CJ indicated, at appealing to our basest instincts. The worst part about it is their claim to RIGHTEOUSNESS with all their flummery.

Obama is a very presentable-looking young man. So was John F. Kennedy. America is easily swayed by appearances and the false allure of glamour. JFK wasn't what most people thought he was, was he? Yet he's been CANONIZED in the Democrat-controlled media. It wasn't until all the filth finally came out that America was able to learn the unsavory truth about this Golden Boy, and his rotten family.

I have nothing at all against black people per se, but I deeply resent the way their problems have been used by power-mad Marxist fiends–––and self-righteeus moral snobs, who vainly imagine they know what's best for everyone–––to wreak havoc all over this country.

The sins of the fathers may be visited upon the sons (and daughters) for several generations, but we must call halt to self-destruction in the name of Equity.

It's been a long long time since lynch-mobs strung up poor innocent blacks and set their houses on fire.

Once Jim Crow was eliminated and the Klan put in its place, blacks have been obligated to EARN their way up the ladder just like everyone else.

As most of us know, you can't legislate FEELINGS. The idea of making it a punishable offense for not LIKING anyone is absurd, but that's what we've had to live with for several decades now, and it keeps getting worse.

The awful truth that no one wants to acknowledge is that the Civil Rights MCovement DESTROYED our Educational System.

That the first black candidate is a crypto-Marxist with a faked up image makes the whole thing a travesty.

It brings tears to my eyes all right, but only of pity for America.

~ FreeThinke

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Coming as I do from a Republican family heavily involved with registering black people to vote in Alabama when there was a real threat of having your homes and businesses firebombed by the Ku Klux Klan / Democratic Party, I am happy that the Democratic Party is at least symbolically putting their race terrorist past behind them.

It would have been sweeter if Obama had legitimately garnered the votes to get the nomination, the old fashioned way.

elmers brother said...

are green gummy bears like green m and m's?

Z said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

Elbro! what? Gummy bears and m&m's! Sorry, cutie, I'm lost!

(wish you and the Mrs were here with us.!)

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Hi, Wordsmith; Why do you think a man wouldn't use his own middle name? He just doesn't like it, or is afraid how people will take it?

Now? Probably how others are using it, would affect a political decision not to. But how long has he not used his full name, in a generalized sense?

I don't know many people who refer to themselves by their full names. I'm not ashamed of my middle name; but I seldom use it. My parents would call me by full name when I was in deep, deep trouble as a kid. I might sign my full name on documents, to be formal. But I'd rarely use it in everyday interactions.

I think politically, it's a losing issue for Republicans to make a big deal about Obama's middle name. It makes us come across as the stereotypical conservative bigot.

There's nothing at all wrong with the name "Hussein".

For that matter, all his life people referred to him as BARRY, why go to Barack now? It's curious, that's all.

My guess is he wanted to connect to his African roots, and Barack has that ethnic sound, you know? A search for identity and heritage seems to have been important to him, in his maturation process.

WE ALL KNOW why he doesn't use it.

Do we?

If he used to refer to himself by his full name, and then in the past few years, post 9/11, reverted to conveniently leaving out his middle, then I'd agree that it's political calculation.

Now, if he recently changed from Barry to Barack within the last few years, then I'd say that too might have been based upon a political decision.

But, now he calls RACE CARD on McCain when it's Obama who made the comments about his picture on the money, how "he doesn't look like the others" 2 lines into the Berlin speech, etc.

I agree, Obama pulled the race card.

I don't see people for their ethnicity or color so it's jarring to me.....sometimes I honestly forget someone's Black or whatever, or gay, for that matter; but it seems to be the Left who always reminds me.

I agree. The left is obsessed with racial identity. No matter how much they might deny it, Obama would not be the candidate he is, if not for his racial identity.

Anonymous said...

I wanna smack ya, Z, but not b/c you teared up (I love you for that)'s because I'm jealous of the sea, good food, and fresh air that you have right now! ;-)

And yes, I would have been TICKED had my five minutes of fame been taken away by HRC. But I bet they gave the delegates a $5 coupon to Denny's to make up for it. tee hee.

Anonymous said...

"The awful truth that no one wants to acknowledge is that the Civil Rights MCovement DESTROYED our Educational System."

Boy! I sure got THAT right.

No one affirm it, so I had to say it for myself.

The truth is often painful and embarrassing to acknowledge, which is why we prefer convenient lies and soothing assumptions.


Anonymous said...

"The awful truth that no one wants to acknowledge is that the Civil Rights MCovement DESTROYED our Educational System."

Boy! I sure got THAT right.

No one affirm it, so I had to say it for myself.

The truth is often painful and embarrassing to acknowledge, which is why we prefer convenient lies and soothing assumptions.


Z said... tell us how you think that's true. I'm interested!

I know busing did NOTHING for civil rights, civil discourse, or getting kids a better education, that is FOR SURE. How else do you think education suffered?

You're not suggesting Black children don't deserve the same education White kids do, I'm sure of that.

elmers brother said...

sorry I meant gummmy fish...inre: to nanc's comment to send her some Solvang gummy fish

Z said...

Oh, sorry back! I forgot that request. Darn! forgot to get them for her!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Z. What I said is either obvious or it's not.

I am so old now, I qualify as "A Witness to History,"

Sorry, but I don't like much of what I've seen.

When you slips crushed garlic into your favorite recipe for cocoanut layer cake, you are GOING to screw up the recipe, and it will taste LOUSY.

Garlic is garlic and is certainly great for some recipes, but not for cocoanut layer cake, or devils' food cake or ANY cake for that matter.


And it AIN'T "color," it's CULTURE and PREPAREDNESS I'm talking about.


Z said...

FT...I guess I should have been more blunt, I gave you a chance.
No, I think Black children deserve to be educated...if you're talking about anything short of that, you're wrong.

Anonymous said...

Blacks should never be denied an education, but it should never have been provided for them at the expense of the majority.By "expense" I do not mean money. I mean quality of values, aims, objectives, degrees of proficiency, expertise and developed skills.

Blacks were ––– and in too many instances still are ––– desperately in need of being brought up to the standards that used to be normal for middle-class whites when neighborhood schools flourished under local control.

What has happened, instead, is the direct opposite.

Because of forced integration through busing, and the degrading, demoralizing effect of the popular culture–––including the forced elimination of bible reading and morning prayer in schools–––that sprang up coincidentally soon after forced integration was established, the quality of public education has severely declined.

When you replace one evil with another–––much greater–––evil, you cannot call that progress, and it certainly isn't justice.

"Sentiment" has nothing to do with it. Them's just the FACTS.

~ FreeThinke

sue said...

Comment #74: Deleted by the author
(conservatively speaking)

sue said...

Comment #75: Please excuse comment
#74. I was on the wrong blog. My whole day has been like that. Politcs get to me.

Z said...

sue? WHAT?? YOu're more articulate than that. Am I missing something!?

Always glad to have you here...especially if you disagree!

sue said...

z - thanks for calling me articulate. I'll take that as a compliment!:)

Z said...

Sue! You're articulate and interesting...just misled! (Smile!)

Come back...I like to have your input. Even politically, since we disagree on a lot of things.

You disagree with civility..that's a gift these days, from EITHER side. xx

sue said...

z - would you please explain what you meant by that last statement:
that I disagree on civility - unusual for either side.

I have to admit I didn't get it.

Z said...

Sounds funny!
I meant to say that it is WITH civility you disagree! "You disagree WITH civility". You don't name call or swear...that's all. Most of the conservative blogs often have to go into moderation mode because the leftists get so wild and uncivil.

sue said...

Z - ok, I gotcha now.

I try to be civil, but I'm more passionate about this insanity called politics than you can tell from a couple of blog comments!