Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Are the Democrats at the DNC in Florida THIS insensitive and unthinking and sycophantic?
Need I ask your thoughts on this?   It's gone now....veterans threatened to take it down themselves, so the DNC took it down.   I have to give credit to Huffington Post as they're the only liberal venue I could find that even mentioned it.  FOX had it,  The Christian Post had it, WebProNews had it...not sure what the last two are, but I'm waiting for a liberal to say it's not true because FOX carried it.  Actually, Huff Post's piece quotes from FOX, so Huff did get it right :-)   Is it an important story?  Not so much; does it tell us something all Americans might want to know?  Yes, I think so.

The Huffington Post piece includes " notes that party Chairwoman Nancy Hurlbert apologized to the veterans, but made no promise that this would be the flag's last appearance. The Obama product has been sold since 2008 by a Seattle company called " and...

"The Orlando Sentinel dug into the legal side of the issue, speaking to a local college professor who said that altering an American flag doesn't constitute a crime. The newspaper mentions how cases involving flag burning have been deemed by the Supreme Court as protected under the First Amendment's free speech clause"

Imagine DNC Chairwoman apologizing but not promising it won't happen again?  Any thoughts?  Does legal make it okay?



Rita said...

I KNEW you would have to post on this.

I cannot even fathom how someone could be so disgraceful to our flag.

What a nasty, nasty woman.

This one got me seriously fired up this evening.

I'm just glad Bob hasn't seen it.

Z said...

Rita, I'd like to hear Bob's reaction if he does hear about it!

Yes,I had 3 emails from friends showing me this story when I got home from work, flipped out, and had to post it, you're right !!


Rita said...

Bob's not political but he IS a conservative. He pays attention to politics only when the elections get close.

This picture would leave him cussing like a sailor and I'm sure I couldn't post what he would actually say.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

And we thought that we've seen it all!

No we have not, Obama is first getting warmed up.

sue hanes said...

Z - My thought on this is that it is simply stupid - and an insult to our Flag - which is nothing to joke around about - and I am a firm believer - that Our Flag Should Fly Alone - with NOTHING below it.

Pris said...

My first take on this is, it puts me in mind of what would be acceptable under a dictatorship!

I'll bet Obama would put his hand over his heart for this flag, huh?

It's worse than stupid. It's time for people to realize how far the far left will go.

Let us not forget that Obama stood behind a podium with a seal on the front which said, "President Elect"!

He doesn't like our National Anthem either, and would like to change it, as if he has the power to do it.

Z said...

Pris, exactly right. I think Obama'd LOVE this flag. Were I him and I saw this (it's been out since 2008 so we know he has), I'd have put an end to it immediately.'s getting scary!

Sue.. I'm glad you agree about this, not at all surprised.
You know, I think we all agree on more than we think, but conservatives see something like this, feel the disappointment you do, and feel this shows something about a candidate and his people that we can't abide by and so we vote them out. Or try to; we feel this is so wrong and illustrates something so even MORE wrong, that ...we vote against this stuff.

Chuck said...

Not surprisingly I almost posted on this Z. I chose the NAACP and the UN instead.

I think it is disrespectful and very indicative of just how little regard the left shows for the US.

Personally, I think disfiguring the flag should be made illegal. Same with burning it. I am all for free speech but there are some things that should be protected. I know this may be an unpopular stance but I stand by it.

Anonymous said...

"Personally, I think disfiguring the flag should be made illegal..."

Hmmmm....don't think we'll ever see another leftist loon stomping on the flag with the "One's" picture on it, do you?

But...I wouldn't refrain from relieving myself on it the way it's depicted.

Very, very Orwellian...1984. Remember the movies with Big Brothers face everywhere?

Which commandment has that busted?

Thall shalt have no other gods before me?

Z said...

Chuck, I agree about burning the flag. Not so much that it's horrible to burn the symbol of our country, that's bad enough...but the fact that I believe it shows something about us that's scary; we're more interested in political correctness, looking OPEN MINDED, being able to withstand this kind of assault, blahblahblah...when we obviously CAN'T because our country's worse for having allowed this kind of thing.
It shows a willingness to slam OURSELVES. And that's only got SO MUCH WORSE.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Cult of Personality.
That's a flag I'd burn.

Anonymous said...

NAACP goes to the block voter ID in Texas and Alabama!!

Panetta says Marines in a combat zone in Afghanistan to be DISARMED...while he "speaks" to them!! Imagine that our troops are told to surrender their weapons ( knowing that the scum Afghani's take any measure to assassinate our troops) leaving them as unprotected as any moron on a Chicago street.

Remember too that the commie in chief.....demanded that the West point graduating class surrender / remove their ceremonial swords from their uniforms...while the mutt in chief gave a commencement speech?

Maybe these two know....exactly what our troops think of the both of them? Hmmmm...

Seems to me that that fear the very troops that they commit to suicidal missions?

But...the NAACP takes the cake folks. Racial harmony? Bullshit.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Any Marines out there? Anyone incensed as I am over marines in a combat zone being ordered to surrender their weapons?

Anyone incensed that the soldier who rid Afghan's of a few of their choicest citizens...will be on trial in 3 weeks? While the M&M...murdering muslin Major Hadal...who killed 13 soldiers ( who were told that could not be armed since they were back on "safe" US soil and we're "not" in a combat zone on a safe secure military base )...still...after over 2 years....still sits in a cell without a trial????

A big...WTF?

Maybe all our troops should carry a "soldier of allah" business card while on duty?

Z said...

Imp.if a Republican administration had done 1/1000th of what these awful Obama people are doing, they'd be IN JAIL.

UNARM OUR SOLDIERS? I hope that nobody but US knows that (as if)

I'm sorry, but I'm on the WTF? boat with you on this...sometimes, there are just no better words

Anonymous said...

Z....sometimes I wish.....sometimes I wish....and I'm not one bit afraid of it turning out to be....another----better kind of "coup".

I reallly think we're headed there...I really do. Matter of fact....sometimes I see no other way. The Constitution is a rag...the law is a is meaningless....illegals actually prosper....while average Americans struggle?


And...AND...The NAACP can't let go...can't get enough? Ok...fook it.....lets turn the country into Rhodesia...Zimbawbe....let's do it.

Lets see who grows the food...and...provides the GD welfare checks and food stamps.


Done....we're done.

Chuck said...

Impertinent, check this out.

Military source calls incident at Afghanistan airport an 'attempted attack'

Read more:

Base attacked as Panetta landed. Hope those troops had their arms...

Anonymous said...

"Base attacked as Panetta landed. Hope those troops had their arms..."

Nope...our troops were spectators....they Afghans should have succeeded.....maybe they'd get it after a politician...masquerading as the Sec of Defense....a G15 desk fop...a career replaced by a career...WARRIOR... A CAREER SOLDIER rather than a scumbag politician?

beamish said...

As I'm fond of saying, "I'd never burn the American flag except unless it were illegal to do so."

Still, the tactlessness of Obama, Inc. does not fail to surprise me. I wonder what new disgraces he will bring over his next term.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder what new disgraces he will bring over his next term....

Beamish...for God's need more? Are you kidding?

Z said...

I read beamish, Imp, etc...and I got to thinking...
There's an email that's going around blaming not Obama for all he's done but the people who voted for him.

Imp, you ask beamish if Obama's not done enough already...but, you know, why aren't we asking THE POLITICIANS WHO SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING ARE SEEM TO BE DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?



Okay..Obama's AWFUL and Holder is WORSE and Panetta's an IDIOT....where are the journalists exposing the TRUTH?

and now Andrew's dead, too.
I put too much store in him.

Anonymous said...

"AND, WHEN THEY DO ANYTHING, WE BARELY HEAR ABOUT IT, LIKE THE PETER KING/MUSLIM HEARINGS OR THE DARRYL ISSA FAST AND FURIOUS STUFF.......IT JUST 'GOES AWAY' INTO THE SUNSET, DOESN'T IT."'s really simple.The corrupt scumbag pieces of shit...from matthews to olberman ( olberfurher ) to the corruot shills in hollywood like speilberg...sarandon..cher....damon..totally run the press in this country.

The Baldwins...the faces and the frauds...who live in fenced in ghettos....the reverse racism....the corruption...the assholes that actually adjust their lives around what bathing suit theron wears today.....the complete surrender of sanity to reality TV... Dancing....or american idol.....our country thrives on tv feces...on shit...on nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks..friends.....

Gas prices are expected to rise to $7 or 8 dollars a gallon by May 30th.

Ummmm...are we happy? Are we so happy that our summer vacations will now cost almost that the commie in chief.....with his 5mph Cadillac SUV....

What say you? That the POS in the WH....the magic asshole...will willingly kill our budgets.....while he has none.

Don't you think the commie in chief ought ti be driving a Volt?

Z said...

Imp, they don't control the press but their opinions sure jive with the press. What a terrible thing for America; wouldn't you think liberals would be all over FREEDOM and OPEN MINDEDNESS and RESPECT FOR ALL OPINIONS? They SAY they are. They sure trounce us if they whiff a tiny bit of the opposite from a conservative, but they sure don't promote an open mind when it could include shining negative light on one of their heroes.

There's now some new film on Obama's first four years..must be a glowing record of $3.00 per gallon more at the pump, appeasing enemies, bowing to Arab Kings, insulting the English and Israelis, turning down large job-making pipelines, forcing us to buy what we don't want, telling us what to eat, high-flying vacations, expensive rock concerts at the WH...I'm sure it'll be quite a film, huh?

Z said...

Imp, they WANT this...Steven Chu said they think it's a good idea.
Wait till you see my post for simply won't believe it.

Rita said...

At some point I just can't read the stories anymore. I didn't know our Marines were ordered to unarm in a battle zone (and it IS a battle zone).

So I could only look at the headline of the news when you posted that Imp.

I didn't/couldn't read the story.

Z, I just hate that I didn't realize how corrupt journalism had become and for how long.

I loved the Journalism 101 class in high school back in the the 1950's (not QUITE that long ago. lol.)

I loved the teacher, but I look back and that was the only lie I now realize I believed in high school.

She taught us that journalism was only factual, who, what, when, where and why.

In fact she explained that I had overstated a headline in the school paper when I wrote "Beach Boys Blast Bloomington".

Journalism is dead, and I doubt there has been any realistic investigative reporting for decades.

I hope with your Breitbart connections you can assure us he was only the start of real investigative reporting.

Lisa said...

"My first take on this is, it puts me in mind of what would be acceptable under a dictatorship!"

That is exactly it Pris, Good Lord this is not my Father's America and I hope it's not ours much longer.

Seeing that flag makes my skin crawl. We are not Cuba and we had better not back down to this nonsense before it's too late. We have to keep our fellow citizens informed,especially those who aren't paying attention.
It's out duty as Americans. The cockroaches in this country are hiding in every crack and crevice.
I heard about this but I didn't know it was "teh one's" face on there. What's next Mt Rushmore? The Obama Memorial?
The only president with his own presidential seal? This is narcissism beyond the pale. It's sick and getting sicker.
I am not going to sit and quietly watch it happen. I just can't.

Z said...

Rita, exactly. That's what's so awful; people have changed. There is no guilt about misleading AMericans or mischaracterizing information to suit a journalist's's AWFUL.
They've been indoctrinated so badly that they really do think they have all the answers and Republicans are the enemy. It's positively despicable.
I couldn't agree with you more.

Lisa..what can we DO?
I keep asking that here as we see assault after assault EVERY SINGLE DAY! And all we do is type our disgruntled fingers to the bones on BLOGS! That's not really HELPING!
Even Congressmen like Issa can't seem to do anything!
Where are the young Republican "Turks"? I heard Paul Ryan was coming out with some plan today...anybody hear about it?

We're just in such TROUBLE.

And I just read that the Obama's gave a very expensive dinner tonight(which I don't mind...presidents of this country should entertain with glamour and elegance) for people who've given big dough to their SUPER PAC. Even YAHOO said this was a little much for Obama who'd protested against paying off rich donors! Even YAHOO!

Z said...

speaking of lousy journalists who give opinions they think we want to know (sorry to be so nasty, but...), what's wrong with Shepard Smith from FOX?
He looks terrible, doesn't he? I can't watch more than 2 minutes of him, but he's so thin.

Lisa said...

I really don't know Z but I do know I am not going to be silent about it. If I can get one person to understand I feel it helps because I am hoping then they too will make someone else understand. I know I have gotten to a few already.

Lisa said...

I'm signing off now it's 12:15 AM here on the east coast.

Nighty night Z!

Rita said...

Here's the thing.

I regularly read and comment on a guy's blog that lives about 30 minutes from me.

He occasionally posts about politics and is friend with a very liberal chick.

When he posted the Bill Maher video that's been going around, she had "never heard of that before". I suppose if he hadn't posted the video, she would have called him a liar.

I commented back that she had never heard of that because the MSM doesn't report it and she refuses to listen to Fox's "lies".

Then she tried to tell me that Limbaugh is the head of the GOP.

I explained I didn't listen to Rush, I thought he was an idiot for saying Fluke was a slut.

So...the left refuses to listen to Fox, and the MSM won't report Maher's evilness or Letterman's perversion, so apparently they are clueless on how nasty the left is.

Funny. I read HuffPo and DailyKos and the actual minutes and chatter of the OWS idiots to get my info on the left, but liberals can't watch Fox because THEY LIE.

Talk about clueless.

Btw. Here's a Twitter quote from Maher yesterday.

"Toothless Tuesday too tight to tally? We're gathered around the magic picture box with a bowl of grits watching the returns come in!"

I'm predicting this (&$# is gonna backfire and SOON.

Time for the TEA Party to ROLL!

Rita said...

OH Good Lord.

Someone tell me that Matthews did NOT just call Mormans and Catholics, "Cultists".

Really, can the left be THIS stooopid?

Ticker said...

What I have to say can not be published as i am sure that even a friend like Z would delete it for being way over the top.

I was angry and then I cried and then I got angry again. When I get angry and cry at the same time may God have mercy on your soul because I have none.

sue hanes said...

Z - About your comment concerning my comment - about the Flag.

Of course - that's what voting is all about - casting your vote so that you can get the person you want in office - and conversely.

But what concerns me - is that I don't see anyone better - to take the place of the one in office now.

I would rather go with what we have - and work together to make that work - rather than try someone - or something - different - who hasn't been in office before.

Of course - we all know that it's not Really about the person in office - but rather those he is surrounded by - sometimes called the 'political machinery' - and other names.

ask blago

Ducky's here said...

Pompous, bad taste but that isn't new.

Liberalmann said...

Lol, it doesn't take much for wingnuts to get their panties in a bunch. You babies! You didn't bitch when Bush desecrated the flag did you?


Ducky's here said...

If altering the flag were a crime, Jasper Johns would have been in jail long ago.

Besides, when the field is replaced by a photo of his nibs it isn't the flag.

-FJ said...

It will be the flag the day that one his his niblet's photo's appears on it.

beamish said...

Beamish...for God's need more? Are you kidding?

I'm comforted by the thought that Obama's second term may destroy the America that thinks Mitt Romney is a conservative.

Z said...

Ducky, you have a point about it not being the flag with Obama's picture on it...but, I think it's what it says about him more than anything.
This flag's been out there since 2008; I'd have thought an American president would tell folks to get RID OF IT, it's bad taste, etc.

I think this guy's ego's the size of Hawaii

Liberalmann said...

I guess Z thinks Obama made this flag, lol.


Beamish said: "Obama's second term may destroy the America."

Really? How so? Do explain! I can't wait to hear this becasue from my perspective he restored to from what Bush did to it.

So be specific and avoid parrot points, eh?

Z said...

Libdude, can you show me where I said Obama made this flag? thanks.
Please read before commenting. I don't have the energy to tell you again and again.

And, I wouldn't argue with beamish....his brain power would overtake yours in about five seconds, if you don't mind my saying so.
Of course, you don't understand how Obama will destroy America; you buy all the socialist crap he's selling. We get that.
I'll email beamish and let him have atya...good luck :-!

Right Wing Theocrat said...

"Chairwoman Nancy Hurlbert apologized to the veterans, but made no promise that this would be the flag's last appearance."

So in essence an insincere and empty apology from a leftie, boy am i shocked.

One part of me says to let them fly their flag, then at least everyone will know where obama's sycophantic, regressive lapdogs are.