Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Too clever to resist...enjoy!

Let me add that I just listened to a video HERE where a TV station's news readers are discussing Hollywood types who are supporting Republicans.  Do you know what the guy said at the end of his report?   I am still laughing!   Talk about misleading and a blatant LIE.   He said "Yes, Lady Gaga's endorsement is worth MILLIONS to Obama's campaign...which can counter the money the Republicans are raising!"    By the way, listen to the bias in the three young news readers...really funny.

Do they really not KNOW that Obama's pockets are ENORMOUSLY deeper than the Republicans'?  He thinks Lady Gaga's free endorsement might help poor little Obama because he needs freebies to fight the very rich Republicans?   Is that hilarious!?



Bloviating Zeppelin said...


At least someone, somewhere, has a modicum of a sense of humor.


viburnum said...


Z said...

Thanks for coming by, virburnum...it's good, isn't it!

BZ...we all have humor; it's just getting rougher and rougher every day to keep it going!

If either of you come back, take a look at the information I just added to the post :-)

Kid said...

The visual representation of the liberal mind is a ball of yarn that cats have played with for a couple weeks.

obama's Billion $ campaign in 08

obama's Billion $ campaign in 12.

"obama raised a Billion in grass roots contributions" was the statement back in the 08 election.

I was stupid once. I was Never this stupid. Seriously. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Treating the koran with the respect it deserves....


Kid said...

Anyone know how to subscribe via email to this new blogger comment process?


Kid said...

I heard a great idea on another blog.

to wit:

We send billions of korans to countries in the ME. We keep sending them until they run out of places to put them. To where they have to start destroying them, then we take videos of islamics burning korans and flood the internet with them.

Anonymous said...

"To where they have to start destroying them, then we take videos of islamics burning korans and flood the internet with them...."

Hmmmm....with each of them murdering 30 or so of their fellow savages....if we burn a few hundred thousand.....think of the possibilities. I'm already getting warm and fuzzy around that campfire.

Liberalmann said...

With the SCOTUS decision and Super PAC's the GOP will outspend Obama thanks to the likes of the Koch Brothers.

Anonymous said...

"With the SCOTUS decision and Super PAC's the GOP will outspend Obama thanks to the likes of the Koch Brothers...."

Hey...you low life twat....I can only hope that happens. The Koch brothers outspending that scumbag Soros ( moveon.org ) gives me a boner.

You of course as a neutered POS....don't understand the implications. Do you.

Rita said...

Dang. I never thought Libidiot would make me feel so optimistic about life!

Z said...

Rita, that's what I thought.
We can only HOPE. This time, it'll be REAL "HOPE"...

As if the KOCH brothers have the money Obama's already raising...We need people to come and finance the return of sanity to America again.

Kid, that's hilarious!

Imp, don't look now, but you're starting to sound like B** M****

sue hanes said...

Z - You won't be surprised to hear that I had to think about it a little before I caught on the the joke - in the picture.


Z said...

Sue, I don't include you among these but I'm not surprised; I think there are probably liberals who'd cozy up closer to this machine and wait to hear from their hero :-)

Liberalmann said...

Wow, Impertinent, thanks for showing your level of maturity and intellect...or the lack thereof, lol!

Rita said...

Nice Lib-kid. Do you want to repost your "civility" comments that Z had to delete when we were discussing our soldiers?

Of course you do.

Does it make you feel superior to post insulting comments on a clearly conservative blog and then get insulted when someone insults you back?

You seriously need to get a life.

Your "methods" do not change one single person's ideas, they don't contribute to the discussion in any intellectual way.

It's like you're attempting to be a playground bully in the middle of a group of business professionals.

Not working kid, go eat your ice cream cone.

At least Ducky can occasionally get in a good point.

You're just a waste of comment space.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

So hollyweird is backing obama eh, who else would they back. I suspect a lot of them back him because it's the popular thing to do and to avoid any backlash from their liberal friends that can end a career prematurely.

That's unfortunately how the liberal herd operate, they don't do diversity of opinion very well.