Monday, March 9, 2009

A SCOOP by our Cub Reporter, Priscilla!


I went to a political rally Saturday. A Tea Party. This one was focused on a California Proposition, Prop 1A, which will raise our taxes in California if it passes the May 19th vote. People were cheering the cause, booing the politicians responsible, and generally a gung-ho group. (yes, it's a California thing, but this is so much more than on!)

There were anti-Arnold signs and anti-Obama signs as well. The clear message was pro-America. One fella said to me, “today Arnold, next, Obama”. If we want a grassroots movement to fight the power grab on our country, we have to participate. That’s why I was there. I decided if I’m dedicated to taking our country back, I have to participate.

This was a chance to contribute. Yes, it was fun, but I was there simply because I know the turnout matters, the sheer numbers matter. The message matters. I recommend it highly. To be in a group of thousands with like minds, on a mission, is exhilarating.

It is estimated that there were 8,000 of us. Parades broke out, we brought signs, wore tea bags pinned to our clothes and hats and hooted and hollered. There were people of all stripes, and to my happy relief, there were not a few young people there with all the fervor they bring to a party. It was estimated that the majority in the crowd were under forty five years old.

So join the party, get out there when you have the chance and give ‘em hell. Let’s build on this until we can’t be ignored. Call and e-mail your representatives. Drive them into submission with your message. The people matter. The cause is America, and what can be more important than that! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!


heidianne jackson said...

wow priscilla - i'm so glad you were able to participate. it is important that we join in these things. where was it held?

Anonymous said...

Good for you , Pris.I read a blurp about this some place, and thought, 8,000 people?

You know, things start in California.


Z said...

Fullerton, Heidianne...I think!?
It IS important, isn't it.

WV...good point. They say "As California goes, the country goes.." and they always mean it nastily. Let it be changing....let it be California which finally wakes UP and wakes up America, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidianne, It was held in Fullerton, Orange County, CA.

You really should go if you have the opportunity. Everyone's so motivated and determined! You feel like you're with thousands of friends. Really great.

I hope these rallies take off all over the country.


Anonymous said...

"You know, things start in California."

Dottr - From your mouth to God's ears!


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

We California conservatives stick together like glue and rally the troops when we need to. A big dose of whoop-@$$ is needed right now, and we're here to provide it!

RightKlik said...

I've been very encouraged by all the enthusiasm. This wouldn't have happened in the pre-blog era

DaBlade said...

I did not see this rally on CNN, therefore it must not have happened! Good for you Z!

Pat Jenkins said...

z who nationally do you think would or could lead a non political party associated movement like this?

Pat Jenkins said...

or priscilla excuse me, i will ask you the same if i can....

Always On Watch said...

So far, Northern Virginia, where I live, isn't on board with these Tea Parties, although the Richmond area (2 hours away by car), is.

So many movements such as Tea Parties fizzle out or have no impact. That said, this disenchantment expressed by Warren Buffett could be important to get on board "the revolution." Excerpt from the linked news article:

The U.S. is at war with the failing economy, according to Warren Buffett, who told CNBC viewers that it had “fallen off a cliff.”

In September 2008, Buffett compared the market turmoil to “an economic Pearl Harbor,” and on March 9 he returned to that metaphor in a CNBC interview that began at 6 a.m. and continued through the 7 and 8 a.m. program hours. Buffett also criticized the Democratic majority for losing focus and trying to move on “pet projects.”...

Get enough of the "big boys" on board, and politicians will pander to them.

I do note that the mainstream media are doing their best to ignore these Tea Parties. In order to break through, the Tea Parties have to be so big and so loud that they cannot be ignored.

Ducky's here said...

Winds of the old days.

Get out there and party like it's 1968.

elmers brother said...

WTG Priscilla!

Anonymous said...

In a few years it'll be more than tea parties we'll be having...

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Nice to see the blowback has already started. At some point the press will take notice and then things will hopefully really pick up. It's about time we used the grassroots energy against the dems.

Gayle said...

It's wonderful to hear about this! I would love to attend a tea party. They had many of them in Texas on the 27th of February, but I'm out in the boondocks and I didn't hear about any of them until it was too late. The closest one to me was about 150 miles away, but I would have gone if I'd known about it.

I'm so glad Americans are fighting back! Good for you, Priscella, and thanks for posting this, Z. :)

shoprat said...

That's great that you're doing that. It's a first step for 2010 and winning back the house.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat - You ask a good question. I came up with Laura Ingraham, and David Horowitz. They are already in the public eye. No reason we couldn't have two or a coalition of leaders.

Ingraham wrote Power to the People, and has a radio program, very smart. Horowitz is experienced in the workings of demonstrations.

We would need people who can get speakers, entertainers and participants who are known and would draw the crowds.

Most important, that they are believers, and dedicated to the cause.

Ducky - Do I hear encouragement there?

Z - whaddya think? Who would you pick?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Shoprat, 2010 is what we should focus on right now.


Z said...

Pris...I took Pat's question differently but maybe I'm wrong and I do like your ideas..

he wrote "z who nationally do you think would or could lead a non political party associated movement like this?"

I've written and written here and deleted and deleted! But, it's made me come to a better thought out conclusion through my attempts at giving my opinion!:

"NON PARTISAN" IS OUR ONLY HOPE in fighting California's higher taxes AND the stimulus idiocy. Priscilla will remember I wrote to her the other night and told her I realize it's the left which will finally put an end to the obama pork, misrepresentations, big spending silliness...this is all pay back and even some of THEM are fed up, but, as much as I think a lot's HIS (or he was told "you'd better pay those people back" i.e. planned parenthood, unions, developers, celebs' agendas, etc.), I believe this bill was written well before the inauguration..1000 pages doesn't get written in a week with OUR gov't!. I believe Pelosi and Reid and Frank, and Dodd, Biden, etc...were all ready to go; all they needed was a leftist pres to sign and VOILA> (After he convinced us that the sky was falling and we HAD to go to the government, of course)
SO, this is what we have...he's got the pen.

EXCEPT...people are REAL not happy. And that's across party lines, apparently. Even Dems with consciences and a knowledge of our amazing history and a love of our way of life are taking notice and commenting.
Robt Byrd warned obama that he's taking too much power in the WH (no, the media barely mentioned that, if at has to read the conservative venues for that), Feingold and Bayh are NOT going to vote for the OMNIBUS (but a few republicans with no honor ARE)...
NOBODY can tell me ALL the people at Priscilla's Tea Party were Republicans..that's just not true.
(And please, lefties here at geeeez, I am NOT saying we needed ZERO stimulation..focus: I"m saying we don't build a fountain or frisbee park in the backyard when our house is going into foreclosure..I'm saying NO PORK, we can't AFFORD IT RIGHT NOW> WHY is that hard to understand?

SO...we still have Pat's question unanswered!!

Who would be able to lead A NON PARTY ASSOCIATED MOVEMENT? What I wrote above belies what I thought was a fact, and that was that we're so divided we can't unite on anything...because some from different sides ARE agreeing now. When it comes to money, it's quite another story. People want to keep their money.... ALL political types

Laura Ingraham? She's known as Conservative..Horowitz has been dissed here in in a group in LA for being a little too self-aggrandizing (though I think that's not fair and I talked to a member of one of those groups and did say "at least he gets things DONE, your group meets once a month to bemoan the state of affairs and does nothing, even with the huge names you've got in it!").....

So, maybe not Laura, maybe not David...Here's my answer , after some consideration (I know, you're all just waiting with baited breath, right!! NOT! LOL!)

We need a Republican and a Democrat. yup.

Laura and ...gee, who's a well known Lib on a radio program? Nobody TOO 'out there'..for instance, Michael Savage or Mark Levin would be TOO 'too'from the Right side, right?.....

they can't be a political office holders.

Well, people like Mary Matalin and james Carville? Except Im' quite sure Carville couldn't bring himself to do it. Agenda trumps party for him, in my opinion. Mary, I think she'd work with a lib if she saw his goal was the same. Carville's goals can't be the same for America as Matalin', cross them off!

I don't KNOW! Let me think more.

ANybody want to chime in? ONE or TWO people of different political affiliations? Because, let's face it, if you're not affiliated somehow, even only ideologically, then you wouldn't be interested in putting your hear into a movement like this, right?

I like Pat Cadell. He's a liberal who really thinks and is VERY guys know him. Fox (the only cable channel which ALWAYS presents both sides...ALWAYS) has him on frequently. So, how about pat Cadell from the Left and Laura Ingraham.....or someone like Karen Hanretty..or Fred Thompson , if we could just get some fire under HIS toosh!?

You guys tell me. Thanks for listening to my Virginia Woolfe recitation here! YIKES!


Anonymous said...

Well, we'll have to hear from Pat again here. I don't think there's such a thing as a non partisan person. I took him to mean someone other than a politician or former politician such as Newt, or someone with political aspirations.

I also think this is a conservative movement. That's not to say everyone who's against big government and high taxes is a republican, or considers himself a conservative.

Most people lead conservative lives even though they may not have an "R" after their name. Nor do I think it matters how big an ego someone like Horowitz may have.

It's organization that matters, and getting results. Of course the biggie is someone who would be willing and has some clout. It's hard work.

I don't believe for a minute that all those people at the rally were republicans. They were thousands of people who were angry about high taxes, and subsidizing other people's homes, etc.

And they were angry at the politicians in Sacramento, and Washington DC.

Frankly, I think we have to sway people to our side. That this is about America, not Party.

It was mostly conservatives who engineered Proposition 13, and it won by a two to one margin. The issue was not approached as political, it was approached as a tax revolt.

There's a big middle out there, it just has to be tapped.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Happy to see that you are involved. It will surely gain momentum gradually. As more and more people feel the tax pinch they will join. Our state just raised taxes on cigarettes about a dollar a pack. Taxes are taxes. They all will go up.

Z said...

Well, Pris, you magic words here are "this is a conservative movement" and "I don't believe all those people at the rally were Republians"

THIS IS GOOD. THIS is exactly what we need!! NON Conservatives joining with us in Conservative causes.

AND, convincing them at it IS a traditionally Conservative cause..that lower taxes, less CONSERVATIVE! WE have been saying this for years but our media just keeps chipping away from that truth with the insults and refusal to confirm this truth.

until we fix the media and our schools...and convince people that having conservative causes at heart is not EVIL, what's the point, really? PLENTY of people I've met agree with me on every subject (cocktail parties, dinners, etc.) but you say "Well, you sound like a Republican, too!" and it's "Oh, no..NO WAY"

I believe I've shared here my disappointment in a Black girlfriend who agreed wholeheartedly with me and then said "But, I could never be a Republican, I'd be letting my family down"
Right..and they probably all think the Left got the Civil Rights laws signed FINALLY, too.

It's education, folks...this girl is SMART as's not just educating, it's TRUTFUL education..

It's the Conservative job now to UNindoctrinate. And remind all Americans (something the left NEVER HAS DONE) that "BOTH sides are deserving of respect and dignity" Sadly, both sides of the aisles' politicians haven't really earned that.

Anonymous said...

Z, to me, this is about America. We see already where the left is going, and Republicans have let us down time and time again.

So, if the message is, "don't confiscate our money, don't expect us to subsidize those not willing to be responsible, and get the government out of our way", I think that's a winning message.

It doesn't matter which party people belong to if the message resonates. It wasn't that long ago Californians recalled Gray Davis, overwhelmingly. Most of them were Democrats.

I would say to your friend, "well no one is in the voting booth with you, remain a democrat and vote your true beliefs".

I know people who do just that.

They keep hoping their party will come around to what it once was.

We just have to keep pounding away, and not worry about what party someone belongs to.

If people are willing to listen, I believe they'll think about what we have to say. The more we say it, the more they'll consider it.

If this can get big enough, none of them will be able to ignore us.


Anonymous said...

Hi L&O - Yes our cigarette taxes have gone up too. This will unfortunately lead to a black market eventually.

Then instead of smokers subsidizing children's healthcare, who will pay for it then?

Maybe when they start taxing snack food, those folks can pay for it! It's always different when someone else's ox is gored.


Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! Good for you, Pris!

I'll keep my eyes and ears open for any rallies here in my area. I'd LOVE to attend one.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I agree that we are heading into black market possibilities. It is very difficult to legislate against personal proclivities. Prohibition spawned organized crime, so your point is well taken.

However, I need to say here I don't favor legalizing drugs that are currently illegal. That's an argument for a different day. Taxation and redistribution are going to be the downfall of BO.

Anonymous said...

L&O - I don't favor legalizing drugs either. You'll get no argument from me.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Pris! I've talked to the guys at CBS, and they say you're hired! :-) Well done.
This Friday during the Glenn Beck show at 5PM EST there will be people gathering at viewing rooms all over America. I'm going. Be there!


Z said...

Morgan, isn't Pris terrific?

@*$&@#& CBS..I'm keeping her HERE (LOL!)


Thanks for the reminder, Morgan.