Tuesday, March 27, 2012

University Leftwing Indoctrination...from a professor

This is from a professor friend of mine....I'd asked him a question and responded, and he wrote this back:

Oh, yeah, I know.  It's too bad, but completely understandable.  You cannot exist in academia and NOT be a screamin' liberal.  It's part of the air they breathe.  One of the brightest and most articulate conservatives at  XXXX (a excellent university), an historian, was universally dismissed as a fascist or proto-Nazi--both officially in campus news outlets and in daily conversation around every lunch table.  Universities have become the most politically indoctrinatory environments that one could possibly imagine.  The group-think pressure to conform is enormous; to do otherwise is to risk your career and to alienate your closest colleagues.

I think we all know this, but it really does break your heart and spirit to think how one-sided academia has become.  To think it's the left (and I can't even say wingnuts because it's most of them) which calls itself open minded and then to constantly hear what we hear and read comments like the one above, from someone who spent 40 years as a professor in a very good university, is amazing.  And telling.   The professor who emailed me is highly intelligent and conservative....he'd have known a true fascist or "proto-Nazi" in a heartbeat and condemned him, so I know the talk about the history professor was just kick back because he had the nerve to be conservative, that's all.

Still, we'll get comments here that my friend is wrong :-)...  why he'd lie is another thing, but 'he's wrong!'....Or, we'll get no comments, which is usually the case here when we present proof , even anecdotal, that nobody can just write off.

Think this could ever change?  Will kids ever be able to learn all ways of thinking, all information, or be able to respond with their own opinions without having to write papers backing up the prof's liberal viewpoints?  Any chance!?  And how?

Abraham Lincoln once wrote this "The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next."   We have certainly come to learn he was a prophet, haven't we.



Leticia said...

There's always a chance but as of right now, liberal professors's are great at antagonizing and bullying their students to see their one-sided views.

I hate that schools have become a podium for the Left to spew their rhetorical nonsense and pathetic propaganda.

That should not be allowed in a school. They should stick with the curriculum and keep their personal political opinions outside the classroom.

sue hanes said...

Z - There is no easy way to stop this type of thing - that your post is about - of a professor forcing students to write papers that reinforce his own opinions - whether they are Liberal - or anything else.

I am not surprised to hear that this goes on.

But your post - in an attempt to expose this sort of thing - is a start.

Ducky's here said...

A little short on hard facts. Pitch till you win.

sue hanes said...

Leticia - 'keep their personal political opinions outside the classroom'

If it is a one way street - and the students are forced to just sit and listen - then I agree with you.

I do know that there are avenues - at universities or smaller colleges - where there can be an exchange of opinions - of all sorts - or both side - but it has to be just that.

Where everyone has a chance to speak up - and NOT JUST THE PROFESSOR DRILLING HIS OPINIONS INTO THE STUDENTS.

Ducky's here said...

Leticia, where are you getting your information?

Sam Huntington said...

Sadly, the leftists in this country have taken Lincoln’s observation to heart. This is why they are brainwashing our young people. In time, the communist revolution will be achieved without ever having fired a shot. As to academic fanatics, we might borrow from Thomas Jefferson: “In the fevered state of [academia], no good can ever result from any attempt to set one of these fiery zealots to rights, either in fact or principle. They are determined as to the facts they will believe, and the opinions on which they will act.”

Actually, Mr. Jefferson was writing about political zealotry, but substituting the word ‘academia’ works, too. Meanwhile, has anyone noticed slavery is never more patiently endured than when Democrats are in power?

Z said...

Leticia, this guy, my friend, is so honorable and brilliant; he said the treatment of the conservative history prof was murderous. Just awful.

sue...I believe the statistic is that 92% of our profs in universities and colleges identify as liberal. You're not seeing too much from the conservative side, believe me.
The experiences my nieces and nephews have had are all negative...at Columbia, my nephew said "I just give the prof what he wants....they don't want to know what you think.."

Ducky, "facts"? This is anecdotal.
And thanks for your remark; I called it exactly right, didn't I (or didn't you read the post again?)...disparage all you want.
How does the left sleep at night? Such horrible hypocrisy.
talk about fascism; not letting our kids give their views..
I'm not saying ALL profs do that, but it's what I hear A LOT.

Sam, if you mean the indoctrination in our schools is a form of slavery, you're right.....
The left definitely wants them on THEIR Plantation, that's for sure. Scary

Ducky's here said...

No z, there's some nonsense here or your friend has feet of clay.

If this prof were being called a Nazi and fascist then the head of the department should intervene or your friend should have voiced a concern.

Right now he's just whining after the fact.

Pris said...

"A little short on hard facts. Pitch till you win."

You want hard facts? Let's go back to that old tried and true term, "McCarthyism", shall we? Or for want of a more down to earth term, "blacklisting", or worse, "censorship".

These terms were around for a long time, uttered by the left, especially in Hollywood.

Well now, they practice what they so utterly condemned, and may I say, occasionally still do condemn.

They considered themselves victims for quite a while and to this day, they hate McCarthy even though they're doing the very same thing they condemned.

Which means the left can dish it out, but they sure can't take it, can they Ducky. Hypocrites all, and that's putting it mildly.

That's my last pitch. Strike three, and you're out!!

Z said...

Ducky, I've emailed my friend to see what happened with all the name calling but I absolutely have no reason to defend. this is a true story and it's probably a free speech issue. I know you don't like free speech issues when they conflict with your opinions, but that's what this really is.
A history prof can take it...a man of integrity shouldn't care what others say... kids shouldn't have to be indoctrinated.

Pris, you're so right. They can really hand it out but sure can't take the heat.

Kid said...

In the early 1960's Kruschev said our kids would grow up communist. The defected KGB agent Brezmenov tells us Russia spent most of their money during the cold war in active subversion in America. Putting their professors in place in schools and their useful idiots in place in the media.


What else do you need to know.

Now they've managed to get a maxist agent, with forged personal documents, no experience in anything, fake degrees, etc, into the White House.

They have to be splitting their sides when they think of all the "Americans" that have actually bought into it.

Kid said...

Duck says "If this prof were being called a Nazi and fascist then the head of the department should intervene or your friend should have voiced a concern."

Seriously? You've got the head of DHS calling everyone in the political right domestic terrorists. Who do I go to to complain about that?

You think there's a formal channel of communication in universities to file a complaint about forced liberalism?

Take your own "short on facts" routine and find us a link that shows something like that happening in any university in the last 20 years. Ok Duck? Put up or shut up. You're the one that's short on everything.

Kid said...

IMP, if you're out there. Sounds like you had the line on this Treyvon thing. Totally different info coming out now, and if true it shows just how far the media will go to work their agenda. Truly disgusting.

Elmers Brother said...

My college experience was and has been so full of left wing crap. There is no alternative view presented. The one conservative professor I had was insistent that we explored all arguments, that we remain humble yet skeptical. He was open to all opinions in matters of research. My liberal professors on the other hand tried to shovel so much shit. At times when I confronted them they just stared at me like I had just taken their sucker away. I was made to attend left wing events in order to pass class. One event was a lawyer suggesting that academic freedom was in peril because others disagreed with his left-wing views, yet no opposing opinion was provided. Evidently the irony was lost on most of those who were required to attend. In fact the curriculum used nationally was created by a leftwing guy who publically acknowledges that that the point of the curriculum is to control the rhetoric on campuses nationwide.

Ducky's here said...

Your geology professor laugh at you "young earth" paper, Elmo?

Damn, Commie prof.

Elmers Brother said...

I had seen others debate this law professor before so I knew there was an opposing view. The curriculum used included a lot of videos with Noam Chomsky; never had anything nice to say about the US of course and many other libs. If parents are interested the curriculum was/is called SEE Your World. (s-social, e-environmental, e-economic). It's used nationwide on many campuses, especially Jr. Colleges.

Elmers Brother said...

Your geology professor laugh at you "young earth" paper, Elmo?

duhkkky I've already explained to you that I'm not a recent creationist.

Z said...

Kid..great comments...you said "Putting their professors in place in schools and their useful idiots in place in the media."

And a president whispering that he can sing a different tune once he's elected....that was almost as scary as hearing Bob Beckel's excuses for it. THAT was REALLY scary.

and you said "You think there's a formal channel of communication in universities to file a complaint about forced liberalism?"

Imp did get it right, didn't he....
have you seen Russell Simmon's response to Geraldo's weaseling out of the hoodie remark he made last week, warning kids to be careful what they wear when they're in areas where it could make them look like a gang member?
Here it is:

"Although a black preacher may warn his congregation or a black father may tell his son that we live in a society where they can be singled out, where they're going to have to defend themselves against the racism that exists in America, it is not for you to go out on the most Conservative news network and say something insensitive and enabling on a show that you know promotes the most negative stereotypes. To go in front of them is dramatically different than a black or Latino father telling his son to "watch out, the world is still full of racism and you're at risk."

A lot of the prominent Fox contributors of color make people comfortable with their insensitive attitudes; don't be one of them. You're always playing your stripes of having been an activist, which has inspired me throughout the years, don't now try to play to cheap seats. It's like telling women not to wear skirts because they could get raped. That's what you just did. It's freaking horrible. It's inexcusable. And you're my friend, my friend for many years. I have a great amount of respect for you, but zero respect for your apology and for what you said."

Ya, FOX "promotes so many negative stereotypes" that they have Juan Williams, Star Parker, (my favorite Michael Meyers of the NY Civil Rights group), Jimu the (really unbright) liberal woman, and about 5 other bright black libs and cons....tsk tsk tsk, Russell.

sue hanes said...

'I just give the prof what he wants'

And I'm agreeing with you here - Z.

I've no doubt that is what college students HAVE to do. They are there to get the degree - and they don't have time to fool around. But it must be frustrating to students who see what's happening -and care.

But what can be done - only working at the problem - chipping away at it - and trying to bring it out in the open.

The problem is - that colleges are run by the people who set the rules and don't have to answer to anybody. I could be off the track on this - somewhat.

Z said...

Elbro, don't bother "duhkkky I've already explained to you that I'm not a recent creationist."

Only another ruse poor Ducky uses when he's besieged by truthful accounts of his side acting like fascists.

Z said...

Sue, the real problem is they're run by liberals who don't want kids to think.

Elmers Brother said...

Z you'll get a kick out of this...we were made to attend a lecture by a pulitzer prize (only wrote one book) winning author. Parents, students were in attendance and every other word out of this guys mouth was "F*ck". I was in the Navy 20 years so colorful language never really bothered me but in this case the man couldn't complete a sentence with out dropping the 'f' bomb. He also was a member of the Dominican Workers Party (read Communist). Frankly I was quite surprised to hear how elated my professor was when we met back in class and she suggested how cool it was that the guy was dropping the 'f' bomb.

Elmers Brother said...

I'm not opposed to other points of view...the problem is there is only one view presented.

Ducky's here said...

SEE Your World, Elmo?


Did they include Paulo Friere, Elmo?

Elmers Brother said...

His name is Kevin Hovland duhkkky.

Kid said...

Thanks Z.

"And a president whispering that he can sing a different tune once he's elected..."

He is planning something with Russia that he thinks could jeopardize the election? Good God, what could that be? Scary is right.
There is not other explanation.

Yea, the left will say anything do anything. I'm not even a Fox fan but I'd stack any media considered to be right wing against the likes of Maher, Olberman, Mathews, Maddow, and many many more who regularly churn out the disgusting dialogue.

ANd the left must concede all this to themselves. No one is that stupid or blind. They simply don't care what tactics they use. Personal integrity accountability, responsibility, taste and class are things that they could care less about. It's not in their genes.

Elmers Brother said...

Gee Duhkkky have anything constructive to add here?

Surely open intellectual inquiry was a hallmark at Brown...why deny today's students the same benefit?

Or perhaps it wasn't and groupthink is more your bag.

Z said...

Elbro...I remember your telling me about that lecture...
YImagine people in academia who think the "F" word is SO cool...especially in front of parents and kids. I guess when you only have hate in you and an unsatisfactory vocabulary, you're stuck with the language of that type.

Sad that you could write page after page of your first-hand experiences and there are those who can't allow themselves to hear it.
I was cheered that some of the kids you spoke to agreed with you that the indoctrination was so obvious and ridiculous....remember? Some of them are raised with good values and open minds who see bias when they hear it...

Z said...

Kid "I'm not even a Fox fan but I'd stack any media considered to be right wing against the likes of Maher, Olberman, Mathews, Maddow, and many many more who regularly churn out the disgusting dialogue."


Z said...

Here's the email response from my friend who told me about the University professor I spoke about above:

"The poor chap I was referring to is (now retired) Prof. XXX, then, a fully tenured professor of history, and, hence, more or less, immune from any administrative reprisals, i.e., he didn't need my or anybody else's protection. His "sin," if that's the right word, is that he thoughtfully and articulately defended any number of (liberally) unpopular causes--usually in print and with insightful and vigorous argument. Nevertheless, he was vilified with a kind of campus-wide, consensus reputation as an incorrigible, extreme right-wing dinosaur or worse. I finally met him, near the end of his career, when he and I became a members of The Society for Academic Freedom (needless to say, an obvious fascist, racist, homophobic, sexist, white-male hate group). I must say, I couldn't believe what a gentle, thoughtful, and intellectually-honest (finally) academic he personified. So, his example, both inspired and, sadly, depressed me."

Sam Huntington said...

Ducky is so predictable.

And, a barf bag.

Z said...

Sam, if the libs would just focus on the point of the posts and argue without using name calling and red herrings, we maybe could get somewhere.
But, you're right..Probably not.

Elmers Brother said...

Ironic that the class in which the indoctrination was the clearest was a Rhetoric class...we were supposed to master critical thinking, but sadly the professor was hell bent on shoveling her single point of view. For e.g. she thought it would be good for us to write a an essay explaining the UN's Millenium Development Goals using the statistics provided by the UN. Unfortunately I point out to her not only the lack of any real statistics but the argument of a detractor who demonstrated very convincingly that the statistics were gathered in so many varied ways by different countries that the UN only used one year of global statistics as a baseline to basically rob the rest of us. I wrote my essay on this issue, much to her chagrin. She had been usind the MDGs as a teaching tool for years but it hadn't dawned on here that

1. there was only one year of statistics the UN was using to determine the success of these goals


2. that there had been an issue with how THOSE statistics had been gathered making much of the whole issue fairly moot

To be fair, and not to brag she used my paper in a study the school was conducting on critical thinking and my paper was used an example of higher critical thinking...the school was having difficulty passing this much needed skill on to the other students

GEE I wonder why?

Elmers Brother said...


We all know what a hard science social psychology is duhkkky.

Liberalmann said...

Newly found Reagan Journal:

"The Republican party today merely just uses God as a means to get votes, and I don’t believe Jesus would want to be used as a marketing tool. I regret my decision to become Republican and if I had to do it all over again I would have remained in the Democratic party and ran on their ticket. They seem to instill the core values I believe in, such as a collective philosophy. I thought for a while the Democrats left me, because we used to agree on so much, it turns out that I did indeed leave them, and I would do anything to take it all back. Now as I sit here as an old man, I can only imagine, “what if…”"



Elmers Brother said...

I was cheered that some of the kids you spoke to agreed with you that the indoctrination was so obvious and ridiculous....remember? Some of them are raised with good values and open minds who see bias when they hear it...

It was encouraging Z. One other class I had the professor was a liberal....Noam Chomsky, the whole bit...

We had a few discussions in class in which I challenged him...about the military and immigration(the guy didn't know what posse comitatus is)and he didn't know there was a Soviet presence in Central America just to name a few. He blamed Reagan for everything, despite the fact that he was about 5 when Reagan took office.

Elmers Brother said...

Liberal Dude...you do realize that that is a satire site? that it's like the Onion or other places where stuff is made up for humor's sake.

Elmers Brother said...

Free Wood Post is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within FreeWoodPost.com are fiction, and presumably fake news.

Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental, except for all references to politicians and/or celebrities, in which case they are based on real people, but still based almost entirely in fiction.

FreeWoodPost.com is intended for a mature, sophisticated, and discerning audience.

Elmers Brother said...

I guess that last line explains it all LD...LOL!

Kid said...

Ducky, SO, I brought some content to the discussion. Kruschev's comment which you can research or listen to on youtube. The testimony of KGB Comrade Brezmenov on youtube, of which there is an entire interview in segments you can analyze.

Where's your rebuttal, or is it that you don't have some one liner you can throw against the wall? Therefore, you'll sit around like a troll under the bridge, waiting to toss out some totally unsubstantiated BS at random commentors. ??

Your fist comment was to Leticia I guess or maybe Z, and it said "Pitch til you win." My rebuttal to that is "Throw S* on the wall until none of it sticks anymore, then slink off only to come back some other day with your lame act tossing feces out of your cage until comeone calls you on it again."

Honestly, do liberals not have any self respect at all? Look at liberalman, blurts out something someone 5 years old might say followed by a bunch of LOLs. And comes back just about everyday to do it Again ! Good God.

Z said...

Reagan's Alzheimer's had totally taken his mind by 2002, when this was supposedly written. He died in 2004.
Sad, isn't it, that people'd exploit him. What sickness there is in this country among liberals.

Kid, I GUARANTEE you Libjerk will have left that same exact comment at many conservative blogs...I've seen it. :-) Even after I've told him about the facts. Very sad.

Kid said...

Z, they probably cut and paste it from Daily Kooks or the democrat underground website, or they hear it on wolfey blitzkreigs romper rooms show. (And why are they 'underground anyway? Their lead imbecile is in the White House...)

Elmers Brother said...

Its a satire Z.

Kid said...

Z, If Reagan was suffering from a mind malady, he was 100 times more effective with a mental disability than liberals are when they're perfectly healthy". He was 1000 times more effective than teleprompter reading dummy currently in the WH. ;-)

If obama actually accomplished something, the liberal stooges wouldn't be running around the interwebs trying to defend him, it would be obvious. Wouldn't it.

Elmers Brother said...

That disclaimer is from the site he posted it from.

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

A couple of observations and questions regarding the site with the Reagan story:

1. The site mocks Republicans for making religion devisive, but then mocks religion. Can they have it both ways?

2. The story on Reagan really isn't poking fun at any of his foibles. It doesn't amplify certain characteristics for comic effect. It's just a story made from whole cloth. Something the writer wishes were true, but is not. A fantasy. Does that really qualify as satire?


Z said...

Elbro, Liberals like this dude wouldn't understand it's satire so I proved it wrong, satire or not, via the fact that it's written 2 years before Reagan died. His mind was GONE when they say he wrote that!

Big Fat...I don't really see it as satire, either..it's just a made-up nothing to make Republicans look bad, sort of like a front page story at the New York Times (smile!)

Elmers Brother said...

Its fake regardless

Rita said...

I am a facebook friend with a professor in Iowa. He states his political views as Libertarian. But then again, he's not a professor of history, he just accepted a position of Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences.

So I have no idea what that means.

Since I got my degree while I was pursuing my degree, I was in my late 30's when I took a required history class.

The professor was "on loan" from Butler and he looked like a ZZ Top guy and he also was a Liberatian. I aced high school history because it was just a memorization exercise. So I memorized the dates for the test and promptly forgot everything.

The History Prof in college taught me more than I ever learned in high school and of course he threw in some opinion to the history, but he did not insist we repeat his opinion. And I was not a kid, so I could listen to his opinion, look at the information and decide whether his assessment was correct.

What I don't know is if either of these guys felt heat from their viewpoints in their academic settings.

In the case of my History Prof, I would hazard a guess he did not.

But then again, I don't live in the part of the US that is considered a hotbed of liberalism.

In my area, that would more likely reside at IU and Purdue.

Z said...

Of course it's fake!!
One big LIE.

Rita...I think LIBERTARIAN isn't quite as maligned as REPUBLICAN is to the left. Do you?
It's REPUBLICAN the lefties have demeaned and scoffed at enough that people actually believe the silly negative attributes the left's put on us undeservedly.
They first set it up that everybody has the RIGHT to all he/she can get....nobody should feel ashamed......everything's fine if it doesn't hurt anybody else, etc...one person owes it to the other to help if needed, etc.
then they started on how Republicans don't advocate for those things. Therefore, we're nasty, mean, cheap, etc!
It worked pretty well...it's as silly as it gets, but it worked.

viburnum said...


No facts? See if you can't find a few here.


Try the tab marked 'Cases'

Z said...

Hi, viburnum! Welcome..
I just this moment responded to your info to Liberaldude....you'll see here what I meant.
You're right..it's satire and, as I said at Silverfiddle's to you, it's also "written" in 2002, 2 years before Reagan died, at the height of his Alzheimer's, because of which he could never have written it, right?

Thanks for this link to Ducky..can't wait to check it out.

Z said...

WOWZIR, that is SOME SITE, viburnum....I only quickly checked one case under CASES and that was enough.......
there certainly is no shortage.

Ducky knows that..he just has to pitch and insult and DEMAND we PROVE IT.
(he will NEVER do the same)

Always On Watch said...

Liberalmann doesn't recognize anything except what's in his crack pipe. And sometimes he doesn't even recognize THAT.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Lincoln was certainly right on that, you all are reveling in the splendor of leftism now, crippling debt, flat economy and less freedom. Those college professors would cluck in approval.

Rita said...

Z: You're probably right on the acceptance of Liberarian over Conservatives.

What's interesting is that I consider a Conservative to be much more aligned to the Libertarian view on domestic issue but not on security issues.

So why would they not be labelled with the same names the Conservatives are? More likely they would be if they ever became popular enough to become a "threat" to the Liberals.

Ticker said...

Since 1962 I have attended 4 universities. I have watched each of them turn more and more liberal as each year passed. Professors who were at one time very open and allowed deep discussion in their classes are now liberal loons denying discussion that does not agree with their agenda or the agenda of the Department head or school in general.

I tell my grandchildren who are heading off to college this year and in the few years to ignore the liberal looney rants, learn the material and get out.

I discovered that disagreement brings not only disdain of the professor but tougher grading standards for those who are more conservative. I recently went back and spoke to one such of these liberal loons and he commented that I had evidently not learned one thing from him. My comment was Oh but to the contrary, I learned to out think you, out smart you . I graduated and your still here where I left you , ranting your foolishness and trying to bully kids who are not as savy as I was.

He turned with head down and walked off down the hall. My words evidently rang true. Unfortunately he will still be there for another few years with his ranting and bullying.

Ticker said...

Elmers Brother said...
"Liberal Dude...you do realize that that is a satire site? that it's like the Onion or other places where stuff is made up for humor's sake."

Libturd doesn't know the difference.
He see something that seems to fit his agenda and without reading or discovering the source BINGO, prints it and calls it fact.

Hahaha. Typical Libturd.

sue hanes said...

Z - Again - I'm with you on this.

I don't doubt what you say - about college professors mostly being Liberal.

And that isn't Right - and they especially shouldn't force their views on the students.

This type of thing is just like other situations that have developed in Our Country - and they CAN be turned around - and I Believe that it can be done.

How? Right here. I believe that Blogging Is The Way Of The Future.

Why do I say that?

I wrote that on my blog a while back - that because this is a Presidential Election Year - and an especially divisive one - for our country - I have seen so many bloggers sign up - not necessarily who have blogs - in fact - many of them don't.

But they have signed up to not only GIVE THEIR OPINION - on blogs - but to BE ABLE TO READ WHAT BLOGGERS HAVE TO SAY.

So Z - whether you realize it or not - you are making a big difference with a Post - such as this - and your Great commenters - and they are Smart - are making a difference too.d

Sure - it will take time - but doesn't everything take time - that is worthwhile.

Time - is on our side.

Yes it is.

Z said...

Rita, I think libertarians are more 'avant garde' and the silly left admires that kind of thing...I think they believe all conservatives are stodgy and regressive and so that's why we can misrepresented and scoffed, etc....make sense?

SUE...I hope you see this response.
I really appreciate your comment because, while you say you're liberal and all, you do understand that Conservatives don't WANT all conservative media, all conservative college indoctrination; we want kids given the LIBERTY and FREEDOM to believe what THEY want to believe...and to be taught both sides so they can discern..you know?
We don't have THINKERS anymore!
Of course, there are SOME, but...in general, they can't even stinkin' READ!
They don't know who the VP is!
They don't know where IRAN is..
they need to learn! And be given the tools.
That they're not makes many conservatives believe they'll be easier hoodwinked into socialism and we don't WANT THAT for America. SOme conservatives I know, brilliant ones, think there's no way we can stop the tide.........

please pray that our kids'll wake up and hunger for knowledge and remember that we all used to LOVE this country....not be taught we're always WRONG, like the left does now.
I'm glad you don't think that.

Rita said...

Ticker: Your response to the Prof is hilarious. We all wish we could manage such an encounter, don't we?

Z: Sadly, I'm beginning to wonder if all of our institutions of higher learning are teaching our kids NOT to think. As I work with some recently graduated kids, I don't see them able to logically think through a problem.

I've seen auditors come into a company I worked for to assess the company risks in order to become public. Public companies now have to pass a SOX (Sarbanes–Oxley) auditor. This was another brilliant idea out of Congress that was supposed to ensure we would never have another Enron.

One of the guys couldn't figure out how to change something in the document, so while I was helping him, I looked over the auditor's findings.

I asked my co-worker if this was the auditor's entire findings and he assured me it was.

I had to laugh.

It was full of minor weaknesses that were obviously taken from some checklist and none of the auditors knew to ask questions that were outside of their checklist.

I told the guy, "Well that's interesting. They worry about some paperclip missing from a file and I can go into a wire request file for millions of dollars and change the information before it's sent to the bank."

Thankfully I wasn't a crook. If I was, the auditor should couldn't have figured it out until it was much too late.

Z said...

Wow, Rita...that's amazing.
SOunds like those dumb Harvard types from McKinsey..they get paid HUGE money to go in and fix companies.
My husband said they were worthless and he'd seen them MANY times in different companies...
you're so right about paper clips...missing the big picture over the stuff they know.
And getting paid HUGELY....

sue hanes said...

Z - Prayer for these things to come to pass - is good.

But I'm a firm believer that along with prayer - we need to take action. And I believe that is what is being done - RIGHT HERE.

Speaking out on Blogs is - I Believe - one important way that will bring about the Change that is so desperatly needed today - in America.

Blogging is reaching A LOT of people.

I went to a new blog today - and was amazed at the followers that were there.

It is networking - at its best.

This problem of teaching college students without forcing them to think a certain way - such as political leanings - is just one of the problems facing us right now.

But as long as Bloggers write about these problems - and commenters comment - and there are Others - that are just reading - things WILL change - and get better.

I Believe that. It just takes time.

And time is always on our side.

Ticker said...

Rita , this professor is but one in a line of those I had the opportunity to make a similar speech too. One or two actually heard remarks similar or stronger in class as I packed my books and walked out leading over half the class or more each time. My dear friend and Dean of the College begged me to not shut down the university classes by such action. I asked him if he wanted me to just punch the guy out and then leave. He laughed and said, "you never change do you". He agreed with me but had to be able to say to the idiot professor that it was handled by the admin. hahaa. Sure it was. I here, many of them are still there pulling the same old crap for what? I retired, sleep well each night and vacation when I want. The have to stay awake thinking up lies to keep their students in line and in class.

Z said...

Sue, you said "This problem of teaching college students without forcing them to think a certain way - such as political leanings - is just one of the problems facing us right now."

Conservatives want college kids voting from knowledge and discernment of their own thinking....not what the 95% of lib teachers are giving them.

We see this as not only a terrible precedent in America, that our kids are not only getting lousy educations these days, but that they're being indoctrinated so badly that they could vote for, say, Obama, who lied even before he went in and got elected because he talks the same socialist nonsense of their professors, always blaming AMerica, hating capitalism, etc.

It's a VERY big danger, not just one of education.

Rita said...

Z: Your comment reminds me of the Howard Stern video of asking Obama supporters if they liked his choice of Sarah Palin as VP and posed other questions that were clearly opposite of Obama's agenda and they said they were in complete agreement with him.

Of course I realize that they only edited the ones that fit the comedic tone, but it was just classic group think.

Jennifer said...

Lincoln was certainly right on that, you all are reveling in the splendor of leftism now, crippling debt, flat economy and less freedom. Those college professors would cluck in approval.