Friday, March 2, 2012

Breitbart said it so well...

I'm more than sorry for the fairly few but really nasty "F*** him" send offs Andrew got this week....really sorry.   They are, at best, despicable.  No human being should rejoice over anyone's death.  One classless person I've read says he thinks Andrew killed himself with an overdose of cocaine.  Unbelievable.  I guess the Left just attributes all sorts of their traits to those they hate; if they'd only just see a shrink about it instead.  As some of the more 'thinking' liberals who knew him and disagreed with him said, one might not like his politics, but one had to like him, to  admire his charisma, compassion, his drive and his belief in the Conservative cause.  I believe that the way Conservatives correctly criticized, for example, the way the Lefties treated the death of Tony Snow, caused the Lefties, mostly, to hold their tongues about Andrew, to even try to show some class.   Or is it that he just plain was right in what he said below and some DO understand that even through their stubborn ideology?   I like to think that's the case because, whether you loved or hated Breitbart, what he said below was truth:
Conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, who died this week, in his 2011 book "Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!":

Make no mistake: America is in a media war. It is an extension of the Cold War that never ended but shifted to an electronic front. The war between freedom and statism ended geographically when the Berlin Wall fell. But the existential battle never ceased.
When the Soviet Union disintegrated, the battle simply took a different form. Instead of missiles the new weapon was language and education, and the international left had successfully constructed a global infrastructure to get its message out.
Schools. Newspapers. Network news. Art. Music. Film. Television. . . .
If the political left weren't so joyless, humorless, intrusive, taxing, overtaxing, anarchistic, controlling, rudderless, chaos-prone, pedantic, unrealistic, hypocritical, clueless, politically correct, angry, cruel, sanctimonious, retributive, redistributive, intolerant—and if the political left weren't hell-bent on expansion of said unpleasantness into all aspects of my family's life—the truth is, I would not be in your life.
If the Democratic Party were run by Joe Lieberman and Evan Bayh, if it had the slightest vestige of JFK and Henry "Scoop" Jackson, I wouldn't be on the political map.
If the American media were run by biased but not evil Tim Russerts and David Brinkleys, I wouldn't have joined the fight. . . .
If America's pop-cultural ambassadors like Alec Baldwin and Janeane Garofalo didn't come back from their foreign trips to tell us how much they hate us, if my pay cable didn't highlight a comedy show every week that called me a racist for embracing constitutional principles and limited government, I wouldn't be at Tea Parties screaming my love for this great, charitable, and benevolent country.
I am a reluctant cultural warrior.................(Andrew Breitbart, may he rest in peace)

Z: He's not finished yet, of course, his partners and many others will carry his banner........maybe, even, fairly soon, with some pretty important revelations.   He was a liberal when he was younger, couldn't take the bias he saw in the media against the Right, started studying politics, loved this country and its founding fathers, and decided he must be a Conservative...and, brother, did he run with it then!
This country needed Breitbart, but only half of us are smart enough to grasp why.



Silverfiddle said...

Indeed we did need him, and thank God he came along when he did.

The venomous hatred spewing from the poisoned toads on the left is a posthumous badge of honor for the happy culture warrior.

He stung them, he humiliated them, but most importantly, he exposed them and broke their monopoly on culture, politics, and national dialog.

It's not your world anymore lefties!

Breitbart punched you in the face and you ran crying and screaming to mommy. The bully turned out to be a mewling wimp.

God rest your beautiful soul, Andrew Breitbart...

Z said...

I love how you appreciated him, Silverfiddle. When they 'kill the messenger' this hard, you KNOW he stung them; he used their tactics on them, but he'd never have gone as far as the leftwing media has today; as my quotes from him on this post say in his own words, he was for fairness, equality...not domination, which is, after all, not America.

They Say/We Say said...

A local AM Radio Host played a previous interview with Andrew today, where the Host asked Andrew what he wanted to be remembered for. Andrew said after he saw Clarence Thomas belittled, and Thomas showed strong fortitude, changed his mind about what the Professors were doing to him. He said that he realized he was being brainwashed; and that they were messing with the wrong guy!

Anonymous said... have encapsulated what the man was. More than I could ever had in my words.

To me..the man was a fearless warrior...fending off the relentless lies of the psychotic, lying, disengeous, liberal loons and their hate..their bilge..their mental disease.

He made me/us hopeful...he made me / us aware..he livened us up...he gave us that shot of conservative B12 that we so needed to manage to overcome the lies...the filth..the degeneracy of the progressive, dirt and disease that eats away at the core of a civilized America.

The OWS...the feindish plans of the left...their desire to have "re-education camps" for 25,000,000 of us who might resist them.

Their fear of Sheriff Joe....

Damn...we loved your honesty Andrew....we loved your guts....we loved your resolve...we loved your anger....we loved your commitment.

We loved your intellect...we loved your ability to leave your liberal bearings toss them into a garbage dump like David Horowitz. You will be hard to replace....which is why I think they might have had you...silenced. You got too close Andrew....they feared you....they hated you more than Putin, Assad or Chavez.

You and John Bolton alone...could have saved this country.

net observer said...

Hey Z,

Since I never had a chance to publicly express my thoughts about Breitbart, I thought, why not now? I'll just post parts of my brief correspondence with you, Z (some paraphrasing for public consumption):

"One might think that someone like me would hate someone like Andrew Breitbart, and years ago, before I heard a few one-on-one interviews with him, that was probably more true than not. But in truth, I grew to understand and respect Breitbart.

Many people wrongfully assume that Breitbart was nothing more than a lockstep automaton conservative -- not true. Breitbart was an agnostic, and wasn't afraid to say it. And he often expressed a lack of personal hardcore stances on various political issues. At the same time, he recognized a serious need to provide an answer/counter to an established liberal mindset in our news media, and he used the freedom of the Web to shake things up.

Incidentally, I'm all about shaking up all kinds of establishments. Ergo, I can relate to Andrew Breitbart. Thus, I can honestly say I'm sad to see him pass away at the unbelievable age of 43 (that's insane)."

The part I didn't share with you, Z:

Breitbart, albeit on a very small scale, reminds me of myself; specifically, back in the 90s.

Back then, I was SO frustrated with the orthodoxy of the black left and its apparent control of Black American thought, that I, too, saw myself as a kind of "warrior" against "the establishment". I, as well as friends of mine, would often cheer on the more unwavering and strident black conservative voices (like Ken Hamblin, for example).

We didn't WANT to be "serene" or "civil", because frankly, (a) no one was being nice to us, and (b) we felt like too much was at stake to be worrying about the opposition's "feelings".

Interestingly, even during this time, I was still an atheist, against the death penalty, etc. In other words, I was (and still am) a so-called "social liberal".

But that was okay. My priority was encouraging these alternative "black conservative" voices in whatever small way that I could. I wanted to keep them energized and ready-for-a-fight. I honestly thought they were were necessary.

Of course, that was then and this is now. I am obviously not quite the "same person" today. And if you ask me, the conservative movement and the country overall is a lot different as well.

In fairness and honesty, let me say that I'm a long, long ways from respecting everything that Mr. Breitbart did. However, if I can borrow a phrase from comedian Chris Rock when he once spoke of Bill Clinton:

"I understand Andrew Breitbart. I can relate to Andrew Breitbart. I AM Andrew Breitbart!"

Pris said...

Andrew Breitbart was a hero. A brave man who knew he was in jeopardy, due to his health, but he carried on with passion and love of country.

He fought the good fight, and now it's up to us to carry on. He would have wanted us to. We have no option to back off, or to give up.

The example Breitbart gave us, is the answer, so let's not let him down. The mantle has now been passed on, and the answer is to stay focused, and to remember a man like Andrew Breitbart, who would not give in or give up.

He gave his life for our cause.
God bless him, and his courage.

Z said...

They Say/ it takes a big mind to finally break loose from university indoctrination. ANd a big heart to have the guts to go with it, doesn't it.

Imp, I really loved Andrew, too. I put too much hope in him. it's devastating. Finally, I thought we might get truth in media.'ve sure come farther from conservatism than when we 'met'....and I don't think it's gone as far from you as you think, except on the social stuff, which you were always more 'social' on :-)
But, I am so glad you wrote this...Andrew beguiled a lot of lefties who knew him. They liked him in spite of his politics, which MIGHT have taken us far; but it won't now.
I wish you really were Andrew Breitbart!

Z said...

Pris, you're so right,...but "passed on" to whom? We've not had an Andrew Breitbart with that much decent, conservative ideology and drive and passion since practically our Founding Fathers.
I left a comment at one of his blogs that we must get all the young conservative writers together and DO something. They've rested behind Andrew's site, writing and getting comments...more and more PREACHING TO THE CHOIR.
That has to STOP.

Elmer's Bro heard today that Obama's going to be giving the servicemen who burned those Korans in Afgh. hell for what they did. I say BRING IT ON. I'm hoping they all present affidavits of how they followed orders, how those korans were being used as a means of passing information between prisoners, etc etc.

Odd that nobody seems to care when the scum at gitmo have thrown feces are American guards, huh? Where's THAT apology?

net observer said...

I know this isn't the time nor place, but...

"'ve sure come farther from conservatism than when we 'met'"

Z, if you can point out one stance that I held, say, 12 yrs ago that I no longer hold today, I will personally hand-deliver to you a box of very expensive chocolate candy.

Fact: I've changed in terms of my willingness to listen to and respect those who disagree with me. And, I've changed in terms of my capacity to recognize the complexity of most problems and solutions. But as far as what I personally believe in? I really am the same guy =)

Kid said...

"I guess the Left just attributes all sorts of their traits to those they hate"

That's the quote right there. Yes, they do view everything with their own low standards and inexperience/ignorance applied.

Conservatives will come out against what liberals say or do, not the person. We don't attack the person, we attack the actions.

Liberals attack the people - sometimes with physical violence as well rather that the words or actions, because well, they are not equipped to debate the issues.


A great line from one of the original star trek episodes - It's much easier for civilized people to act like barbarians than for barbarians to act like civilized people.

Kid said...

Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness.

That's all it says. True conservatives don't care what people do, as they value freedom too much. As long as it's legal, and sometimes even illegal, and as long as we don't have to pay for it.

"Liberals" Think liberal/progressive means freedom, but it means the exact opposite in practice. Have the democrats done anything that expands personal freedom? No. Have they done and continue to do many things that hamper it. Damn right.

But they own the education system and the media. I talk to young people all the time. They don't have a clue. Nor do they want one. It interferes with their fantasies too much.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I knew this would hit you hard so I wanted to check in. AB was a hero to many of us for his courage in taking on the jerks that dominate so much of the media. I have stayed around listening, but I lost my zeal to blog. I still read you nearly everyday, but the vile nature of the internet is depressing. AB was the warrior I am not. He is missed and his legacy is what is needed by those of us who are disheartened by the weak candidates the GOP has put forward. God bless.

Opus #6 said...

Some of the greatest conservatives are reformed libs.

Who is the next Breitbart?

Maybe some are being spawned this week, in the hearts of those lefties sickened by the disgusting display of gloating at Andrew's untimely death.

The more the turkeys crow, the more followers they lose. Andrew lives in our hearts!

Z said...

Law & Order, I am so happy to see you and am touched that you commented tonight like this; that you remembered that I liked Andrew so much. Thank you for that. I SO hope that you start blogging again, or at least commenting, because you're sorely missed. I have checked in from time to time, at your blog, and am always so disappointed that you stopped blogging!! I know you're very busy, but I also well understand your reluctance to blog anymore because it can get so vile. Honestly, I can get so mean in reaction to some stories or some commenters that I don't recognize myself here sometimes. Which is no excuse, but it's true.
I may stop after the election. But I won't give up now.
Please come by and say hello from time to time. I always liked you SO much and think about how you and your family are doing

sue hanes said...

I don't know if you saw what I wrote to you on my Blog - but I'll say it again.

When I heard about Andrew Breitbart's death I knew that it would be hard for your - and of course his family - especially his four children.

I'm sorry - Z.

They - and you - have been in my Prayers.

There will always be People who are insensitive about - anything.

Z said...

Opus, Hi! I just hope there can be another Andrew. I have a hunch it'll take ten really amazing men to be one Andrew.

net...I don't know; you never used to be quite as angry at Conservatives as you have been here.
I'm guessing you mean that you're MORE open to those who disagree? :-)
Ya, that's seem to LOOK for reasons to be angry at conservatives and you didn't used to do that at FPM.

Kid...terrific comments. I agree with what you say.
Except I had 8 students in a class Wednesday and, can you imagine the Spanish teacher I sub'd for telling ME "I need to have them talk about whether Hispanics vote Republican or Democrat and why" I said "are you sure you want MEEEE to do this discussion with them?" It almost scared me to death because you might say I'm not a shrinking violet about my opinions! But, I knew I had to stay in control and we went for it.
Suddenly, I'm having 15 year olds tell me they think illegal immigration is wrong, that those people oftentimes just come for the freebies! I nearly fell off my chair. They were anti abortion, anti gay marriage (most of them), there are 2 black kids in the group and they, too, felt that welfare was a terrible opiate to people...
Still, I had to stifle myself a bit but they sure knew Mrs Z approved :-) We got on all sorts of subjects other than "Los latinos votaran...."

Z said...

Sue, thank you so much.

You said "There will always be People who are insensitive about - anything."....they are welcome to do so, but they won't be doing that here.

sue hanes said...

Z - and thank you.

Kid said...

Z, You've probably heard me say I talk to young people all the time....

Here's what I say, because it has to be kept simple. And for me it is anyway, regardless how deep into the issues I can go.

"Forget individuals. Forget the debates. The democrat party is for full blown socialism. If you think socialism is a good idea, Go for it, but if you want me to join you, you're going to have to point me to a socialist country that has a better standard of living than we do. Good Luck.:

Adding - "Just because I believe the democrat party to be worthless and dangerous, does not mean that the other party is "good". It's not, but I'd rather have inaction than acceleration of the Socialist/Maxist agenda."

That sums it up for me unless the Tea Party can get to critical mass and either prove themselves worthy or sell outs. I can't put real money on any other outcome than we have to hit rock bottom before enough people will be paying enough attention to truly educate themselves/see the errors and dead end of socialism.

net observer said...

Okay, I have to respond to that, Z =)

Perhaps it is yet another case of perspective. Or maybe it's a bit of a chicken-egg situation.

Indeed, I think the conservative movement and the GOP has changed significantly. You say, "not so much".

I say that my politics haven't changed very much at all. You disagree.

I readily admit that I am far more apt to attack the GOP and the conservative movement now than in my earlier years. But that's precisely because the GOP/conservatism has morphed into something far less palatable -- for me.

I reacted very similarly in the 80s and 90s with the black-left. I just couldn't defend them any more.

Two possible reasons for my ostensible change:

1. uptownsteve: I spent the majority of my FPM time defending myself against that guy's mindless tirades. Which probably made me look more "conservative" than I actually was.

Remember John McWhorter? At one time, he was a favorite among GOP-ers and conservatives, solely because of his candid, impirical analysis of the black community's socioeconomic pathologies. McWhorter's conclusions were more or less identical to that of the mainstream conservative.

Interestingly, his solutions weren't. But that didn't matter in the beginning of McWhorter's rise to punditry prominence.

Even more interesting, McWhorter was never a conservative nor a Republican. I seem to recall him stating a few years ago that he has never voted GOP in his life.

Didn't matter. McWhorter's fans (and his haters) just assumed that he was "a conservative" because he "looked conservative".

A lot of people -- dare I say, most people? -- don't fit very neatly into any of these categories. McWhorter is an example of this. Maybe I am, too.

And if I may add, I'm not so sure that most political junkies today even bother to define terms like "liberal" or "conservative" any more. They no longer descriptions of one's political philosophy; they're more like mascots used to identify your presumed "team".

2. If the GOP/conservatism has in fact NOT changed significantly since my "heyday" in the 90s, then I must concede that I, apparently, misinterpreted the entire movement from the start. For my interpretation of the GOP back in '91 was the party that was based primarily in empiricism, brutal honesty, and first and foremost, freedom & prosperity. But I would never describe today's GOP, nor the conservative movement, in such terms today, even though I really wish I could.

In the 80s and 90s, William F. Buckley was a quintessential symbol of conservatism. Now it's Sarah Palin. That's a fundamental change, if you ask me.

No one who knows me would say that my politics have morphed on a scale comparable to that.

sue hanes said...

Z - May I say that these are Lovely Tributes to Andrew Breitbart - and I've no doubt that he has already read them - and is smiling down in Gratitue at all of you Right now.

Brooke said...

Silverfiddle's comment was great.

Breitbart will be sorely missed. Hopefully, someone will be able to take up his mantle.

Always On Watch said...

Z said:

They've rested behind Andrew's site, writing and getting comments...more and more PREACHING TO THE CHOIR.
That has to STOP.

This has been conservatism's problem for decades!

I can't tell you how many times I have "stepped up" -- with lots of encouraging words from others -- only to find that I'm on my own and out on a limb when the time comes for public support from others.

I saw the same happen, time and again, from the 1980s onward (I wasn't paying much attention to politics before that time).

There are all kinds of risks involved in going beyond preaching to the choir: career loss (of the fear thereof), financial losses, loss of friends, the drifting away of family members, etc.

I'm sorry to say this, but, as a people, American conservatives are a cowed people. Thus, we see the further decline of America.

As for getting a real voice strong enough and financially-backed enough to counter the mainstream-media propaganda machine, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Right now, even FNC isn't showing outrage over the upcoming trial or other punishment for the soldiers who burned those four scribbled-up Korans. Where the hell is THE OUTRAGE?

Every GOP candidate should be harping on the above too! Well, they aren't doing so -- not really.

The outrage has to be so strong that the mainstream media can't ignore that outrage.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

He burned short, but he burned BRIGHT.

I AM a "reformed lib." I voted Demorat in college. My political leanings turned when I struck out on my own and had to earn a wage, pay taxes, get a car, an apartment, buy a house, save for retirement.

In other words: actually CONTRIBUTE to my society instead of suck FROM it.


Z said...

AOW, I can't say much about this "As for getting a real voice strong enough and financially-backed enough to counter the mainstream-media propaganda machine, I don't see that happening anytime soon."...let me just say it was about to happen, it had happened, and I'm hoping it still happens now that Andrew's gone.
It was part of the reason I am AS devastated as I am. We had sudden hope. Please pray the monies aren't withdrawn. thanks

net, I think your atheism has a much bigger part in this than you allow yourself to think...I always have. You said "For my interpretation of the GOP back in '91 was the party that was based primarily in empiricism, brutal honesty, and first and foremost, freedom & prosperity. But I would never describe today's GOP, nor the conservative movement, in such terms today, even though I really wish I could."

If you don't think the Tea Party was that, I wonder what you do think it was about?

Brooke; if there was someone to carry the banner for ANdrew, they'd have been out there.
and they aren't, and there wasn't anyone before Andrew for years, either.

Sue, I hope so.

Ticker said...

Even in death Breitbart pissed off the liberals. He got their typical reaction to everything he said or did for the most part.
He now has pissed them off because they no longer will have Breitbart to throw stones at except on occasions when someone quotes him or shows one of his clips and then of course the "usual suspects" will raise their ugly heads and scream bloody murder.
All the while Breitbart, I believe, will be laughing at them from beyond the grave.

Your work here will continue for as long as someone remembers what you said and what you did.

Rest well Bro Breitbart, rest well!

Bob said...

What Silverfiddle said.

Plus, Andrew Breitbart was the kind of guy that attracts followers, and I imagine there were lots of them at Tulane as he made his way around New Orleans :)

Breitbart was also the kind of guy that, when he did not like the game being played, he would change the rules. Indeed, Andrew Breitbart was a game changer in political journalism.

He called-out the charlatans, and got in faces when he perceived lies and intellectual laziness.

Andrew Breitbart was a man to be respected. I will miss him.

Z said...

I want you to know that, when the dust settles with the Bean side of Andrew's family (and it'll take a while), I'll be emailing this comments page to them.

Thanks so much for your wonderful understanding of who Andrew was and your obvious pain at his loss. I know they'll appreciate that.


Mr. AOW said...

As one new to the web, I don't know much about this guy. But I DO know that Mrs. AOW has been down in the dumps after hearing the bad news Thursday.

I also know that we really need brave conservatives right now. Conservatives need to be brave enough to stand up openly and one by one instead of being brave only when they are in their crowd. In other words ,REAL commitment.

Lisa said...

So many great comments here and one in particular,other than SF's comment was Imp's "He made me/us hopeful" Today we need to have hope especially in light of losing someone who gave us so much of it.
I am so sad about losing this young gallant man who was so passionate.
Another person I like is Brent Bozell's' site Media Research Center and NewsBusters
He has some really excellent points on fighting media bias.
I wish he would speak more at conservative events.

I am so glad you did this post Z it really gave us all a chance to express our passion to someone we regarded as a friend and advocate.
I feel like we lost a friend indeed. I feel kind of an emptiness.
Rest in Peace Andrew,you will truly be missed.
Great Post

Z said...

I won't say who, but please know that one of the comments I deleted from Moderation suggested that Rush and Michael Savage and others should die, too.
Please remember these things when the Left stupidly tries to equate their mourning for the Conservatives v the way the Conservatives respectfully mourn the left they don't agree with.

Mr, AOW...thanks for coming by. Andrew was amazing.

Lisa...Bozell's terrific, but you don't hear about him except on conservative media...sadly.
Andrew DREW FIRE! He got people thinking, he was young, passionate, exciting and was SO RIGHT.

I'm eager for the Sherrod story to be talked about again. I want people to understand what happened with that tape because he'd NEVER EVER have exposed it had they given him all of it. I'm so sick of the liars.

sue hanes said...

Z - All this talk about who should die - Rush and Michael Savage - has got to stop.

I detest Rush el pigo Limbaugh - but ya know what - He INVITED ELTON JONH TO SING AT HIS WEDDING - and if I knew Rush - on a personal level - I would be nice to him.

I once wasted my money on a book written by Michael Savage - and all that was in it was HOW MANY LIBERALS HE HATED.

Now Andrew Breitbart Really has died - and that doesn't break me up - because I never Really connected with him.

But - Folks - he left FOUR CHILDREN BEHIND - and I'm quite sure that they are Broken up about losing their Father.

I suggest that we follow the advice of a Very Wise Blog
Administrator - and this advice is:


That advice was given to me by none other that the Blog Administrator -

of Geeeez! - Z

And I think we had better try to live by that before Someone Else Dies - and that's all I have to say about that - folks.

Thanks - Z.

Rita said...

Hi Z, et al.

I think Breitbart's genius was more about his media savvy than his views of conservatives vs liberal. That's what will be the hardest to replace.

His passion on investigating and reporting the news when the MSM refused to do so has not been seen in years.

I found it fascinating to watch him play his hand until the MSM all looked like complete idiots for ignoring stories he was breaking.

The media tried very hard to treat him like a hack, but he proved them all wrong.

Reminds me of the Survivor series tag line. "Outplay, Outwit, Outlast."

Sadly he didn't make it to the "Outlast" part. I'm not optimistic we'll find any replacement for him any time soon.

I did read an article today where they are printing up pictures, posters, bumperstickers, etc with his picture along with the words, "Breitbart is here." Hopefully that will be a good incentive for others to take the torch to the finish line.

My condolences to all his family and friends.

Jan said...


It still seems unreal that Andrew is gone, and that his special genius is no longer with us. We lost so much when we lost him, and who can ever replace him?

More than that, though, his wife lost a precious husband, his children, a great dad, his parents, and parents-in-law, a wonderful son! Who can ever replace him in their lives?

My heart aches for them all, for their loss.

My heart aches for us, for ours.

Lisa said...

I hear you Z it was definitely the "Fire" that Andrew had. I see people in the store the last couple days and I purposely look at them,I swear I see sadness,I know they are thinking about Breibart. I think more people than not are feeling the loss even though not outwardly. I can be "hopeful" right?

Right Wing Theocrat said...

His passing sure has brought out the hate and vileness among some of the left hasn't it.

Surprising considering they're supposed to be the side of tolerance, diversity, love and all things wonderful. Perhaps not.

Z said...

Such great comments, thanks to you ALL.

LA Radio tonight had some show in progress when I was driving home just now and it was friends of Andrews'...Brittney Morgan, Ed Ames, etc etc.....Gary Senise called in and said how he burst into tears when he heard; they were GREAT friends and worked together on a lot of Republican issues...
and there I was, suddenly, driving on Wilshire Blvd, really crying about Andrew for the first time. I'd wept a little, but not really cried.
One guy was saying he's been keeping close to Susie Breitbart's situation and the relatives have been there 24/7, which I can vouch for because I can't get Alley on the phone at all, or answering emails. I've felt TERRIBLE having to insert myself into their grief, but I have a message for her and Orson, from a dear friend and counselor to us all, so I think I'll be hearing from Alley tomorrow.
I will be sure to tell the Beans just how wonderful you people have been.

I could just bawl again....I think I put almost too MUCH store in what Andrew could do for America. I feel like we've lost such a great force.

g'night, folks

sue hanes said...

net observer - You are Smart.

but then you already know that - don't you - net observer?