Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On Romney.... please weigh in

An acquaintance of mine emailed this to me...Her husband has researched Romney very diligently and read his books and she wrote the information below from what he's told her in response to this POST where I "spoke for Romney":

It (Romney Care) affected only 8% of the  state population and these people were using the emergency room which drives all healthcare costs up drastically. They had no healthcare and democrats saw nothing wrong with what they were doing.  Everyone else kept their current private healthcare and these people were given a private insurance plan with basic services.  It ended up saving Mass. money but the next governor was a democrat who enhanced the plan to include 'nice to have stuff' since it was at taxpayer expense. I agree with Z that Romney should say deliver the speech she wrote for him.  He is a numbers guy who finished in the top 5th of his class at Harvard magna cum laude with two degrees; MBA and a law degree at the same time. He gave away all his inherited money to charity and mostly to Brigham Young University to establish  the George W. Romney Institute of Public Management,  he took no salary while governor of the state.  He doesn't have the charisma of many politicians, but he is a smart man on merit. Unlike Obama who gets the "brilliant" title based on heresay by the media alone, certainly not on results, and we still have no idea what grades he got.   I do believe if Romney is the last man standing he will make a good president who will govern more conservatively than he could in liberal Mass. surrounded by democrats.  

I think he didn't take a salary either when the Olympics fell apart due to corruption and he was called to save the games. Yes he asked for earmarks from the feds but the majority of that was for security purposes which came after 9/11.  Because the Olympics - is a world wide event the feds usually contribute some amount of money to all Olympics but security after the attack became extensive and expensive.
I think this information and conclusion is worthy of consideration.   What do you think?


Steve said...

First, Massachusetts ran a surplus budget under Romney. Does that not tell us almost all we know about Romney, in particular given the deficit crisis and all its implications for financial and military strength?

Second, although I support the Tea Party, they need to deal with certain health care facts:
1) The US already runs one of the most expensive public health care programs on earth. Yes, per capita for those covered, far, far more expensive than any other nation's. Given that a) there'll always be poor who need it, and b) people without coverage cannot be turned away from hospitals, there is simply no choice but to better fiscally rationalize the health care system. Criticize Romney's efforts, if you will, but not without coming up with a better alternative.
2) This cannot be ignored. The present system is only becoming increasingly expensive, severely contributing to the deficit crisis, yet it's also limited and failing.

In other words, Tea Partiers, quit condemning Romney because of his health care efforts. Instead, assume this experience makes him the best person to clean up Obama's health care mess and create the best, as free market as possible, alternative.

Rita said...

Well this makes me feel better if he gets the nomination. I still wish we could have gotten Daniels to run.

Someone needs to slap me and say, "Get Over It" like Cher did in that movie.

As to healthcare. I can't understand why we can't "unwrap" the coverage from employment.

If health coverage was like car insurance. Let the companies compete across state lines, let it not be access through your employment.

Of course there will always be people who take the risk of not having coverage. This happens today and they still care.

I worked with a young lady from India who became a citizen just before the Obama election. She thought the poor in our country received NO health care. I explained to her they did get health care, they just didn't have insurance.

She still voted for Obama.

Always On Watch said...

I do believe if Romney is the last man standing he will make a good president who will govern more conservatively than he could in liberal Mass. surrounded by democrats.

Very possible.

Let us recall that Thomas Jefferson was an advocate of small government, but actually governed differently: war with the Barabary pirates (foreign entanglement) and the Louisiana Purchase.

I can cite several other examples.

he took no salary while governor of the state




Are you speaking of Mitt Romney?

Silverfiddle said...

If the health care argument is true, it's too nuanced and will get stuck in the filter.

People don't have the patience for such minutiae. Romneycare is an anchor he will have to carry through the election.

I don't doubt he's a good family man and generous, but he's a political opportunist who will be running against a younger, hipper political opportunist...

Ducky's here said...

I think he didn't take a salary either when the Olympics fell apart due to corruption and he was called to save the games.


All Governor Olympics did to "save the Olympics" was pass out a big bundle of FEDERAL money to his pals.

Since it was Utah a large number of those on the take were Mormon so Romney had the inside track.

-FJ said...

All this means is that Romney is a big government "enabler". His good intentions (taking care of the uninsured 8 percent) ENABLED his successor to bust the healthcare "bank" for the other 92%, its' like supplying "free Viagra" to pedophiles.

They say that "better" is the enemy of "good enough". Romney and his RINO Republican enabling friends need to take a powder. As Madison remarked in his famous "Remonstrance"...

Because it is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties. We hold this prudent jealousy to be the first duty of Citizens, and one of the noblest characteristics of the late Revolution. The free men of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise, and entagled the question in precedents. They saw all the consequences in the principle, and they avoided the consequences by denying the principle. We revere this lesson too much soon to forget it. Who does not see that the same authority which can establish Christianity, in exclusion of all other Religions, may establish with the same ease any particular sect of Christians, in exclusion of all other Sects? that the same authority which can force a citizen to contribute three pence only of his property for the support of any one establishment, may force him to conform to any other establishment in all cases whatsoever?

The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Romney helped make it an Interstate.

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm gonna reserve comment on this one - but I will say this - and that is that I - on a personal level - like Mitt Romney very much.

I think he seems like a Really nice guy - and he is good looking too.

I also think that he - if he concentrates Really hard on it - can give our imcumbent President a run for his money.

And that is what I like to see.

It's kinda like the championship game of the NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournement - ya wanna have a close one - folks.

Makes it much more interesting - doncha think?

Thanks Z.

And have a great day.

sue hanes said...

-FJ - 'The Road to H*ll is paved with Good Intentions. Romney helped to make it an Interstate.'

Good one - -FJ.

Z said...

GOod one, FJ..don't vote for him; and you'll never recognize America again after Obama's next four years.

Steve, I think I agree with most of what you say. what we have to do is bring costs down; the difference between an MRI, for example, in Europe, and one here, is in the thousands. And if I hear "it's FREE in Germany" one more time when my stepdaughter pays more than $1000 a month for health ins., I'll scream :-)
Schroeder was begging Germans to buy private health ins. before he left office; yes, the liberal. They simply can't afford it anymore.

Rita, I've always felt this about Romney. How the heck could he govern like a Cons. in MASS?
What we have to focus on is how he got elected in lib. Mass.

Ducky, we need links on that from reputable sources, not moveon...Yes, the Olympics were falling apart until Romney stepped in. Again, if you can't prove your assertion that he was giving money to Mormon friends, don't comment.

Sue...he's not my first choice but he's what we've got. And, of course, I think anybody'd be better than Obama.

SF...I agree with you about the healthcare situation; and the media won't educate, it'll be obfuscating all over the place on that. They'd be bending over backwards to show the nuance if it was their guy.

sue hanes said...

Z - 'he's not my first choice...'

May I be so bold as to ask - Z:

If Mitt Romney is not your first choice - than who is?

Because for me - Mitt Romney is the ONLY one out of all of the Republican candidates - who is even REMOTELY possible - for a Candidate Of The United States
Of America - and frankly - Z - that is stretching - by a long shot.

Z said...

Sue, you say "Mitt Romney is the ONLY one out of all of the Republican candidates - who is even REMOTELY possible - for a Candidate Of The United States
Of America - and frankly - Z - that is stretching - by a long shot."

"remotely possible?" I am simply going to clamp my mouth shut and try not to think of what I could say in regard to your candidate!
have a great day

cube said...

I said at the begining of this race that I would pull the lever for whichever candidate had an 'R' at the end of his/her name. The same is true today.

I happen to believe Romney is the best qualified of the candidates running. It will be easy to vote for him.

Anyone but Obama resonates very well with me.

Z said...

Cube, we have to make more people understand that.
I so don't want a repeat of 2008's "I'm staying home cuz McCain's not Conservative enough"....man, they screwed us into Obama and NOW look.

I heard that an enormous amount of Christian Conservatives didn't vote last time.........I hope they've seen enough now that they'll at LEAST consider the Supreme Court appointments the next president will certainly be making. That will be damage, under Obama, that'll last YEARS and YEARS....

-FJ said...

I don't recognize America after 8 years of Bush, do you?

The timefor Republicanhalf-measures has passed.The opportunity was missed.

A storm is coming.

Z said...

FJ, I don't even see a comparison with Bush's 8 years and this jerk's first four.
And, trust me, I do pay attention.

Sorry we don't have a pure conservative you'll vote for (let me know when you find a guy good enough for you)...nobody even tried.

WHy? who knows. Other than the fact that he or she could never win in the AMerica the leftwingers have created.
We were sleeping...

And we had better still believe in Republican half measures because that's all this country's going to get until we can retrain the indoctrinated "hate AMerica, Hate Capitalism" crowd.

-FJ said...

FJ, I don't even see a comparison with Bush's 8 years and this jerk's first four.

The bank bailout didn't happen under Obama. Too big to fail didn't happen under Obama. FANNIE/ FREDDIE didn't happen under Obama. Obama didn't establish the "congressionally independent funding stream" out of a surtax on FED loans for the National Housing Trust Fund, Bush did.

Santorum is fine. So is Gingrich, So is Paul. They represent regime change.

But I'm through w/Bush-Lite crony capitalists. In fact, I even prefer the alternative. It brings their day of reckoning THAT much sooner.

sue hanes said...

Z - 'I am simply going to clamp my mouth shut and try not to think of what say I could say against your candidate!'

But why - Z - would you want to clamp your mouth shut - and not say what you could - against my candidate?

If you have something that we should know about Barack Obama - then NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEAK OUT -Z - while everyone is considering who they are going to vote for.

Why clamp your mouth shut - Z?

I don't understand that.

Z said...

OH, please, FJ...Bush warned at least five times (on video) about Freddie and Fannie.
TARP was his screw-up and that's as dumb as Romney giving in to the healthcare in Mass. with his name...when his was fairly benign until the next governor embellished it into stupidity. To blame Bush for Freddie/Fannie is nuts.

Sue....you adore Obama. Keep on adoring Obama. I don't have the will or the energy to post on everything I dislike about him.
And this is nothing personal.

I'm just tired of the fight. I'm getting to where I don't really care anymore, tell you the truth.

sue hanes said...

Z - You have chosen to use the word 'adore.'

I must speak up here - and say that 'adore' is not the right word.

I cannot let it pass - that 'adore' is YOUR choice of words.

I like Barack Obama.

I like him because I believe he is a good person.

I Believe that he is NOT entirely in control of this Nation.

I Believe that there are many powers that are in control of this Nation.

I think that he is a nice guy and that he has not kept a tight rein on the Presidency.

It is the Others that are harming Our Country - but because Barack Obama is The President he has to take the blame - and rightfully so.

Rita said...

Z: Glad you took up the charge on the Freddie/Fannie thing. There is too much video evidence of the Maxine Waters, Barnie Frank, Nancy Pelosi, etc, etc in hearings where they were warned of the impending fall and they "ignored" it to the point it was obvious they were on the take with them. I believe there is even a Republican Congressman stating he wondered the same thing during the hearings. I'd have to research to remember who it was.

As to the ABO crowd, I continue to say I cannot, I will not vote for Ron Paul. Even if that means we get another 4 years of Obama.

No one scares me more than Ron Paul and THAT is saying a lot.

beamish said...

I think Obama is more conservative than Romney.

Z said...

beamish, we know that.
SO you think it...good for you.

-FJ said...

What can I say, Z, other than I'm frustrated by the fact that I can't see Romney "fixing" the runaway government... I don't even perceive in him a willingness to "try". And I can't see the country surviving his "caretaker" government stewardship... it's more likely that the people will turn it back over to the demagogues in 2016. At least they promise a change.

-FJ said...

...even if their promises produce opposite results (ala Obama).

beamish said...

Not that Obama himself is conservative proper, he's just to the right of Romney on much.

Z said...

FJ...we have to be pragmatists; if you think Obama can fix things, don't vote for Romney

-FJ said...

Pragmatism informs me to not vote all all. Best I go tend my own garden, and try to keep the goats out of it, best I can. The "commons" will need to fend for themselves. Sorry.

Z said...

Fj, then don't complain when you put Obama back in office. Please never complain.

-FJ said...

I won't be putting him there. The Republicans who back a Go- along- to-get- along HACK did.

-FJ said...

Voting in this years' election is the equivalent of deciding on which train to "Disaster" to board.. the "LOCAL" or the"EXPRESS".

-FJ said...

..neither candidate has proposed re-routing the track.

SCdottr2012 said...

It seems that a gentleman named George Washington took no salary, either as president.

Oh yes, there were those who said he was too "elite"...called him King George and so forth.

My word what is wrong with someone having a crumb of class and breeding and gentleman type qualities?

Does everything in this country have to be a copy of a reality trash television show?

Yes, I will gladly vote for Mr. Romney and know several other folks in different states who will as well.

Say what you want, but he does live a conservative life-style.

-FJ said...

My word what is wrong with someone having a crumb of class and breeding and gentleman type qualities?

I'll take it you've never been in a knife fight with an Alinskyite... because THAT is what the Senate and House is FILLED with now. The LOYAL opposition has LONG since fled DC. The Augean Stables were a cleaner and more genteel a place than Capitol Hill.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

"I do believe if Romney is the last man standing he will make a good president who will govern more conservatively than he could in liberal Mass. surrounded by democrats."

That's my hope if he wins.

-FJ said...

...but you have to ask yourself, what will happen AFTER a Romney Presidency in which he has done NOTHING to address the fundamental socialist march of the Democratic Party... will ANYONE elect a "Republican" EVER again? The Democrats need to be CONFRONTED, NOT "accomodated" (ala Bush). THAT is the REAL danger of a "Romney" presidency.

beamish said...

The last Republican to ever confront and take the fight to the left was Newt Gingrich.

'Nuff said.

Joe Conservative said...


beamish said...

Too little and much too late.

When your idea of balancing the budget and creating a surplus takes 30 years longer than a session of Congress to achieve, you're not even in Newt Gingrich's league.

beamish said...

Is Paul Ryan going to spend 16 consecutive Congressional terms stewarding his plan to completion, or will he lead the fight and shut down government twice in two years to get his fellow Congressmen serious about balancing the budget and reforming entitlements into solvency in one Congressional term?

Or will he puss out when the far left Naderites start yelling "grandma killer" at him?

beamish said...

Methinks he'll puss out.

beamish said...

"Ryan, who attended Joseph A. Craig High School in Janesville, was 16 years old when he found his father in bed, dead from a heart attack at age 55. Ryan's grandfather had also died of a heart attack at age 57, as had his great-grandfather similarly died of a heart attack at age 59. Ryan began collecting his Social Security survivor's benefits until age eighteen, which he saved for college tuition and expenses."

This is not the biography of someone who's serious about dismantling the Welfare State.

beamish said...

Nor is Ryan's buddying up with a liberal-left Democrat advocate of single-payer Welfare State controlled health care (Ron Wyden) much of a sign that he's a Democrat confronter, as opposed to his being a Democrat accomodator.

The "Ryan Plan" is accomodationist, not confrontational to the left. And given 30 years of smoke and mirrors later, his beloved Welfare State would still exist.

As I said, the last Republican to confront the Left, make headway, get something conservative done in Congress and signed by the President was Newt Gingrich.

Is Paul Ryan still sending his home movies to YouTube?

beamish said...

41,000 views after a week!

Wow the choir is small.