Monday, March 5, 2012

What a way to start a week........

I want you all to give this video a look....if you're not into this kind of music, give it another two minutes and then click off....I have a hunch it'll pull you in and you'll want to watch more!  I sure did!

Here's the deal........this is from 1982, some of you won't even know most of the names of the singers or the shows, but most of us will, and BOY, was THIS ENTERTAINMENT AT ITS BEST!

Please....those of you who don't recognize much of it, please watch it and let us know how you liked it.  I'm really curious to see if it grabs those who are kind of new to this older entertainment style!    (this is not a true/false, multiple choice, and you will not be graded :-)

Thanks...and enjoy!    I think it's FABULOUS and I want to thank Pris for emailing it to me! I hope it starts your week with a smile on your face and a song in your heart!!



Ducky's here said...

Two early reactions.

Why is it that even when she's herself Carol Channing looks like she's in drag?

What ever happened to Lucy Arnez? She had very good stage presence. Never had much of a career.

Ducky's here said...

... oh, and even if she can't sing, Liv Ullman is a goddess.

Z said...

When Liv came out, I thought "Don't tell me she's going to sing?" Obviously, she doesn't, or at least her show that year wasn't a always.
She is wonderful. I read a bio or autobio on her years ago and like her very much.

Carol Channing's never been a favorite.... Arnaz had a better voice than I'd thought.
But Celeste Holmes could really sing and I didn't know that, either.

This type of entertainment on TV is gone...all those great shows. Remember when Carol Burnett came down the stairs in a Gone with the Wind spoof wearing draperies with the drapery rod in the shoulders...."Where'd did you get that dress?" "Oh, it's just something I saw in a WINDOW"
priceless...and that doesn't even scratch the surface of the thousands of great lines in entertainment shows.

Ticker said...

From the days when there was real music. Also from the days when there was real comedy not some trash filled with profanity and sexually explicit words that is suppose somehow to be funny.

Guess this is just an example of why I don't watch TV anymore. Today's garbage is not even worth while.

Pris said...

As you know Z, I love this. The music was so wonderful, and these stars of their day, were examples of talent we don't often see today.

Of course this is a matter of opinion, but, I don't think anyone can deny the greatness of the music scores, or the talent which existed then.

This presentation encapsulates a grand bygone era, I sorely miss. There still are terrific Broadway shows now and then, but there was a time when the movies picked up on them and ran with them, exposing young and old to sheer enjoyment and true talent.

Thanks Z, for posting this. I for one am grateful that we were privy to this kind of entertainment.

It certainly gave me an appreciation of the joyful, larger than life portrayals which to me have now faded out.

And yes, it does put a smile on my face, and a song in my heart.

sue hanes said...

Z - I could just HUG you - and Pris - for this. It came along
Here is my take on it:

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend




MAME - Bea Arthur - love her dress

Charles Grodin/Lauren Bacall
Waiting Somewhere For Me - yes

T O M M O R R O W - the dog

Peter Pan - Sandra Duncan



42nd Street
Frank Langella sings?

Julis Harris - Yes

Mickey Rooney and Ann ?
The Sunny Side of The Street - great

Wash That Man Right Out Of Hair -
I'm doin' it right now folks

I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy:]


Well - Z.

You have impacted my day in a BIG WAY - and I thank you for thath - FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

Come on now - Z. I know that ya know all of these Really Great People.

You know that I know - it.

Z said...

Ticker, great, wasn't it!
Now it's all reality shows on how fast a bachelor can get 20 girls to sleep with him on TV...or video games? Some entertainment.

Pris, I really appreciate your having sent this. I get so many I don't always open them, but this, I did, and I wasn't in a great mood when it started, but it really lifted me up!

Sue, good list! Yes, Langella does a lot of Broadway, and he's not the caliber of some of these men singers, but he wasn't bad at all!
Celeste Holmes' voice stunned me, particularly at her age, that's unusual.

I've never been a big Ethel Merman fan because people actually think her voice is BELTING. It isn't. Belting is a technique, not a sound...but they called her a BELTER and it's been hard to sell voice students on the belting technique until only lately because of her :-) If Beverly Sills had my training (not that I'm even a millionth the singer she was), she would have never had to retire. Witness Lena Horne, also on in years, and a BELTER, as is Streisand; they'll sing forever.

Sue, of course I don't know all the singers personally, but I did know 98% of them.
I have to say I walked out of a restaurant here in Santa MOnica some years back and it was rather dark and a woman was walking on the sidewalk across the street and I just knew it was Celeste Holmes and called out to her. She said that yes, she was Celeste Holmes, and I told her I loved her! :-)

She's so good in everything she ever did..Particularly, GENTELEMAN'S AGREEMENT, one of my faves.

Z said...

BY the way, re Channing;
I'd die of humiliation if I sang like that, I swear! She should feel SO LUCKY anybody thought she should go on stage!

But, people adore her (somehow) and she's got what I think more stars should have STAR POWER!

It's one thing to sing's another to sell a song, and she does do that.

Always On Watch said...

Great stuff, Z!

But, like you, I never much cared for Channing.

Remember when Carol Burnett came down the stairs in a Gone with the Wind spoof wearing draperies with the drapery rod in the shoulders...."Where'd did you get that dress?" "Oh, it's just something I saw in a WINDOW"

I've seen that skit several times. I howl with laughter every single time.

Pris said...

Thanks Z, it had the same effect on me!

I remember that Carol Burnett bit. Hilarious.

sue hanes said...

Z - I had to take a short nap after watching that Great Video - it just plain did me in.

I Really didn't pay much attention to Frank Langella until Frost/Nixon - which I have watched countless times - and have to remind myself that IT IS REALLY NOT RICHARD NIXON. And - everyone else in that movie is First Rate too. I'd love to see him on Broadway.

It's a good thing I don't live in Los Angeles - Z. I would spend all my time trhing to spot Celebrities. : ]

Now that I've settled down - I think I'll watch it again.

Thanks Z.

sue hanes said...

Pris - 'a smile on my face, and a song in my heart.'

It's not hard to put a Smile on my face these days - but I'm always amazed how music brings out The Natural Song In My Heart.

And that's a good thing - isn't it.

sue hanes said...

Z - I enjoyed doing what I did with this video - and it's fun to see who I Really like - and sometimes I'm surprised who I haven't even heard of.

That is cool that you saw Celeste Holm like that. I'm sure I would have done the same. I've only met one celebrity in my entire life. Ever hear of DB Woodside - Z?
He's a tv actor - was in the series 24 - a friend of my neice. I met him at a family gathering.
Nice guy.

But other than that - this small town girl knows no one.

sue hanes said...

Of course I 'know' you - Z. You are a Celebrity - in a Kevin Bacon sort of way.

: ]

sue hanes said...

Z - I went through it again - and almost got as excited (I'm Really such an idiot.)

This time I am listing the People that Really spoke to me in the order that they did. And added a couple of comments.

This is so much fun - Z.

Pearl Bailey/Ethel Merman/Robert Preston/Mickey Rooney

The Dog from Annie

Bea Arthur/Charles Grodin

And the Music -

I'M IN LOVE WITH A WONDERFUL GUY - missed that the 1st time

The Finale - ya gotta love the finale
The Applause
The Standing O

And I enjoy seeing People who I don't ordiarily see in this capacity - and don't realize that they have this Talent.

And ducky - I favor Ethan Hawke - over Liv Ulmann :]

sue hanes said...

OOOOPS - Almost forgot - Z.

I simply ADORE the entire muscial -The Music Man.

Also - Oklahoma & Annie.

Z said...

Sue, i even saw American celebs on the street in Paris....Mark Walberg was at the American Church one Sunday...Sam Waterston has a flat there in Paris and stopped like Mr Z and I had, at the Place Vendome, where there was a string quartet playing. Couldn't believe it was him, but it surely was.

People do go looking for celebs, but that's mostly tourists. My luck has been, for example, an uncle with a race horse who invited me to the Breeder's Cup Ball, where I met Elizabeth Taylor, Gregory Peck, Willie Shumacher (who tried to pick me up, and I'm 5'9"!!!), ...I was sitting at dinner in the front row staring up Sinatra's nose hairs, I swear, as he sang on stage! I remember thinking Gene Kelly was about the only star I could think of who wasn't there and that, if a bomb hit, he'd be the only Hollywood celeb left :-)

I had a friend whose dad built Debbie Reynolds' beach house and went there one day and she bought me and my friend ice cream.

I don't know...I don't look for them, but I sure see 'em.

My biggest thrill was Henry Fonda...I went to the Ladies Rm at a place called Matteo's in Westwood and my girlfriend told me that, as I walked down the restaurant to get to the bathroom, his head popped into the aisle and stared at my backside all the way...Coming back, I think I remember just realizing it was HENRY FONDA!, but she was freaking out! SO, I like to think I gave ol' Hank a thrill when I was very young!!!

Z said...

I'm so glad you liked this so much, Sue. I really am...I think it's because we love piano and love great voices...nice, isn't it.
And the STAR POWER, their happy faces, their talent. Really something.

Mickey ROoney was INCREDIBLE..his whole life long.

I also adored James Cagney by the way, in everything he did...prison films, gangster films, song and dance...NOBODY does I'M A YANKEE DOODLE DANDY like he did.

Ducky's here said...

I think the film of 42nd street topped the stage productions ... Ruby Keeler, now there's a dancer.

Z said...

That film was wonderful, no doubt about it. Did you know she was married to Al Jolson for a while? I didn't. I just checked because I'd always thought she'd married Dick Powell and I wanted to confirm, but apparently not. Surprise to me

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm on a roll now.

I googled The Impossible Dream -
and watched three of them.

Jim Nabors - as Gomer Pyle in a Marine Uniform. And let me tell ya folks - it doesn't get any better than this.

Elvis Presley - Absolutely Amazing.
In the last part he switches to his lowest range for a few lines.

And Then Old Blue Eyes himself -
Frank Sinatra.

Ya gotta check this out folks.

sue hanes said...

I love Mark Wahlberg - Z.

And Sam Waterson - wasn't that him in The Killing Fields - when Dith Pran recognizes him and runs and hugs him. What a great movie - hard to watch - though.

And you can't touch James Cagney in Yankee Doodle Dandy. I cannot count the number of times I've watched that one - I know it by heart - Really.

Z said...

Cagney's feet virtually toe dance their way across the stage in Yankee Doodle Dandy....he walks on his toe nails, and then the heels of his's fabulous, isn't it.

Lisa said...

Z that was great,thanks for sharing. They just don't make talent like that anymore. I love all the old time singers and dancers and Cagney was amazing. I remember that Carol Burnett spoof too AOW too if I remember correctly the curtains were green yes?
This one of Cagney and Hope are one of my favorites

sue hanes said...

Thanks Lisa.

That was great.

And in the end - it's always about
Doing The Dance - isn't it.

Z said...

Ah, Lisa..bless you!
That Cagney/Hope thing is BRILLIANT....just the best!

Bob said...

That was a great video, Z. I agree with you, Carol Channing was not a singer.

Ther were plenty of people I did not recognize, but some were memorable.

Some of these people were pretty old, like Ethel Mehrman (spell?). However, you could recognize her voice anywhere.

Yeah, Ducky, what ever happened to Lucy Arnaz? Plus, how did Robert Klein get into a singing role? I thought he was a comic.

Lisa said...

Bob I said the aid thing about Robert Klein too. This couldn't have been too long ago I agree being many of those stars were older. See the way Lauren Becall couldn't belt out out a tune either. Her voice was always like that even when she first started out when she was 19 she was all raspy.

Z said...

this was in 1983...I think.

I think if someone can hold a tune and meet the high and low notes and sell a song, he's a singer :-)

Lisa said...

I love tap dancing. I remember we went to see Gregory Hines years ago

Z said...

Lisa, isn't he great?
I think I saw him in SOPHISTICATED LADIES many years ago...actually, I'm sure he was in it. just terrific presence on stage, too.

I love tap dancing, too..used to do a bit myself. It does wonders for the thighs :-)

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

I did it in for a while only in Elementary school but my mom had tap shoes that I used to love to play around in from when she was younger. Hers were beige satin with a heel like they wore on stage.We had the black patten leather flat ones for school.
All I remember is "shuffle-heel-toe".
So long did you do tap for Z?
I didn't see Sophisticated ladies so I looked it up,it was Maurice Hines .The first time I saw Gregory Hines was in White Nights with Mikhail Baryshnikov and I like him ever since that movie.

Z said...

Hi, Lisa...I just Googled after reading your comment and I did see Gregory Hines in the Los Angeles production ... He was FABULOUS. Maurice must have been on Broadway, huH?

I took tap for about two years when I was 30! Imagine? I'd done ballet as a younger girl. I took tap from David Begelman's secretary Constance.. He was the head of one of the big studios who'd been in some embezzlement scandal troubles.

We had classes on a studio lot, in a HUGE building with REALLY REALLY tall ceilings, a sound stage. She had us work on "ONE" from A Chorus Line and, one night, she asked us to meet in another sound stage (it was where they shot FAME) and when we arrived, she gave us top hats and canes and we did the dance she'd taught us against a tall brick wall with lights in front of us shooting our shadows HIGH on the wall. It was really fabulous! I wasn't so fabulous, but I loved it...

sue hanes said...


Now there's One For The Ages - isn't it - Z?

Always On Watch said...

A while back, I posted that video of Bob Hope and Jimmy Cagney. Great stuff!

Lisa said...

ok sorry Z when I goolged it I was only able to find Maurice Hines.
Sounds like you had fun tap dancing Z. Great fun indeed.

Lisa said...

A while back, I posted that video of Bob Hope and Jimmy Cagney. Great stuff!

AOW I promise I didn't copy,lol

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