Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FOX NEWS, not Al Qaeda's preference

David Ignatius wrote an article about Al Qaeda and the plot to kill Obama....HERE is the link.
In this link, I found the following thoughts of Bin Laden's media guy, the American Al Qaeda creep, Adam Gadahn:

“It should be sent for example to ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN and maybe PBS and VOA. As for Fox News let her die in her anger,” Gadahn wrote. At another point, he said of the networks: “From a professional point of view, they are all on one level — except [Fox News] channel, which falls into the abyss as you know, and lacks objectivity, too.” 
Ignatius adds:

"What an unintended boost for Fox, which can now boast that it is al-Qaeda’s least favorite network."

One can only imagine what Al Qaeda would look on as 'objectivity' :-)  As one who's probably overly interested in how the media portrays the news, I thought this was fascinating.



sue hanes said...

You make a good point here - Z.

And I can only repeat what you say - and that is that if Al Qaeda
does not like Fox News - then -
in fact - Fox News has scored - a victory.

Because who wants to be associated with ANYTHING Al Qaeda likes.

Myself - I like CNN - but they Really could stand to overhaul their news system. I mean - they report the stupidest things. And they obsess over the dumbest news stories - until I could scream.

What I like about CNN - though - are the People themselves.

Oh well.

Thanks Z - for yet another great post.

Your Blog Is Doing So Well.

I mean at least ya get comments - like I NEVER do.

I wonder why...

: ]

Elmers Brother said...

Objectivity is an illusion.

Always On Watch said...

I don't watch Fox News any much.

Frankly, the women anchors there are all of a certain type, and I don't care for that -- particularly in the morning when one of the anchors wears plunging necklines that are more appropriate for a cocktail party.

As for the pundits, well, there's a sameness about what they say.

Most of the time.

That said, I agree that Gadahn's hatred of Fox News is a plus for the broadcasting network.

PS: Prince Alawaleed of Saudi does own an interest in FNC. I wonder if Gadahn despises the Saudi prince. I think so as AQ has "issues" with the royal house of Saudi Arabia.

Ducky's here said...

Now al-Qaeda is your media critic?

This is choice.

sue hanes said...

AOW - I'm with ya on the plunging necklines - which are ok - but should be reserved for cocktail parties.

Chuck said...

One can only imagine what Al Qaeda would look on as 'objectivity' :-)

Look no further than the nets, CNN, or MSNBC. "Objectivity" means reporting the news in a way that does not hold Islam accountable for what it does.

cube said...

If I neeed to catch some TV news, I prefer FOX, but I don't watch it for prolonged periods. Once I catch the news cycle, I move on.

I do like to start the morning with news, but Fox & Friends has been dumbed down to the point of idiocy.

MSNBC's Morning Joe is so incredibly liberal that I can't keep a straight face at the stuff they discuss.

Basically, I find myself jumping between the above and Imus In The Morning until my news fix is satisfied at around 8AM.

Z said...

Ducky, your comment actually made me laugh!! You have an incredible way of getting around a point you need to ignore. bravo !;)

AOW..it's not only the necklines but the LEGS on FOX. THankfully, the women are bright, but I can't imagine women that bright taking that direction and liking it...legs, legs, legs.
You should see the local news in the morning I don't watch here anymore.........like they're going to a cocktail party at a brothel...

Cube, all of MSNBC makes me laugh. But at least they don't say they're not biased! I find CNN almost as bad as MSNBC quite often; they try to hard to look more stuffy than MSNBC but their 'news' is THEIR news, not THE news.

Z said...


Did you all hear that the New York Times called George Zimmerman "a white Hispanic"?!!

Of course, had he won the Nobel, they'd have left the White off.

I found that astonishing..A WHITE HISPANIC so people get the WHITE ON BLACK crime, of course.....
no wonder Al Qaeda likes liberal news !!

Lisa said...

Maybe its' the plunging necklines Al Qaeda doesn't like.
I agree I wish the women would dress a little more professionally.
These women are educated and smart.
I admit I watch Hannity because I like the "panel" at the end of the show . I like the "Five" and if I am up AT 3am "Red Eye"
Greg Guttfeld cracks me up.
I watched the interview with Rush Limbaugh on Greta Van Susteren and now I see why liberals don't like him. He is threatening to theri agenda. The left hates that there are smart Conservatives so instead they use their Obama/Alinsky tactics to discredit them to convince people they are insignificant, because they can't debate them ,when in reality they are quite the opposite.

Ticker said...

I like the legs and for the most part are more interesting than the topics on the Five which is about the only time I catch Fox News.

Breast / cleavage-- Breast is more important on good fried chicken.

Sam Huntington said...

Zimmerman is a white Hispanic in the same sense that Obama is a white black. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for our white-black president to address the racial atrocity in Kansas City. No, don't worry. I'm not holding my breath.

Z said...

Sam, I think it's a little different with Obama.... the NYTimes only said WHITE Hispanic because they felt they MUST insert (what we're now finding is a lie) that A WHITE MAN KILLED A BLACK MAN WITH NO PROVOCATION...that's all.

Lisa..you THINK Rush threatens their agenda? :-)
I have to admit I don't listen to his radio show and don't much watch Greta but did catch Rush a couple of times while flicking thru channels and he intrigued me...he makes such sense.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Yet again, lefties are in agreement with muslim terrorists, shock-horror.

lisa said...

Lisa..you THINK Rush threatens their agenda?
Sorry Z just checked back here.

Oh I really do because he has alot of listeners who have the same principles as him and he is intelligent and can counter almost any of the propaganda from the left wing media. Like you college professor above.

Z said...

Lisa, I'm so sorry...I meant that as a kind of rhetorical question.
I think it's fairly well known Rush totally threatens the agenda AND informs Americans of a kind of thinking the Left doesn't want to permit.
You're right...absolutely. NO DOUBT about it.