Saturday, March 24, 2012


How cute are THOSE?   Kind of reminded me of Easter coming with the little chick, etc.......Isn't it cute?   have a great Saturday.......I'm sick of the political fighting and am taking a break today.....maybe longer.



Always On Watch said...

What darling photos!

Can't blame you for taking a break from political blogging, Z.

Things are really ratcheted up now -- and will only get worse all the way through Election Day.

sue hanes said...

Awwwwww. Soooo cute - Z.

Thanks Z.

Good for you - Z.

Brooke said...

Your daily dose of cute, filled! :)

SCdottr2012 said...

Very sweet.
I have a nine month old kitten that is currently demonstrating skills at fly killing.

He wrestles with large dogs.

Z said...

I woke up this morning and put news on. Obama's lines about how much oil he's allowed to be drilled is a lie...the oil being drilled is not on federal's had nothing to do with him.
We are less oil-dependent under him than Bush by I think it was 16 points.
Did you hear his talk yesterday? lies.

Then I hear we're not giving food donations to homeless shelters because the food isn't healthy enough.
That about did it for me this morning. I should have just looked at my kitty with the chick picture!
Time to do good things. No more ridiculous, deceitful news anymore for a day or so :-)

thanks, everybody..glad you found this cute, too.

Jan said...

You are wise, Z.

Sometimes, it just all gets to be too much, I know.

Yesterday, while watching him speak about the oil situation, I felt the same way you did, and wondered how he could do it with a straight face, knowing that he was, deliberately, trying to deceive.

I had to stop watching, it was so upsetting. That, and the remark he made about the young man who was killed in Florida, was just too much, and I felt horrible.

I couldn't get any of it out of my mind, even after going to bed, trying to go to sleep.

After awhile, to try to clear my mind, I thought of this scripture, and repeated it to myself, a few times.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
Philippians 4:8 (ASV)

That's what I'm trying to do, today, and I hope your day is happy, and carefree, too, even for only a little while.

Bob said...

Your pictures remind me of the cost of having the critter people out to get rid of the unwanted residents in my attic. It seems that I was hosting flying squirrels, which became meals for a local raccoon.

Once, when we had a big tom cat, I put the cat into the attic for a few hours and didn't have any unwanted visitors for several days. That's the only reason I miss the animal. It turns out that my wife is allergic to cat dander, and therefore we don't have a good mouser in the house anymore.

Cats are also nice to have around to keep the snakes out of the yard, too. They really love to play with reptiles, and will spend hours slapping and jumping at one.

Pris said...

"Then I hear we're not giving food donations to homeless shelters because the food isn't healthy enough.
That about did it for me this morning."

I heard that too Z. I'm feeling the same way you do. The far left is determined to take over everything. It's their way or the highway....or the grave.

Power is their one and only goal. Our people only matter to them if they can woo them into submission, and if they get their votes.

Other than that, they don't give A damn about the American people!

Common sense, and freedom will die an even quicker death if Obama get's re-elected.

Your chick, kitten picture is very sweet, thanks for that. Have a good weekend Z.

Z said...

Jan "Think on these things"...yes, what a beautiful verse that is and absolutely necessary these days..every day.
I can't watch Obama anymore, either. He has such a way of speaking which sounds like he's SO RIGHT and he's SO WRONG. I was stunned at the deceit...

As for the poor little boy who was killed; again, Obama has acted without knowing all the facts. SO happy to condemn.
And where is he when punk blacks kill innocent black kids? I keep hoping he uses those TEACHING MOMENTS to tell those PUNKS to get an education, get a heart, stop killing their own. Does he? NEVER.
WHat a MARVELOUS message it would be to black kids, and white kids...but, no...people might think he was hard on his race. Unreal. He doesn't have the guts.

Today, a carpet installer is here driving me NUTS. SO, I'm hiding downstairs trying to finish CRIME AND PUNISHMENT and will then watch four more installments of THE GRAND from Netflix!
AND, my stepson brought me a Bob's Burger from Bob's last night and I will be heating that up in a while and I'll be one happy girl!

have a good day yourself!

Pris, isn't it cute? I love kittens!

And yes...that thing about not feeding STARVING PEOPLE because the food ISN'T FAT FREE or something is UNBELIEVABLE!
It reminds me of the situation in Africa where people banned a chemical and now millions have died ...what was it, DDT? That's against malaria, I think.

Lisa said...

That is just the awesomest Z. Nothing more innocent than that. Enjoy your much deserved and much needed break.
Let the left stew in their own evil juices for awhile.

Silverfiddle said...

Politics is depressing, isn't it Z?

sue hanes said...

Don't do it -Z.

Don't go.

It was a hard week for me with Joe's Blog down since he got his hip replacement.

I need ya - Z. I check your blog or five times a day. And your blog has gotten Sooo good.

And your commenters are top of the line. Smart too.

So reconsider - starting with one of yer Sunday Faith Blogs.

And btw - I've got a great recipe for Borscht that I could share on your food blog.

Thanks Z.

You're the greatest.

: ]

Anonymous said...

"As for the poor little boy who was killed..."

Little boy? Where'd you get that impression from Z? He was over 6'2" and athletic enough to be a football player. Hardly little...more a grown man I'd say.

And he was pounding on Zimmerman...a chubby out of shape 5 foot niner too.

I'm surprised the LSM isn't using pictures of the guy when he was 3 years old...then they could call this guy a baby killer.

Ticker said...

Sometimes we have to re-direct Z. I know I did and I am much better off without the stress. My simple writings may not attract a lot of readers as do political ones but in the long run I had to question , which will do folks more good, politics or God.

I know I made the right decision just as you must decide for yourself where you feel you can be more at peace and do the most good.

Ecclesiastes 7:25
I applied my heart to know, To search and seek out wisdom and the reason of things, To know the wickedness of folly, Even of foolishness and madness.

Z said...

Imp, could you tell me where you heard the kid was pounding on Zimmerman? That's not even on the 911 tape. I'm curious. really is getting too much for me so I hope this weekend will help. But, of course, here I am again trying to make Dave Miller (on the post below) stop being so disingenuous. etc etc. ugh.

Thanks for the support. I really would rather not close down, and I have no intention to as of now, but the ugliness is beginning to get to me. Not here so much, but in general on TV, etc.

Z said...

and here, too, come to think of it :-)
And at your good blogs; the constant amazing ugliness of the left is really hard to take but, for me, it's like watching a train wreck or a scary movie; you say you don't want to see it but you cover your face with your hands then look thru your fingers, right?!!!

Anonymous said...

"Imp, could you tell me where you heard the kid was pounding on Zimmerman?.."

Pretty common knowledge down here and more will come out. When the cops got to Zimmerman...he was bleeding from facial cuts and had an open wound on the back of his skull...bleeding.

The cops administered first aid to him as well as an EMT unit.

A witness on a second floor balcony saw the "kid" on top of Zimmerman beating him.

Also there's evidence that the "kid" had abrasions on his knuckles. You know...the ones you use to punch someone out with your fists?

They think Zimmerman turned around to walk away from the "kid" after he questioned him....and the kid attacked him from behind. Maybe he used that can of Ice Tea to cold cock him with?

Mr. AOW said...

Nice pics.

I am so tired of politics right now. Especially tired of Obama's lies.

Z said...

Imp...I've heard plenty of news on this and I have never once heard that Zimmerman had been hit...
that's amazing.
That is truly amazing information...
I also heard another guy who did neighborhood watch in Zimmerman's area and he said he wasn't racist at all, never said anything racist, etc. Said he was a really good guy.

When I saw the kind of neighborhood it was, big homes, lots of grass, very suburban, I did wonder that Zimmerman would probably have known him if he was from the area....are there witnesses?

sue hanes said...

Z - I said a prayer for Dick Cheney.

I know he has family that loves him - and that he loves.

And I wrote a post a while back about Dick Cheney's grandchildren -as I saw pictures of him and his grandchildren in his book. They were good.

A heart transplant is pretty serious - to say the least. I'm not sure I would want to go through that.

I remember the first heart transplant - done by Christian Barnhart(?) - I believe.

Of course - it has become more commonplace now - but still - serious.

Kid said...

That's cute stuff right there.

If we all could stay as innocent and loving as children no??

Bob said...

Dick Cheney is a great man. few men have his record of achievement in life, and I am fortunate to live in his era. so called liberals criticize him because he is so many steps ahead of their thinking that all they can do is make jealous comments.

Long live Dick Cheney.

Kid said...

Imp. (Point - counterpoint?)

I think the witness is lying and that the shooter is lying. They've got cell phone recordings.

Here's the biggest part that bothers me. NO ONE has ever mentioned that the latino ever said to the kid, I'm a cop(he's not but still), or I'm in a position of authority ANd I'm armed. Even if the kid did break his nodie, and have him down, I think the kid Thought HIS life was in danger.

You know if someone was following you, you'd get pretty weirded out. If on the other hand the dude would have said "I'm neighborhood watch, in a position of authority And I'm armed", that makes that a WHOLE different situation.

Was the kid even on the gated community grounds? The cops told the latino he didn't need to follow the kid, they were on the way. The kids was walking away, not at the latino. There is just too much that doesn't add up, and the fact the dude never identified him self OR said he was armed is bullshit. To me.

I think the latino dude is a racist, a wanna be cop, and he did not have a spotless record. He was arrested once himself for resisting I heard on the rad this morning.

Lot's more to be revealed on this imo.

AND why did the police chief resign if he thought the shooting was righteous.

Almost Finally, Another race filled extreme situation just in time for the elections in Florida.

Finally. God what a tragedy. Such a needless shooting and young man's life canceled. Really sucks,

Kid said...

Z, Yea! Imagine. obama has NOTHING to do with the 'southern pipeline, and he is actually Out There taking credit for it being built.
2.) It's usleless without the Northern pipeline which he Cancelled. !

The Feds couldn't start it or stop it if their life depended on it !!!

Good God !

If they elect this POS imbecile again, we know this country is BROKEN beyond repair.

Z said...

Kid .."If they elect this POS imbecile again, we know this country is BROKEN beyond repair."

That's FOR SURE.

As for the FLA incident, I tend to think you're right. Zimmerman WAS, however, scratched up or something, apparently.
I'm really mixed on it because a fellow neighborhood watch guy said Zimm is a good guy and no racist, etc., PLUS what was that kid doing in a very suburban community just strolling along? It's boring's grass and houses! What's the story on why he was there, do you know?
He looked clean cut and his folks look like really fine people.

I shouldn't make any judgment with the little I know on this..and the information is SO conflicting.


Whatever,'s so sad that he lost his life.

Bob...Amen to those words on Cheney. I admire the guy.

Z said...


THAT'S THE YAHOO HEADLINE RIGHT that hilarious? Don't you think that's exactly as far as he'd want to go about confronting nukes...with a TRIP? :-)
I know what they mean, you know what they mean, but they inadvertantly sure put up a hilarious headline !

Z said...


Rita said...

Z: Re: your post above. Amen sister. I was shocked when I read that today.

I cannot for the life of my why the left decided to make Cheney into Satan. And yes, I've heard all the BS they claim. When I read their idiotic arguments I realize they could have absolutely no clue as to how business operate.

Their ignorance on Haliburton is astounding.

I still remember Dick Cheney's words on Meet The Press just after 9/11. That was the first time I remember ever hearing the word Al Qaeda.

To me, Dick Cheney is one of the smartest men in the country and the idiots who believe differently can kiss my..... nevermind.

Kid said...

Z, obama on a trip to the DMZ! That's the Most Audacious Thing done by a sitting president in 500 years !!!!! if ya get my drift. Hint Biden.


I know from my lunch buddies taking the CCW course here, the last thing you want to do as a carrying person is shoot someone.

- The kid was walking away, the dude should not have followed him. The CCW teachers would have said Do NOT follow the sucker. He's retreating not you.
- The CCW teachers (cops) tell you "Give him your purse." "Give him your car". The ONLY time you should pull the trigger is if you feel you have zero options and you or others lives are in danger.

The other thing they say is "A lawyer is going to follw every bullet that leaves your gun.

Worse comes to worse, I'll bet this goes to civil suit trial and zimmerman loses

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Aaaawwww! Very cute.