Friday, March 16, 2012

KONY's exposer.......

.....exposes more than KONY.   Can you BELIEVE THIS? believe in people and they have fabulous projects you're proud of them for spearheading, and now this happens? 



Rita said...

I'm not usually a skeptic, but the overwhelming sudden acceptance of everything this film had left me wondering whether the money that was being sent to the makers would be going to the right place.

I never watched the video, but just saw bits and pieces. I figured that even if most of the funds may not be going to where it should, it couldn't be a bad thing to get the public involved so much that the unified voice could bring about change.

I heard a couple stories about whether Kony had been incapacited in recent years and was largely on the run, but still drawing attention to this kind of thing wouldn't be bad.

I really wish they would have created such a stir for the people of Dafur or now Syria or even those in Iran that do not want to live under such a horrible regime.


Z said...

Or Zimbabwe, Rita...where Mugabe is wretched. You're right.

I saw this guy and his partner interviewed and they had perfectly acceptable, upright answers for where the money goes. I don't doubt that this guy has the people hurt by Kony's best interests at heart...I just feel so crestfallen when I admire people and they do something this disgusting and public.
What's he THINKING?

it is sad...the whole thing is very sad. OH, and yes, I've heard KONY's started behaving better...but they think 1000 people are dead just last year because of his actions.
Teaching children to KILL THEIR PARENTS, imagine?

I heard missionaries from COlombia, I believe (it was somewhere in S. America), say that the cops there kill children who have no parents and are on the streets...

I don't think we have any idea how bad things can get around the world.

Elmers Brother said...

What gets me and my fellow Iraqi veTS is that these same people who support getting rid of Kony were against are efforts in Iraq with a dictator who was just as bad or worse.

Z said...

Elbro...what a terrific comparison. You are so right.
Yes, why do you suppose?

Elmers Brother said...

Because Bush was a Republican. Also the Congress passed the authorization for these troops against Kony in the middle of the night without so much as a public debate.

Elmers Brother said...

This hurts Z.

Ducky's here said...

I knew this guy was dirty.

It's odd that Obama sending "advisers" to Uganda to help sniff out the last of the LRA drew no attention.

Then someone trying to run a scam posts up on Youtube and everyone knows about a story that's 15 years running.

Z said...

Elbro, OUR TROOPS? I don't think our troops went, did they?
And what 'hurts'??

Ducky, I think you're wrong about that. Things have been clearing up in the wake of that monster Kony mostly because these guys have been tailing him for 9 YEARS to make this documentary.
I think it's been a powerful way to bring this kind of horrid situation to the public's consciousness, don't you?

Am going out so I can't answer for a while ...see you all way later or tomorrow. Thanks.xx

Silverfiddle said...

How do you pleasure yourself while simultaneously vandalizing cars?

The guy must be talented... or exceptionally well-endowed...

Elmers Brother said...

Yes our troops. The hypocrisy of our own friends and neighbors who criticized the work we did in Iraq, but are totally enamored with getting rid of Kony.

Rita said...

EB: Maybe that's why I was skeptical upon hearing a little about this to begin with.

Anything that becomes a fad so quickly makes me think the story may be a little too slick.

While I have little respect for most celebs in Hollyweird and I don't agree with George Clooney on a lot of things, I admire that his passion seems to be with true genocide.

Sadaam's genocide was not politcally correct to oppose, so Iraq became the left's talking point and they were successful in making people believe that he was just a misunderstood good guy.

I find it hilarious that the left still continues to say we invaded for oil.

If that was the case, where in the hell is our oil? I know, we'll hear the left say it's sitting in Dick Cheney's private reserve.

Anonymous said...


Every paragraph...every on.


Anonymous said...


BTW...want to convert to CNG? 4 to 6k per car.

Anonymous said...

Why is this guy any more of a monster than Mugabe? or Idi? This is the way things are done in the sub continent of Africa. Last month it was Liberia....

Ducky's here said...

Because Elmo, we haven't done anything in Iraq but switch dictators.

On the other hand the Congolese hell that we helped create going back to Eisenhower and Kennedy's assassination of Lumumba has largely freed itself of Kony and is healing a bit after the millions upon millions of deaths.

So they would be that much better off without Kony.

Or we can install the likes of Seko again in the region. We are always a force for good.

Anonymous said...

"So they would be that much better off without Kony...."

And they might be much better off with the re colonization of the entire mess of Africa.

They haven't made much progress towards independence, freedom and democracy since the "colonialists" were forced to abandon them and..hand over..."freedom' to their despots either.

Were the British, French and Spaniards that bad?

Rita said...


"Every paragraph...every on."

That's just because you have a crush on me. ;) Well I'm assuming you do since you proposed.

But you may change your mind since I had to google what CNG was.

Btw, the last time I got a marriage proposal was by some young good looking guy who was an executive at a company I worked for. So think big bucks here.

It was because I brought in my world famous homemade chicken and noodles.

He took one bite, said in front of everyone, "Will you marry me?"

I said, "Show my your financial statement first."

The office had a good laugh at both of us.

I still like to claim I was just so irristable that the young man didn't care that he was married and so was I. But something tells me that I'm probably lying to myself.

Anonymous said...

"It was because I brought in my world famous homemade chicken and noodles...." crack me up. And I've probably "proposed" to Ms. Z, FW and prisc too...LOL

I'm a sucker for independent in your face women. So...I'll convert to Mormonism.... and love you all.

But., my area...Chicken and noodles....can fix all that ails any man.


Rita said...

Dang it, I just realized I implied I wasn't "stable". I hate typos especially when my fingers used to know better.

Sadly Imp, Z doesn't know what chicken and noodles are. We had a series of emails back and forth because she thought I was referring to chicken noodle soup.

Sad those west coast-ers have missed out on the goodness of real food.

I'm betting she's never experienced a tenderloin sandwich either.

If you're not from Indiana, not sure anyone knows what I'm referring to.

Anonymous said...

"If you're not from Indiana, not sure anyone knows what I'm referring to."..

I sure as hell do. Chicken and noodles first OK. Z is a west coast girl.....some things take time to go from east to west...rather than west to east.....which none of us want any longer.

Kid said...

Can I believe it? Hell yea. Evil can be found in every facet of society..

Anonymous said...


What? Compared to...? Are you saying that Western values should take a back seat to....4th world genocide?

Rita said...

Imp: FYI: I sent you an email a few days back. Z sent your address.

Anonymous said...

" FYI: I sent you an email a few days back. Z sent your address....

RITA...sorry...cant't find it...send it again? If you want? I'll definitely look out for it. you mind?

Elmers Brother said...

Its OK duhkky you're not the first to pour salt on a wound

Z said...

Rita, you say "I find it hilarious that the left still continues to say we invaded for oil.
If that was the case, where in the hell is our oil?"

Rita, you're so right. It makes about as much sense as the left still insisting Republicans are racist ...what, for having wanted Herman Cain or Alan West president? The fun never stops, does it.

Elbro..thanks..that's what I thought.
And you're right.

Ducky, you say "Because Elmo, we haven't done anything in Iraq but switch dictators."
Man, are YOU not paying attention.

Imp, you say "And they might be much better off with the re colonization of the entire mess of Africa."
I have never met anyone from Africa who didn't say things were better during colonial least they ATE.
BY the way, since the brilliant Nelson Mandela's way of handling things, I know actors who've worked in S Africa for years but now find they can't walk the streets of Johannesburg anymore for threat of death by gangs. I also had friends years ago who had farms in S. AFrica and they said that, after Apartheid ended, their Black farmers who worked for them didn't want to leave the farm; they were treated well and loved my friends, the Fletchers.
Does that mean I want Apartheid back? Of course not. Was it done badly? HELL YES>

Rita and Imp; sorry, but I'd trade chicken and noodles for anything we make in California! You all can rag on us all you want, but we have INCREDIBLE food and marvelous home cooks...believe me.

Elbro, I'll kiss it and make it better :-) comes Imp's email address. Again :-)

sue hanes said...

Z - I guess this shows that ya never know - about People.

Z said...'s so sad, isn't it.

Rita said...

Oh Z. The minute I read that you have "marvelous home cooks" I thought you meant some chef that comes to your home. ;)

Hon, you haven't lived until you've had a fresh Indiana tomato, sweet corn direct from the garden and some hunted down morels.

Elmers Brother said...

I so wish it were that simple Z. Some of my friends didn't return alive.

Z said...

Rita, no...but most of my friends are amazing cooks. Everything from comfort food to Asian fusion..
And, honey, I thought I'd lived until I had THE reddest, sweetest tomatoes I ever had at just the right time of the year in Munich on my first trip there.
We were visiting my husband's best friend's family (it was my first trip there) and I was starving and waiting for appetizers before dinner and out came a bowl of TOMATOES. I was thinking "WHAT?" Until I had one. Holy COW.

Anyway, that's Germany and this is California, and brother, we've got a zillion different ethnic cuisines and kind of the best from all over AMerica..
I'm sure you've got great food there, too, but to say anybody out here's "missed out on the goodness of real food" is ...wrong!

Elbro... very tough

Rita said...

Lol Z. Other than the fresh veggies, I can assure you none of my food is healthy stuff. If I could get fresh seafood in this land locked state, I would love it.

Never made it to Munich, but I will confess nothing tasted better than the meals we had at the agriturismo in Volterra, Italy.

I have the right email for Imp, maybe I'm going into the spam box.

It was quite entertaining explaining your email to my husband this morning since we're fighting over Imp. ;)

My husband's a big harmless flirt much more than I am, but I think he wondered for a minute why I was fighting over a man online.


Z said...

Hi,'s fun, isn't it, to goof around like we are with Imp!
I'm glad you've got the right email; I'll email him and tell him to look in SPAM!?

As for food in Italy? MANIFICO!

It's appearing that this guy is mentally ill ... I suppose none of us thought he'd do anything this wild for 'fun' but I feel like I condemned him more than feeling sorry for him.
Mostly, because I feel like every time something good happens, like his exposing this and making people aware of Africa's monsters, the person dies or does something insane...and it's so disillusioning.

He needs prayers that he can be helped with medication and returned to a good life.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

The news article mentions the fellow was 'masturbating' in public. That's seriously weird, maybe he really did have a mental break down.