Thursday, March 22, 2012

Facebook...and JOBS?

Have you seen THIS?   Do you think a potential employer has the right to ask for a job applicant's Facebook PASSWORD?  

I'll weigh in after you do.......



sue hanes said...

Z - No. I do not think that a potential employer has the right to ask for someone's Facebook password.

And anyway - although I used to be on Facebook - I will never be again - and I think Facebook is stupid and a waste of time.

Rita said...

Another good reason to be anonymous on facebook. No one looking for me can find me as I use a nickname only one of my uncle used and no one else and my profile pic is a picture of Cinque Terre.

I would simply tell a potential employer I would not give them my password. If they make that a condition of employment, I would hope there would be enough people who refused to comply they would be forced to give up asking.

I think they have every right to google your name. The only public profile they can find on me is linkedin.

Well there is someone with my name in California that apparently made some paper a few years back. So you could read all about "me" being a crack broad.

It's pretty stupid to post things online you don't want spread all over the news tomorrow.

Asking for your fb password isn't a whole lot different from asking for your personal email password.

Always On Watch said...

No. Passwords are supposed to be kept secret.

But an employer clearly has the prerogative to look at a potential employee's FB page -- even via the Wayback Machine or the like.

Ducky's here said...

Another good reason to avoid Facebook.

Bob said...

Ducky's right, again. Congratulations.

There is apparently no law against a prospective employer requesting this information. The same lesson keeps coming up, don't publish things on the internet you wouldn't want an employer to see.

If you blog, or even comment on other blogs, do it anonymously. Be prepared for negative feedback in some form if your name is attached to your words.

If you are going to call Obama a brain-dead moron and wish him ill, get ready for the Obama Gestapo interview. For the record, Obama is a brain-dead moron, but I wish him to stay in good health. Joe Buyden is even dumber.

Bunkerville said...

It is why I never started a Facebook page under my name. Yet somehow my so called friends who are on my e-mail address book got connected. I get announcements that we have "something in common" would I like to join them with the Facebook account. Big brother runs deep. P.S. I dont know how to spell psedonem or I would us it. :)

Silverfiddle said...

Progressivism has ushered in a brave new world, where personal rights continue to diminish, while the corporate-government conglomerate accumulates more and more power.

Lisa said...


Lisa said...

Someone I know who fixes cars and trucks for businesses told me one guy he does work for had to lay off people when the economy got worse under Obama so he layed off people who voted for Obama.
How did he know you ask? They didn't hide it,they were proud of Hope and Change.
Bumper stickers,etc....

Ticker said...

None of their business or as my son-in-law has his FB listed NOYFB

sue hanes said...

Z - I tried to quit FB a couple of times - but there didn't seem to be a way to do that permanently.
I finally 'unfriended' all 25 of my 'friends - and that did it.

And that's another thing. When I say someone is my 'friend' - it has a special meaning for me.

I always wondered how people could have 565 'friends' - and each one of them could still be special.

Know what I mean?

Average American said...

NO WAY!!!! And this is the reason I would cite:

"Giving out Facebook login information violates the social network's terms of service......
The Department of Justice regards it as a federal crime to enter a social networking site in violation of the terms of service......"

even though it is not the real reason. It just is none of their f###### business!

Besides, the police departments and other government entities can and do get the FBI's help with security checks. They don't need to see how much I play Mafia Wars, or how often I belittle the White House Clown in Chief.

Z said...

First, let me say I'm no fan of Facebook and have never had an account.
I have to admit that I do what they call "Creep" and go thru a sis's account to see pictures at others' accounts that I want to see...but that's it. So I am guilty of 'creeping'

Sue's right about the term 'friend'...I believe this whole social networking thing cheapens real friendship. But, heck, I long for the days when people said Mr. Jones and Mrs. Smith until they really got to know you well enough to use your first name. can see I'm a stickler for formality and dignity! Maybe too much!?

I think it's totally outrageous that a future boss can get your password and see all about your private life (though how private Facebook is is also questionable)

A funny thing happened last year.

One relative wanted to do a kind of reunion with friends from Sunday School....she posted it on her Facebook account and suddenly other Sunday School friends were inviting themselves along...and came. Well, the whole intimate little reunion's situation changed so much as to make it less wonderful. One has to be careful!

Rita's right...let them Google you...that's enough and, in some cases, even that's too much. Some of my writings are there and I don't care to have a liberal future boss not hire me for my politics. OF course, I couldn't really work for a liberal, so that's probably a moot point.

THis is outrageous...think they'll make a law that you can't ask for personal stuff like this in a job interview?

sue hanes said...

Z - Here's what sent a red flag up in my mind - although this is more
ME than actually FB - but it is Facebook that made this possible.

One day I used FB to express my hostility toward two women that were VERY important in my life.
I was unhappy with them and unfriended them.

One was a close friend/relative and the other a close friend.

Now I did 'friend' them again eventually - but it bothered me that I did that. And that being on FB ALLOWED me to do that.

But here is the worst part:

I started playing around with people - saying to myself - I will
'friend' this person - or I might 'friend' someone - but then change my mind and 'unfriend' them.

What I was doing was tryring to DEFINE MYSELF through Facebook.

Finally I came to terms with what was happening - and have not been on Facebook since.

I learned a valuable lesson from that - and I am not proud of the way I learned it.

Over all - I GIVE FACEBOOK VERY LOW SCORES - and there are other reasons for that - which I will not mention here.

sue hanes said...

Z - Although I am the complete opposite of your 'formal' way of thinking - I respect that characteristic in you - and do not think there is anything wrong with it.

It makes me think of the movie
The Queen - which I have watched MANY times - and in it the Queen expresses her slight distaste for Tony Blair's wanting to be on a first name basis with everyone - right after he is elected Prime Minister - and she says - 'As in Call Me Tony? - oh, I don't like that.'

What a great movie - and in it - Helen Mirren - IS the Queen.

Z said...

Sue, I give it very low scores, too. It's always struck me as a little weird.........we're like living the JETSONS LIFE (as I'd blogged 2 years ago) where we're in our homes, on the internet buying things instead of at the store, talking to friends via email instead of calling, sending thank yous via email instead of writing, etc.........Facebook just adds to all that.

I don't think formality is wrong, either.

The Queen is a good film and Mirren was terrific.

I think you grew from your FB account incident; always good to grow.

sue hanes said...

Thanks - Z.

And I grow the best - when I discover something for myself.
A person - or persons - can be telling me something for a long time - but it is when I come to a realization for myself - when I finally see - what is right - it is then that I embrace that Truth -and generally - I never go back on it.

But it has to be MY TRUTH.

Someone else may be trying to make me 'realize' a certain 'Truth' - but it is coming to terms with how I am going to deal with that Truth - that has to be MY Reality.

I think you know what I'm talking about - Z.

It isn't always easy to do this - but we all have to decide what Truth we want to accept -for ourselves.

sue hanes said...

'on the internet buying things instead of at the stores'

It's convenient to buy online - but I think that this - in the long run - is not a good thing - kind of like robots replacing people on an assmebly line - can be detrimental to our society.

I'm not sure how the best way to deal with this is - but the awareness of it is good - and it cannot be ignored.

Linda said...

For Bunkerville:

No, I don't think an employer has the right to ask for a password of anything that belongs to you. Of course, you shouldn't say anything on FB you wouldn't say in public.

I'm glad I'm retired!

Kid said...

ask for a password? No, NO and HELL NO!

Kid said...

I'll never have a facebook account.
1.) If I'm not in touch with someone from my past already, I Don't Want to Be.
2.) I'm a non-conformist. When I see lemmings running towards something, I run the other direction.

Z said...

Kid "I'll never have a facebook account.
1.) If I'm not in touch with someone from my past already, I Don't Want to Be."

I couldn't agree with you more! Well said.

Rita said...

Ok, I'll go pro-facebook for a minute here.

First, I'll tell you I'm not thrilled about continually having to lock down what people see.


I'm careful about who I "friend". Probably half are my family, the other half are close friends.

I have two people I've met through blogging.

One was from the same small community I grew up in and the other is a wonderful lady that lives in Michigan that I've known for a couple years online.

I don't EVER accept someone I don't know. I'm very picky about friending co-workers.

I never post bad things about my work.

Facebook allows us to share pictures. I only post ones that are not "compromising". For instance, my niece is a Title One Director.

I don't post pictures of her with a beer in her hand. I save those for our private family website. A place that predated facebook and is only available to invited family.

It's nice to see pictures of my friends or find out some friend is going to be a grandparent.

I have pictures of my great nieces and nephews because it's so easy to take a quick pic on you phone and load it to facebook.

I use mine for private things. And I have it locked down because there are people that would throw a fit it they knew I communicated with other people.

FB is great as long as you don't post ignorant junior high school fights with friend or family (I don't have those kinds of interaction anyway).

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I don't think it's appropriate, mind you employers are able to find out things about you much easier these days and i suppose they don't want to be hiring some irresponsible lunatic. But still people have a right to privacy.

I'm often asked by businesses i deal with for my email, i just tell them i don't have one.

Z said...

Rita, I think pictures are the only good reason for Facebook...I know many family members share pictures that way and I agree...that's a fun thing.

beamish said...

I have two Facebook accounts, one in my real name to keep in touch with family (got a lot of family overseas at war) and one with a fake name for general socializing and discussion groups. Neither of them are accessible without permissions ("friend requests") and I certainly wouldn't let an employer gain access (although my current employer does, as I'm self-employed, heh)

beamish said...

Garbage in, garbage out...

The internet only knows what you tell it ;)