Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama speaks to the Iranians on their Persian holiday?

Did you see THIS?    Oddly,  the author of the article says "The traditional presidential message came amid concerns that the tense standoff over Iran's suspect nuclear program could turn into a military confrontation and with another round of painful international sanctions set to bite more deeply into the Islamic republic's economy."     Interesting that it's on Persian New Year, Norwuz?  The good thing about that is that Islamic hardliners don't like the celebration because it's "pre islamic"....but it is considered as big a deal as our New Year's, or maybe more, to most Iranians, apparently.

Could anybody link where Clinton or Bush gave a traditional presidential message to the Iranian people?  That made me really curious. 

Or is this all trying to defend himself against Americans (and the Iranian freedom fighters)  who felt he let the Iranian people down in the last populace Iranian uprising, remember?  They reached out to us and Obama didn't do anything and he's getting criticized for it?  Or is this about sanctions and he feels so badly for the people it's another "apology tour"?

Is this just more "going' to church for the Obamas", if you know what I mean?

What do you think?  Do you remember any sitting president giving a 'traditional' presidential message or is that word thrown in in the author's hopes we'll all just believe every American president's done it?  :-)
OH..by the way, America..."Happy Nowruz" from our president.


sue hanes said...

Z - I am truly outraged - over yet another attempt of our Really Cool Guy Prez - to reach out and establish friendly and sincere realations with the Muslim World.

Certainly after the way they treated us just over 10 years ago -you would think that he could restrain himself from these ridiculous oversentimental overtures - when we bloggers just know that these people are nothing - if not mean - and vindictive.

Why wait for Mitt Romney to oust the Prez - Z - LET'S START THE REALLY MEAN IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS - now.

That way Mitt doesn't have to spend time on the election process - but rather he can make plans for Saving Our Country.

What do YA think - Z.

and have an excellent day z

Z said...

Sue, what do I THINK?
I think you're either very sarcastic or you've had a 'wet lunch'...? :-)

I think the better relations should (and could) have started when the Iranian freedom fighters literally begged us to help them and we did nothing.
And I don't believe all muslims are mean or vindictive.
And I don't believe this is impeachable and never suggested it.

you have a good day, too. S.

Z said...

Question, Sue:

Why would a writer say TRADITIONAL PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS if no other president's ever done this?
Or, maybe they have;...I'd like to see that.
I can't find anything on Google, but you never know.
And, I just saw that this is Obama's third address to the Iranian people on NOrwuz/ maybe that's what's meant by TRADITIONAL?

We have a new American tradition of THIS? really?
I wish he'd keep up all of the American National Prayer Breakfast events. They truly were traditional.

sue hanes said...

What you saw in my comment - Z - was a failed attmempt to be funny.

Here's what I REALLY think about
President Obama's Traditional Address on the Muslim Holiday.

I Believe that our only Hope in this World of today is to keep the lines of Communication open. And sometimes we can only try to do that.

With Iran gaining possible Nuclear Capabilities - we MUST not shut them down and risk a chance that they will act in a rash way.

There is too much at stake.

I do not Believe in saying that we shoulda or coulda done this or that - re your mention of the Iranian Freedom Fighters - but rather I Believe that we should try to look at Other countries - their People and their leaders - as People too.

People that inside - want the same things that we do - such as Living Life to the Fullest - Family - Friends - etc.

Or course there is Bad in this World and truly Bad People.

I spoke at length with my niece last night - who is a high school art teacher - and she said that these students - SEEM TO TAKE ON THE CHARACTERISTICS THAT WE PLACE ON THEM - GOOD OR BAD.

Couldn't that happen to World Leaders?

If we keep saying that - These People are Bad - These People are Mean - then maybe they will be.

But would it hurt to give them the benefit of the doubt? All the while - of course - watchingn our own back.

When that guy died - the leader of NK - I made myself think - Maybe His Son Will Be Better Than His Dad.

Hoping that is true - for me - is the Best Way.

It's about Positve Thoughts over Negative Ones - Z.

sue hanes said...

And as for why President Obama would say TRADITIONAL Presidential Address - I haven't a clue.

To me that is small stuff - and I try not to sweat the small stuff - unsuccessfully most of the time I might add.

: ]

Anonymous said...

I think reaching out to the Iranian people is the only sane solution to this whole mess. Unfortunately I think it is too little too late.

sue hanes said...

Trestin - We must NEVER say that it is too late.

Because if we do - then it is.

Sam Huntington said...

The Iranians have been running around begging everyone and anyone to kick their ass for the past 3,000 years. Unfortunately, for us, Obama thought the Persians were saying, "kiss."

The not so bright among us think it is incumbent upon the United States to make friends with other nations; friendship only exists among adolescents. What we should be doing is making sure that amicable relationships exist with other nations where there are shared interests. I don’t think we have any shared interests with the Iranians, although I’m sure Obama shares one thing in common with Ahmadinejad: the destruction of America and Israel.

As for me, I’ll be having no Norwuz, thank you.

Silverfiddle said...

Maybe this is an attempt to reach out past the Mullahs to the Iranian people...

Ducky's here said...

No way he watched "A Separation".

Z said...

Sue...positive thinking is always a good thing.

Yes, I do think it's good to reach out to other people and I happen to have an appreciation for many Persians I've met...They're extremely well educated (those from Teheran, etc.), love to eat well and party hearty, they're extremely gracious hosts and almost every one of them bemoans that the Shah was ousted, in spite of what we hear in our American media all these years. They want peace with us, they don't hate us.
Sadly, our country is dealing with monstrous leadership not the true people.

This greeting of Obama's is a two-edged sword....of course it's nice to reach out to others, but we need to do real things, like having helped Iranian freedom fighters when so many Americans were saying we must.........we missed a chance there.
Perhaps he might have mentioned that today? But, I'm sure he didn't. This is the kind of thing I believe he should apologize for.

I realize, too, that what he says could be duplicitous because he can't say a whole lot, he can't really "give it all away" because he knows their leadership is listening, too.

Z said...

Sam...no Norwuz for you? Party pooper :-)

SF, I'd love to think that's true on Obama's. I hope so.
I think this is more of the same with him, though, as I'd written in my post.

sue hanes said...

Z - I have to be honest.

Although I like Barack Obama - and I do have opinions about Our Country and its Politics - I do not feel qualified to say that absolutely Barack Obama is a Good President.

But I do know this - and I am not saying this out of any adoration for Barack Obama (see my comment in your previous post) - that I simply do not think any of the Republican candidates would make a good President.

Perhaps we need a third choice.

Z said...

Off Topic:

Most of us have heard that the American government has warnings out for travelers in Mexico because of the drug cartel wars; shootings all over the country, etc. etc.

Now the media's misinterpreting Santorum's mentioning Malia's school trip (with 25 Secret Service accompanying her) to ...MEXICO as "searching for campaign subjects" ... What he's apparently said is it doesn't set the best example when you're warning people and then letting your daughter go..

Here's a scenario:

It's Bush's administration.
The government's warning people to be very careful if they're going to Mexico.
Bush's daughter, at 13 yrs old, goes to Mexico with her class (and 25 Sec. Service officers)

Imagine the press? Ya, I think so, too :-)

Z said...

Sue, great!

And if you feel Obama's better than ANY of them, you vote for him.
If you think he just might be a good president, we probably will never have common ground on that subject, so ... whatever!


Ducky's here said...

Well the only press the Bush twins seemed to get was when they were out getting drunk.

Z said...

That's true, Ducky...they were fair game whatever negative thing happened.
Not so, the Democrat kids.

One did have a nasty picture taken. The other never, ever has.

typical hypocrisy of the left. Thanks for the reminder.
Not that we needed it.

sue hanes said...

Z - I just read my comment again - and I said that I am not necessarily sure that he IS a good President - but that I think he is a good PERSON.

I did - however - say that I do not think that any of the Republican candidates would necessarily be a good President.

That's just my opinion.

And I also said that perhaps we need a third choice.

Do you think that a third choice would be a good idea - Z?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear his Easter or Good Friday greetings to the nation.

It would be a first, wouldn't it?

Yea it might be a first if a Muslim did it...betcha.

Anonymous said...

"American government has warnings out for travelers in Mexico..."

My kid just came back from Cancun which I was very worried about. But she's gets a bodyguard too...it's in her contract!!

Ducky's here said...

Yeah z, and then there's the way Rush trashed Chelsea Clinton.

That was top shelf and Chelsea wasn't even acting like trash.

Anonymous said...

"Chelsea wasn't even acting like trash..."

Which had to be very tough since "Daddy" was such a poor role model for her.

Sam Huntington said...

Good idea, Sue! The two party system isn’t working, so let’s just scrap it entirely. Never mind that we’ve had it since 1788, let’s just create a multiparty system like they have in most socialist cesspool nations, and in the process, make it easier for a slug like your Obama to seize and retain power.

I’m sorry Z, but Sue is the epitome of progressive education.

If we the people are not happy with those Dilbert’s in Congress, then it is our responsibility to keep voting them out of office until we finally end up with representatives (and senators) who love America more than they love power and influence.

Nevertheless, the worst GOP candidate in the current field is 1,000 times preferable to that dedicated communist scum currently living high on the hog in the White House at our expense.

Z said...

Sue, I don't know. It's impossible at this point and would only give Obama the presidency, so it wouldn't be my choice.

Ducky, Rush isn't the Republican party.
I happen to think a lot of Chelsea Clinton and thought she had grace and dignity growing up. He was wrong to slam her, it was terrible; but it's free speech.
If your guys can say the C word and worse about women, I think I'd hesitate about slamming Rush if I were you.

Imp, a friend's daughter was very close to Chelsea at Stanford. THat Monica Lewinsky about did that kid in. She'd be on the phone for hours with her father, crying her eyes out. It was VERY tough on her.

Sam....there are a lot of people who like Obama. He does a great act and the media covers for him, he lets things slip into being on Friday afternoons after the media's left...and he's so witheringly insulting to Republicans that it takes one's breath away if you were raised in this country where people wouldn't dream of being so insulting to the other side. It's all very upsetting because there aren't enough people to vote the nightmare out.
He's like Jim Jones. But they're drinking the Kool Aid and we're ALL going to die.

Anonymous said...

"If we the people are not happy with those Dilbert’s in Congress, then it is our responsibility to keep voting them out of office..."

Sam...we might do that. Those of us who are dissatisfied with our too liberal "conservatives"..

However...the other half of Congress / Senate...are elected by the parasites, grifters and leeches. These folks either know...or don't anything about a vote. So long as the goodies flow....we will never, ever cleanse ourselves of the status quo, will we?

Why would we vote out anyone on our side and leave the possibility that the morons will replace them with another grifter?

I know what will work....but...it will never happen. Too drastic for most Americans.

Anonymous said...

"She'd be on the phone for hours with her father, crying her eyes out. It was VERY tough on her..."

All the more reason I admire her ( though not for her "journalistic skills which I think are undeserved )...she rose above the humiliation that a compulsive whore and a liar left her.

But she will have to carry that association for the rest of her life. I hope Daddy's "proud" of that.

Sam Huntington said...

“…the other half of Congress/Senate ... are elected by the parasites, grifters and leeches…”

Exactly, Imp … like Sue, who is a twit … and Ducky, who is a dedicated Marxist. This was the long-term goal of the progressive movement, especially in public schools: produce idiots who will vote for people who promise them cake.

You’re right, though. It is as Joseph de Maistre told us in 1811: “ Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle merite.” (Every country has the government it deserves).

Those who love America were asleep at the switch for far too long …

sue hanes said...

Sam Huntington - Boo hoo.

I've had a Really hard evening and now ya go and pick on me.

Yer lucky I don't go off on you - like I could - but I'm a more controlled person now - and anyway - you do have your right to say as you please.

But - Sam - I'm fragile right now -ya might say - vulnerable - and all I really need is for Imp to start in - and I may start crying again.

: ]

Anonymous said...

"Those who love America were asleep at the switch for far too long..."

And Sam...that's why I'm convinced that the inevitable...has to happen. The rest of America can no longer afford to shrug off the dedicated Marxists...socialists, commies and anarchists of the 60's...that now have Cabinet positions in DC.

It's really time for a major movement....and a shift. If...if this country has any chance of surviving. And...what I mean is....we may not survive as...50 states. We'd be better off with a few less IMHO.

Anonymous said...

"all I really need is for Imp to start in - and I may start crying again...."

Then Sue...my advice is to get out of the kitchen...OK..."kin"? Take my advice...take leave of Geeez....watch a movie or read a book. Or change the oil in your S60.

You happen to be a bit bizarre tonight.

Anonymous said...

"our Really Cool Guy Prez....."

Jezzzus...sometimes I wonder why women are allowed to vote with sentiments and reasoning like that. Swear to god....we're not voting for a douchbag on American Idol...or Dancing with the Stars....or if the shit head in chief plays good "B" ball. Or even if he's..."cool".

Good grief. Get freaking serious and know it's not "cool" that leads a country. It's resolve, brains, patriotism, maturity and commitment.

Do you think the ChiComs know what "cool" is? Or the Muslim freaks and fanatics? Or the Iranians?

If you believe it's "cool" that leads a country in terrible times...THAN VOTE FOR BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN OR BON JOVI AS PRESIDENT. Or David Roth...or....

Hey..Pamela Andereson.

Damn...un freaking believable.

Kid said...

oama is a muslim. he is a muslim activist. he advances the islamic agenda.

And Here's something our Cool Guy Prez released on March 19th. Hint. Think about the dates of the release and the date of the supposed event. As in would have been nice for people to have had more than 5 minutes notice so they could honor the troops This Year before this worthless political stunt is completely Forgotten by Next Year.

Kid said...

What don't people understand about the people in charge in iran saying:
- Israel is a stinking corpse.
- Israel will be wiped off the map.
- We will not stop our nuclear program under any circumstances.

I'm having a hard time understanding why folks have trouble understanding what the iran leaders are saying.

Anonymous said...

"oama is a muslim. he is a muslim activist. he advances the islamic agenda...."

Call me crazy Kid....but...I had the notion that our "crazed" Sergeant that poofed 16 terrorists and future terrorists ( as all muslims in theater are or want to be...jihad is the way and all that crap...)

did this to embarrass Obummer in the mudslime world?

Follow me here...Obummer keeps claiming that the "peaceful" mudslime world wants to be...errrrr...."cooperative"?

Then the mudslimes kill 8 Americans over a piece of shit book that had to be destroyed for security reasons....

so...our vet decides to seek out a bit of retribution knowing that these mutts he poofed.....were responsible for those American deaths?

Anonymous said...

"I'm having a hard time understanding why folks have trouble understanding what the iran leaders are saying..."

Cause the Jews in NYC and Long Island and Miami....aren't the warriors that Israeli Jews are? Cause the Jews at the Adventura mall that Debbie Wasserman Schmutz represents can ever understand the peril that Israel faces?

Not until some mudslime jihadists trash Bloomies in Miami? Causing a total freak out over Coach bags being in short supply?

Anonymous said...

"I'm having a hard time understanding why folks have trouble understanding what the iran leaders are saying..."

I'll tell you why...HOLLYWOOD and their sycophants like DeNiro and Hanks...Speilberg, Weinstein...are running the country.

Jesus Christ....whenever these "sages" of society and wisdom ope their friggin pie holes....wew aall gasp...we all say...Youza, youza youza.

The elites have spoken....the elites have decided for us low life... redneck POS's that they know the way.

They know the way while living in their secluded...guarded gated fortresses....what we should all.."Know".

That the Magic Negro...is "Cool". Like a script given to them by...Harvey Weinstein.

Rita said...

Z: Apparently when you schedule a post for a later time, it shows up on my list as being your latest post even though it's not yet available.

From the title name, I'm wondering if your scheduled post has to do with the Tom Hanks controversy that I just read on Hotair and Daily Caller.

I can't WAIT!

beamish said...

Did he tell them he was happy the Iranian people were able to get over that whole government skull cracking and people killing thing in the aftermath of Ahmadinejad's stolen election, and hopes the American people will learn the respect for jackbooted government authority that they have?

Z said...

Rita, sometimes I see that's happened.....sorry about that!
Yes, that's the piece I'm blogging at midnight my time and most of tomorrow. Please chime in :-)

The reason that happens, by the way, is sometimes I need to publish it for a minute and then take it off again...I try not to because of the situation you get. But, sometimes I have to !


sue hanes said...

Sam - I Am NOT A Twit.

I happen to be very smart.

What ya see in me that leads ya to call me a TWIT - IS THAT I'M INHERENTLY STUPID.


If anyone would take the time to not read my blog - and would sort it out - and find the smart stuff -they would see that I AM smart.

albeit it inherently stupid - and -yes - a twit.

Z said...

Sue, I don't think you're stupid, but read your last comment over again...
Then you get upset when people yank your chain?

You set yourself UP!

They Say/We Say said...

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined"
- Patrick Henry

"The Constitution is not an instrument for government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government, lest it come to dominate our lives and interests."
-- Patrick Henry

A show of force will make the congress straighten up and fly right.
A show of force- Hand Written Letters To All Of The Members Of Congress.

If a Super PAC or non-profit organized origination would lead that show of force, with some money backing up with some Ads on Radio and TV;
Carol CS came up with this.

sue hanes said...

Z - It is getting late here in So.
In. and I'm hangin' up.

Thanks for allowing my comments tonight - I was a bit out of it - maybe things will look better in the am.

Z said...

TS/WS...Carol's a good buddy of mine and she's passionate about this country, as most of us are.
We both wish we could do something MORE. (I guess we all do)

But what? We need someone articulate to voice the conservative viewpoint without the ridiculous leftwing misinformation they attach to everything, we need young people in the media who will respectfully give both sides to every story, we need to stop putting political correctness before our moral and physical safety, etc etc etc.


Sue, it sounds like you're going through a lot right now. You did good in spite of it, kid. I wish you well.
You just have to remember it's your Obama love that ticks us off, not YOU (usually :-)

~Leslie said...

Are we ever going to stop being surprised by Obama's total distaste and disregard for class and patriotism to OUR country?

Nice to see you still blogging your heart out Z!

~Leslie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

"POLITICO Breaking News
Incumbent Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has won the Democratic primary for Illinois' 2nd District, the Associated Press reports."

Sam et al...need I say more? It keeps on going...the stupid keep electing the most stupid.

Lisa said...

obama is a Muslim. he is a Muslim activist. he advances the Islamic agenda.

That is right kid and the most beautiful sound to him is the call to prayer?
Or Jeremiah Wright saying GD America.

"The Really Cool Guy Prez" Sorry Sue but .....GeeeeeZ!

I agree with you Imp about Hollywood. They are so enlightened living in their million dollar homes that they feel the need to "enlighten" the rest of us.
I m so sick=k of those phonies. Just because they have a bigger microphone doesn't make it so.

They Say/We Say said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sue hanes said...

'Sue, sounds like you are going through a lot right now'

Thanks Z - for saying that and recognizing it.

Yeah - I am going through a lot right now.
Probably the hardest thing that I've ever gone through - and hopefully will.

But then - in spite of my advanced age :[ I've never known a lot of hard - like many people have - so I guess it's just my turn - for hard.

A few prayers of support would help.

And I'll try to go easy on the Obama stuff - but I know all ya Conservative bloggers can take it.

There's nothing that a blogger likes more than a good challenge - and a chance to argue.

Right - Z?

Z said...

Hi, Leslie! Good to see YOU!

you said "Nice to see you still blogging your heart out Z!"

It's an effort these days...it's getting too much; maybe it's just the fear that people can make a huge mistake again and whatever I say isn't making a difference.

I'll answer others later..off to work.

They Say/We Say said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kid said...

IMP, this is really reminding me of hitler in the late 30s, where everyone said, naw he's harmless.

I think it speaks to how much people insist/need to live within their own fantasies.

I heard the majority of people in Israel are against taking action on iran. A.River.In.Egypt. my friend.

Z said...

KP, I have Israeli friends who, for years, tell me that Israelis are against speaking out, taking action, etc.
THey want QUIET and PEACE...they are afraid of the tumult.
Some of them are definitely in "de Nile!":-)...most are just tired of the fight and being misinterpreted and lied about.

But, you're right...many do NOT want to attack Iran, etc etc. They probably hate Iran and tremble at the thought that Iran's promised to annihilate them, but they're hoping if THEY'RE quiet, Iran will be quiet. nuts

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Don't know about this one, i suspect it'll be treated as yet another one of his empty, gaseous platitudes that the target audience will simply ignore.