Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am Mitt Romney

...and I'd like to address Z's readers here at geeeZ...I see you're mostly all bright and love America and some of you have major doubts about me.   Z said she wouldn't mind if I had my say, so here it goes:

Let me just get this out of the way:  I'm a pretty wealthy man.  Yes, my wife Ann has two Cadillacs, one at our East Coast home, and one at our West Coast home.   I've received some flack for that but wonder why.  Isn't it good to "buy American?"  And buy American twice?  What's the downside?  Why insult me for it?  And isn't it good to succeed in America?  I've worked hard, you work hard.  We need to get jobs going so we can ALL work hard and see the American cogs turning again...get us pumping oil, get our small businesses too busy to fill orders~  That is the America I think we can have again!

I'm also a Mormon,
so let's get by that as fast as we can so we can get down to what's really important in America.  I'm not running for Pastor in Chief.   Period.  My faith is my faith, yours is yours.  Enough said.  I respect most religions, if not all, and I happen to be a Mormon.  Sorry if you turn from me for that, but I can't help that.

Having said all that, let's get to the important stuff;   Something that's been said about me is that I have fired people as if I like to fire people.  What you need to know is I only fire those who don't deserve to be working at their job.  Firing anybody was never done out of caprice, it was out of sound business practice.  If I need you and you do your job, you're not getting fired.  Nobody should in that case. If someone likes firing people they need to be institutionalized. 

I was a governor of Massachusetts.  I was a Conservative who won in Massachusetts, imagine that?  Maybe I can with the national in November because of that.  I believe I did the right thing for Massachusetts and things went pretty well in that state.  Except for health care.

I am sorry for the health care program I signed into being in Massachusetts.  I'm sorry mostly because it was the springboard for the large, awful Obama Health Care Plan which I do not support.  Yes, you might say I screwed up in Massachusetts' health care and you  might be right.   That's the past, and this is now.   I don't want an Obama-like health insurance situation in America because nobody should be told what to do in regard to his health care. Or anything else, for that matter.   And, I think most Americans agree, at least from what I can see in the polls, that their health care will cost more if this plan goes into affect, and it'll be worse health care.  I'm against it.  You can condemn me for Massachusetts but that's in the past and I want to move on.    I don't call that flip flopping, I call that learning from mistakes and being man enough to admit it.

Rick and Newt are good acquaintances of mine and have been for some time.   I wish them well but they can't beat Obama.  Rick's values are excellent but they're being mischaracterized by a blood-smelling leftwing media and the American public sometimes listen to the media more than they listen to the words out of candidates' mouths.  Sad, but true.  The media will slaughter Santorum.   Newt's a nut.  He's the smartest guy in any room but he's got an ego the size of Georgia and has tons of plans but doesn't implement well.  I like both of their opinions and hope to make use of them in my White House, but none of us will get the White House out of Obama's hands unless they stand behind me and let me get elected.

I AM A REPUBLICAN but WHO CARES?   We need an AMERICAN who will stop the socialist creep that has been brought by our, well.........socialist creep, President Obama!  We need to move forward and not play PARTIES.  We need to choose someone who wants to bring America back to its senses;  not gut the military, not force anybody to do anything, not to apologize to our enemies, not stand in the way of businesses, not slam capitalism, not condemn people like the cops in Harvard before getting the facts, not letting Panthers who did intimidate voters go free, not building a racial or class divide in America, the country which developed and grew on the premise that there should be no divides!

Americans...listen to me, please!  You may not think much of me, but I think a lot of you and I'm counting on you to stop listening only to the mainstream media and start listening to all sides of every position and then deciding what to do.  We need better COMMUNITY, but not community organizers!  We need to respect Democrats like they haven't respected Republicans in 30 years, and educate them, remind them that this is a country built not on dependency, but INdependence.

America.......wise up.   I may not be your first pick, but I'm hoping you pick me and we can move on ....  beyond division, beyond anger, beyond Obama.

Thanks very much.

Z:  Think it would fly if he made a speech similar to this to the whole country and not just to my readers? (smile)  What might you add to that speech?



Fredd said...

Very gracious of you, Z, to let Willard set the record straight on your venue ;-).

When do I get MY shot to hop up on your stump and spew a thing or two?

DaBlade said...

I like Mitt, but he is my third choice this go around. That said, I will enthusiastically vote for Mitt if he is the nominee. Another term for obama would be ruinous.

Silverfiddle said...

You should be his speech writer!

Brooke said...

If Romney had the guts to start swinging like this, he would win with a landslide!

sue hanes said...

Z - YOU WROTE THIS - didn't ya Z.

Very Good - Z.


I'm gonna come back later and check it out some more - and give my take on the different parts of it - if that's ok with you - Z.

Thanks - Z.

Ducky's here said...

Told you back when you were all breathless for Trump that it would be Romney.

I love it. Here's how it goes.

Romney loses to Obama.
El Rushbo starts screaming that he told everyone a moderate (LMAO) couldn't win.
R's move further right
R's lose again.

The Tea Party has destroyed the Republican party.

Allen West/Snooki 2016

Bunkerville said...

Well, I would say this is about as good as it gets!!

Z said... my guest!

DaBlade...I'm not saying I like Romney but I do think we need to pay attention to what 'he' said :-)

SF...I wish.



Ducky. we'll see. The Tea Party might ruin the R party, but it's sure helped AMericans to wake up...blacks, democrats, kids. \

Bunker; thanks!

sue hanes said...

Mitt - About your wife having two
Cadillacs - I have no argument with that.

Myself - I wouldn't touch a Cadillac. I drive a Really Cool Volvo. But is a Volvo an American Car? I think it is a Sweedish car but it is manufactured by American Workers. Someone ought to know the answer to that.

I think Volvos are THE BEST - in my opinion - but I DO BELIEVE - MITT - THAT WE OUGHT TO BUY AMERICAN.

and Mitt - you are so cool to write something on Z's Blog - because she has a GREAT BLOG.

and I can see why ya don't come to my Blog - Mitt. No one reads or comments on MY Blog.

But just in case - Mitt - I want ya to know that you are ALWAYS welcome there - and I've pretty much said good things about you.

Thanks Z.

Elmers Brother said...

One question. has he ever apologized for Romneycare?

Elmers Brother said...

Hey duhkkky evidently Snooki couldn't afford a contraceptive either.

Z said...

Elbro, what is SNOOKI?

And no, Romney's never apologized for Romney Care...this speech is what I think he SHOULD say.

Anybody got anything at all on Romney even hinting it wasn't a good idea? Seems like he has said something less than glowing about it..?

sue hanes said...

Mitt - You say 'I've worked hard.'

If ya have worked hard - Mitt (and who would know that better than you) - then MORE POWER TO YA.

I hardly worked - for the first years of my Life - but now I'm makin' up for it - Mitt.


And even more importanly - Mitt - so many Americans are working SO hard right now to make it work for them - and I'm talking about the
American Dream.

So - Mitt - if ya Really want to help these Really Cool Hardworking Americans to Realize Their Dream - then - Go For It Mitt.

Be All You Can Be - so that the Important People in this Great Country of ours - and I'm talking about the Ordianary Everyday Person - can be all that they can be.

Thanks Z.

sue hanes said...

Mitt - I'm with ya 100% on the
Faith Thing. Let's stop obsessing on who Believes what -


but - Mitt - magic underwear?
one joke - Mitt - I couldn't resist.

Elmers Brother said...

I think he doubled down on Romneycare. Snooki is a person on the Jersey Shore reality program.

sue hanes said...

About Health Care - Mitt.

You've apologized about the Health Care that ya instituted in Massachusettes - ok.

You've made it clear that ya don't like President Obama's Health Care Plan - Mitt. And that is Your Opininon.

Now - Mitt - let's hear how YOU - as the Republican Canditate for President of the United States -
will deal with Health Care.

And straight out - Mitt - no more foolin' around - and no flipflopping - just give it to us Straight.

We're listenin' - Mitt.

You Really want it - doncha Mitt - SO GO AFTER IT WITH ALL YA HAVE - BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE.


but I'm votin' for the other guy

beamish said...



Mitt Romney

Not conservative. Not electable.

beamish said...

The main reason behind all the "here's what Romney should say" primers and opinion articles over at National Review Online is because Romney isn't a conservative nor does he know how to sound like one.

beamish said...

The Tea Party has destroyed the Republican party.

Huh? Mitt Romney is the Tea-stablishment financier.

Sam Huntington said...


Take a few minutes and please explain where, in the US Constitution or Bill of Rights, the federal government has a right to interfere with my personal health decisions.


Anonymous said...

" I drive a Really Cool Volvo..."

Tell me...which Volvo is a cool one? What model?

Right Wing Theocrat said...

"Isn't it good to "buy American?" And buy American twice? What's the downside?"

It shows you the true colors of the left doesn't it, they squawk about keeping jobs in the country and all that but when someone buy the product of their workers or decides to make money and invest it back into the country, they're hated and reviled.

"I'm sorry mostly because it was the springboard for the large, awful Obama Health Care Plan which I do not support."

My understanding is that it was set up in response to the federal governments imposition upon the states to provide free health care. Ultimately Massachusetts had to find a way to pay for the feds program and this was the easiest way. It's not like they could force people in other states to pay now could they.

I suppose he doesn't have anything to apologize for in that case, but i understand that it's probably politically expedient to do so.

It'll be funny if the media castigates him for the Massachusetts healthcare mandate, seeing as how most of them were sucking up to obama over his unconstitutional one for the whole country

Z said...

Thanks for most of the comments.
I keep forgetting to pick up Romney's apparently says a lot about his conservatism that he'd be wise to say instead of just write.

The Tea Party has rocked the GOP, there can be no doubt about it. They seem afraid of the plain speakers, those who're fed up with status quo and speak out about the issues for the issue and not for the party.
It could very well be the undoing of the Republican party...I can see that happening.
A country in this much trouble, and as many people as we've got now who want to change things around for the better, will suffer before improving. If the leftwingers ever let us improve America again. WHEN will they stop telling us what to do?
Not sure.

sue hanes said...

Ok - Mitt.

There wasn't enough Substance in your letter to us on Z's Post.

After the thing about Health Care -it was mostly Stuff kinda like the
'shining city on the hill' cr*p.

And that Stuff can only get ya so far. What will win in Novemvber - is the One Who Stands up and says:

I'm gonna do This to get Our Really Great Country back in shape.

and unless you can come up with some good stuff - Mitt - it just isn't gonna happen for ya.

Bob said...

I think Ducky's on to something, there. Snookie would do a MUCH better job than Obama and Buyden. We ought to run her as VP, now, to get the Democrat votes.

Sue, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but the Chinese bought Volvo from Ford. Volvo was losing money, and Ford had to let them go.

In one of my lifetimes, I sold Volvo's for a while. They are a good car, and the bodies are built in Europe in Sweden and Belgium. They are without a doubt the toughest car body-wise in the world. Volvo's are built like tanks.

The bad thing about Volvo is that for anything electronic, they are in the last century. For some reason, the Swedes don't understand electronic and computer technology. The Japanese brands have them beat, hands down. Look at the interior of a new Acura SUV, and then look at a Volvo SUV. If you based your buying decision on electronics, you would never buy a Volvo.

When we sold Volvo's, our biggest customers were women, and fathers buying them for their daughters. More than once, I sold a second Volvo to men whose daughters had been in serious crashes with their Volvos, and walked away from them. One girl's car rolled down a mountain in Alabama. I think she got a scratch or two, but her passenger got none.

Who knows what will happen to Volvo, now? I wouldn't buy one because of the Chinese.

sue hanes said...

Sam Huntington - The Government does NOT have the Right to interfere in your Health Issues.

They just do it Because They Can.

Because we let them do it.

We can Put Big Government in its Place (with the help of the Really Cool Tim Hawkins) but I do not Believe that we want to destroy Our Government - while we are putting it in its Place.

We just need to find the Right Place for our Government - Sam Huntington - so that it works for us - and not ON us.

It can be done - By Us - The People - Sam - ONLY IF WE WORK -


Bob said...

I think Mitt is doing OK under the circumstances. He will win the nomination, and will have been through enough crap that Obama's lies will be puny in comparison.

I think Mitt ought to entice Dick Cheny to come out of retirement to run as VP. There has never been a better executive in the VP's office. Just look at those VP Democrat jokes of Gore and Buyden.

I don't think any thinking person would ever accept, again, either of those two in any public office. They have proven the Forest Gump law, "Stupid is as stupid does!" Both are nothing but cartoon characters, now.

sue hanes said...

Impertinent - My Volvo - according to the info in my glove compartment - is a 2006 4S S6F model. It is a moderate size - very dark blue - sometimes even black looking and I feel so safe when driving it. But it doesn't make me feel like it's a luxury car.

My love affair with Volvos began in 1978 - when my soon to be ex was stationed in Germany - he was an officer - Capt - in the U.S. Army(retired as a LTC and is a Vietnam Veteran. Then he worked at Caterpillar Inc - for twenty more years. Nice retirement checks)

The Motor in my little VW yellow bug went out and we had two daugthers - and my parents were soon coming over to visit - so my soon to be ex - bought our first Volvo - station wagon - blue.

I loved it - and after that we had another wagon and then a sedan - still blue.

Since that time we have always gone with Volvo and they are great cars.

This last time though I had a Buick - I think - and I begged my soon to be ex - Not To Get Me Antoher Nice Volvo.

I like the Buick -and I knew if he got a Really nice Volvo I would be spoiled by it.

He did and I am.

He has a Even Better - more expensive Volvo that he drives himself. I don't like it - though -too luxurious for me.

Sorry Z. I got a little carried away.

sue hanes said...

Bob - I need to say that - although I love - and always have loved - Volvos - I AM NOT A CAR PERSON - and have never entered in to ANY CAR MAKING DECISIONS.

But I do like to drive my car - and I have ALWAYS liked the Volvos best - and have ALWAYS felt the safest in them - more than any other car.

net observer said...

Dear Mr. Romney,

This speech would work well for the GOP at large. But the rest of the country will tune you out fairly quickly if you insist on words like "creep", "angry" and "divisive". Such language suggests that there aren't tons of folks in your party who resemble all those labels. Most of us know better.

But if you can clean up those minor details, you might have a winner. I thought the first half of your speech was kick-@ss.

A 90's GOP conservative who flat-out can't relate to the 2010's conservatives

net observer said...


sue hanes, you gave me a really nice compliment a few days ago. I appreciate that =)

net observer said...

Just read your reaction to Mitt's speech, sue. Interesting.

I hate to say it, sister. But gravitas and substance ain't what sells in politics these days. Not for most people.

I've been on Twitter a lot lately -- for my business. But occasionally, I search for politics-based activity, just out of curiosity.

Frankly, I am amazed at how much emotionalism and stupidity is out there. I knew it was bad, but whew!

I'm not talking about everybody, obviously. But far too many people who love to express themselves publicly fit the above description all-too-well.

Ergo, if you're Mitt, Obama, or whomever, and your goal is to WIN, you kinda have to appeal to the masses, and that often means a series of shallow trite lines wrapped up in a nice bold-colored bow.

Welcome to America!

Right Truth said...

He's not going to say he is sorry for his health care bill, no way. He has been given numerous opportunities.

Otherwise it is a good speech and it sure would not hurt him to give one like it. I think it is too late for Romney to change many minds, too many voters don't trust him.

Still he would be better than Obama.

Right Truth

sue hanes said...

net observer - I have been following your comments here on Z's blog - and there is no doubt - net - that you are Smart.

You are Smarter than I am - by a long shot - net.

But even though I am not as Smart as you are - I do know that when
a Candidate - such as Mitt Romney -continually talks about the Weaknesses - and Failings - of the incumbent President - and his Fellow Republican Opponents - it can only mean one thing - net -


Now I have ideas - that can make Our Country work.

I - in and of myself - cannot make these Ideas work. BUT I KNOW OF PEOPLE THAT CAN.


And the rest of the Really Smart People Who Comment On Z's Blog.

Including Z - herself.

And I know Liberals - who are Smart.

One of them is Truth 101. He is Really Smart.

And another one is Joe-Politico - He is Smart - net(not a Liberal)


But soon - and the sooner the better - net - we need to stop talking about it - and do something - before it's too late.

and ya wanna know who else is smart - net.

I'm not gonna tell ya his name - but if ya wanna know who he is - find someone who has hbo and watch his show tomorrow night at 10pm ET.

The name of his Really Cool Show is:

Real Time With Bill Maher

and he's just dying to step up and do something else good for this Really Cool Country of ours.

God Bless America

and thanks Z.

sue hanes said...

You are welcome - net observer - for that nice compliment a few days ago.

No Charge.

Z said...

net, of course, I wrote this..but who can take DIVISIVE out with the DIVISIVENESS of Obama? People want the END of that and, therefore, it should stay.
Creep was a joke....worked well in the sentence, I think. I doubt most politicians could have passed up using it if they were speaking off the cuff and got to that point :-)

As for 'emotionalism' and 'stupidity'...I"ll take a shot and guess you're talking about conservatives. The Stupidity, I don't know...I don't know many stupid conservatives myself. As for emotionalism, ya, people are very emotional about what's going on in our country. No doubt about it.

Z said...

net, how do you 'not relate' to the fiscal side of today's conservatives?

Anonymous said...

"My Volvo - according to the info in my glove compartment - is a 2006 4S S6F mode..."

Sorry Sue...but when I googled that particular brand of came up with an Acer laptop. Tell ya what...take your time hon...walk around to the back of your car and tell me what's on the tailgate, rear end. It's an S60? Or an S80 Or a "V" model?

If it's a sedan...4 door's either a 60 or an 80....most likely an S60.

Take your time...but..I have to say....this is the first time I've run across a Volvo owner that didn't know what they were driving..LOL

Most Volvo owners / drivers are hard core about their "bricks".

Kid said...

Anybody but obama.

This is simple and not to insult anyone.

The democrats have proven they intend to fully and totally transform America into a Socialist country, let alone oblabbercare is pure evil and will make you think you'd never been born at some point in your life when you actually NEED healthcare.

If you think socialism is the way to go, the go for it.

I've done the math, and socialism doesn't make anyone's life better. Not even the dirt poor. Not in the long run.

So vote for socialism or a chance for 'something else'.

In the meantime, see if you can convince your conservative friends to NOT let the media pick their candidates for them next go around.

Kid said...

Net - March 8, 2012 3:09 PM - Agreed.

Kid said...

"Most Volvo owners / drivers are hard core about their "bricks"."

IMP. I had a project manager once who had a mid 90's volvo. It was square and ugly. He drove me to lunch, and it felt like I was in a ME-109 WWII fighter. Ugly, no personality, actually felt like sitting in the arms of a serial killer.

The only car I've ever been more uncomfortable in, tho from a cartoonish viewpoint, has been the chevy HHR.

Anonymous said...

"But is a Volvo an American Car? I think it is a Sweedish car but it is manufactured by American Workers. Someone ought to know the answer to that...."

Yup...I do. Up to about 2 years ago...Volvo was owned by Ford as one of it's Premier Group of luxury cars. Along with Jaguar and I think Range Rovers?

So..since Ford owned they they were technically an "American" car. However...they are and mostly have been built in Gothenburg, Sweden.'s a Swedish car...along with the SAAB...which is history.

Volvo has since been sold to a Chinese investment group.

Volvo still continues to be built mainly in Sweden. The Chinese investors aren't so stupid to allow one of the great cars to be built by cooly labor.

Kid said...

Z, obviously, I agree with your theme and your points.

Anonymous said...

"I had a project manager once who had a mid 90's volvo. It was square and ugly..."

Why do you think Volvo owners call them "bricks"?

Ugly? Most older Volvos are still on the road with 200,000 or more miles on them Kid. There's a couple out there with 1,000,000 miles on the odo. The 240 DL's are some of the most popular, venerable "bricks" on the road. With people paying BIG bucks to get their hands on one.

But Kid.....since you haven't had your tush in one since the 90's...I can't blame you for your impressions. Guess you haven't seen any newer ones zipping around lately? Since you only recognize that old DL "brick"?

Tell ya what...go to a Volvo dealer...sit your butt into an new S80 AWD, R Design with 325 ponies, turbo, inter cooled...and leather that would make a Lexus owner bawl ( I mean a Lexus is nothing more that a Toyota Camry!! ) I'm talking 0-60 in 6 secs or less.

But me? I kill Mustangs and BMW's...all damn day long...with my "brick".

But...I used to be a Corvette guy too....hairy arms and all..LOL

sue hanes said...

Imp - On the left rear backend it says S60 - and on the right rear it say 2.5T.

I toldya before - Imp - I'm just not a car person.

My soon to be ex - bought this Volvo because he was going to retire soon and wanted it to be a car that lasted for a while.

And it has - and I must say I Really like it.

I feel fairly safe in it - especially not that I don't drive 85 mph on the Interstates all of the time - since I got two tickets at the same time - one for speeding - one for not wearing my seat belt.

Now I NEVER speed - ever - and I always BUCKLE UP - anytime the car is in motion.

I may be stupid - Imp - but when I learn a lesson I generally don't forget it.

Anyway - I heard that if ya have 3 tickets at once - Imp - somethin' bad will happen to ya.

Like going to jail - Imp.

I woulnd't mind going to jail - but it's just what they do when ya first check in - if ya know what I mean - Imp.

sue hanes said...

and I don't mean fingerprinting - Imp.

Anonymous said...

"For some reason, the Swedes don't understand electronic and computer technology..."

Bob...Bob....what you don't understand is that most Volvo drivers care squat about all those fancy, digital readouts and crap. They want unadulterated, straight forward analog.

Less to go wrong and less to fuss around with for the driver. So for Volvo...less distractions and silly toys make them safer, period...they have never succumbed to the gadget freaks. They are meant to drive...not program!

However lately they have had to adopt some of the crap their competitors stopping...and for the morons who don't know where their front or rear bumpers are...parking warning!

Just more junk to go bad IMHO. They know they're not piloting an F18 with heads up display. Or like the BMW...electronics that cannot be figured out by any average driver! I had a friend who after a year...couldn't figure out the AC...or get anything but AM on his radio!

You have to admit ( and I think you did ) being in a boron steel what makes Volvos...indestructible...thus...any crash you're more likely to walk away a Volvo.

Anonymous said...

"Imp - On the left rear backend it says S60 - and on the right rear it say 2.5T...."

Wonderful have a classy sedan...inline 5 cylinder with a turbo. Great car and has all the power anyone would need.

I have had nothing but "R's" since 2004. My current "brick" is a V70R with a S60R in the garage. The latter is kind of like yours...a sedan....that I drive when I need to carry passengers. But the V70R is my daily driver. I had it shipped from Denver when I couldn't find one locally.

They only made about 1700 of them.

Anonymous said...

".. I was in a ME-109 WWII fighter. ...

I had to laugh a pilot myself...did you know that the ME109 was the most ass kicking fighter planes of all time? Did you know that the Germans made the best damn aircraft in the none?

And...the Volvo..has lots of that German engineering built into well as the best Jap trannies...and the best Italian brakes....Brembos? At least in my well as Porsche, BMW and on and on.

Rita said...

At this point, Mitt could give a fire and brimstone speech and I would still all believe it's only for the election.

Romney just doesn't feel it in his gut. He's just another guy who wants to office because he wants the office.

There is no fire in the belly, he's not a Howard Beale.

At this point I am reluctantly coming to the conclusion that he will be the candidate. So the only way to add some real spark to the campaign it to have Colonial West or Mark Rubio as his running mate.

THEN, the campaign would be exciting. If Romney gets the nomination and chooses an equally boring RINO that no one can believe in, expect another four years of sliding into the cesspool.

If we can manage to survive another term of Obama, then look for a great young conservative who will then be the Governor of the great state of Indiana. Mike Pence.

I'm hoping Mr. Pence will be waiting for 8 years, meaning that we'll have a decent Republican as President in 2013. But I'm not optimistic about that.

Anonymous said...

" He's just another guy who wants to office because he wants the office..."

So want some fire over substance? You'd rater see a Sir Richard Branson type CEO ( a show boater yet a very successful CEO and entrepreneur too ) than a controlled, mature hands on CEO as President? In other words a guy who gives great BS and talk....but none the less is Full of crap?

Which is..Obummer.

sue hanes said...

Cool - Imp.

What I Really like best about my
'brick' - is that when I USED to speed - like on a two lane secondary road - and needed the extra 'pickup' - I could always count on my Volvo to be there for me - so I didn't crash into the car comin' at me - and take that Person down - too.

Yep - those were the good old days.
Before some upstart law enforcement office humbled me and taught me a lesson I will never forget.

They can do that - don't ya know - Imp?

I mean - they are the police - aren't they?

SCdottr2012 said...

"If we can just manage to survive another 4 years of Obama..."

I do not understand what it is people want but I do not want another 4 years of Mr. Obama.

Who cares about fire in the belly .
I want someone who is at least semi competent, can meet deadlines, like getting himself on a state ballot, for starters.

Holy smokes.

Anonymous said...

"Before some upstart law enforcement office humbled me and taught me a lesson I will never forget...."

Jezuz Sue.....having a brick ain't a license to bust the laws. No responsible Volvo driver flaunts the laws....We're supposed to be the epitome of safe drivers! That's why everyone gives is the finger!

I know this first hand. Especially when I stomp my "R" against some asshole in a Mustang or a BMW ( Camaro, Dodge Challenger..etc ) that wants to bust me at a stop light....I look into my rear view and all I see is that middle finger!! LMAO.

They're saying...HOLY shit...a VOLVO wagon / sedan?

I love it when they pull alongside later and say....Hey...what's that "R" mean"?

I love the disguise of being in a "brick"..and the humiliation I put on them.

Sue...we are now...officiallly...KIN.

sue hanes said...

Why thanks - Imp. I'm proud to call ya Kin.

And there's nothin' I get more pleasure outta than flippin' off another diver - see.

One day I'm talkin' to my daughter on my cp(don't do that anymore -gave it up - too dangerous) but this day some jerk cut me off - and I proceded to yell at him - and we flipped each Other off- and my daughter - a Proper Strong Christian Woman - hears the commotion - and asks - What was that - Mom.

I say Nothing. Nothing at all.

There's nothing like a little Road Rage to liven up yer day - don't ya think - Imp?

Anonymous said...

"..What I Really like best about my
'brick' - is that when I USED to speed - like on a two lane secondary road ..."

About two years ago...when my "brick" was young and squirrelly....un checked and un tested...I approached a trooper that I've know for 15 years who lived in my neighborhood. He always drove his ride home. A state owned Ford Victoria fully rigged / equipped police cruiser.

I asked him....can I follow you one night on the turnpike as fast as you want to go...and I'll be right behind you for as long as you think it's cool? He patrolled the turnpike on a daily basis.

He says....lemme think on it. So...I get a call one night and he says I'm at mile marker so and so....which was a a service plaza on the road.

I got there about 20 miles form home and he waited for me. I pull up to his black and tan...he ready?

I say..for what? He's 3AM...we'll go northbound for as long as I stay behind me. ( He has his blue lights on too )....we blasted out of that service plaza like in a NASCAR sprint....

Me behind him....he reached speeds of 150 mph in that friggin Crown Victoria....the road was perfectly straight and smooth...minimal banks and turns....nothing that the cars couldn't handle. And he knew the road too.

He told me to pass him if I wanted too....or if I could!!! I did...I have the speed of 160 mph embedded on my GPS...I'll never do it again folks. But.... I have to did NOT feel any different than when I was doing 70 or "brick" loved it.

You have to do it one time in your life to appreciate it. And I did...cause my usual touchdown speed was about 140 mph in a Lear. I bought my trooper buddy a years supply of doughnuts.

We still laugh about it.

Anonymous said...

"There's nothing like a little Road Rage to liven up yer day - don't ya think - Imp..."

Nah...I don't think it's advisable for women to do that Sue. Down here....flipping someone off....might get you a Glock response...know what I mean? If you're not ready to back it up.....don't do it.

It really enrages people. I's only a digit...but it's too dangerous to do...especially for a woman alone.

sue hanes said...

Imp - I loved your Trooper story.
85 was my top speed - sometimes 90 if I didn't realize it. Now - though - I NEVER go more that 2mph over the speed limit.

I appreciate your advice - Imp.
About flipping other drivers off.
And I'll be sure to remember that when I take my Freedom Cross Country Trip - late this summer - or maybe it will be Early Fall.

Yeah - it 's not so hot.

And I'll have my laptop - so I can report every night about it on my Blog.

I can hardly wait - it's gonna be Good - Imp.

Hangin' it up now.

It's late here in the Midwest.

KP said...

Highlights from posters that made me smile.

“We ought to run her as VP, now, to get the Democrat votes.”

“walk around to the back of your car and tell me what's on the tailgate, rear end.”

“sit your butt into an new S80 AWD, R Design with 325 ponies, turbo, inter cooled...and leather that would make a Lexus owner bawl”

“But...I used to be a Corvette guy too....hairy arms and all..”

“I want someone who is at least semi competent, can meet deadlines, like getting himself on a state ballot, for starters.”

Rita said...

No Imp, never style over substance. I just want someone who is SINCERE. Someone like Mitch Daniels. One could hardly claim he has much style, but he has the passion to want a better America than what we've been pulled down to. Or someone like Chris Christie.

Romney has proven who he is with his Romneycare. I think he believes in the nanny state as much as Obama does. I'll hold my nose if he's the nominee, but I'll be po'd that the political process keeps good men from running.

Romney is just another politician. He's interchangeable with a few other hundred.

Z said...

Rita, there are way better than Romney, we are.

Rita said...

Speaking of better, I ordered my Pence for Governor yard sign last night. In either four or eight years I'll be ordering my Pence for President sign. THEN I'll be happy.

Lisa said...

God job Z ,Romney seems to be getting better but he sure could use some o your guidance to match wits with Obama.

Would you mind a little tweak on this?:
"America.......wise up. I may not be your first pick, but I'm the best pick to move us forward in the right direction"

What he should say on the MS health care bill is that was done by one state and it didn't go ahead as we had hoped and taking that plan and making it 50 times larger would be disastrous for the country. He's got make to people understand how that is too big for one government to handle.
we can't have 300 million people n the same waiting list.
We have to make people aware that when you create a system so large,not only is it going to limit care for everyone,it's going to be more difficult to find doctors. All many people think is that it's free health care.

I think you should definitely send this to the Romney camp.

Lisa said...

Z I liked your response to Ducky's

"The Tea Party has destroyed the Republican party"

And the media also destroyed the Tea Party just like they are trying to do to the Republican candidates.
And by the way Ducky Obama destroyed the democrat party

Lisa said...

I forgot I changed my avatar,mostly just to piss off liberals.

Z said...

Rita, then we'll ALL be happy!

Lisa, I hate to say this, but your new avatar makes this conservative more angry than it might make most liberals. I am SO done with Palin, and I was her very biggest supporter.!!

Maybe I should send it (they probably get a thousand a day, however)...and I don't think any candidate can say "I may not be your best pick.." The media'd TROUNCE him, unless he was a Dem.

And good point about Obama ruining the Dem party, but I think Pelosi and Reid and Ted Kennedy and a few others did worse. Heck, I think Kucinich is better than they are/were; at least he's honest about his stance. And, of course, look what being honest got him; he's out.
Little made in the mainstream media about that, too, of course.

Lisa said...

I know Z they even eat their own. OK I will change my avatar just for you

Anonymous said...


Man...I went over to your website...I have to say I'm always truly impressed and awed by such devotion to the physical challenges.

Me? I've always felt that if man was meant to run like that....God would have given us hooves!

Z said...

Lisa, I LOVE your new avatar!
I almost came back upstairs during dinner to say to you "Lisa! I really can't look at Palin, but I sure don't want YOU gone from geeez for it!" So, thanks for being such a good sport!
I think this new wonderful avatar will get to the left, too!
you're the greatest! xx

Imp: Isn't KP AMAZING? Handsome, strong, FIT, his blog says it all!...and a good husband and father! And a big heart, I happen to know (physically AND otherwise!)

Anonymous said...

" Isn't KP AMAZING? Handsome, strong, FIT, his blog says it all!"...

Yea he is...lucky for him I'm totally into women!

Z said...

Imp! :-)

Anonymous said...

"Imp! :-).."

What???? Hell the guy's all Pecs, abs and muscle...what's not to be jealous about...tee hee.

If he was in SFO...they'd give him a parade. LOL

Lisa said...

Z I thought you would like this one better. Glad to oblige

net observer said...

Haven't had the time to do what I love lately.

But real quick, Z:

(a) Actually I wasn't taking a shot at conservatives when I said "stupidity" and "emotionalism". I meant everybody -- left, right, center and whatever else. In fact, on Twitter, I can honestly say that the emotionalism and the stupidity spreads evenly.

About a month ago, for the first time in my LIFE, I posted on a blog that was NOT "right-wing". It was a so-called "centrist" blog. I thought they would like me. I was wrong.

And talk about a strange experience. I was in full agreement with their headline blog entry at the time, and I expressed my sincere agreement. But I also parenthetically described myself as "libertarian".


Originally, I was thinking, "It's centrist blog, with centrist commenters. They'll probably like me, right?"


I had my arms wide open expecting lots and lots of love. Unfortunately, I didn't know the term "libertarian" apparently meant "misogynist tea party fanatic".

And that's what I mean by emotionalism. If we (American political junkies of whatever stripe) have reached the point where we can't even AGREE without being disagreeable, we got problems.

Whose to blame? Is it a chicken-egg thing? Maybe. But it almost doesn't matter. Sometimes a war has to end simply because of the overwhelmingly diminishing returns. I like to think of myself as someone who lives with a true understanding of that reality.

To your other point, Z: (b) Economics is more or less the only thing I can relate to with today's conservatives. There are very few things that I would rather see government do over the free market. One example, fwiw, might be certain aspects of the justice system. For example, I hate the fact that a guilty-as-sin person can go free based on how much his/her lawyer is being paid.

But indeed, if it weren't for the category of economics/entrepreneurship, yes, I probably would be on "the left", officially. But in reality, I can't imagine my views on free markets ever changing. I've read way too much Thomas Sowell and nearly as much Walter Williams. More importantly, I grew up in too many black neighborhoods where the damage of socialist thinking was flat-out undeniable.

Now, if you are asking why someone like me isn't vigorously standing against a guy who has presided over a spending mania that is making Bush II look like child's play, good question.

All I can say is life is complex, Z. And maybe, depending upon one's perspective in time and space, some things may be more important than others.

Case in point, the NAACP had real communist ties in the early 20th century, but in retrospect, at hat time, they were clearly on the right side of history.

And for me, today, what we call the conservative movement, all too often, just straight-up creeps me out. (And au contraire, it ain't about the religion. Any political perspective can be religious or irreligious)

What creeps me out? One example, the way high-ranking GOP lawmakers honestly fear retribution from a radio show host. They fear Limbaugh like Democratic lawmakers fear whole constituencies of African- and Latino-Americans. That's weird.

Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, etc. have millions of fans, but Dem lawmakers aren't afraid to cross them. Definitely no where near as much as Limbaugh.

Another example? The extreme reverence I see for someone like Sarah Palin. Makes absolutely no sense to me.

If Obama is "in over his head" there is no way Palin wouldn't be. So why are people treating here like the next Buckley or a potential president? I will never wrap my head around that.

Ultimately for me, it's not always about choosing people with economic views similar to mine. Sometimes it's about staving off movements/trends that I find extraordinarily disturbing. It's a tradeoff.