Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Major Hasan and Staff Sgt Bales.... have you realized this?

I got this email and thought it worthy of discussion.......I find it fascinating, appalling, name it.  How about you?  Z

They're already talking about the death sentence, or a long prison term, for the guy who shot up Afghanistan civilians, never mind his having suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Yet this Major Hasan, who shot up Fort Hood while screaming Allah
akbar, still hasn't stood trial, and they are still debating whether
he was insane, even with the clear evidence regarding his motive:
slay as many infidels as possible.  So we have a guy in a war zone
who cracks, and he must be executed immediately.

But this Muslim psychiatrist who was stateside in a nice safe
office all day murders 13, wounds 29 of our own guys, and they try to
argue the poor lad suffered post-traumatic stress syndrome, from
listening to real soldiers who had actual battle experience.  Two and
a half years later, they still haven't tried the murderous muslim.


Right Wing Theocrat said...

It's a good point, and yet I'm pretty sure the liberals will find some laughable justification to come down on the side of the Fort Hood killer and put aside their usual wailing about capital punishment when it comes to the US Soldier.

Always On Watch said...

It all comes does to this administration's policy of "reaching out to Muslims."

beakerkin said...

I think the loon who tossed the grenade in Kuwait was quietly tried.

beakerkin said...

Hassan Akbar was tried and sentenced to death for his actions in Kuwait. How this was kept very quiet is unknown. CAIR is likely avoiding this for good reasons

sue hanes said...

Z - I find it appalling.

Joe Conservative said...

lol! The Greeks were right. The purpose of the " justice" system isn't to punish wrong doers, its' to "heal" a community... and you can't "heal" an Afghan community with the same "medicine" you can an American one.... for a "weak" dog can't sustain as many "fleas" as a strong dog.... and America is a pretty strong dog.

Joe Conservative said...

...unless, of course you're a strong dog with an inferiority complex who wears a hoodie...

CnC said...

Z - It’s the old squeaky wheel getting the grease. These two incidents will be handled comparably to the NY Times printing the slam against Catholics, but refusing to print the slam against Islam. It’s because we don’t go on a rampage when we get offended. I’m not suggesting we should, but maybe we should ignore these assholes when they do.

Sam Huntington said...

I think there is much to learn from the events surrounding Sergeant Bales and Major Hasan. First, we should understand not all fruit-loops are created equally; because Bales is an American, white, and more than likely a Christian, we must put him to death yesterday.

Major Hasan, on the other hand, in following the tenets of Shar’ia Law, was justified in killing 13 of our soldiers. He may even be entitled to the Medal of Freedom, and so we must treat him differently. We should anticipate that Barack Obama would pardon Hasan because—“…part of my responsibility as President of the United States is to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

In other words, we must never regard Islam as the murderous ideology that it is. What this all proves, in my estimation, is that progressivism is self-inflicted death by ten-thousand cuts.

Ducky's here said...

It's our Breaker Morant moment.

Lord Kitchener: Needless to say, the Germans couldn't give a damn about the Boers. The diamonds and gold of South Africa they're after.
Major Bolton: They lack our altruism, sir.
Lord Kitchener: Quite.

abluegirlami said...

If George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. He should stand trial for that. However, there’s a difference between putting a man on trial and having all these race-baiters including the President of the United States declaring him to be guilty or worse yet, declaring him to be some kind of racist fanatic who shot an innocent kid to death for no good reason.
There were also witnesses that say that young Martin was beating the heck out of Zimmerman. So why not wait and see how this plays out before calling for a lynching?
Isn't it funny how the race hustlers seem to only look at the facts that they want to.

sue hanes said...

ducky - 'Quite.'

What a great word.

And Prince Philip says it so well in The Queen when he agrees not to talk down Diana to the boys after her death - ya know the guy who played the main role in Babe - that was so good when he did the dance.

Speedy G said...
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Speedy G said...

quite....especially since the " no quarter" order that lead to Morant's execution had possibly originated with Kirchner.

btw anybody think that the Afghan murderer was operating under Obama's secret "kill themuzzies" instructions?

Speedy G said...

I didn't think so...

So much for our "Breaker Morant" moment... eh, duckman?

Ticker said...

If the Sgt is tried and found guilty we will truly understand that our Military Justice System is not just broken but exists no longer.
The fact that the Muslim loving Major is still sitting in a nice clean cell with all the niceties and no one trying him in the court of public opinion is a travesty. There is no doubt that he is guilty. Too many witnesses to deny. No witnesses to the alleged act done by the Sgt but yet he is guilty.

Try them both NOW!

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

I f Bush were president the left would not only want to try Bales but they would want Bush arrested for war crimes.
I saw a young girl's bumper sticker on the left side it said peace and the other side said Obama 2012. This is why he goes after the "young" vote because they don't pay attention.

Leticia said...

This is disgusting in every aspect of the word. *shaking head.*

Z said...

Speedy G "btw anybody think that the Afghan murderer was operating under Obama's secret "kill themuzzies" instructions?"

brilliant response.

Lisa, I thought your comment was by SUE for some reason and I was so happily surprised. Then I looked again :-)
Yes, they'd be blaming Bush SOMEHOW for Bales' actions!

Ticker, you mean to say if the Sgt is found guilty while the Major STILL isn't even tried? Because I think there is no way the sgt can be found NOT guilty, from what we know, right?

Leticia, honestly...don't you feel these days that if we had to shake our heads one more time at what's going on in our country, our heads would fall OFF? !!

BLUEGIRL, welcome to geeez and thanks for EXCELLENT thinking there; I couldn't agree with you more. about a 'rampage'...wouldn't it be fantastic if we had young conservative journalists writing for big city papers.? if the lEftist papers would DARE let them get printed? I'd love to see AMericans exposed to Conservative views...we're misrepresented in the news so much, we ought to be on a rampage. But, instead, we sit and type our indignant little fingers to the bone on blogs...worth it? Effective?
I'm starting to think not, really.

Timothy Reids Thoughts said...

Had enough of this incompetent, embarrassment of a President yet?
November can't get here fast enough fir me! lets give the Obamboozler his Oscar for role playing President and let's get a real CHANGE!

Z said...

Timothy! I had enough a long time back...I so wish he'd been more than he is.
I couldn't vote for him because of his viewpoints being so disparate from mine, but I did have hopes that I was real wrong about him and he'd be at least a uniter and try to appeal to all AMericans in every way.
WHat a dope I WAS.

Kid said...

eric holder won't even admit that hasan 'might' have been motivated by 'radical islam'.

There is Language In Here. How could there not be?

I like the part where he says "I'd have to look into that?" With the question mark on the end like he's not even sure about that. Imbecile.

I believe this administration to be performing muslim Activism. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

"I believe this administration to be performing muslim Activism. Seriously."

This is without a doubt the "change" this POS meant when he campaigned.

The loss of all American connections / relations / diplomacy and prestige...everywhere in the ME. Islamist militants have invaded, overthrown and conquered one country after another in the ME. The MB reigns supreme.

Israel under this fraud faces more danger than it ever has before the "changer in chief" got into the WH.

Throwing our European allies especially those that were former Russian satellites, under the bus.

Dismantling out military superiority.

Diminishing and removing our defense / offensive nuclear stockpiles.

Telling our longest and greatest foe, Russia... to be patient as he hasn't yet finished "changing" America into a defenseless paper tiger and wimps.

Raging unemployment still at 8.5%.

Curtailing and eliminating energy production...especially clean coal fired energy plants. 5 of which are to be shuttered in Ohio alone. He has unleashed the EPA as his own army to punish productivity and energy

Closing off all energy exploration of federal lands and in the waters off shore. Thus reversing Bush's drill policy of 2008.

More than doubling of gas prices for the American consumer thus stifling any possibility of a recovery.

Setting back race and racial relations more than 50 years by inserting himself into every black / white issue. Instead of advising everyone to follow the law...he has Eric Holder allow black fatwas against a private citizen to stand.

And allowed the racist Holder to ignore the laws of race crimes or voter intimidation as long as the perps are black and the victims, white.

The NBPP defies federal and Florida law by issuing a bounty on a citizens head. Without one GD peep from ther racist in chief or the LSM. Shame....shame on them and for us for not lashing out against this interloper of a Kenyan commie.

I could go on...someone feel free to add more add more.

He sickens me...

Z said...

Kid, I hope you're wrong about muscle activism (good term) but it looks like that could happen.

Always On Watch suggests that they could impose Martial Law if this TM/GZ thing gets very big....on purpose? Waiting for a case like this? Who knows. ANYTHING is possible, and I would never have thought that possible in our country, even from this administration, until a year or so ago.

Did you see that sleaze try to joke himself out of the microphone/Russia situation? Oh, he thinks he's SO CUTE covering the mic the next time he was at the dais , etc...Just JOKE about it, and it goes away, the Left thinks you're WITTY and CLEVER and of COURSE you wouldn't hurt our country (as if)

Yes, Eric HOlder somehow doesn't know what ALLAH AKBAR means, I suppose? Gad, Holder, GROW UP

better yet...get LOST

Kid said...

IMP, Agree completely and yes, it is a partial list. Imagine that.

Kid said...

Z, muscle activism? Here's from another blog I frequent.

The image are a little over the top. maybe.

It's seems quite clear when you view it in summary and within context.

I remember all these things happening.

Kid said...

Z, What's with the media? Are that evil or stupid or both? I know rampant stupidity is there.

What do they think is in it for them?

Anonymous said...


There's really only one solution to this disgraceful muslim in the WH.

Kid said...

And there's no question holder knows what Kaluha Snackbar means.

Kid said...

IMP, It has to be peaceful. I sure don't want any barak obama day every year let alone 50 roads renamed to obama blvd in every town. We'll be lucky if that doesn't happen anyway maybe.

I mean it's nice the roads are empty on MLK day, but the Market is Closed! Ugh.

Chuck said...

Lisa is dead on here

If Bush were president the left would not only want to try Bales but they would want Bush arrested for war crimes.

Any misstep and Bush, Chaney, and Rumsfeld were tried and convicted in the court of public opinion. Notice Obama's name ever comes up now?

Chuck said...

Keep this in mind also.

In the Fort Hood shooting Obama gave a speech immediately afterwards and gave a 3 minute shout-out to an Indian tribe and his guests before he bothered mentioning that a massacre had taken place.

I swear to God he is lucky he did not injure himself rushing to a mic to apologize for the Asscrackistan shooting.

Anonymous said...

Well. Z....since the outcome of the elections are preordained and we have little faith in an honest election...what does that leave us? When Voter ID's are considered "racist" and the ID of illegals "racist" too?

There is a definite and clear war being waged against conservative, Christian Americans of faith and family values.

There is a clear attempt to undermine the constitution specifically the 2nd amendment and a clear intent to prevent states from enforcing border intrusion.

We've allowed ourselves to be over run with federal edicts that violate the 10th amendment and we are to become serfs of the scum in DC.

Me....I'd be happy with a coup. That there are few brigades out there that might surround DC and jail them all.

We've caved in to islamists and legal terrorism in aiding scum like cair, the MB, La Raza, the NBPP and every other enemy of civilized America. Not seen since the commies of the 50's surface again in the 60's to lead us where we are now. They just called themselves "peace for this or that, The SDS, Weather Underground and still wreak their traitorous havoc today.

The future for America couldn't be dimmer for her survival. Matter of fact...America today is not the America of even 25 years ago. It's gone.

And we allowed it to happen.

Kid said...

IMP, I could not agree more.

Unless military command is on board, then what options are left. I can't think of any that don't play right into obama's hands.

Anonymous said...


Got distracted with life...the response I made to Z after yours to me...was meant for you!!

Kid said...

IMP, :-) Well, "life" is what happens to you while you're making other plans.

CnC said...

Z - My feeble attempt to blog is just my self-serving need to vent at something else besides my TV and so I don't drive Jojo crazy, so for me it's worth it even if no one else reads it I still find it therapeutic.

SCdottr2012 said...

And today the congressman from Illinois, Mr. Rush, wore a hoodie on the floor of the United States Congress and went on a rant to show WHAT??!!!

To quote the former congressman from Ohio..Beam me up , Scottie.

Always On Watch said...

There is so much absurdity in the news these days that I can hardly bear to check what the latest developments are.

Love Sam's comment, BTW.

Z-man said...

I agree totally Z.

Z said...


Have you seen that many, many Blacks are asking the question this blog asked very soon after the tragedy?:

Where are the 'civil rights activists' when black children kill black children?

This blog feels that ALL CHILDREN'S DEATHS are a horrible tragedy, not just those in cases made high profile by race pimps.
if you don't mind my saying so.

Silverfiddle said...

It's simple: Hasan is a Muslim, and therefor in a special category. Bales is white, so he gets no special protection.

Anonymous said...

Yep. On it.

21 March 2012

Anonymous said...

TM's girlfriend..."talks"...

"ABC also spoke to the 16-year-old they say is Martin's girlfriend, named DeeDee, in a phone interview.

"He (Martin) was walking fast when he say that this man behind him again.

He come and say this dude look like he about to do something to him.

And they Trayvon come and said the man was still behind him. And then I (DeeDee) come and say, Run!”

This is unedited straight off an ABC story. Is this English she's trying to speak?

Of course TM's twitter feeds show him to be foul mouthed and illiterate too.

Whateverman said...

Hi Z. Haven't written here in a while, and I've only skimmed through the comments.

My initial thought about your OP involves the extent to which we know the particulars of the cases and current legal situation. To wit: we know very little. There might be a very good reason why each case is taking the length of time it's taking, and it seems pretty-durned hasty to me to conclude this has anything to do with liberals, democrats or the Obama administration.

I suspect Bales was both making a statement and blowing his load when he murdered the Afghan civilians. There may be good (justifiable) reasons for it; there may also be good (justifiable) reasons for calling for the death penalty for him. I really don't know either way.

Rather than decide the current state of his case has to do with a political party I disagree with, I prefer to wait for the details to come out before concluding anything on my own.

The same is true of Trayvon Martin's case. Seems to me there are tons of people willing to portray this as "fat white-looking guy kills innocent black kid; police help". All I know is that the shooter hasn't been accused - I don't know why.

Ticker said...

Z what do we really know about the situation with the Sgt? All they have is a phone call to his wife to whom he said, something terrible has happened and he went to HQ and said basically the same thing. So far no details so what evidence is there?
There is no DNA, no witnesses, nothing more than a few empty shell casings and some bodies.
Circumstantial evidence is all well and good in the court of public opinion but fails, or should fail in a court of law,especially a military court.
No I mean exactly what I said. The Major should be tried NOW, not next year because the evidence is irrefutable and he is guilty as charged. Shoot the bastard and then give the Sgt a fair trail.

Lets make sure that all the REAL evidence is introduced.

Manslaughter--maybe on a stretch without more evidence than we have now. At that he gets court martialed, dismissed from service and hopefully some treatment for his injuries.

I am no attorney but know enough about law and especially UCMJ to know the case from what has been shown is very thin and will not bear up under murder. Period.

christian soldier said...

I have been stat ing this for some time-:
Our BEST are being continually betrayed by govt servants and the DoD-

and I do worry about our BEST at the USMA-AFA- NA - CGA--there- I've said it!

Bob said...

We have learned to wait for all the facts, at least some of us have. We certainly cannot judge a man until all the facts are in. Too bad the press hasn't got this figured out.

Z said...

I've had some criticism even blogging on this story and the Treyvon Martin story "without all the facts being in"...

I blog to bring points out like the one I make here...Hasan's still not even tried and our gov't is eager to get Bales into court...etc.

On the TM/GZ case....we are getting more and more information since I first posted on it and it's amazing how much information we conservative bloggers seemed to get right that the media didn't right away.
I think discussion about these cases, whether we know every fact or not (and we're not in the jury room so none of us will know ALL the facts), is interesting, enlightening, and shows the heart/soul of some of our commenters...I like it and will continue to post on stories like this for the mental exercise.

Nobody's putting anybody in court on this blog...I think we ALL know we don't have that why not discuss it?
Thanks for all the great comments..

P.S. I wish you ALL could have heard your buddy Z sing gospel today...I had a gospel accompanist who lifted me to new heights in my singing that feels SO good :-)

Leticia said...

Z, yes. Sometimes it does feel that way.

I hate what is happened to our nation and the justice system.

Z said...

I hate what is happened to our nation and the justice system.

Leticia, I couldn't agree more.
Next time you have a political centrist who could vote for Obama with you, remind them of the Supreme Court and Ellen Kagan and how many appointments the next president will have the opportunity of making. It could sway them to our side.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

"I f Bush were president the left would not only want to try Bales but they would want Bush arrested for war crimes."

Exactly Lisa, mind you the left would want Bush's head more, particularly because he didn't do it.

Whateverman said...

Nobody's putting anybody in court on this blog

Oh really?

There are quite a number of comments here that seem to express it literally: they know exactly where the guilt lies.

Don't get me wrong: blog it as you see it. I'm not telling you to not opine, or that the subject matter shouldn't be written about.

I'm commenting as **I** see it, and I see people here eager to conclude the status of the three cases in question is somehow indicative of liberal/democratic failings. Somehow.

Do you disagree with me? Do you think your commenters here ARE NOT telling you who's guilty and who's innocent?

Z said...

Whateverman, of COURSE they're weighing in with their opinions. That's what blogging is about.

But, do you see a JUDGE here with the ability to put anybody in jail? :-) NO, I didn't think so.

Look, WE have as much right to opine on these cases as anybody does....

Anybody think Major Hasan isn't guilty of yelling Allah Akhbar and shooting and killing innocent Americans?? No, I didn't think so. Many eye witnesses, but he's not even in court yet.
Anybody know all the details of the Bales side? No, we don't.
Bales seems to have shot a lot of people. And there have been folks already calling for the death penalty.