Monday, March 12, 2012

Keystone Pipeline Route...are you affected?

I was wondering if any of my readers' states would be affected by any of the 4 Phases of the Keystone Pipepline project and what you hear in your states about it?  Negative?  Positive?  

HERE is an overview of Keystone, describing the pipeline's progress and, something leftwingers try to obfuscate, the refineries built in conjunction.

Seems to me that the first phase is (surprise!) our President's "home" state of Illinois.......then it goes on to Phases 2-4, which will include the states of S. Dakota, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas...

Do those of you living in any of those states hear scuttlebutt we don't hear?  Thanks for any information.



Brooke said...

I don't think Ohio will be directly affected by the pipeline.

I wish it were, though. We could use the jobs here.

Silverfiddle said...

This pipeline affects us all. It's not going through Colorado, but we are drilling on the western slope, and they are gearing up here on the front range...

Bunkerville said...

I worry more now about the EPA bearing down on the Nat gas drilling. There are thousands of jobs at stake. Give Obama a new term and he will stop it. Period

sue hanes said...

Z - I think we should go ahead with the pipeline.

We need the Oil - and the Jobs for People that it would create.

But we should also try to do this in a way that is the best for our Wildlife.

After all - animals are People too.

Ducky's here said...

If it can affect the Ogallala aquifer, it affects the nation.

Always On Watch said...

Off topic....Breitbart has released another video. See the post I just put up.

Bob said...

Ducky said, "If it can affect the Ogallala aquifer, it affects the nation."

It can affect the moon and the tides, too. But just like your assertion, there is very little chance of this happening. Right now, we have tens of thousands of miles of pipelines, and there are no major problems.

The pipeline industry is one of the longest and most heavily regulated industries. Pipeline companies don't want leaks because that means losing money. That's why there are remote data links by landline and satellite controlling and monitoring the flow of product.

All pipelines also have automatic cutoffs that limit the amount of product if there is a spill. This is a Federal regulation.

The assertion that the pipeline can affect an aquifer is true, but the probability is remote. There is little science supporting that position.

Lisa said...

The only thing affecting us all is the president,or should I say disaffecting us, and the atmosphere as he flies around burning up millions of gallons of our most precious resource.

FairWitness said...

I don't think WV has any direct involvement, per se. However, natural gas exploration and production, as well as coal mining, are major energy sources of jobs and income in this state. The Obama Administration & his EPA have a full assault going against us. We have got to get these people out of office and NEVER elect them again. They're ruinous to America and her way of life.

sue hanes said...

Lisa - re your profile name - have ya seen 30 Days of Night?

That is one Really Cool Zombie Movie - or is it about Vampires? - now that I think about it.

Sorry about going offtopic - Z.
It won't happen again.

Lisa said...

No I haven't seen it Sue,but what I have seen is 1134 days of darkness.

beamish said...

If it can affect the Ogallala aquifer, it affects the nation.

Bingo. That's my ONLY concern with it.

BUT... once the New Madrid Faultline has a nice kaboom of an earthquake (we're well overdue) and everything from St. Louis, Missouri to Memphis, Tennessee is in rubble, the pipeline already running up the Mississippi River is going to put crude oil in everyone's corn anyway...

cube said...

Florida won't be directly affected jobwide, but I think the entire country would benefit from oil imports from a friendly source for a change.

cube said...

Sue: They are vampires. The creepy kind, not the sparkly ones.

cube said...

Lisa: Amen to that!

Z said...

SF...what's the word? Are the people in Colorado upset about the drilling on the Western slope?

Bunkerville, that would be awful...and, from what we've seen, the Republicans aren't doing a thing against any of this....or at least not effectively.

FairWitness, I do think it's an open assault by now.

Re the Aquifer, how can they avoid going near it, if there are concerns? I've heard about this and wonder about it.

Beamish, then you'll be like the Beverly Hillbillies and, right in your front yard will come "the bubblin' crude" ;-)

sue hanes said...

Lisa - If ya think we are living in darkness - then after the Republicans make up their mind - and soon I hope - get out and stand behind yer man.

It's gonna be about

Getting Out The Vote.

sue hanes said...

Cube - I've never seen a 'sparkly'
vampire but it's the ending of 30
Days of Night that spoke to me - when Josh Hartnett disignatrates into black ashes in the arms of the woman that Loves him.

Very touching.

I'm gonna buy that movie someday.

Sorry once again - Z. I just couldn't help myself.

Z said...

Sue, I don't mind a little OFF TOPIC, don't worry... this amount is just fine!

Anonymous said...

"Are the people in Colorado upset about the drilling on the Western slope?..."

I wouldn't think so since Colorado has the lowest gas prices in the country? And how is it then...that a landlocked state without any ports....gets the cheapest gas anyway?

Take New Jersey for example. Most of the major refiners are located in and around Port Newark...Linden, Carteret and Elizabeth, NJ. Yet gas is almost as high as it is in LA? They port it in there or pipe it in...refine it there...and there's and Exxon station right at the front entrance to the refinery....and it costs more?

I grew up with the gas off flames from the refineries lighting the night time sky like it does in Houston.

Natural gas and methane were burned off
as a waste product then. And diesel was garbage only for trucks.

sue hanes said...

Thanks - Z.

: )

Lisa said...

- then after the Republicans make up their mind - and soon I hope - get out and stand behind year man.

It's gonna be about

Getting Out The Vote.

I will Sue. I was very active in the 2010 elections.Making phone calls ,putting up signs,I went to some Town Hall Meetings met come candidates,went to RR station at 6:00AM passing out flyers and I plan I getting behind whoever is the candidate 150% this time.
I even went to an MSNBC protest Memorial Day 2009

Liberalmann said...

It's dangers. It can pollute a major source of water in the USA. It creates very few jobs for Americans.

Steve said...

For those concerned about environmental risks to the Ogalla aquifer posed by the Keystone Pipeline, check out this map of pipelines already passing over it and nearby:

They Say/We Say said...

In case no one knows about the Gulf of Mexico, the beaches were all sludgy. The sand was black and stuck to your skin--very few would go to the beach. Then Oil Companies drilled off shore and took away the pressure of the oil being pushed up to the surface. Yea, offshore drilling made the beaches at Galveston and Freeport, fun to be at the beach.
2,002, the 5 planets lined up with the moon; you all do remember that event-right?
Then a year or so later the earthquake (10) was said by the experts, caused the earth to wobble, and the tsunami wiped out 200,000 people.
The plates slipping like that will turn loose more oil than the BP Spill, with an earthquake at the right place at a gas and oil pocket. Yea, how did Uncle Jed strike oil? It was at the surface with enough pressure that plowing (shot gun blast) the crust let it spew. Ok, it was a TV theme--but where did the idea come from? Real life happenings.
The naive will never think that far.
This Environmentalism fuehrer causes accidents to happen for not using the earth's resources--unintended consequences.
Like the 5 planets lining up effecting the earths magnetism.
Like volcanoes spewing acid rain and causing more greenhouse than people and their machines ever could-every could.