Saturday, March 31, 2012

The worst of liberalness

Alexandra Pelosi and Bill just have to dedicate about 5 minutes of your life to this.

Imagine?  He thinks that, because Pelosi's daughter did a video showing welfare "queens" (as it's called on the video), Cable Channel FOX's 'head will explode' because Lefties had the guts to tell the truth.  Okay, yes, I can imagine many conservatives' heads exploding with THAT realization, but watch and see where he goes with that.......   Are they kidding?
Pelosi suggests that because welfare is getting so huge, 'we're losing Democrats' because they don't like supporting people who won't work.  (GEE, YA THINK?  We can only HOPE they're waking up to what conservatives have felt for years)
Maher says he can't be a racist because he gave a million to the Obama campaign (you can't make this stuff up, can you?)
By the way, have you heard anybody lately say "The South will rise again," as Maher says people do? WHAT?
This is a fun video if you haven't just eaten because it confirms Maher's foul-mouthed, loathsome and withering disdain for anybody who doesn't think like he does, and Pelosi's fear as she finally realizes some Americans actually are AGAINST helping bums who haven't worked in "half a decade".
Oh, you just have to watch this!
Let me know what you think.


-FJ said...

link... The apologetics for the welfare state are wearing thin... even with liberals.

Z said...

FJ, don't look now, but that IS the video I posted :-)

-FJ said...

I couldn't get it to play.... probably an Ipad thing...

-FJ said...
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christian soldier said...

liked your post on the juxtaposition - hasan vs. the Sgt w/-PTSD-

as to eh race 'stuff'-to me
it is getting REAL OLD!!!!!

Bob said...

Is this what passes for intelligent conversation to Bill Mahr's fans? There is not one shred of fact in almost anything uttered on that show.

The guy would rather make generalizations than work hard enough to make intelligent statements. This is a hallmark of liberalism.

Bill Mahr and Ms Pelosi are making things up as they go along. Why? Because they don't have the intellectual honesty to look around them and recognize reality, or to do any homework.

Mahr's Obama million is just another indulgence to dodge the hard work of critical thinking.

Z said...

FJ...that does happen sometimes.

CS...I'm not sure what 'eh' is, etc.??

BOB...that's what passes for intelligent conversation and, of course, we can criticize his language BECAUSE IT'S CABLE :-) AND BECAUSE FOUL IS COOL THESE DAYS..."what a guy!"

Imagine acting as if it took a Pelosi 'documentary' (that any high school kid where I teach makes better than that in our film classes every semester, by the way) to get them to realize that EVEN SOME DEMOCRATS don't like the fact that welfare spending is so high!
and then Maher can't stand the realization so he says Americans are still saying THE SOUTH WILL RISE.
Sounds like the lefties here...if they don't like a fact, they dream up something offensive and hide behind it.

Ticker said...

MAHER is behind. The South has risen. Why do you think places like Atlanta, Dallas, Austin etc are growing not only in population but as business domains. The north may have won the battle that ended the war but they lost the war after 1945. Yes, the South Rose Again and is still rising. The rust belt and the rest of the north is dead and only needs burying. The liberals ruled the north but failed in the south so they returned to the Plantation system and kept a large number of individuals in slavery for votes in order to maintain some margin of power. It's sliding away and idiots like Mahr, Pelosi, Obama and the rest of the leftest just don't know it yet so they try to put the south down.

That's my rant. Southern and dang proud of it. Ticker

Z said...

Ticker, I think you know what Maher means by that; it's all about the 'southern racist people' know that. He said that to deflect from the point of his guest's information which made Democrats look like losers :-)

Kid said...

maher doesn't date women, he buys hookers. How sociopathic at best and defining of him at worst is that.

I wouldn't call him good looking but he could get dates if he had social skills if you know what I mean.

I've played a lot of golf, and they say you can find out more about a person in 4 to 5 hours of golf than you otherwise would in years. And I'm here to tell you over and over -that's truer than true.

I can only imagine what this POS would be like on the course.

Liberalmann said...
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Liberalmann said...
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Joe said...

The "LOGIC" of the left is unfathonable!

A black guy can't get a job because his ancestors were slaves?

What a total crock!

Explain that to the black guys I know who get up every morning, work hard all day and come home to a family he loves and who love him.

His ancestors were slaves!

Anonymous said...

"I can only imagine what this POS would be like on the course...."

I have this mental image that he'd gather several of his brain dead dates and have them chew a path on the green for his ball to follow.

Kid said...

PS - Obama 2012 ! Are you IN ? I am !

Kid said...

Chew a path on the green. ahaa, that's perfect. No regard for following players as well.