Saturday, March 10, 2012

"A Philosophical Night with Sandra Fluke"

Blogging doesn't get much more clever than THIS post at DaBlade's 'Chattering Teeth' blog!
I just had to feature it's FABULOUS!  You won't want to miss the laughs!  Enjoy!

as for the image?  Shudder .



Brooke said...

Ow, my side! HA!

sue hanes said...

Z - Rush was out of line to say what he did to Sandra Fluke.

She called him on it - then he apologized.

All's Well That Ends Well.

But it does work out well that Bloggers can use this to write Really Good Stuff - like DaBlade.

Rita said...

How offensive!!!! Fluke, I mean, not DaBlade.

My brother did a post that would have some feminists howling again (I mean if they ever STOP howling).

(For some reason I couldn't get the html link to work.)

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thanks for stopping by then heading over to Dale's. I'm sure he is very honored by your praise.

And as far as the post goes ... There is no better word than SLUT for someone that describes their sex life before Congress then asks for taxpayer money to support that sex life.

DaBlade said...

Haha! Hi Z! As you know, I usually try to make my point with humor and I am sometimes successful. The jury is mixed on this one with my Facebook friends, with some calling it a hateful rant. This from folks who know me as a loving husband, father, friend and neighbor. While I recognize I am being less than complimentary to Miss Fluke, she put herself in this position for attacking my church. I am not very good with turning the other cheek. Thanks for the link!

Ed Bonderenka said...

"When even casual sex requires a state welfare program, you're pretty much done for."
That's what Mark Steyn wrote at:
Rita's right about her brother's post:
Sluts should be outraged at being compared to a socialist tool like Fluke.

Pris said...

Sue, you really don't have the luxury of criticizing Rush when you are such a big fan of Bill Maher, who has said much worse about conservative women.

Somehow I don't see you taking exception with Maher's filthy mouth.

As for Sandra Fluke, she's a political hack! Nothing more, nothing less.

Ed Bonderenka said...

BTW: is slut an acronym for stupid liberal undergraduate twit?

Elmers Brother said...

Ed extra space between forward slashes

That piece is classic Steyn!

Always On Watch said...


My sides are hurting so bad that I need some ibuprofen.

sue hanes said...

Pris - I'm REALLY not sure why you are jumping all over me this time.

I was merely summing up what happened here:

Rush said it.

She called him on it.

He apologized.

and didja get this - Miss Pris?

Rush attacked Bill Maher - then
Bill stood up for Rush - because Bill felt that Libs shoulda Let It
Be - since Rush did apologize.

Hey - I have a very close NON-relationship with Bill Maher - and that is - I've never even met him -nor has be ever acknowledged - in any way - that he knows I exist.

I just think that Bill Maher is a good, decent person - who happens to have a dearth of the Best Ever Dirty Jokes(oh yeah - and he can get insulting at times.)

I never used to even LIKE dirty jokes - Pris - until I didn't meet Bill Maher.

Now I'm hooked - Pris.

I try to be nice when I come to
Z's Blog - these days - having learned my lesson - I hope.

Please do not uduly pick on me -
Miss Pris.


Z said...

Soooo. just got an email from a friend who'd invited me, last minute, to a Mark Levin event at the Reagan Library last night. I couldn't go.
The email said that, out of 800 attendees, he'd requested that Wendy be sat at his table (with ME..of course he didn't know it would have been ME)>! DAMN DAMN DAMN!
And, it ended up she couldn't go, either...sudden sickness in her family!
I'd have liked to have had dinner with Mark Levin!

Z said...

Brooke, isn't DaBlade hilarious and smart?

Sue, I don't understand why you feel so picked on through, for example, Pris's comment? Who doesn't agree with her? Maher has used the most vile language EVER against Malkin, Ingraham, Coulter, etc...all Conservatives, all women. It's just a fact, not an attack against you. He's made you 'hooked' on dirty jokes? Well, good on him, I guess?
This isn't picking on anybody, this is just OUR OPINIONS.

Odie, I think that word fits her, too. And, sadly, too many young women who have morals of alley cats, let's face it. I feel so sorry for young people today who mess themselves up like this.
2000 years of relative decency (and, please, lefties, nobody's suggesting everyone was highly moral but they kept it to themselves, and don't ask me to define moral, that's insane and part of our problems), and now young single women have no compunction or embarrassment with going on TELEVISION and talking about wanting their birth control paid for by others. Did you see Fluke turn to her peanut gallery with the smug look on her face, by the way?
AGENDA. and lies, of course.

DaBlade...I just had to let more people see your post ... Were those on Facebook who didn't appreciate the humor more leftwing? I'm curious.

Ed. "sluts should be outraged" THAT, my friend, is FUNNY!

AOW...glad you enjoyed it!

Ticker said...


Don't take it off. ARRRRRGHHHHH!

Z said...

Steyn ROCKS ...check this out from Ed's wonderful link "....Georgetown is so nominally Catholic that the cost of her sex life runs to three grand – and, according to the star witness, 40 percent of female students "struggle financially" because of the heavy burden of maintaining a respectable level of pre-marital sex at a Jesuit institution."

Thanks, Ed!

And RITA>.your brother's post is a wonderful rant, thanks for linking it here. I like that so many men see the indecency and hypocrisy of Fluke, Maher, etc.

Z said...

I almost wrote under the picture "One button...then the next button.." But I thought it was unseemly! You cracked me up ...I was hoping everybody'd get what that pic looked like. Of course, DaBlade had found it; I copy/pasted it from his post.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

He a funny man that DaBlade. Thanks for sending us there.

sue hanes said...

Z and Pris - I have been thinking about Pris' remark - concerning my penchant for tolerance - when it comes to Bill Maher.

And I believe that a lot of it is the difference in our Political leanings - that I am a Liberal and you both are Conservative.

I have observed that Conservatives are generally offended by use of cerain 'bad'wors - I simply am not - and it is probably because I am a Liberal - at heart.

Now certainly there must be other reasons why people do not like Bill Maher - but his use of dirty jokes and vulgarities - most likely turn Conservatives off to him.

sue hanes said...

Z - You mention that Ann Coulter is one of the persons who Bill Maher uses offensive language against - yet it is common knowledge that Ann Coulter is one of his close friends.

And Z - I like to comment here - and I hope if I do not mention Bill Maher anymore - that you will allow me to do so.

And I withdraw the accusation that Pris was picking on me.

Z said...

Sue, you seem to get a kick out of throwing Maher's name around and reminding us you're voting for Obama then wondering why we call you on it! YOu get offended when we remind you that Maher hits on under aged girls and uses language FAR worse than Rush could have ever come up with.
It's not a badge of honor to enjoy dirty language...It's none of anybody's business but I find myself using language I'm not proud of from time to time...I just don't do it in writing, I think that's even more unseemly than saying it somehow.

Maher stands against everything that COnservatives hold near and dear, so while I personally just don't understand the hero worship on your part, I guess it might help if you stop throwing a red flag in front of good bulls and wondering why they run after you!?

How can someone watch Rush CASTIGATED by the media for SLUT and put a blind eye on the horrible language Maher uses against all Conservative women?
Yes, he's a friend of Coulter's...I used to like him, too. SHe obviously has a higher threshold than I do.

This isn't a challenge, Sue. We can be angry with each other and just move on. Pris had every right to express her thoughts, so do you, but to constantly remind us you're voting for Obama when most of all of our posts on our blogs show why we shouldn't vote for him strikes me as looking for trouble.
Talk to us, we're all adults! Just don't expect us all to change our minds so easily.

sue hanes said...

Z - I had hoped that - after not commenting on your Blog for a while - that I could do so again - and not bring trouble here.

I can see that although I do try not to - I cause trouble wherever I go.

I will once again - refrain from commenting here - although will still read your blog.

Sorry Z.

and I mean it sincerely

Ed Bonderenka said...

I just realized while corresponding with my wife's ex via Facebook
(is that civil or what?)
that what Sandra Fluke want us to do
is pay for her "recreational drug".
Amazing concept when you think of it that way.
Bye Sue.

KP said...

<< She would be fairly pretty were it not for the hollow, empty, sadness of her eyes. I wonder what misguided attribute of her life that look comes from. >>

I had the same gut feeling but couldn't find the words. I wonder if I am projecting my blind spots onto her or whether she has the blind spots.

One of us doesn't know what we don't know. My two daughters (24 and 21 college grads) and my wife of 26 years who I met at university see it the same way I do.

Anonymous said...

"I can see that although I do try not to - I cause trouble wherever I go."

Calm down....I don't see anyone swatting at you with a broom. Roll with the punches kid...."Volvo" means...I do it.

Anonymous said...

"were it not for the hollow, empty, sadness of her eyes. I wonder what misguided attribute of her life that look comes from. ..."

Don't fret over this pond scum KP...she'll make a "good" lawyer in the Gloria Al-Dread mode.

"What do you call 5000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean"?

"What's the difference between a catfish and a lawyer"?

"Why won't sharks bite / eat lawyers"?

She'll get out of Georgetown after she's scarred the institution for life, single handedly...mocking the dedication of the Jesuits...while taking a check for 200K for starters from a Georgetown lawyer / lobby crew.

I wouldn't even put a paper bag over her head. She's a man-eater...killer. A Femi Nazi to her core.

Anonymous said...

"horrible language Maher uses against all Conservative women?"

Why not post some of his most Salacious comments for....SH to read?

Maybe she'll get it?

Z said...

Sue, I don't know that you need to leave. We all have sensitivities about certain things; Maher and Obama are two of most conservatives' sensitivities.
Talk about other things...join in, there's no reason to leave.
We just stay away from certain topics when we've blogged with people enough to know what they're highly sensitive to. Or, we go out of our way to let someone know something good about something they like, right?
We all try not to cause's been going well, I thought. I used to never talk about my disdain for Maher but you kept pushing and pushing with glowing adoration for him and it finally got to me.
We're all human.

Imp.."knocking the dedication of the Jesuits" Well said, it almost hurts me to read're so right. And she seems to get pleasure in knocking it.

KP...what do you suppose it is? It seems like young girls, especially, who are living lives like Fluke does and worse, seem dead in their something inside them knows they're living without decency or something. I feel rather sorry for her, even as I have some anger at her demands.

sue hanes said...

Z - Thanks.

I want to say this - and then I'll let it rest.

I Really didn't mean to bring up the subject of Maher.

It was the Rush thing that did it.

It won't happen again - Z.

I want to comment here - and you have shown the good part of yourself by inviting me back.

But it doesn't surprise me - Z - I know you are a good person.

And by encouraging me to come back and comment - that seals the deal.

Now that I've gotten mushy - I'll wait until tomorrow and comment on your Sunday Faith Blog - to start anew - cause I feel a little embarrassed. : ]

Pris - I'm not mad if you're not.

Have a good rest of the evening.

Rita said...

Doesn't work Imp. SH cheerily posts the vileness of BM on a daily basis. Remember, it's okay to call SP c***, t***, make horrible comments about her down syndrome baby. The only thing that is off limits for Maher is liberal women.

And it's okay for Letterman to claim SP's 14 year old daughter got knocked up at a ball game and make comments about SP looking like a sl***y airline attendent.

I think Rush was incredibly stupid in his comments and he helped the left change the subject from a matter of freedom of religion to some stupidity about whether Fluke is loose or not. I could care less whether she spends all day in bad or is an ice queen. She deliberately chose that university to force her radical feminist belief onto a religious organization against their moral beliefs.

It would shut them all up if the Catholic Church shut down every hospital, clinic and charity for one entire hour to show the liberals just what they are asking for.

And as soon as I can go attend a Mosque eating a bacon wrapped pork burger and insist they they prepare me one for dinner, they I'll believe this is not a war on Christianity.

War on Women? No, the Catholic Church is fighting a war on the killing of unborn babies. I disagree with their birth control stance, but it's their RIGHT to hold their religious beliefs and enforce that belief in their organizations. If you don't like it, don't work there, go to a non-Catholic hospital, but don't force your beliefs on someone elses religion.

Fluke is an hate filled atheist radical feminist that believes I should have to pay for her abortion and even people's sex changes.

BULL! I think it's about time for someone to ignite the Tea Party. NOW!

Let's Roll.

Z said...

Sue, good... wait till you read my post tomorrow; it's a fascinating true story you won't want to miss.

Rita...the whole world seems upside down. This is what Andrew Breitbart was fighting for : TRUTH, getting ALL the information out there, not just anti-Right information.
Tea Party? I don't know...they're sure quiet right now. What's going on?
Actually, I think that's an interesting phenomenon.
HOPEFULLY, they're waiting for the nominee to finally emerge and will back whoever runs against Obama.
SADLY, I'm sure they'll all decide Romney (or whoever) isn't RIGHT enough and won't vote.......and they'll kill America ...

Anonymous said...

RITA, RITA , RITA...!! go girl...I love it when conservative, righteous, smart women catch fire!!

There's not one dang thing you say I disagree with. Now...if we could get 100 T Partiers into BM's audience one night....throw whipped cream and pies at him like they do Coulter.....see him creamed and humiliated in his safe environment on HBO for his filth and vileness...( I saw a shot of his smug hateful puss on TV the other night with his arms wrapped around a red skirt that looked barely 19 years old....wonder if she knows she's a"c**t ot a t**t to him too)...

They need to get exactly the same shit tossed at them for a change. We should have had enough 10 years ago.....but when the LSM considers anyone west of the Husdon and East of Pasadena ...flyover and hicks....

We need to change the game.

KP said...

Z, I think she is looking for purpose. Everyone needs a purpose. Her's is a bit different than Rick Warren would recommend in "The Purpose Driven Life"; and I get that. I am okay with that. But her ferver doesn't ring true to me.

Anonymous said...

One things thats always puzzled me...these men hating misanthropes, politically connected hairy armpit crew with "degrees" in Womens studies or Women liberation studies...or Gender crap...

Why do they need.....contraception? There's so many options, alternatives and tools available for the femi nazi's that they don't ever need a man for pleasure, company or self they?

I mean..they get a butch haircut and join a club. They go online and order ever ready batteries and visit Walgreens or and buy and over the counter $39 solution that keeps on giving.

They marry each other....Rosie or Ellen can officiate at Flukes....then petition for male sperm so they can..make a sweet. They live happily ever after and keep in touch with the they can farm another..."Family"!

You know I'm not making this up....this is the USA today...this is us....this is what we've become.

sue hanes said...

Hey Imp and Rita - I wuz gonna come back to Z's Really Cool Blog -but although I will check it out everyday - because sometimes - Really a lot of the time - the comments here can be very intelligent.

But I've had it with the smallness of people like RITA - whose Conservative Head Up Your *ss Values are Way Out Of Line - for me.

I live with a Conservative - but I have a Lawyer - and in a few months - I hope and pray I'll also have a D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

Now Imp - I like you.

But I cannot ever comment here again - because of someone like Rita - who has to be the Worst kind of Conservative Woman on This Earth.

Z - You are one of the Good ones.

And in Closing - I would like to say - and I hope you'll allow it - Z - that I am Forver in Love with Bill Maher - who is probably Satan himself - but I just know he is a kind and decent Person.

When I die - his name will be the last word I utter.

No hard feelings - Conservatives - but I'm outta here for Good.

And don't talk about me behind my back - because I'll always be reading this blog

And if I ever get to L.A - probably at the end of next summer - gonna drive there - I'll look ya up - Z - and I hope we can have lunch.


Z said...

KP, I think she's looking for a cause and she gets huge support for a very liberal cause, lots of good stuff from friends (If you watch the video again, you'll see her look to her left side grinning like "I DID IT!")
Purpose is a good thing for any of us to have, isn't it. But, I believe she's sad, empty, inside. Why? I don't know.
I could blab a whole bunch about her, but how can we be sure what she's really like, what makes her happy, what gives her purpose?
I certainly don't mean her harm, but I do think people push an envelope farther than Western society might want it pushed...

Anonymous said...

"And if I ever get to L.A - probably at the end of next summer - gonna drive there - I'll look ya up - Z ..."

I won't answer for Z Sue....but I'd say you might be better off looking up your idol in LA first? BM that is.

Like I said...we're kin. Anyone that drives an S60 T5 can't be all that bad..LOL I said too...that's why everyone gives us the finger.

sue hanes said...

Hey Imp - After the D - I'm gonna take a road trip.

I have a nephew in Denver - a good friend in Idaho - and I'll take the northern route down the coast of California to L.A.

Then I'll show up at his door - with a concealed handgun - and say - here's what ya have comin' to ya - for being mean to all my Conservative Bloggin' Buddies.

Then I'll pull the trigger - and it's Really a squirt gun - and say - Just Kidding. And after that - who knows...

Seriously Imp - I'd like to take a road trip after I get the D. - start my new life. I'd Really like to do some driving cross country - do some thinking - take my laptop - my cd's and just go.

Ever hear of John Stienbeck's Travels with Charley?

Anonymous said...

"Ever hear of John Stienbeck's Travels with Charley?.."

Yea I have..but one piece of advice....check the reciprocity laws with each state you travel in. Fake guns...or even real guns are illegal in places like Kafkafornia. That country doesn't recognize the 2nd Amendment.

Matter of a woman traveling alone...I'd get a good reliable pistol to take with you....and a CCW permit before you go. If your state issues them?

Like I said...Volvo's get lots of middle fingers.

Z said...

Sue, fine. Just remember, when we think it's cooler to have a foul mouth or ask for someone to pay for your birth control, those aren't values I'd want to be on the side of.
I don't mean to be mean, but I'm kind of tired of hearing how awful Conservatives are. Values aren't awful.

sue hanes said...

Now Imp - I've been blogging with and against Conservatives for the past four years.

I've been called an *sshat - and almost every other name - so I think I can handle a road trip.

Anyway - I still have to get throught the D first - and from all reports - it's gonna be viscious.

But I'm up to it - one last fun thing before the final checkout.

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm not looking for trouble - but it seems to follow me around.

And I have values too - Z.

Rita said...

I love it. I think I'll buy a bumper sticker saying, "Inside is the WORST KIND OF CONSERVATIVE WOMAN." Because I believe that abortion is murder, that Rush was an idiot for called Fluke a sl** and Maher is the lowest form of life on earth.

I did not insult you Sue, I said you appreciated Maher's filthy talk about calling Sarah Palin filthy words and making fun of her Down's Syndrome baby.

You readily admit your god is Bill Maher. Stating facts that you freely admit is not attacking you.

You love him. Great for you. Bill is entitled to his freedom of speech. But guess what?


I can be offended by Maher, but I will defend his right to say his words of hatred of women and Down's Syndrome Babies.

I suggest you refrain from calling me names, I did not call you ANYTHING!

Radical feminists like Fluke want to make their living telling women how their held down by men.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have made millions telling blacks that they are being held down by whites.

You're out of line here Babe.

And I'll gladly accept your apology.

Bob said...

Dang, folks. I disappear for a day and the blog goes to hell. Stop it!

Imp said:"Anyone that drives an S60 T5 can't be all that bad..LOL"

Right'O Imp. The five cylinder turbo is the best engine Volvo ever had. I would LOVE to have one.

Sue - Lady, you really need to chill a bit. I don't think anyone is throwing rocks at you. It is perfectly OK to criticize your opinions and actions, but as long as people don't make it personal, that is acceptable to me on the internet.

For what it is worth, I think Bill Mahr is a bitter, little man trying to cope with a dwindling audience, and a struggling career. I could be wrong, but I NEVER hear anybody talking about how smart or funny the guy is. He is neither.

If I have insulted YOU with my opinion of Mahr, that means that you are personalizing stuff too much.

Likewise, I would resent you criticizing G W Bush, but I am not married to him, and my life doesn't depend on what others think about him. He is a big man, and he can take it. So am I.

I usually like your comments, and don't see why Rita's opinions should influence your life.

Take Imp's advice. If you do drive across country, endeavor to protect yourself. We lose too many ladies to predators.

Bob said...

DeBlade: If you are still around, you wrote a very good article. Well done. Thanks.

Kid said...

Good clever writeup Z.

Well, here's what I wrote on a couple other blogs today...

king obama got his hand caught in a monkey hole, and he and his stooges like pelosi pulled out all the stops. Too bad rush limbaugh stuck his hand into the monkey hole on the other side of the tree.

This woman could have been debunked, folded, stapled, and mutilated by asking a few simple questions. Like gee, food, housing and energy, things all essential to life on Earth cost a lot more than BC pills and condoms, why isn't she asking for assistance with those expenses.

And a final comment would have been, Why do the democrats Always use subterfuge to try to get their agenda points across. Can they not make a simple case explanation to the public and be prepared to defend themselves in debate? I think even stupid people can understand concepts like that.

That's what I'd do. Embarrass the * out of them every time they pull this adolescent crap.

What's worse is I think rush is smarter than this, and he 'screws up' on a number of other issues too. Not that I listen to him, but the major issues find their way past my page, that I see several times a day at work.

Seriously, rush is not doing conservativism any favors.

Bob said...

Imp: I had to Google CCW to see what it really meant besides Counter Clock Wise.


Rita said...

Ortho-Norvo birth control pills available at Walgreen's less than 2 miles from Georgetown University prices the annual cost at under $300.

I didn't read that, I just went to the Walgreen site in DC and priced the medication.

Anyone believe that Fluke might have accidentally misplaced her decimal point?

sue hanes said...

Bob - Please - wait a minute - you are confusing me.

I thought this was Z's blog.

At any rate - I don't remember anything bad ya said about Mahr.

And thank you so much - Bob - about what ya said about my comments.

As far as the road trip - that's a long way off - and I've got miles to go before I - even consider that.

And what's Really funny - is that I am an inside-the-box person - I have lived here since last November - and don't know one person in town - and I am planning to drive to California?

Sounds to me like I am a little weird.

Maybe I should sleep on it - things will look better in the morning.

sue hanes said...

G'night Z.

Goodnight Imp

Goodnight Bob

Goodnight Rita - I apologize

Goodnight Ed

Isn't Blogging Great?

sue hanes said...

you too Pris

Rita said...

I appreciate that Sue and I accept your apology.

I hope the rest of your weekend is carefree.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone believe that Fluke might have accidentally misplaced her decimal point...."

She probably expected them to be delivered by courier in a Bentley and a Coach handbag. It is...Georgetown you know....way too many swells.

KP said...

Agree, Z.

She looked immature and uncertain. Not that being immature and uncertain is a bad thing, when you are 15 years old. But it is not endearing to a 30 year old law student attending Georgetown in front of fringe Congressmen. The whole thing is weird.

sue hanes said...

Thanks Rita.

Z said...

KP, the Republicans holding hearings had apparently not taken her up on her offer to speak about health care so Pelosi asked her to come back for a whole new session, from what I hear.
It's clear Fluke's words really weren't about health Silverfiddle's site, as you saw, there was a hearty discussion where one man mentioned how birth control helps in medical conditions and saves lives, something I've never heard of. Yes, it helps some medical conditions, but there are women who've died from blood clots and other complications from the pill, too.
I think the Republicans saw through Fluke's request (they must have to present some information if they want to talk before a hearing?) but Pelosi knew this would play to agenda-driven folks on the liberal side who'd even have a young woman say the things she did to make their point. In a way, she was used.

Lisa said...

All I want to know is where does she get her hair cut?

Anonymous said...

"All I want to know is where does she get her hair cut?"

At the local salon... Tabatha's Misogynist Salon?

Rita said...

Imp just cracks me up. That was a good one.

Lisa said...

I know he's good Rita,lol!!!

KP said...

<< there was a hearty discussion where one man mentioned how birth control helps in medical conditions and saves lives, something I've never heard of. >>

Yes, my 14 year old daughter was put on the pill during eleven months of chemotherapy and radiation cancer treatments to control menses. For a time she had zero platelets.

In one emergency situation she received a blood transfion as a result of a nose bleed. She might have bled to death. The blood had to be transported to San Diego from Los Angeles as SD was dry. To all, consider blood donation on a regular basis.

net observer said...

Well, it's wittier and more thoughtful than the vast majority of so-called conservative reactions I've seen over this young woman. It's also less foul and less low-brow. By today's standards, I guess it's a step up. That said...

Anybody who knows me knows I detest Sarah Palin. I think she's beyond stupid and I hate when people encourage her continued mindless banter. But you know what? At the same time, the very thought of me using the term "sl-t" to describe her makes me frown. I wouldn't do it. I think it's arguably worse than calling someone the "n-word".

Maybe within the context of private, ribald, frat-level, Howard Stern humor? Possibly, but that's it.

I certainly wouldn't use that term to publicly attack a non-public figure who never attacked me. And, if I'm the most important member of a major political party, I couldn't even imagine.

But those are MY standards of decency. Unlike that of the world's most famous prescription drug addict. How naive of me to expect better.

Snyderddls said...

Agree, Z. She looked immature and uncertain. Not that being immature and uncertain is a bad thing, when you are 15 years old. But it is not endearing to a 30 year old law student attending Georgetown in front of fringe Congressmen. The whole thing is weird.