Friday, March 9, 2012

Obama; Keystone Kop?

What do YOU think of the Keystone oil pipeline?  The senate blocked it........HERE is the article.

11 Democrat Senators voted with the Republicans ... Reuters says less about the bill itself and more about how Republicans will "use it".    The article includes "He (Obama)  took the unusual step of calling some senators personally ahead of the vote, asking them to reject the proposal."    It's only unusual for him, of course;  most presidents are known for calling senators to vote one way or the other.  Even Chris Matthews, huge Obama fan, whined rather recently that Obama doesn't have contact with Congress, not even calling senators before votes.  "took the unusual step"....another media lie.

Another line in the article says "Republicans are using the proposal to highlight Obama's delay of the project ahead of November presidential and congressional elections, linking his decision to rising gasoline prices."   As if Republicans think prices would have gone down next week had the proposal received a green light. you think we should start the pipeline?  Pros?  Cons?   Do you think Obama's only hesitance is environmental?



sue hanes said...

Z - My answer to this is going to seem offtopic - but to me - this article means that - more than ever - there should be:

One Six Year Term

to prevent Reelection - of

The President of the United States

which does nothing but Harm Our

And here I Believe that it is not President Obama - who wants to be Reelected - but The Mean Democrats - who want control of
The Presidency for Four More Years.

Brooke said...

This is a gift-wrapped present to the GOP. The nominee should point at the pump prices, and say something along the lines of, "Clearly the Democrats in the Senate are in Obama's pocket... But with gas prices soaring, the economy failing and prices at the grocery shelf also soaring as a result we have to ask, WHOSE POCKET IS OBAMA IN?!? Clearly, it isn't that of the American people!"

Something like that. :) If we had a bulldog candidate, Obama wouldn't have a chance.

Ducky's here said...

Actually Brooke, it should be pointed out that without an increase in refining capacity this does NOTHING.

Now trying to expand the issue to more than a soundbite will leave the fringe right behind but as you have seen in the Republican primaries the fringe right has been marginalized.

The issue will be understood by the majority of voters. Not a problem.

Meanwhile, the refiners and the futures speculators own you. The dollar will continue to devalue but world growth is slowing so maybe prices have peaked.

Z said...

" The issue will be understood by the majority of voters. Not a problem."

That would be rich, Ducky...imagine Americans actually grasping that.

and do you really think the pipelines all most Americans want to see built or that they 'understand' that refineries will be needed, too?
I'm thinking not everybody isn't quite as stupid as you believe. Of course, they DID vote for Obama, so that's a point for belief, but....

sue...I'm not sure. I think Obama does get off on being in the spotlight. They say he doesn't do what most presidents do as far as courting the congressmen, etc., so he has more time for parties. that's pretty intoxicating.

Brooke...right. I think it was Dennis Miller the other night who said the Reps should just have a candidate standing near a sign that shows how fast the debt is going up, and saying nothing but "this has to stop"
Still, I'm not sure Obama voters care about the debt...they must agree to just keep borrowing from China and keep spending up because they're still for Obama as long as he keeps passing out freebies. Hard to figure out.

Brooke said...

Amen, Z.

There hasn't been a refinery built since before I was born. OF COURSE Americans understand those are needed, too, and of course the question is, why won't leftist environmentalists let that occur?

We could go on forever, start talking nuclear power, ect.

Silverfiddle said...

Ducky: Thank you for bringing up the fact that environmental regulation strangulation is preventing the construction of new refineries.

Pipeline = jobs. Go ahead lefties, give us the argument that it's "only" a few thousand...

Bunkerville said...

If this doesn't finish him, then nothing will. Apparently it will not. Hardly a ripple about it.

-FJ said...

"Actually Brooke, it should be pointed out that without an increase in refining capacity this does NOTHING."

NIMBY speak for, "Did the EPA approve your permit?"

Ticker said...

One only has to go back into recent history to see what effect the approval of the pipeline would have on oil prices.
If one goes back only to the recent times of the gulf oil spill the price went up. When Obama said no more drilling would be allowed the prices went up further. He then said that drilling could continue, prices dropped at least for a couple of weeks until Obama once again flip-flopped and said no drilling and again prices went up.
Once speculators see that there will be future oil and gas they see a reduction in price and they act accordingly in buying oil futures. This in itself brings the price down.Couple that with more oil production IN THE US and KEEPING MORE in the US cost to consumer will continue to fall. The same story has been repeated time and time again when dealing with oil prices .

sue hanes said...

Z - Maybe President Obama is enjoying being in the spotlight.
Who wouldn't be? Especially if you were someone who had never been in the spotlight before - someone who had never enjoyed a lot of 'advantages' in life - and you were someone who had hardly even known his father.

I don't know Barack Obama - persoanlly. But I remember reading once that at one point he was considering not ever running for reelection - after all - he has two daughters and he stands to miss concentrating on seeing them grow up.

And you say that 'they' say that he doesn't concentrate on being President so he can spend more time going to parties.

Who is 'they' - Z?

But anyway - what is important here is that SOMEONE steps up and does what has to be done to help Americans get Jobs - and get the Country back on track.

We are losing valuable ground here - In The Reelection Process.

The two years that could be spent by Our Presidet - paying attention to the needs of the Country - are being spent on Reelection.

If Barack Obama - for instance - had been elected to One Six Year Term - then he would be Concentrating On the Business Of the Country - and making sure His Legacy Is Safe - instead of thinking of being reelected.

Ducky's here said...

It's not an election
It's a restraining order

sue hanes said...

duckee - It's a Mandate.

For Someone To Stand Up And Say -
It's Time To Do The Right Thing - folks.

Z said...

Bukerville "Hardly a ripple about it."

That's how badly our people are being lied to. In a phrase.

Sue...'they' are anybody with their eyes open. To think of electing this man again, after the damage he's done and the promise of more is pretty disheartening. I hope more people open their eyes to government over-control, the lack of new jobs that we could have, and THE TRUTH.

Z said...

Ducky, that's on my home page for a reason. We've got to restrain Obama from more big government...whether you love it or not

Ed Bonderenka said...

I drive 500 miles a week to and from work.
I have some tips for reducing fuel costs.
1) Inflate your tires properly.
2) Drive at a consistent speed.
3) No jackrabbit starts.
4) Vote Obama out of office.
5) Drill baby, Drill.
As I understand it, refinery capacity in Louisiana was increased in expectation of the Keystone pipeline.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, z, the leftwing sites have it too.

Not much difference between the parties.

Z said...

Ed, thanks, good advice. Especially No. 4.

Ducky, while they're both duplicitous, greedy and blowhards, if you think they're the same on everything else, I think you're not listening.

Anonymous said...

"The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency.

It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America.

Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama.

It is less likely to survive a multitude of idiots such as those who made him their president".

Z said...

Ya, Imp...I've been sent that a lot of times and you just have to agree and shake your head every never loses its frightening implications.
We have a populace of college kids who don't know who the VP is, who don't know where Iran is, who don't know who America fought for independence from...and more and more; you've seen all those videos, right?

THESE are the people who vote "COOL" because Obama's COOL and PROMISES THEM STUFF, and has COOL FRIENDS, and won't get them into war because "war is not the answer" and every ridiculous thing we can think of. As if anybody WANTS war, but..?

It's a very scary world today because of the far Left........who do so well at demeaning the Americans of values and common sense and who love freedom and know enough not to minimize the threats of our enemies, etc. etc....but get nothing but insults and scoffing by professors and the media. Poor leftwingers; they don't know what might hit them if they get their way.

Leticia said...

I honestly believe we should start the pipeline now. So many people need the work, I also believe it will boost the economy and lower gas prices.

Anonymous said...

"We have a populace of college kids who don't know ...."

And on and on. They don't know where to put that aspirin either.

I really foresee the breaking up of the states. I don't see how we can be ONE NATION any longer with a federal government defying and ignoring the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 10th, 14th and 16th Amendments to the Constitution.

I can't see us staying as ONE NATION when depraved judges overturn the will of the people. I don't see how states can be expected to support and tolerate the dictates of the central government any longer.

All it will take is one or two states to secede. I'm all for it.

Z said...

Imp, that'll never happen but I sure see your point.

Leticia, there IS no downside..I"m with you. That pipeline would make for tons of jobs, new refineries would make for tons of jobs, the Chinese would finally be confounded, Canada and our relationship might repair, and it would be exciting and give optimism. Maybe that's why they're not doing it, come to think of it? :-)

Anonymous said...

"Imp, that'll never happen but I sure see your point..."

We're already an extremely split and divided Nation. I've never seen the country so fractured in my lifetime. Where the political parties are each others far using speech and the media to attack each other and no AR15's yet.

Then I read where the anti government organizations have almost doubled in size under Obummers reign.

The fuse has been lit....

Z said...

Imp, I think people are really tired of feeling PUSHED...and they're tired of hearing the background of Obama and putting two and two together; one can't help but see his past is something WE are living out now. We're paying for COmmunists and black-first proponents in his family and mentors.

Today, one of my students, a black girl, said "When are people going to realize we're all the same but have different colored skin? We all have the same blood, the same breathing and eating functions...we're PEOPLE.
This president's done little to get us any further in that direction..

Well, there are too many things he's done that we can fault him for...too bad the public mostly doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

""When are people going to realize we're all the same but have different colored skin?...

Well said...but...what would she have to say about the commie in chief setting up an organization called.."African Americans for Obama"?

Why not a similar group called "Whites for Mitt Romney"?

Wouldn't the NAACP or the SPLC or the rats like Schultz, Jackson and Sharpton have a field day?

This is what's wrong with America... institutionalized and accepted racism against 85% of the population.

They Say/We Say said...

Sue, FDR did not campaign to much and he was in for 8yrs. But did not see but 6 and a half. That's when that scared the ever loving daylites out of everyone; and the Congress and the American People passed the 22 Amendment-to make sure NO ONE, EVER, COULD BE SEATED FOR MORE THAN 2 TERMS FOR PRES.!
Am, surprised you did not know that?
Oh, wait a minute you're pulling our chain- I forgot haw many spoof commenter were here; for a minute there.

sue hanes said...

Speaking as a Spoof Commenter -

It is not so much the talk - that I read here - in the comments - about getting Obama out of office -that Frightens me.



Surely Mitt Romney is not what the Founding Fathers - those Great Great Men - had in mind - when they started us on the Path To

sue hanes said...

They Say/We Say - So you call me a Spoof Commenter.

Well - I call you a D*psh *t Commenter - of the Highest Proportions - TS/WS.

Furthermore - I am a Very Good Person - TS/WS - and I don't like it that you are Picking On Me.

Anonymous said...


WTF are you talking about?

Z said...

Imp "Well said...but...what would she have to say about the commie in chief setting up an organization called.."African Americans for Obama"?"

I think a MORON can see that's beyond the pale (pardon the expression).....that's NUTS and I think my Avery would definitely be against it. Imagine WHITES FOR ROMNEY? they'd be in jail by now. But not the Blacks for Obama! :-)

sue hanes said...

Imp - SUE

WTF are ya talking about?

IMP - WTH are YOU talking about that I'm talking about.

In other words - Imp - be Specific - and I'll answer that question in full.

I'll stay up as long as necessary -to discuss this.

Or - if you want - we can talk about it tomorrow.

Your choice - Imp.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

My understanding is that this pipeline would bring jobs, millions if not billions in investments and lower the price of gas and to top things off, it wouldn't need huge injections of tax dollars.

Perhaps these are the reasons why obama is vehemently opposed to it.

"As if Republicans think prices would have gone down next week had the proposal received a green light."

Yes that is true, it won't drop the next day or the next week for that matter, however dithering around and refusing to give it the go ahead would mean less chance, if any at all, of lowering gas prices in any near future.

President obama should tell the American people truthfully why he's not in favor of projects to reduce the price of gas. If his reasons are only environmental, then he should state them clearly and allow republicans to rightly point out to Americans that he cares more for the environment than their economic future.

Z said...

RWT...excellent thoughts there.

When I hear the left screech that this won't help right away, I keep wondering how shortsighted can people be? If not now, WHEN must we start becoming more enery independent!??


They Say/We Say said...

Sue I miss read your number, and my numbers were wrong--had to much to drink.
I was remembering that lady that said that we should forgo the elections so congress and the pres could fix everything; and your 6yr term was not computing. One six year term? I still don't know about that. If Obama could have more time we might not be able to recognize this place; even if he could not seek another term.

sue hanes said...

Imp - That gives me an idea.

I'll map out the course - have a game plan - you know - and travel around the U.S. - visiting all my Bloggin' Buddies.

How does that sound - Imp.

First I'm gonna go out to Massachusetts - and look up Duckbutt.

sue hanes said...

Seriously - We say/They Say - This reelection stuff is hurting us.

If Obama couldn't seek a second term - then he would be working very hard right now to ensure that his legacy - and the Country - would be in good shape.

As it is - he is very distracted by reelection.

We lose.

Lisa said...

Too bad the only thing Obama is distracted by is his own Legacy,which if it were so great he shouldn't have to work so hard at getting re-elected .
Maybe it was hi lack of experience. I don't want him filling up his resume' at America's expense any more.

Anonymous said...

"First I'm gonna go out to Massachusetts - and look up Duckbutt..."

Good idea Sue...looking up Ducks butt you'll be able to see the moon. And maybe his facia puss?

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