Monday, March 19, 2012

Obama's only a little grayer........please vote for him!

I wish ONE of the Republican candidates had ANYBODY able to nail what people want to hear as well as Obama's people;

"I know I'm a little grayer now and it's not as trendy to be an Obama supporter, because it's not as fresh," he told donors at actor and director Tyler Perry's estate in Atlanta on Friday.
"And so I hope that you are game to work just as hard, if not harder, in the coming months to make sure we finish what we began," said the president, who has stepped up the pace of his fundraising."

Z: That's exactly what we've all been thinking...he's not as 'fresh', he's not done so well.... maybe many who couldn't wait to vote for him last time, the hugely pivotal time of finally electing a Black president, won't care so much this time.  But, he puts this in such clever ways...he's 'a little grayer now' (sympathy vote), he's 'not finished'...just what unthinking Americans want as their reminder to vote...after they've sent in the MONEY. (he raised $45 million just in February, including at 2 events in Chicago and 3 in Atlanta within almost 2 days...not bad!)

There's Tyler Perry, convicted Christian, by the way, supporting a man who, as state senator, voted four times to prevent the revival of any baby who survived a botched abortion.   Life can be fascinating. 



Lisa said...

to make sure we finish what we began

The main reason not to vote for him

sue hanes said...

Z - Good post.

Didja ever watch a Tyler Perry video? I've go a couple of them. I like Tyler Perry's videos because they have a life lesson to them - and although he - in and of himself - is Black - he has a couple of token white folks in there too. And sometimes Tyler Perry dresses up and pretends he's his mother. Not scary - like in Psyco - just funny.

Z said...

Lisa, that's exactly right.

Sue, does the way people vote for such an anti-life person bother you at all? Is Tyler Perry a hypocrite, while funny and very entrepreneurial?

christian soldier said...

guess I read it wrong- Z-

Tyler Perry is a Christian - AND - he supports bho- the total pro-death (pro-abortion)advocate- he is NOT a follower of Christ-if he thinks murdering human babies in the womb or out side the womb is OK-

sue hanes said...

Z - To tell the truth - I know NOTHING about Tyler Perry - except that I was impressed with the videos I bought. Again - he seemed to be delivering a good message and I liked that.

Z said...

Sue, forget Tyler Perry... does the way people vote for such an anti-life person bother you at all?

CS: you're right. How can one appreciate the sanctity of life and not be against abortion?!

Dave Miller said...

Z, about the most consistent person in our blogging circles that I have seen regarding life and abortion is Beth...

She believes that all life is sacred and stands against abortion in all case, including rape and incest and is also against capital punishment...

That is a person I can respect on the issue when she says she supports life...

Others are making a political calculation, both the Dems, and the GOP...

If it is truly life that is important to us, then only the position that Beth holds can be considered consistently on the the side of life...

sue hanes said...

Z - 'Does the way people vote for such an anti-life person bother you at all'

Ok. You told me I can't talk about voting for Obama - but now you want me to - so I will.

I don't even think about that - Z.

I like Barack Obama. I've always liked him. I read Dreams From My Father - and I loved that book.
I had Audacity of Hope but couldn't get into it - so I gave it away.

I do not think that moral issues - such as abortion - should be used to elect Presidents - Z. Look at the mess our Country is in - and what is the Problem?

and much more.

I do not approve of Abortion -

But I do not Believe that telling a woman that she is going to jail for having an Abortion - is right.

I do Believe that the issue of later term Abortions SHOULD be dealt with harshly .

But to get back to what you wanted me to discuss - I simply do not think of Barack Obama as an
anti-life person - because
MORALITY - but that does not mean
I am not a moral person.

I'll be checking back to see what
you think - Z.

Z said...

Dave, I'm totally with her about abortion. Have never said anything less.
I am still on the fence on capital punishment. I don't see a connection and don't there isn't anything about capital punishment I haven't considered, believe me.

Sue, am too busy right now to go into your points but I to making dinner. Thanks for your thoughts.
I never said you couldn't say you're voting for Obama; I said I don't understand how you can go to conservative blogs SO against him and talk about it as a badge of honor...that's all.
You're entitled to think and do ALL you want, but you can't expect people to ignore that when they've practically devoted their lives to getting him the hell OUT of here. :)

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Z I love this Alan Keyes rant even though you may have seen it already I felt it was post worthy for this thread:

I couldn't get the link insert to work for this one.

Rita said...

I'm with CS on this one. I cannot reconcile how someone can consider themselves to be Christian yet support abortion. Has not one read the "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you."?

It used to be hard for me to support pro-life in the cases of rape or incest, but I finally had to conclude that a life is a life, regardless of how it is concieved. So. No exceptions.

And before we hear some ridiculous argument from the left, NO, that does not include ectopic pregnancies, so don't bother to go there.

O/T Did anyone see where Bristol Palin is now calling on Obama to stop his hypocritical stance on the Fluke/Maher controversy?

This Fluke bull has completely backfired for the left. The Maher hypocrisy has well overtaken Rush's idiotic statement.

sue hanes said...

Z - You know how I get carried away with things. But I hope you will let me know how you feel about what I said.

Chuck said...

I'm with Rita and others on abortion. Aborting the product of a rape or incest does nothing but kill a human being. It does not right the wrong. I further believe that a woman who has endured either is further traumatized by the abortion. I realize the argument is that it spares the woman the pain of raising the child. I don't buy this.

Kid said...

Look at what oblabber has promised and what he has done, and you have to have a serious mental disease or be on the oblabber payroll to still be a supporter.

Lisa, Yea, Good Lord, he's done little else but advance islam in America and around the world other than pound at the foundations of America with a sledgehammer. Radical islam. He helped the muslim brotherhood take over in Egypt. They're about as radical as it gets.
And there is no such thing as a moderate muslim anyway, only a silent one.

Rita said...

There was a fascinating special on NatGeo a few weeks back called, "In The Womb". Finally we actually get a documentary that has no political agenda.

The episode explained that the cells that will form the heart actually begin sychronized beating on the 22nd day of conception.

Instead of some "invasive" procedure being required by clinics, I think it would be better for them to watch the In the Womb episode.

Anonymous said...

"O/T Did anyone see where Bristol Palin is now calling on Obama to stop his hypocritical stance on the Fluke/Maher controversy?..."

Yep....and I love it since the "One's" balls are in a vice grip. Can he dare explain the hypocrisy away? Can he dare dismiss the Palin kid's anguish and pain over her mothers, her brother being labeled with the most disgusting and vile of names?

Can he rationalize that a Downs child can be so mocked when he has two perfect children? Can he agree that Sarah Palin is a c**t and an twat?

Lastly...if I were Todd Palin....I'd take a trip to NYC's HBO offices....and punch the ever loving shit out of that assholes Armani suit. I'd stomp his guts out if that were my wife that scumbag POS was talking about.

Todd is a mans man...not some POS NY latte suck ass who need $55 dollar undies to crap in.

Sorry...not really. BM is and needs a real time....awakening. I'd help to pay Todds bail.

Ticker said...

Z you are correct, there is no connection in capital punishment and abortion. Abortion is murder, pure and simple.

Capital punishment is what it says punishment for crime of taking the life of another or some heinous crime against them. You will find that capital punishment is Biblical as well but you certainly will not find abortion being advocated or approved of in the scripture. In fact those who did harm toward children were condemned to death.

Civil law over the centuries has been based on Judeo/Christian Biblical principals. So if capital punishment is wrong then I suppose someone needs to tell God.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Leticia said...

Not only Tyler Perry, how disappointing, but also T.D. Jakes voted and supported him as well. Christians voting for a man who was openly pro-choice and pro-LGBT. Did any of these people actually hear his Marxist speeches and check his voting records?

I can't believe the ignorance.

Right Truth said...

Liar Liar,
Pants on fire.
I bet he keeps his hairdresser busier than John Edwards did

Right Truth

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm gonna turn in now - but if I wake up later I'll check to see if ya have anything tuh say about my radical comment.

Thanks Z.

Z said...

Lisa, I think he IS a 'radical Communist'..or wants to be.

Sue, I read your comment again and there really isn't much I can address .... especially if you can read DREAMS OF MY FATHER and the things he said there about his past and how he's not too keen on America. Or Americans. Particularly white ones.

And no, we can't legislate morality. But why did we legislate immorality with Roe v Wade? WHy isn't it just as MORAL to want to PROTECT LIFE? As IMMORAL to be pro abortion?
Did you know Ms Roe is fighting hard to overturn Roe v Wade now?

I think morals are very important, as I know you do.. But, for me, if some politician isn't against abortion and I like everything else, I'd probably vote for him. If a politician, like Obama, voted four times to let a child who survived a botched abortion way.

Leticia...I admired TD Jakes a little until Ticker emailed me some things about him and until I realized that he's an Obama 'spiritual advisor' and it apparently isn't working. !! I will NEVER judge another's faith, and this post was clearly not about was about hypocrisy.

Imp, I heard Bristol had written something....I'll have to blog it.
WHY do you listen to Colmes? You get enough leftist junk just reading any daily newspaper or watching CNN. COlmes is SO horrible!

Chuck, the very thought that a child isn't a child because it was conceived through rape is so insane it's difficult to consider. A fetus is a fetus. period. I agree with you.
But MANY antiabortion people feel a rape or incest case should be aborted. I can't find the logic.

Ticker, I'm glad you agree..they just aren't the same thing.

Rita, ditto.

Kid, have you heard of Dr. Jassa? Moderate Muslim who loves America. I heard him speak live..amazing guy.

Anonymous said...
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Z said...

Imp...please...all I get from conservative friends is "why do you listen to the left?" so I understand what you're doing...but you don't need to go THAT FAR....
I know we need to listen, but a whole show? It takes five minutes to know their crap. Just read your local newspaper for ten minutes and you'll get what they're up to.

I only asked again tonight WHY COLMES? because we've been through's like dropping an iron on your toe and you keep doing it!

Good luck

Average American said...

I wonder if it's too late for Ann Dunham to have an abortion? I would make an exception to my ideology and be OK with that, even in having my tax dollars pay for it. Just saying...

Z said...

Average..that's funny, I have to admit!

Anonymous said...

Just for shits and giggles...Today I was denied VA medical care. Denied she ( Sonia ) said.

I asked why? And she said that due to my application I didn't lose a limb in combat in Nam.

Really said I....I came back with all my toes and fingers, right?

Well...she said....I made over 48K the last year. I what? I served....I paid my gave me VA benefits galore in 1970 that made me a Commercial Pilot...

So...Sonia...what gives? Can't say she says.....but...I can reapply in a year. ( When I'm broke...busted and "poor" below the 48K ceiling. )

Sonia...I said....I'm sorry that I made a living without government assistance....

She...much to her credit says...." I sucks". that moment I loved this woman....she knew we were getting a raw deal. She also knew that applying on the phone with a "press one" for English"...was a fucking joke. it....who in gods name would apply for VA they couldn't..speak English? What illegal would be serving in the military without English? Or am I missing something?

I'm not surprised...nor am I pissed....I'm just one of those who make what is it? 250K or less...that have to pay for the scbs.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Z said...

Imp, "prevented me from getting Va benefits?" Your friend did?

This is terrible, Imp. Those who don't make any money get benefits, the very rich don't need them, and you and millions like you who work and make decent incomes but not enough to support major health situations on their own, have to lose everything and then "apply next year". wow.

I'm so sorry. And this will never change. Too bad you don't speak the other language, you'd get the help

Rita said...

"it's like dropping an iron on your toe and you keep doing it!"

Z: That's hilarious.

Imp: Yeah, we know all about the VA. They believe there can be nothing wrong with you if you haven't spent your life whining about your service. If you've been productive despite some of the demons that you carry, then there's no disability.

Bob lost his hearing for a couple months in Vietnam when the missle hit his personnel carrier but didn't explode.

It came back, but as he ages that ear has definitely loss some hearing. Qualifies for a hearing aid (which he won't get) but no disability even though the episode was documented during his service.

One day I'll convince him to get the hearing aid, in the meantime the TV gets louder and I have to repeat myself several times.

Or maybe he's just trying to not listen. ;)

Always On Watch said...

Obama knows that he's in trouble for re-election in November.

Once again, he's trying to run as the underdog to garner sympathy votes.

Lisa said...

good one AA,lmao!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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