Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pretty neat T Shirt ...and more

That's clever, isn't it?  I thought it was cute.   Then I saw the following and it's SO NOT CUTE:

Look at THIS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING THING. The people who are saying this isn't racist are MORONS.    Let's remember folks, these people don't represent US just because they don't admire Obama, ....any more than Rush Limbaugh is "The figurative head of the Republican Party," which I'm seeing is the new catch phrase from the White House's amazing PR folks.    This is clever, but it's RACIST and HORRID and let's not forget the Left can do anything they like, we have to be more careful.   STOP this kind of thing when you see it.  We don't need this, the country doesn't need this. 

Then there's THIS...........OBAMA LIPSTICK AND iPhones?   Is this a joke?  And will it only be bought by teeny boppers who LOOOOVE THEIR COOL GUY and could it turn off mature voters?

(but that T Shirt IS cute, don't you think?)


Ducky's here said...

The T-shirt is racist? Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

Silverfiddle said...

No Ducky, the bumper sticker featured in the linked article. That is what is racist.

Lisa said...

Love that Tee-shirt Z. I would like to get a few of these scrapers to pas around

Z said...

read the posts and then comment, Ducky. Thanks.

Thanks, SF...
Imagine someone saying that's not racist? those scrapers! So far, I've only seen 1 new Obama bumper sticker...very weird. Very nice :-)

sue hanes said...

Z - The way I see it is that Our Country is in somewhat serious trouble - and this is what we are talking about?

If we all got together and came up with ideas - how people could get jobs, how to bring All the Troops home, how to reduce the National Debt, how to improve education in Our Country - etc. - maybe we COULD make Our Country better.

sue hanes said...

By the way - that bumper sticker in the links is BAD.

Tenmei said...

Sue, how about step 1: Send Obama Home


~ Will

Z said...

Sue, yes, this is what we're talking about.
The serious trouble is here and people didn't see it coming and elected a man this sometimes we need a little break.'ll never sink in.

That link is awful and I should have led with that post because it's so important that people know that idiotic stuff's going on.
And, we'll ALL be labeled, ridiculously, because it's anti-Obama. just wait

sue hanes said...

Tenmei - I'm gonna stop beating around the bush - here.

Throw yer weight behind me and I'll do the job in the next four years - Save Our Country - and at the same time Free Barack Obama from the shackles of the Presidency - and we won't have Mitt Romney to kick around anymore.

He will be Free - to get Richer - and President Obama can give his attention to his Family.


It's Really very simple.

sue hanes said...

Z - I guess I jumped on that one a little hard. Sorry about that.

You are Right - a little levity is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

While I think the bumper message was definitely tongue in cheeky, snarky, edgy and fairly obtuse....I'm all for 1st Amendment rights to put on your car...what you want.

I find those "can't we just get along" stickers on Suburaus that say.."COexist" with all the various symbols...just as stupid.

We've really gone too far with PC.

Rita said...

HuffPo had the bumper sticker on their front page about a week ago. I commented about how horrible it was, that no conservative I know would support anything like it.

When some idiot (supposedly) conservative said he didn't see anything wrong with it, that it was just talking about reneging on a promise.

I responded that he knew full well that he knew what was wrong with it and he didn't need to give HuffPo a reason to think conservatives were racists.

Guess what? HuffPo didn't approve ONE of my posts condemning it. No vile words, no personal insults.

Guess they didn't want to have conservatives saying the bumper sticker was horrible.

Better to let their readers believe conservatives are all like the idiot that said the bumper sticker wasn't racist.

Anonymous said...


Don't get me wrong. I don't think that overt racially insensitive broadcasts are just "tacky".

I just fear that making them "illegal" or un PC is more dangerous. We just seem to be able to keep denying ourselves our constitutional be liked. To be PC? To be accepted?

Suppose I had a bumper sticker that said...." I hate WOPS"?

Or..." Irish are the "ni**ahs" of Europe?

Or "Most successful bankers at Goldman Sachs" are corrupt?

Anonymous said...

Don't re-nazi would have been more appropriate.

Didn't offend me at all.

Z said...

I think we all know that the N word isn't one we need to use...mostly because it's in hugely bad taste and highly insulting and, secondly, because the Left will now say this is representative of Republicans.
WE know it isn't, but it's there, isn't it.

I fear for our country when First Amendment rights trump good taste....and yes, who's to say what's good taste?
That's another question I fear for my country about; that we even have to ask anymore.

Rita said...

Imp: I think you're making a leap from my saying I think the bumper sticker is horrible to me saying they should not be allowed to have such a bumper sticker.

There is no other word in the English language I hate more than the n word. I don't care who says it.

I hate it when some black rapper or comedian uses it as much as I hate it when some white racist uses it.

I literally cringe when I hear it.

BUT, that doesn't mean I believe in the term "hate speech".

Our military has fought for our right of free speech.

The Dixie Chick broad had every right to say what she said about George Bush.

And I have every right to be offended and never buy their records.

Free speech doesn't mean that it's speech that doesn't offend someone. And free speech doesn't mean that there might not be consequences to that speech.

The Dixie Dumbasses complained because suddenly their country fans threw their CD's in the middle of the road and had some roller crush them.

They complained that country fans were ignorant and were denying the stupid broad her free speech.

She had her free speech.

Their former fans got to express their free speech by destroying their CD's.

I was actually called a hater by some liberal idiot because I maintain Natalie Maines' freedom of speech should not force me to continue to buy any of their music. Ever.

Why is it so hard for liberal to understand they are free to say anything and I am free to express my outrage?

Same with this bumper sticker. I find it extremely offensive.

Both are equal.

Freedom of speech is hard.

My husband fought for that right. And it goes both ways.

As much as I find Westboro idiots disgusting, they should be allowed to carry their nasty signs.

And the biker guys are free to turn out in the thousands to drown out the idiots at soldiers' funerals.

I'm hopeful for America when I think of the thousands of bikers across America that have decided they will turn out in record numbers to drown out the 12 people from Westboro.

Z said...

Rita, but there still is good taste, isn't there.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I like that t-shirt, as a general rule i think that's good advice. I know not all lefties are morally bankrupt, but they're pretty wobbly when it comes to avoiding destructive behavior.

Rita said...

Z: Of course there's good taste. But good taste is in the eye of the beholder, don't you think?

For me, I don't think wearing this T-Shirt would be in good taste.

The bumper sticker is not even in the realm of any taste. I think it's vile.

But just because I find the bumper sticker disgusting and I find black rapper songs using the word disgusting, doesn't mean each aren't entitled to the free speech of using the word.

I can glare at the driver should I see an idiotic bumper sticker, just like I do when I see a pro-abortion one.

Now we could argue which is more offensive, this bumper sticker or a pro-abortion one?

My opinion might be different than anyone elses.

Bob said...

How about Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats?


sue hanes said...

Bob - I know someone - and I'm not saying that it was my soon to be ex - but he and his friend used to say - jokingly - Drunk Drivers
Against Mothers.

: ]

Right Truth said...

They've overused that word until it has no meaning any more.

I love the t-shirt.

Right Truth

Ticker said...

It's called free speech. I fought bled and dang near died for their (and your)right, even be wrong.

beamish said...

"Mothers Against Daughters Dating Democrats"

As if there were male Democrats interested in females in the first place.

Melissa Wilson said...

No Ducky, the bumper sticker featured in the linked article. That is what is racist.