Thursday, February 26, 2009

"The Last Country of Freedom and Possibility?"

In 1970 a KGB operative from the USSR, an expert in Indian culture and languages, found himself disgusted with the Soviet system and made his way to the West. His migration was at great personal risk, but he had decided he must be free and so he defected to the United States.

In 1984, G. Edward Griffin conducted an indepth interview of the ex-KGB operative, Yuri Bezmenov, which was essentially a study of comparison and contrast between the United States and the USSR. A portion of that interview is in the video below. It's important, as you watch this video, to remember that this interview is from 1984 - amazing how no one heeded his warnings and we are so much further down the path to total communism/socialism than we were then.

In 1984, Mr. Griffin billed Mr. Bezmenov as "one of the world’s outstanding experts on the subject of Soviet propaganda and disinformation and active measures." And while I've been unable to find anything on or from Mr. Bezmenov within the past few years - IF he is still alive, I have to believe that this moniker would still stand.

In November of last year, Useless Dissident transcribed a different part of this same interview. It's a great read that gives you a little bit of Yuri's background and where he's coming from in making the statements he makes in the above mentioned interview.

Very early in that interview - remember this was 25 years ago - Mr. Griffin put forth the following question:

"In this country, at the university level primarily, we read and hear that the Soviet system is different from ours, but not that different. And that there is a convergence developing between all of the systems of the world, and that really it doesn’t make an awful lot of difference what system you live under because you have corruption and dishonesty and tyranny and all that sort of thing. From your personal experience, what is the difference between life under Communism and life in the United States?"

It's clear that, although few of us realized it at the time, we were already well down the path to the one world 'convergence', ne collectivism, that Mr. Griffin mentions in his question. And today we're running down that road with the blessing of a good percentage of the [uninformed] population.

It's obvious that we never did heed bezmenov's recommendations for the proper, America-appreciating education of our youth and our citizens - So is it now too late for the U.S.?

What of the "force" he speaks of? Obama has been in office less than 30 days and we are further down the road to complete socialism than any could have thought would be possible after 30 months.

The constitution is worse than, as Thomas Jefferson warned, a 'mere thing of wax' in the hands of the Judiciary - It is now nothing more than a wad of trash in the hands of the most horrible Congress in the history of our country. The graceless bunglers making up this current Congress is working hard to reduce our country to a country of collectivism.

And if we don't stop it now, it will be too late.


Z said...

The text here is Heidianne's...(Biggirlpants blog..check it out!)She's a busy girl who hasn't been able to blog much lately, but TRUST ME, she's right in there fighting the Conservative cause with us all the time!)

Please send this blog address to nonblogging friends...This blog is on about 14 other blogs and the BURST is meant to MAKE AN IMPRESSION and hit as many people as possible OFF the blogs AND on.

Thanks, Everyone! ALL Americans need to see this video and read the text.

God bless. Z

Anonymous said...

Z this is an OUTSTANDING video! I remember the first time I saw it, wow! How do I get a good link for it to your website? I'd love to spread this around, with your permission of course.

I'm taking the day off to fire my new weapons! Ya, talk about fun!


Larry T. Durham said...

Various "tea parties" are springing up across America. The folks are getting restless! Barring something unexpected, I'll be attending one tomorrow in Greenville South Carolina and will blog on it that evening at Three Ball Dead.

Ducky's here said...

Further down the path to socialism? Huh?

I haven't seen any progress at all.

The struggle is eternal.

Anonymous said...

Let's turn this around Ducky. For a change, instead of challenging those here to give you a litany of examples so you can nit pick, you tell us what you consider progress regarding socialism to be.

And, please describe the end result you seek.


Z said... it this way, in case I post something above it...good luck!!

DaBlade said...

WOW! Powerful. We will become like Czechoslovakia "if you allow all the schmucks to bring the country to crisis. To promise people all kinds of goodies and a paradise on Earth. To destabilize your economy, to eliminate the principle of free market competition..."

educate educate educate.

Brooke said...

Larry: Please let us know how the tea party went.

mksviews said...

Amazing, for once ducky is tongue-tied, well done Pris.

Wow, what a video, that's almost surreal, how did he know? Makes me angry, knowing that in most western universities and elitist circles, there are traitors happy to sacrifice all of us so they can give the evil that is communism another chance.

I'm not optimistic that we can reverse things. If only those morons banging on about global warming were right, at least we could all just shove off to the artic when the damn ice actually melts.

Barry's Changes said...


CJ said...
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Z said...

CJ, many of us who've seen Bezmenov's video have Googled him, etc., and there's nothing.
Yes, he might have been killed...might have been forced into hiding. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Hi mks, I think Ducky chose to be the wrong fowl. Instead of one who quacks, perhaps one who clucks would be more appropriate!

On a more important subject:
I wonder, what would the world do without America. Who would come to their aid? Where would unfortunate souls dream to go? Who would fight their battles for them and free millions from their chains? And finally, who would spend billions to buy their goods?


CJ said...
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Incognito said...

I watched several videos of his interview right before the elections last year... if you didn't know the year you would think it was today.

very scary.

CJ said...
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Z said...

Pris, the Left doesn't like America having world power status, you know that.
When did they EVER do anything to show they know their history and honor and respect and want to perpetuate the dreams of the founding fathers?

When did they ever indicate they believe in the PEOPLE, that our talents and our strengths would get us through anything!? But, I don't have to remind you of that!

Ya, it'll be Europe screaming about why America isn't there for them anymore. let them

Anonymous said...

I know Z, but it's the left who wants us to feed the world's poor and for us to go into Darfur, or help Tibet.

It's only when we use our power to defend ourselves, that they balk.