Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Netanyahu and AIPAC

Don't look now, Mr. Obama, but I THINK Mr. Netanyahu heard all you've had to say and appreciates your sanctions on Iran becoming even more tough than Bush's these last few years, and might have thanked you at the White House for all your promises..(thanked you for "we've got Israel's back," and "Iran's getting nukes is not an option,") but I think he just told AIPAC last night (text of the speech is in the link) that, basically, "This is the first time Israel's actually got the goods to stop Iran from getting nukes and WILL USE THEM."   

Did anybody here see Netanyahu's important speech to AIPAC? (only covered by FOX, not CNN or MSNBC, of course).  Ya, I think he told Obama to go fly a kite with the promises because, if push comes to shove, Isreal's "unlike any other time in history, now equipped to do it alone."

The Guardian article (first link above) suggests that this visit with Obama was mostly a win for Netanyahu because Palestine was barely mentioned in their talks.  Also, it suggests that America's got equipment like bunker busters that can take Iran's nuke sites out and Netanyahu's saying "you don't have to do it, just give us the busters and we will do it."

What do you think will happen?   Netanyahu talked about how some are more willing to wait for Iran to decide what to do than consider the safety of Israel and the rest of the world first.  That was pretty powerful.



Ducky's here said...

Once again, Israel DOES NOT have the capability to hit Iran. This is all idiot wind from Nuttyahoo.

If they are stupid enough to try, the MB in Egypt has a super surprise for them.

The Black Bush doesn't have the guts to tell Nuttyahoo in public but it's being said in private

Elmers Brother said...

MB a surprise? Bibi can thank Obama for that too.

Always On Watch said...

Obama dreads that Israel may strike Iran before Election Day in November and is doing everything possible to dissuade Israel from doing so, IMO.

I highly doubt that Israel is going to time a strike so as not to damage Obama's chances for re-election.

Obama, of course, is all about getting re-elected right now. Everything he says and does is geared toward that goal.

Now, if we intervene in Syria, Iran will attack Israel and who knows what else. Then, welcome to World War 3.

Chuck said...

I think Duck is wrong.

Okay - everyone settle down, I know this isn't new territory.

I think Israel can, and would, destroy Iran's nuclear capability.

I think the real question is what comes next?

Does the whole Islamic world come crashing down on them? Would we help Israel if this happened? Think about who is in office.

Or, what I think is more likely, is that most of the Islamic world pays lip service to killing the evil Zionists while secretly breathing a sigh of relief that Israel took care of an 800 pound gorilla that none of them have the stones to deal with.

Chuck said...

AOW posted as I was. Great point on the timing as to the presidential election.

Would Netanyahu do it on purpose to get a better partner in the US?

I genuinely do not think he would decide to attack for this reason alone but if he does decide to, what goes into the decision on timing?

Food for thought.

Chuck said...

Does anyone know why I am no longer getting follow up comments e-mailed to me from blogger? It is not just this site, it is all blogger sites and it started when we went to this new format for comments.

I just spent a fair amount of time digging around my blogger dahboard and could not find a setting for it.

Any help would be great. I will come back - because I will not get your response e-mailed to me :(

Thersites said...

Happy Purim!

Ducky's here said...

If the gold traders felt that Nutttyahoo would pull some stunt it would be off to the races. Aint't happening.

The traders are normally skittish about this kind of threat. They know that even Nuttyahoo isn't dumb enough to release the s***storm.

-FJ said...

Are you familar with the Purim holiday, duckman?

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, Ducky, how dare those Joooos threaten to defend themselves...

Ducky's here said...

Come on, Silver, he's just working the refs to see if he can get a boost in his welfare check.

Speedy G said...

Well ducky, it worked for Mordecai.

Speedy G said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Speedy G said...

Mordecai - The name is commonly interpreted as a theophoric name referring to the god Marduk with the understanding that it means "[servant/follower/devotee] of Marduk" in Aramaic. (The Book of Daniel contains similar accounts of Jews living in exile in Babylonia being assigned names relating to Babylonian gods.) Some suggest that as Marduk was a war god, the expression "[servant] of Marduk" may simply denote a warrior - the popular translation of "warrior" is commonly found in naming dictionaries.

sue hanes said...

Z - If Israel has the Goods to stop Iran - then I say More Power To Them.

Let's not get involved in Things any more than we have to.

Let's FIRST Build Our Country back up to where it is Strong - in the ways it SHOULD BE STRONG - and Really folks - aren't we talkin' about Every Area here?

then we can think about being the world's policeman with pepper spray, mace and taser - the Eagle perched ready to attack the mean countries - stuff like that :]

sue hanes said...

'idiot wind from Nuttyahoo'

ducky - so that's where my Bong disappered to

Z said...

What strikes me is how Ducky thinks he has better information than the experts do. That Netanyahu doesn't understand the Muslim Brotherhood, that nobody else understands there is politics inserted into this.
Or that Israel would give up their safety for more money from us.

Elbro, you're right about that.

AOW.....it could get ugly.

Chuck, I think you're right about Iran and the rest of the muslim world.
I can't help with the blog problem; i hope someone can.

Sam Huntington said...

"The third element in our defense policy for the 1980s is our determination to prevent confrontation states from gaining access to nuclear weapons. Israel cannot afford the introduction of the nuclear weapon. For us it is not a question of balance of terror but a question of survival. We shall therefore have to prevent such a threat at its inception."

Ariel Sharon, Defense Minister
15 December 1981

Ed Bonderenka said...

Thank God (literally) that Netanyahu is in office "for such a time as this".

Ticker said...

Duck, what makes you think Israel doesn't have the capability?

Isn't that the same thing folks said about taking out the Iraqi nuke site in 1981.

Ducky's here said...
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Lisa said...

I heard it Z of course me too out of curiosity checked CNN and MSNBC but no dice. They were too busy talking about more pressing issues like the war on women's sex life(speaking of the politics of emotion).
At least he still has an ally with many Americans.
My favorite part of the speech "I Will Never Let My People Live in the Shadow of Annihilation."
After that Greta had a special about how all homes in Israel are required to have on bomb proof room in it and the bomb shelters they have in the country plus the are prepared with space like suits and gas mask for its citizens. Pretty sucky way to have to live and the fact tat we have a president who could care less about them and the liberal left in this country secretly wanting Iran to wipe them off the face of the earth because with that teeny little country gone all those 3rd world back wards countries in the ME will all of a sudden be big contributors to world peace and women's rights.

What strikes me is how Ducky thinks he has better information than the experts do.

Z that's how all liberals think. They believe being educated is equal to being smart.

Ticker said...

And you served how many years in the military Duck? Distance is only a slight concern. Iraqi site was well defended but the idiots had gone to eat and drink their afternoon chai. Intel gave them that bit of info I bet. Who can say that they don't have the same intel today? Radar, can be screwed up in more ways than you can count so that becomes a no-problem. Missiles are easier to defend against than they were in 81.

Who says they don't have pilots that are experienced? You have that first hand intel, Duck?

Lot of pilots lack real underfire experience but training is still 99% of the game. You see how your training went when you are underfire. Most and best trained win. Saw it many times in Nam. No experience in flying sorties against well defended North Vietnam areas and the "greenies" did one heck of a job. Same went with chopper pilots. No one that I can remember had experienced what these men went into and came out of alive.

Remember Israel has even better equipment today than they had in 81. They have the same "bunker busters" that we have and what you want to bet they haven't tried them out already on objects similar to what Iran has around their nuke labs.

I'd put my money on Israel getting the job done before I'd put it on our own forces. Israel knows it has limited resources, limited time and knows it has to get it done right the first time, unlike a country that is basically isolated from the danger that a failed mission would entail.

Don't know what the price of gas had to do with my question but yep, I can afford $6.00 gas for a long time.

The rest of you comment is just to ignorant to even deserve reply.

Always On Watch said...

Chuck is onto something, IMO:

Would Netanyahu do it on purpose to get a better partner in the US?

My two cents: Yes, in part, but not as the only reason for Israel's timing.

Israel's primary purpose in timing is to prevent (1) Israel's destruction and (2) to prevent an even greater melee in the Middle East.

Ducky's here said...

Well Tick-tock to hit Iraq they only needed to get Jordan's cooperation.

To hit Iran they are going to need to fly the length of Iraq, an Iranian ally. No difference?

Elmers Brother said...

Emotions duhkky? Have you been paying attention to this faux expert Fluke, who would on any other day wear the name "slut" like a badge of honor? LOL!

And all of the money we give Israel, what you call welfare must be spent on weapons bought from us. So who is the welfare recipient here?

Z said...

Iran's been closer than we think for years...they're now making the much-needed rods at home; the pursuit of those had slowed them down before.
Lisa, you're right. Some people do think they know better than the experts or just feel that if they read it on a lefty site, it's the truth.
Hard to argue.

Netanyahu has people to protect. I hope he never has to, but for Obama to have implied it's up to Iran is worse than scary.
I wish I'd kept the link; but I believe it's implied in one of the two links in my post.

Kid said...

Well, if Israel did not have the capability to take on Iran by itself, they'd be even more incompetent than oblabber. And they're not even close. And they're certainly not incompetent in any definition of the word.

I have friends in Special Operations and they all tell me the one country they'd be -afraid- to go up against is Israel. Word.

We'll find out soon enough.

Personally, I find Iran's threats about as fearful as when Baghdad Bob talked about how the American's would be "committing suicide at the walls of Baghdad".

Iran is a pathetic punk and it's time they were called to the front of the classroom for a good spanking.

Anonymous said...

"Who says they don't have pilots that are experienced? You have that first hand intel, Duck?"

Duck is judging them by the same standards as he does Bloomturd and the swells on Long Island. The ones who need a psychiatrist if they can't get the right truffles or pinot grigio.

You know...the weak kneed sissies that haven't a clue what real survival means to a people....

Anonymous said...

"Iran is a pathetic punk and it's time they were called to the front of the classroom for a good spanking."

I agree Kid....the punks that go around bragging how tough they are...usually fall the hardest.

It's a silly "dare ya" game with scum that wrap themselves in a koran and womens pup tents. They're ripe for an ass kicking not seen since Stalingrad.

But...I want the Israeli's to do it.

Bob said...

Ducky, Israel can hit Iran anytime they want. They may not be able to do it more than once, or they may not be able to mount a sustained air attack, but they do have the resources to do it, at least once.

It that were to happen it seems to me the gold guys would be ecstatic. I believe gold would rise in price as traders around the world will get out of paper denominated currency and go to gold.

Of course, I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

" Pretty sucky way to have to live..."

In a perfect and right world.....all 435 of these scumbags should have to live the same way. And if Iran gets their way....they and we might have to.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Obummers in gas masks and bio suits to tell ya the truth. It'd definitely get in the way of a golf swing.

Ducky's here said...

Bob, then why don't they?

Impertinent, are the crack Iranian spec-ops going to put botulism in our corn flakes? Wow, the Iranians are going to have us wearing gas masks and hazmat? Fascinating.

Z said...

Kid, I'm glad to hear what people think of Israel's abilities..thanks for that input.
Read some Kenneth Timmerman if you want to know just how close Iran is to attacking anybody, even us. Amazing stuff.

Bob, good point about "Just once" The good thing about Israel is that 'just once' will be just the right place. If America relied on her intel, we'd be hitting 34 shish kebab stands before we hit a nuclear site.

Imp.. if Israel DOES to it, what do you think will happen next?

Did you all agree that Netanyahu DEFINITELY didn't play ball with Obama, no matter what he said? I thought his speech to AIPAC was dynamite and told Obama clearly "Whatever you said, TOUGH, we have a country to save and we're not relying on YOU, you little punk who insults me behind my back to Sarkozy"

Ducky's here said...

Emotions duhkky? Have you been paying attention to this faux expert Fluke, who would on any other day wear the name "slut" like a badge of honor? LOL!


Since you brought it up, Elmo. I'm trying to get an answer form the right wingers.

If contraception coverge is such a violation of beliefs, why is it in the staff and faculty coverage at Georgetown, Fairfield, Boston College, Fordham, Villanova ... you get the point.

However, a student MUST purchase coverage that does not include contraception even though they may wish to purchase it. Now is that restriction of freedom reasonable.

And why do women who are sexually active scare you? Fact is that the editor of the Georgetown Law Review is a little too much woman for you.

Anonymous said...

"Wow, the Iranians are going to have us wearing gas masks and hazmat? Fascinating."

And you... the prescient seer...know otherwise? Someone call BIG SIS Napolitano...duck has a hidden transmitter to the Revolutionary Guards that share their deepest secrets with him...duck knows what's in the "minds" of 7th century loons with murder in their hearts...along with grandiose wishes of the 12th Iman.

Elmers Brother said...


Duhkkky the only *ussy you've seen in the last 30 years is the one in the mirror every morning when you shave.

I have no sympathy for someone too dumb to figure out how to prevent getting pregnant on her own and considers stay at home moms prostitutes.

Elmers Brother said...

Unless of course responsibility scares you?

Elmers Brother said...

Nothing is keeping her from purchasing it duhkky. She wants it subsidized when only 14% of women require oral contraceptives for a medical condition other than preventing a pregnancy and the FDA has not approved the use for many of those uses as the primary reason for the prescription. Just because she demagogues the issue does not mean that a 36 count box of Trojans for $9.99 wont also do the trick.

Elmers Brother said...

I'm surprised duhkkky considering the rugged individualism of the left.

The problem with the pleasure seeking aesthetic crowd is that it leads to despair, the loss of freedom and the type of fatalism that one is not accountable for ones own actions.

You do realize duhkkky that this is a private school, they make their own rules, its why people choose to educate themselves there.

KP said...

I think Imp and kid are correct when they say Israel has the capability to hit Iran. But Ducky makes a good point when he brings up the difficult logistics for the fighters making the strikes. They would need over flight rights and they would need to re-fuel in midair. There are probably a number of countries in the region who would quietly give them over flight rights, or look the other way and say they never detected them, never admitting they aided the effort.

To avoid being shot out of the air the strike force could fly very low but that would eat up much more gas. More likely, I think they would go out over the Mediterranean, get high, get fast and then crush in the middle of the night.

I have to believe Israel has relatively recently developed some weapons the rest of the world doesn't know they have. They saw what we used in Iraq and they have the technology to develop whatever they want and need.

I'm guessing they would use a combination of missiles and aircraft that can achieve the type of dislocation they desire. You know they have been developing this plan for years and understand the logistics.

If it happens the fall out would be great for all of us. The idea of such a mission and the reprecussions is only just a little bit better than the idea of Iran having a nuke. But it is better.

One more thing, we knew North Korea had a nuke five years before we told anyone we knew. So what we are hearing doesn't necessarily reflect what is happening. The whole thing could be very Japanese (meanings behind meanings behind meanings).

Ticker said...

No Duck ,not quite the way you are seeing it. YOu see, Iraq is not the only way into Iran, even though I doubt that Iraq will give them much trouble over it. Best route is Saudi Arabia and they have already said have at it and feel free to use their airspace. Turkey is willing to turn a blind eye and allow them to cross there as well.
So you see Duck it pays to know a bit more about logistics before trying to pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. I happen to know a bit more about his subject than you will ever know. Nice Try Duck but no cigar for you.

beamish said...

Once again, Israel DOES NOT have the capability to hit Iran.

Didn't Iran put some squirrels to death for being Mossad agents?

Z said...

KP.."One more thing, we knew North Korea had a nuke five years before we told anyone we knew. So what we are hearing doesn't necessarily reflect what is happening."

True...absolutely true. Kenneth Timmerman's been over in Iran studying for years on this subject and is far, far more concerned than our gov't sounds.
He actually said that almost the only thing Iran's missing is the way to get bombs to their target...he also said that a small ship off our coast that would elude our radar could launch a nuke at the East Coast. This was a talk I heard him make almost 10 years ago. I've never heard a crowd so quiet as 200 people left the luncheon where he's spoken. dead silence. and concern

Z said...

Rita said...

When I think of Netanyahu, I honestly cannot think of one man on this earth for which I have more respect. When he speaks, I am saddened that we have no leadership in our country now or even in the near future with someone of his caliber.

I am to the point where I cannot bear to watch him sit with Obama. Although he's great at maintaining his composure, you can just see the look in Netanyahu's eyes that tells you he knows he is dealing with an extremely incompetent and powerful American president and I am even more embarrassed for our country.

I pray that we can change the path we are on and that once again Israel can be assure they can count on America.

But what I see now is the media and the government finds anti-semitism to be perfectly acceptable.

March 6, 2012 8:42 PM

Z said...

Rita, I picked up your comment from Andrew's post...I think you meant to publish it here. I've done that many times myself.

And you're so right; I respect Netanyahu VERy much, too.

Odd, some are saying he's a Jewish believer now...that his son became a believer in Christ and so's Netanyahu. I HAVE NO IDEA for sure, but I hear that here and there....a lot.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

He'd better have some of those bunker busters, obama won't let him have them, he's no true friend of Israel or Liberty.

I hope Israel does give those persian pricks what they deserve.

And i'm sure Bibi is praying that Americans come to their senses and boot out the twiddler in the white house.

Elmers Brother said...

If only Obama were as determined to stop Iran from getting the bomb as he is to stop Israel from defending herself. Charles Krauthammer