Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ogallala....already full of pipelines!

I know it's terribly difficult, if not impossible, to read this map, but please see THIS if you'd like to see it clearly and read about it.  Click on the PDF in that link that accompanies the map, and you'll be amazed.
Anybody who worries about Keystone doing the Ogallala area in, needs to see that there are many, many pipelines running around the Ogallala already.   But environmentalists consider The Keystone a problem because it's.....a pipeline.  Or is it about something else?     HERE is a Republican senator with a good idea of moving the Keystone pipeline slightly more Eastward, yet the Senate voted it DOWN again.    Can it be that there's no way to get oil down through the United States?  Of course not! Or is this all about some agenda we need to wake up to?  And quick.  There was talk ten years ago about pipelines and oils refineries, and everybody said "That's not going to help NOW, it won't be ready for TEN YEARS!"  Yes, and here we are ten years later and we didn't do it and we have nothing.  When we could have.

What do you think?  I hope the links help form an opinion;  doing this post and finding the link information was extremely helpful to me and I've followed this fairly closely.

Is this really about the environment?  Could Obama lose union votes because even they're ticked off (see last link) that they're going to lose so many potential jobs if he doesn't go along with it?  

Ogallala has tons of pipelines all around it even NOW........ I wish Americans knew this.
thanks to my friend Canadian Steve for the link and the inspiration.


Always On Watch said...

Is this really about the environment?

Nope. It's all about making sure that America "pay its fair share for energy." Redistribution of wealth and the promotion of oligarchy.

Could Obama lose union votes because even they're ticked off (see last link) that they're going to lose so many potential jobs if he doesn't go along with it?

Yes, but he won't lose all that many votes because of the relatively low numbers of union employees involved.

-FJ said...

So much for the "environmentally sensitive area" excuse. This proves it was a sham all aong. Thanks for exposing this environmental fraud, Z.

-FJ said...

o/t - Happy pi day!

Silverfiddle said...

AOW nailed it. Also, your map is an effective visual aid. It looks like a spider web!

sue hanes said...

Z - After studying the map in your post - and reading the linked articles - and having given it much thought - I believe that we should proceed in building a pipeline - while at the same time -course - giving every possible consideration to preventing endangering wildlife - so that we can avoid having to obtain oil from other countries.

In the end - it's the only way - Really.

Ducky's here said...

The loudest cries are coming from Nebraska where farmers are really opposed. They may have good reason, there are no hydrologists here or in Congress.

Nebraska and the high plains farming states in general have no reservations about the strain on the aquifer to grow a crap crop like corn, however.

Low nutrition, high water demand crap and a pretty big waste of water and soil. Gotta feed the beef herds for the heavy meat eaters. The way we abuse the country environmental arguments are always suspect.

Z said...

AOW, that's exactly right.

FJ...thanks. WHat's pi day?

Ducky, don't look now but I'm sure a lot of hydrologists have been involved in the whole issue.
Ya, blame non vegetarians :-)

Lisa said...

AOW hit it on the money. The way you control people is through energy and health care.
And thank God we have such a brilliant man in the White House who knows what's best for us because after all didn't he get a degree in Marxism?

Ducky's here said...

I don't blame non vegetarians, z. Although they should take a look at the waste of resources the diet of heavy meat eaters entails as well as the health (and insurance) costs.

Takes a lot of water to grow corn. And what do we get for it? High fructose syrup, animal feed and ethanol subsidies. And the feed is low cost and low nutrition so the cattle have to be pumped up with hormones.

It's a losing proposition for everyone but the corn farmer welfare queens.

But yes, we can be sure that hydrologists have thoroughly studied the issue. We'd know if there were a scam going on because we are a highly informed populace. We listen to Glenn Beck and Ed Schultz.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Look who's Talking about "Full of It"!

Full of hot air and full of bull; full of nonsense

Leticia said...

Wow! This was an eye-opener!!! Thanks for sharing this. I had no idea.

And to answer the question, I don't it really was ever about the environment it was just a duck blind.

Z said...

I don't think this has anything to do with the environment, either.

Check out the erudite input from our new liberal commenter I hope never finds my blog again :-)
Such information, such reasoned arguments. Dayum.

Ducky, nice you included Ed Schultz there. I appreciate that.
Not sure either of them carried this particular story, but it's clear someone's not being truthful when nobody minded about Ogallala being piped to hell for years, but now that we can have thousands of jobs and energy independence, it's a huge problem for us.

Liberalmann said...

Lisa said: "And thank God we have such a brilliant man in the White House who knows what's best for us because after all didn't he get a degree in Marxism?"

Wow! You're a master of bumper sticker mentality.

Ah...this map is showing mostly gas and oil lines to towns and villages which are necessary.

Nice try.

But, how about the fact that it creates few jobs for Americans and takes the product to the Gulf where it will be shipped off to China. It will do NOTHING for us except make oil companies, who get billions of subsidies and pay NO taxes, wealthier.

They Say/We Say said...

The left seems to have quite a few scare tactics backfire on them lately! Could be so many will not be led to the dungeon with the promise of crumbs. Spread the wealth is code for the people deserve crumbs.
The pipe line stalling is the same tactic used 10yrs. ago--You Are So Right to point out the agenda ten years ago; we would not be seeing $6 a gallon gas hikes!

Z said...

"Ah...this map is showing mostly gas and oil lines to towns and villages which are necessary."

Uh....and how aren't they a threat to the Ogallala area?
nice try
And how isn't becoming energy independent necessary?

Really, you liberals don't think.....I love your Steve Chu announcing that high oil prices are a good idea :-)
Nice try !!??

Kid said...

Squeezing off the local forces more to be bought from the muslims and the dictators like chavez, a major pal of obama.

I believe obama to be a muslim activist and intentionally causing harm to the USA, and not just in this form.

Notice how he goes after the Catholics, but gives the muslims free healthcare and total exemption from fines and related taxes.
Look up the word dhimmitude.

beamish said...

Good work, Z. I did have a concern about the Ogallala Aquifer and I knew there were already pipelines in the Midwest (the pipeline from the Gulf up the Mississippi River goes somewhere, obviously...) but I hadn't seen a map of them, and quite honestly never thought to look.

No worries of me going greenie :)

Z said...

Imp, it sure feels like that.

Beamish, imagine ME showing YOU something you didn't know.
you made my day, brainiac!

beamish said...

Psst. Ducky. The Earth hasn't reached "peak water" supplies yet.

But keep your Chicken Little helmet on.

Liberalmann said...

Common sense just alludes wingnuts when it comes to their racist hatred of Obama.

Sorry guys, Obama is right on this one. The pipeline will do nothing in the way of creating jobs or reducing gas prices and it will be an environmental threat to a fragile area.

Obama's increased production by 350% and our number one export is now...oil!

Talk to the oil companies and speculators about high gas prices. Talk to the GOP whose constant rhetoric about invading Iran is helping to drive prices up.

Mitt Romney: The President Can't Control the Price of Gas (Video)

-FJ said...