Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

I've been wondering why I'm not more down lately. Things have been about as bad as I've known them in America (except for 9/11, of course). I've felt sad, I've even felt defeated from time to time: closing Gitmo, STD prevention as a stimulus and we're supposed to believe that?, the Oscars and the spanking the Lefties enjoyed giving good Americans just because they don't agree with them, forcing union members to vote in the open, the Stimulus package's passing, allowing embryonic stem cell research to get federal funding when so many Americans disagree with it and adult stem cells are far more promising, the ignoring of ALL the excellent science saying humans are not causing global climate change, the way Obama insults conservatives by name and seems to think everyone who doesn't believe what he does is beneath contempt, etc etc etc. This all wears you down, doesn't it? And I'm usually an upbeat person.

I've commiserated with fellow bloggers about how they just don't feel like making the visits to other blogs anymore and reading MORE bad news and MORE things they totally agree with but feel they can't do a thing about. And, I've seen a couple of very good bloggers leave lately. One, someone I think the world of for intelligence and incredible wit, has closed his blog down. Overnight ...."I'm done". I know this had nothing to do with politics, but it had the same effect on me. I suddenly felt lonely, even amidst all of the great bloggers who are still in business. I happen to like and get some comfort from my blogger buddies typing as I type, thinking what I'm thinking, feeling what I'm feeling. I like that, it keeps me going. I'll miss that blogger with the white-hot intensity of a thousand summers, his humor "killed me" as I often told him.

Ya, I like intelligent people blogging and he was sure one of them. LOTS of you great people are out there and I appreciate all of you.

The reason I write this pretty depressing post tonight is that I watched Hannity with Mr. Z and I was taking dishes into the kitchen after dinner when Greta Van Susteren came on and she said something about how much the Stimulus package is costing and mentioned the Omnibus bill. I said "Mr. Z, if that passes, I'm jumping out the upstairs window." As I finished saying it, Greta said "There's BREAKING NEWS! The Omnibus Bill has passed the Senate and it only needs Obama's signature now."

oh, good.

terrific. Kind of picks you RIGHT up, doesn't it!? heh

I haven't seen the details, but Evan Bayh and Russ Feingold were voting against it. (Yes, I said AGAINST) So, it's Republicans who kept this bill out of debate. Bayh had said last night that a few Republicans were voting FOR it because of the pork. They don't like YOUR pork, but they like THEIR pork, I guess. Ya, if the Republicans had all voted against it, it would have gone into debate and maybe the American public would WAKE UP in the discussion? It won't now. It's a done deal. As if Obama won't gleefully sign?!! This man gives new meaning to "the pen is mightier than the sword."

Are you ready for this? The AP is saying "Obama is also set to announce steps aimed at curbing lawmakers' so-called earmarks."

Wait. His Stimulus Package is passed. His Omnibus is passed. The Stimulus has, what, 8500 earmarks?, all of which he denied in his speech to Congress 3 weeks or so ago? "I'm so proud there aren't any earmarks in this bill~!!" (Ya, and Clinton didn't have sex with THAT WOMAN, either). The Omnibus is loaded, and they both passed. NOW he wants to "curb LAWMAKER's 'SO CALLED' earmarks?" um...... "SO CALLED?" And "NOW?" Is he planning yet ANOTHER huge ridiculous bill which he'll ban pork from? You can't make this stuff up!

We're closing Gitmo (habeus corpus for those guys makes me sick to my stomach), we're loosening restrictions against Cuba, we're telling kids that success isn't good, we're graduating dummies, we're all going to pay for your neighbor's abortion (and mortgage, and health care, and their kid's college educations, too, come to think of it), we Conservatives are suddenly the enemy of a president who barely conceals his distaste for anyone keeping him from the dreams of Saul Alinsky. Here is one:
"The Radical may resort to the sword but when he does he is not filled with hatred against those individuals whom he attacks. He hates these individuals not as persons but as symbols representing ideas or interests which he believes to be inimical to the welfare of the people
. (Alinsky 1946: 23) Check this link out and make sure you read 'tactics'. Do those words in bold feel familiar to you, too?

So...not to sound too down here, but sometimes I think the only thing that's keeping me so calm is my faith. I'll let you conjecture about that if you want, I have no need to eludicate nor do I have the desire to have what I'd say dissected, so.......that's it. My faith. Praise God for it. Some of you know that "..peace which surpasses all understanding.." and I just have to say "AMEN".

And I will say the pen seems to be far, far mightier than the sword these days. Obama's got the pen and the sword, and he's using both as fast as he can. Left handed, did you notice? And sealing our fates. OH, and Hillary's over there selling us to China, which is giving us problems with some ship somewhere, did you hear? N. Korea's saying they're testing a missile....Russia turned down Obama's "hey, let's be friends! You put in the good word in Iran and we'll play nice regarding those missile shields you resent, okay? " "Nyet" was Russia's answer. Then, Obama said "Hey, let's get our soldiers to talk to the NICE Taliban and then maybe that Taliban, the really nice ones, will put in the good word for US, okay?" The Taliban said "You're kidding, RIGHT?" (in Arabic, of course) But, Obama's signing us into debt for years to come and thinking he's got the world by the tail!

Cheer up, everybody. We'll be fine, but some days are tougher than others, right?

And make sure you watch Glenn Beck on Friday, March 13....5 pm EST. That should give us some hope. Remember, the pen might be mightier than the sword sometimes, but our swords need to get sharp; our 'swords' are those tea parties, writing our politicians, demanding that our leaders pay attention to both sides of every issue, writing to the media venues and demanding honesty. And our blogs are our pens. Don't give up! We have a heck of a fight on our hands..............sharpen your pens.............

(My dear friend, Heidianne, has a great piece on her blog which dovetails mine...check it out!)



heidianne jackson said...

thank you for the linky love, z. this is such an important post - you have shown us that even with the desolation that is all around us now, with faith in god we have hope. and with brandishing our swords and and our pens we become instruments of hope.

thank you for giving us this much needed reminder. i have printed it and will keep it in front of me for the foreseeable future - i need this bolstering my faith, my strength, my hope.

thanks again.

heidianne jackson said...

oops forgot to link for the follow-up comments. blonde moment...

Z said...

Heidianne, thank you SO much.
You know I hesitated publishing this because it was SUCH a 'heat of the moment' piece.. so I'm really glad if it meant something to you.

I think a lot of us are weary to the bone...worried, scared, seeing our country slip right out of our fingers.
But, this is NO TIME to stop blogging, stop writing, stop caring.

Take up your pens and your swords, folks!

Anonymous said...

The Friday Glenn Beck presentation is called "We Surround Them" and there will be nationwide viewing parties. Here's the link so that you cvan go to one of the viewing parties or even host your own! The one Nanette and I are going to is at a restaurant and we have HUNDREDS coming. Their is a box you can click to check for parties in your state. This is gonna be FUN!



Anonymous said...

very good z......you nailed it.
I never miss Glenn Beck and yes we do have some really good bloggers around here.

Ducky's here said...

Like I tell you folks, eight years is a long time.

You better learn to pace yourselves because we are going to take this country further left than we imagined.

Ducky's here said...

Hey z. which side do you think can get it into the streets most effectively?

Winds of the old days but we're older and wiser.

See you on the Mall.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I try to keep my blog alive, but lately I've been busy, so the posts come few and far between. I like keeping up with you guys though, by stopping in and saying hello now and then, letting you all know I'm still around and reading what you have to say.

My latest post discusses my book status. I've been making some strides in that lately and it is finally with an agent, so we'll see how that pans out.

I sure as heck miss seeing Beamish around though.

Steve Harkonnen said...

You better learn to pace yourselves because we are going to take this country further left than we imagined.

Don't underestimate the power of the force, young padawan ducky. Sometimes the unexpected turns we never expect, they may suddenly determine that your predictions could possibly be jeopardized.

WomanHonorThyself said...

I'm with u all the way my frend..I know its a bumpy ride but u better hang in there girly!!!!!!!!!! (hugsssssssss!)

Joe said...

"Left handed, did you notice?"

And upside down, too.

Re: the "moderate" Taliban. Moderate Talibanis only kill people moderately dead.

Rita Loca said...

Yeah, it's getting lonely in blog world. I have not been covering as much politics because, well, I know where we are headed.
FAITH is all that keeps us going and maybe, in a sense, this is a good thing for those of us who had become complacent in our faith.

highboy said...

At least our president is doing all he can by spending 2.3 trillion in less than 2 months.

Z said...

Thanks, David!

Ducky, you're right. The sad thing is you have reaped the benefits of our country and still want to see her led into the socialism which has never worked. and you're right about protests; the lefties are far FAR more threatening and physically dangerous, but you've got to give it to fine Conservatives who don't feel the need to destroy but have met peacefully all over the country.
I'd have thought you'd be ashamed in the comparison instead of gloating...strange.

STeve..I'll be over later to hear about your book..that's very exciting!

The rest of you...ditto.

Ducky's here said...

Yes sir, and now Chuck Norris (LMAO) is going to run for President of Texas and has told the military not to obey orders of the commander in chief. That's the right for you.

Less than two months into the Obama administration, right-wingers are stocking the basement pantry, piling up the shotguns and organizing "cells," all with the help of a talk-show host who coincidentally became unhinged after he drove down the ratings at CNN Headline News, something that most people didn't think was possible. There's a lot to hash out in this country over the next few years but it's becoming more and more clear who respects the Constitution, and who does not.

Anonymous said...

OH please.
It is not all over.

I hate to bust the bubble, but there is so much rage and anger starting to boil up here in fly over land, that I do not think OBama will have another term.

And by the way , this is MY COUNTRY too and it is not going to go ultra left forever.

Besides, this is just one front of a very long war.

We are not beaten.


Anonymous said...

Up the crag
In the screaming wind
Naked and bleeding
I fought blind.

Then I stood in
the Eye of the Sun,
Past the cromlech
I found a gun.

Then I strayed
In the cities of men.
In the home
Of my love
I found a pen.

~ Anonymous

Remember too that Christ and most of his disciples and early followers were martyred, but never lost faith even as their bodies were humiliated, mutilated, torn limb from limb, dragged through the streets, spat upon and incinerated.

"O rest in the Lord. Wait patiently for Him, and He shall give thee thy heart's desires. Commit thy way into Him and trust in Him, and fret not thyself because of evildoers.

~ St. Paul

Mankind, inspired by demons and false prophets such as Marx, Freud and Saul Alinsky, may make much mischief --- may even mock the very idea of God's existence, but God, who is Eternal, All-Powerful and All-knowing, will ALWAYS have the last laugh.

"... Life's but a walking shadow,
A poor player
Who struts and frets
His hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more..."

~ Shakespeare

Blest are they that mourn, for they shall have comfort..."

"Behold all flesh is as the grass,
And all the goodliness of Man
is as the flower of grass.
For lo the grass withereth,
And the flower thereof decayeth...

Surely the Lord's word standeth:
The redeemed of the Lord
shall return again
and come rejoicing
Unto Zion.
Joy and gladness shall be their portion..."

~ Scriptural citings from A German Requiem by Johannes Brahms

"Sweet are the uses of adversity."

"... Security is mortals' chiefest enemy..."

~ Shakespeare

Submitted by FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

PS: In case you didn't know a cromlech is an ancient circle of stones thought to be sacred. Stonehenge is probably the most famous example, but there are thousands of others.

~ FT

Anonymous said...

Bravo, WVDotter! That's the spirit.

"When the sky turns
a bright canary yellow,
I forget every cloud
I've ever seen,
So they call me
a cockeyed optimist,
immature and incurably green.

I have heard people
rant and rave and bellow
That we're done, and we might a well be dead,
But I'm only a cockeyed optimist,
And I can't get it
into my head.

I hear the human race
Is falling on its face,
And hasn't very far to go.
But every whippoorwill
is calling from his bill.
And telling me it just ain't so.

I have heard people rant and rave and bellow
That we're done, and we might a well be dead,
But I'm only a dope
With a thing called hope
And I can't get it out of my head."

~ Oscar Hammerstein II in South Pacific

God bless you too, Oscar! You were a man of great wisdom and rare charm who had great affection for humanity.

~ FreeThinke

elmers brother said...

oh please Duhkkky even the leftist media knows Norris was talking tongue in cheek

Always On Watch said...

Several of my blogging buddies have quit since the November elections. And, yes, I've considered doing the same. I suppose that I'm just to obstinate to throw in the towel altogether.

I do admit that the recent departure of one of our dearest blog buddies has me down right now even though had nothing to do with politics. Other of my blog buddies who have vanished, however, did leave because the political outlook is so grim.

As you know, I went all-out during the summer and the fall with that radio program several of us had on KFNX. But, apparently, people just didn't want to hear what we had to say -- even though, for years, I've heard cries and whines of "If only we had our own media outlet!"

Is the pen mightier than the sword? Only if the pen can get the message across and in the long term.

Anonymous said...

We are but little blinks of an eye to the eternal.

Often our vision is so narrow.

I am sure when the original patriots began their struggle for independence from Enlgand they had doubts, and very black moments .
Many had given everything to this cause, this new land, these new ideals.

There was a congress who often enough went back on its word , seemingly worthless paper for money, mere promisary notes.

Many of their fellow citizens were Tories or Loyalists to the old country.

These mere farmers and yokels, though, they just kept plodding .

Listen, nothing is easy; freedom and liberty , these notions are not just catch phrases.

There is always a sacrifice required and sometimes it means even more than sending troops off to shed blood.
The struggle is long , and all who care have to invest more than mere words to the cause.

The left wants you to feel down and defeated, it is how they win.

Fear is used for these ugly fights, and it is being employed right now.

Pick yourselves up and stand tall.
It is not all over.

Even when we think we achieve our goal, it is not over.
Freedom must be constantly watched over and protected.

We need this to get off our butts and be what we need to be:
protectors of something bigger than ourselves.

And by the way, I keep my own circle of stones on my property.

shoprat said...

My faith is the key to avoiding despair, but so is determination.

I know most Christians don't like Harry Potter but I love how the 5th movie ended.

Harry: We have dark times ahead of us but we have something the Dark Lord doesn't have.

Hermoine: What's that Harry?

Harry: Something worth fighting for.

We have something the left doesn't have and that's something worth fighting for. Or as Samwise said in LOTR "There's still good on this earth and it's worth fighting for."

Obama's popularity is going to be in the toilet soon.

Z said...

The Alinsky quote should wake people up, but it won't.

Ducky's here said...

sure elmer, Chuck and Glenn Beck were just funnin' for the benefit of the short bus crowd.

Anonymous said...

Dottr - I like the way you think. Great posts!

"See you on the Mall."

So Ducky, you foresee taking on good old boys and Joe six packs? God bless 'em!

With who, gray-haired, pony-tailed, effete professors and wet behind the ears, don't taze me bro, college kids?

Why, Ducky, we have a right to dissent and protest. You are going to shut us down, how? We'd like to know.

If you try, our numbers will grow. When the middle class, hard working Americans get riled up it's not like a captive audience classroom of starry-eyed kids, it's real confrontation.

You're on a path to put us in a position where we have nothing left to lose, but you're too stupid to see that.

What do you think happens to people in that position? They get mad, and determined. If you thought it would be easy, think again.

So, make your threats Ducky, speaking for myself, it makes me more determined, and more ready for a fight. Even at my age.

I have kids, and a grandchild, and I'm not sitting by while you and yours destroy their freedom and their future.


Thomas Lawrence said...

Z, we'll be alright. If Ducky is representative of the enemy, then we've already won.

When are you starting that blog Ducky?

Anonymous said...

One more thing, Ducky, it's not eight years, it's next year.


(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Aw, nuts. More unintended consequences.


My reasons for trashing my blog have nothing whatsoever to do with politics. Lots of things in my life are in transition and turmoil.

When life tosses you a grenade, sometimes you have to jump on it to contain the damage...

I really don't have any reasons for my hasty exist that wouldn't prompt more questions I don't feel comfortable answering. Suffice it to say, I have a lot of personal / psychological / spiritual / emotional / whateveral issues I need to work out that were festering long before I started blogging in 2004, and blogging was a crutch for me.

I guess I wanted to throw down my crutches and show how lame I really am. I'm just not comfortable in my own skin right now.

I'll be around again. I always preferred commenting to blogging.

Thanks for all the support.

elmers brother said...

so you didn't see the video or read the transcript Duhkkky? You're such a maroon.

From the transcript:

GLENN: Seriously, you do. I don't mind having that lone star on my flag. I really don't mind it. I've been out with a seam ripper looking at my flag going, I don't know, California could go. I'm just saying --

NORRIS: I may run for president of Texas. (Laughing).

GLENN: All right. Hey, Chuck, I just wanted to touch base with you, too, on one other thing. Are you having a bunch of friends over to your house for the March 13th thing?

you're such a putz

elmers brother said...

why is it the left cannot understand sarcasm, hyperbole and humor?

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you Beamish. Life does have a way of steering our course doesn't it.

It's Good to know you'll still come by and comment. Often I hope.


Z said...

Beamish...you're the best.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

why is it the left cannot understand sarcasm, hyperbole and humor?

For the same reason they confuse their pen pals with cellmates.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

The blowback should be something to see once people realize what he is doing to their pocketbooks. Keep the faith and the fight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Pris.
I will see you on the mall.
There is patriot's blood in these veins.

Admittedly I might be slower these days, but the blood still circulates.

Good luck to you , Beamish.

Things happen for a reason , that's all I know.


I love the Harry Potter stories and Lord of the Rings.

Sometimes we are allowed to get a taste of the bad, we need to, I am afraid.

We have a precious thing, this America , and it is our duty to protect her, love her and leave her to the next generations, in good shape.

We do love something greater than ourselves, we understand that.
This puts us ahead in this contest.

There is righteous anger brewing out there. Americans take a lot, forgive a lot,but once they get to a certain point, they do get up and act.

So you on the left, just keep pushing and poking , if you feel like you are so untouchable, what then, is your problem?
All of you come across as the epitome of miserable.

Yes, we will be all right , this struggle continues but we have good company.

George Washington said that people who want to invent and attain things , who have that certain spirit, will do it, no matter what gets thrown in their way.

And make fun of Ronnie Reagan, if you want, but people loved that man.
DOn't believe it? Well, go roll the tape of his funeral procession.

All Obama and his kind have is fear and doom and misery.

The human spirit can't be killed that easily.

Our turn will come.


Anonymous said...

Beamish, whatever it is that bedevils you right now, I hope it gets better homeboy! You're a real sharp guy with one hell of a sense of humor, and I'll say a prayer for you.


Law and Order Teacher said...

The organizing has begun and I'll attend the party in my vicinity. Don't get down, get energized. This is a government that is infringing on the rights of its citizens. Government exists only to protect the rights of the people according to John Locke. I posted a video you might find interesting, especially the last line.

Government only exist with the consent of the governed. What happens when the people withdraw that consent?

Anonymous said...

Ebro wrote:
"why is it the left cannot understand sarcasm, hyperbole and humor?"

When I was a kid, I asked my dad why the long-haired guy at the U of Minnesota was SCREAMING at the top of his lungs at the campus police. His answer stuck with me to this day.
"The guy's a fanatic. Fanatics lack sound judgement, logic, and the ability to laugh at the absurd."

Most leftists lack a sense of humor. They take laughable matters seriously! :-)


Z said...

If anybody still gets Newsweek, you'd better unsubscribe. Jonathan Alter was on Cable tonight saying "Bush knew that Osama might attack and it still happened" (he was slamming Republicans harder than ANY person I've ever heard and said worse than that, but I"m used to the other stuff).

THE EDITOR OF NEWSWEEK....shall we just throw away the SHRED of honesty I THOUGHT SURELY every American MUST have? I mean, it's one thing to despise the Right, insult, belittle...but when you say something THIS STUPID, and people pay for your work?

I was wishing I could be there and ask "So, what you would suggest obama does now is ground every plane for..what, 50 years, so nothing can happen? Is that what Bush was supposed to have done?"

it's unbelievable.

Pat Jenkins said...

dear z i hope this was some good therapy for you. because in order for others to see what you know to be the truth you have to pass it along.. keep passin' it girl...

David Wyatt said...


Thank you for mentioning your faith. Some of teh darkest times are when the light shines brightest. Remember Phil.2:15-16! God Bless.

heidianne jackson said...

think how mark alexander (publisher and editor of first, congratulations the patriot post must feel. when jonathan alter was a young man, he received financial support in order to go to crack schools from mr. alexander. he represented himself as a young conservative in order to get the funds.

he either lied or had the biggest turn around that anyone has ever had...

RightKlik said...

If we don't win, at least we can go down fighting.

Brooke said...

All we can do is to put our heads down and keep pushing that millstone now, Z.


Z said...

Imagine ME being shocked by the level of nastiness on Olbermann? I've seen him before...I can take it. I know he's ugly and nasty and bitter as hell. But JONATHAN ALTER, AN EDITOR OF NEWSWEEK?

My favorite part was that Alter (I know, this sounds mean, and I frankly kind of like baldness in some men..or should I say ON, but I digress)....Anyway, my favorite part was when the QUITE BALD Jonathan Alter tells Olbermann that "Republican antics can CURL YOUR HAIR" with a straight face.
How Olbermann managed to keep his straight is pretty much a testament to how keeps a straight face through the other lies he shovels, huh!, come to think of it?! LOL!

YOu can't make this stuff UP!

Anonymous said...

That IBD group has a poll out now stating that 78% of Americans favor military action against Iran , to keep them from having nukes.

That number has grown since 2006-among Americans.
Interesting, isn't it??


Anonymous said...

Wow - that is eerie that we both talked about blogs shutting down! It is a little sad whenever something good comes to an end. But that is the way it is with all things, and new good things always come along.

Z said...

Well, Matt..we both wrote of some closing, not OUR closing, right!?

WV..you KIDDING? THAT's something I hadn't heard.

Anonymous said...

Pen mightier than the sword? There are a lot of Muslims and cowering leftists over in Europe who would argue otherwise.

Yeah i too have seen a lot of folks give it up and walk away, must admit, i thought of it myself, but have reached a sort of compromise.

I am pessimistic about the future of the western world as a whole, we might survive Obama, but i doubt we can survive into the future.

Anonymous said...

My Mom told us when she was a young woman during the depression, her family had to decide which piece of furniture to burn next so they could have heat in their home.

They had a small vegetable garden and some chickens. They were not farmers but lived in a rural area.

Her stepfather would climb the pole and hook up the power until the power company came out and turned it off again.

He was crippled and this was difficult for him to do, and when he could manage it, he did it. They didn't have enough money to pay their bill.

This is but one example of the deprivation they endured along with so many at that time, but they never gave up. They got through it.

They must have wondered how long this would last or if this was to be their fate, but through it all, they found ways to survive, and earn a little money here and there, doing any work they could find.

But, they never gave up, they persisted, were close, and ultimately prevailed. America prevailed.

None of us knows exactly what lies ahead, but we can learn lessons from the past. We have to toughen up, keep our heads high, and face whatever comes, but with determination that ultimately we will prevail.

So please, no talk of giving up, or giving in. That's what those in power want. Don't give it to them. We have to resist, fight, and take whatever risks are necessary. We're Americans. We don't quit.


Anonymous said...

"If God be for us, who can be against us? ..."

~ An aria based on Scripture from Handel's Messiah

If our faith does not provide sufficient comfort and strength in times like these, perhaps our faith needs to be strengthened?

Mankind has lived through far worse times than these. Life was hell on earth when Jesus walked among us.

We have come a long way since then, and we have not been on the downward path in the main.

The life that we know is nothing more or less than a Proving Ground. Our souls are continually challenged.

We do not achieve automatic and everlasting perfection in this plane of Existence. There is --- and always has been --- a continual war between Truth and Falsehood, Ignorance and Knowledge, Superstition and Sense, Ambition and Laziness, Selfishness and Generosity, etc.

Our purpose and our duty is to "Fight the Hood Fight With All of Our Might."

It's not SUPPOSED to be easy. Every time you feel discouraged, depressed, imposed on or annoyed try to think of the suffering Jesus endured for OUR sake --- yours as well as mine. It really helps put things in perspective.

And WVDOTTER you just keep on keeping on. You've got the right idea and you express it very well.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...


the GOOD fight not the "hood" fight. Sorry! ;-)

~ FT

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I've been wondering why I'm not more down lately.

Because conservatives are, above all else, optimists. (^_~)

Anonymous said...

Beamish is da bomb.