Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Obama Family Goes to Church

The Obama's attended church today.... I think he's gone about eight times (other than Camp David's chapel, which he says he visits when they're there) since he was inaugurated now, isn't it?  He can't go regularly  "because the security would just be too much," according to him, remember?  And, it's generally been a Black church.......but not this time.  Cool that security allowed them to walk through Lafayette Park today to get there.  Ronald Reagan regularly attended Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles when he was here at his L.A. home, but I suppose things are even tougher, security-wise, since 9/11.

I don't personally give a hoot if he goes or where he goes, that's a very personal thing...and I'd imagine it felt really good to a family as cloistered as an American president's to be able to take a short walk like they are in my image, even though security probably swarmed around them.  Well...I hope he got a lot from the service and hope they make it a regular thing since they had so specifically talked about finding a church home.

Campaigning brings all kinds of good things up in us, doesn't it?  ("Say Hallelujiah!")



Steve Finnell said...

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Sorry to say, I'm not impressed.
His history of church is Rev. Wright.
Or Ramadan services.
Was it a campaign appearance?

Rita said...

What? Are you implying that he only attended a non-black church because he wants to be re-elected?

Surely not.

Actually, I'm kinda surprised it wasn't a Catholic Church with some progressive Obama supporting priest to prove he's not at war with religion.

sue hanes said...

Z - Hallelujiah!

Well - He's the President - isn't he? He can go to church or not.
He's the Decider.

Remember when George Bush The Elder
was President - Z? He didn't want to eat broccoli cause he didn't like it - see. So he sez - I'm the President of the United States - and I'm Not Gonna Eat Broccoli!!!

Well - I recall that got a lot of Press.

And it's the same thing about going to church. If our Really Cool Guy Prez doesn't want to go to church - then he doesn't have to.

Hope ya had a good Sunday - Z.

: )

Kid said...

he's a mulsim activist. Any of this that goes on is all for show.

@Steve Finnell, you are invited to not spam other people's blogs, but hey, thanks for the warning.

sue hanes said...

Kid - If I checked out Steve Finnell's blog does it mean my computer is spammed?

Z said...

THanks, Steve, you've invited me to do that before. I don't follow anybody, but thanks for coming by.

Ed, that's my point :-) Yes, I think so.

Rita, amazing , wouldn't it be?!
Good point about a Catholic church; cozying up to them since the contraception fiasco.

Sue, my post. Who gives a darn if he goes?
It's the lie. He gave interviews about how they'd be picking a church as soon as they got to DC, yadda yadda.
And church going doesn't have too much to do with broccoli, don't you think!?

Kid, right..
and I had to giggle at your comment to Steve :-)

Sue, no....Steve just goes around leaving comments like this, which is really utterly SPAM. I'm sure he's a nice guy, just probably doesn't know the ropes of blogging.
You won't have a problem if you go there. Unless you do for some other reason.

Rita said...

Steve: If you want traffic to your site, participate (in an meaningful way) on other sites. Make your comments relevant and/or interesting. Sometimes some people will "follow you home" and sometimes they won't.

If you post a blog online, then it's always assumed everyone is invited, you don't have to post and invite someone.

Some people might read what you write and some people might find your post boring.

It's not a personal thing. I find that people with a lot of commenters rarely spend time visiting others blogs unless they've been online friends for awhile.

Those who don't have regular readers or commenters may just be like me. We write because we want to. We appreciate comments, but our ego isn't tied to them.

I readily admit my boring life stories wouldn't appeal to most people.

Z gets a lot of traffic because she's been posting and responding online for years.

Her posts are thoughtful and encouraging and attract a lot of intelligent debate (with the exclusion of 2 or 3 people).

We all disagree at various times just as we all agree at times too. There's a few antagonists amoung us, but for the most part it's a lively debate intended to educate, relate and sometimes completely disagree.

If you have something worthwhile to say, say it. If you don't, inviting someone to your blog won't get you any traffic.

Btw, I would estimate a significant amount of the traffic on my site is from strange men googling pictures of Giada, which is really getting irritating.

Z said...

Rita, just saw your blog; congratulations on your new position!
(Coffey's comment would have made me spit my coffee if I'd been drinking anyway! HAAA!)

Z said...

Rita, good advice to Steve....He comes around every six months or so and I'd have thought he knew the ropes by now.

I haven't visited half as much as I used to but the advice I have to get followers is RESPOND TO YOUR COMMENTERS. (of course, the posts need to be interested, etc., but most are)..
I have never been to a blog and commented and felt good about coming back when the blogger hadn't at least answered some of the comments...doesn't necessarily have to be mind that's answered.

For some, it's ego, for people like me and most of the wonderful commenters I'm so blessed by (including you!), it's the feeling of sharing ideas with mostly like-minded people, seeing others feel as passionately about important things as you do, seeing what other bloggers have to say, etc. I love blogs with personal stuff,like yours often is, or Bob's or Ed's.....and I try to include things like that here from time to time...but, mostly, of course, they're political at the blogs, so it's important to inform, etc.

But it's RESPONDING, having a little "LIVING ROOM BLOG" as it were, you know? Where people chat and get to know each other, argue a little, commiserate a little, etc.

AOW and I always answer our commenters....SF does (unless he's got 220 comments!), Cube does, Chuck does, Joe does..Kid does, etc ... and THOSE (and others, I know I'm leaving some great bloggers out cuz I'm tired!) are the blogs which are fun to visit BECAUSE the blogger's really interested, not just "blogging for comments" (sounds like DIALING FOR DOLLARS!!)

Z said...

Ed Bonderenka, by the way, did a post about his wife who's not well right now and he mentioned how amazing our community of bloggers are because we barely know each other but we'll pray for each other..he's so right. That's a great benefit of blogging; meeting wonderful, kind people.

Please, everybody, pray for Scherie Bonderenka....she's having tests and we need to have the docs figure out what's going on and find an easy 'fix' for her! Thanks, folks.

Rita said...

Coffey is known for making women spit. WAIT! That didn't come out right.

Let me rephrase that.

CoffeyPot is known for turning every subject into something about women.

He's quite entertaining and harmless (I hope). Funny guy.

Sometimes I think he's my husband's twin brother. I see him repeat so many lines I hear everyday at home and which I wouldn't repeat online.

Okay, that's not entirely true. Sometimes I do repeat them online, but I like to make it appear that I'm a prude about such things.

It's all in good fun. Nothing at all like my ex SIL who met and %%&$ guys online. CnC (Rumbles from the Vent) would post about it if he could, but his daughter sometimes reads his blog, so it's not something we discuss on our sites, although I would love to tell the story.

But I digress.

Ducky's here said...

Imagine. And he sat throught every sermon of Reverend Wright's for twenty years.

Z said...

Rita, hilarious! It WAS a funny (if filthy) comment! And, can we NOT laugh, right? he's a kick!

Ducky...what does that have to do with this post?
And you're not really going to say "poor obama didn't know about Wright's sermons," are you? :-)

Lisa said...

Maybe he took his shoes off for all the patrons to come up and kiss his feet.

sue hanes said...

But Z - That's exactly my point.

Sure going to church doesn't have anything to do with broccoli - but it's all about being President - and you can do whatever you please.

You can go to church or not - or eat broccoli - or not.

And Z - even after blogging for over four years - I'm not sure I know the ropes of blogging.

: ]

'Unless you do for some other reason' meaning go to Steve Finnell's blog

I don't Really get what you mean there - Z.

beakerkin said...


Actually, Obamas Church is really disturbing on many levels. Liberation Theology is an abomination and Black Liberation Theology is merely racism and Marxism blended in a nasty brew.

We use the term Black Church and in most cases it is a decent church that caters to a local congregation. The audience is Black
but the message is similar to what you find elsewhere except there is likely a greater focus on song. In the case of Wright we are talking about a different animal as the Church is anti American, racist and venomously anti semitic.

I don't care what Church he goes to as his ideas are lousy and he has no leadership ability. I am also sick and tired with the MSM excuses for behavior that would have gotten anyone else laughed off the ballot.

Ducky's here said...

beak, how the hell would you know?

beakerkin said...


You don't think that as a person that lives in the most diverse city on the planet except maybe London that I have been a variety of houses of worship. The only disturbing thing I saw at the local
Churches here are mimes at a funeral.

I hate mimes period. Someone else commented it reminded them of a reverse minstrel show. I didn't feel that way but mimes at a funeral would get me to come out of the coffin and open a can of whoop #%$%^%$55 on whatever dullard thought that one up.

Did I say I hate mimes? Yesh....

I have zero patience for reform Judaism and walked out of an idiotic sermon about animal rights.
Obviously, this hippy moron Rabbi never read the third book. I won't walk out in any other house of worship out of respect.

I had a long conversation with that
idiotic Rabbi in private. It was not exactly friendly as he was insulted that I got up and did not return. The congregants thought I went to the bathroom. Apparently, such reactions are deemed uncivil.
Better, to leave the assembly before the hippy Rabbi found out what uncivil means in my neck of the woods. I never returned despite
being invited multiple times. I did
not respond to any questions from the congregants about why I would not return, only the Rabbi knew.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I was also thinking that it must be campaign season Z.

And i have to say if obama was going to the same church as me, i'd have to ask some serious questions about it.

Rita said...

Beak: Mimes at a funeral? Did I read that right? Maybe my eyes are fuzzy this morning.

or is that a euphemism for something else?

Otherwise that is about the funniest thing I have ever heard of.

Obviously we in middle America have little variety of churches, especially in the suburbs.

On a regular basis, our church joins several others in feeding the homeless in downtown Indianapolis. I've found in those occasions the ministers of a "black" church would pray with us with much more fervor than what I'm used to.

He was fantastic and I loved his style. He also began to sing while we all held hands and his voice was amazing. I would enjoy that type of worship even though it would be completely different than what I'm used to.

I'm hoping the vast majority of black church do not preach the hate that Wright does. I won't dignify that man with a title.

Always On Watch said...

The Obamas do seem to be attending church more often during this campaign season.

Liberalmann said...

Oh, how I love to see supposed Christians pointing their judgmental,'holier than thou' fingers at others.

Z said...

Oh, GOD...libdude's making his rounds. WHat's this pay you?

READ, please..THEN comment, Or better yet...just go away?
You blather on without reading the posts and it's truly embarrassing for you. man

Anonymous said...

Nothing more than a photo op to appeal to all the Baptists and others that he's mocked and ignored. You know..those who cling to their Bibles and such?

Plus...another missed....op.

The man is a hustler and an unashamed fraud.

beakerkin said...

Rita that was no misprint. There were actual mimes at a funeral and mimes are annoying.

I hate mimes.

Anonymous said...

"Beak: Mimes at a funeral? Did I read that right? Maybe my eyes are fuzzy this morning...."

My take Rita was that he was referring to "hand signers"...which seem to be everywhere now...even if there aren't any deaf folks around?

Rita said...

So which is it Beak?

Are the mimes at funerals REAL mimes or are you referring to interpreters for the deaf?

I think I need some video of these mimes overtaking funerals.

That's just beyond my comprehension.


Average American said...

He goes to church just about as often as he can and still get a photo op out of the trip. If he went every Sunday, the press might not make such a big deal out of it. That weasel does NOTHING just because it might be the right thing to do. He has an ulterior motive for everything he does.

Z said...

Avg American, excellent point.

Rita..yes, hand signers.

beakerkin said...


No these were actual mimes with white faces at a funeral. Some workers really thought it was in dreadful taste