Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Battle of Athens....voter fraud

Have you ever heard of The Battle of Athens?  I sure hadn't.   A friend sent me the video below and I Googled about it...HERE is some information.   Check out this video (I think it's almost thirteen minutes, so feel free to fast forward a little here and'll get the gist of it).

The mayor's family, big Democrats in an otherwise mostly Republican small town, held sway over the place for years, to the point that he and his thugs wanted to count ballots in private when the law said you couldn't.  Veterans who'd just returned from WWII were horrified and got guns and threatened to shoot the building up if they didn't bring the ballot boxes out.  Well, they didn't, so there was gunfire... Finally, the Cantrell gang gave up.  The next morning, the guns were returned to the city armory, cleaner than they'd been before.  And the town was clean again.  In more ways than one.

Just thought you might be interested.  It fascinated me.



Always On Watch said...

Ah, East Tennessee. My maternal ancestors are from the adjacent county -- Monroe County. The area is notorious for political corruption and feuds of all sorts, though particularly partial to feuds over moonshine, money, and women.

Interesting video. Mom never spoke of this Athens mess very much, but I recall that my grandmother did.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

As much as a fraud as the Bin Laden plot to kill President Obama story!

Z said...

AOW, it's as important as most anything our founding fathers did, don't you think? Cool that your grandmother spoke of it.

Dude, I thought that story of Bin Laden plotting to kill Obama sounded pretty bogus, too.

Bob said...

Voter fraud has always been with us. In modern times the Democrat Party is the group that indulges in this past time more than anyone else. That is because of the moral fiber of the party which is all about getting everything they can from the public largess.

Republicans are people of principles, and they vote ideals, whereas Demo rats are dedicated to dishonest endeavors, like free everything.

Small brained people inhabit the Demo crowd. Corruption is in their DNA.

Anonymous said...

"whereas Demo rats are dedicated to dishonest endeavors..."

Yea...isn't it freakin' amazing that the party of institutionalized racism, slave owners, of Jim Crow, of socialists, commies, grifters, toothless red neck sheriffs , "Dem" governors that sicced the dogs and the hoses in Birmingham, Jackson. Greensboro and everywhere else....

can count on 98% of blacks for support? That just blows my mind that any older, persecuted black over the age of 55....could still vote as a "Dem".

sue hanes said...

Z - What I liked about this
Very Stirring video was that - it was about People Caring About Our Sacred Privilege:

The Right To Vote

Thanks - Z.

sue hanes said...

Z - I sometimes save political cartoons - such as this one:

two frames - one showing Iraqis walking down the street to the polls to vote - amid exploding shells/and the other showing an American couple saying -it's raining - I guess we won't vote today

That is something that it would be great to Revive here in America - the feeling that The Vote Really is - as - Sacred As It Really Is.

And I'll go so far as to say that I shudder to thing of how not so long ago - I thought - I'm just not going to Vote this time.

Kid said...

Nice vid and story.

We don't have those kind of people anymore. We and they have already accepted too much.

There are stirrings that obama might cancel the elections based on an executive order.

It would be up to the military at that point.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Thanks for posting this.
Have you read or seen "Seven Days in May?".

Z said...

Ed, no I haven't seen that...

Imp, the military? They'd be on HIS side surpressing, right? I don't think even Obama'd do that, but I did laugh my head off at a comment I heard he made last night at some swank fundraiser (2 in Chicago, 3 in Atlanta within 2 days or so)...something about "The Republicans will be making their own rules.."

Is he completely tone deaf to all he's done himself!?

Sue, we definitely must vote. We just have to watch the fraud levels. I"ve seen it twice myself and spoke up and got nowhere...and I'll be soon posting on a friend's amazing story of voter fraud by blacks in the INner City of L.A.

imp, you know, I think a LOT of respectable Blacks will NOT be voting for Obama this year.
I just feel it.

Bob...I posted video after video of Blacks and Whites who supported Hillary with amazing stories of was a documentary by a liberal! Still, the libs here'd tell of one case of possible voter fraud by Republicans and that negated ANYTHING and ALL of the Dem's typical behavior!

Anonymous said...

" I'm just not going to Vote this time...."

Very profound cuz. We had an election a couple days ago for city council...9% voted.

What's the name of that song?

Z said...

If anybody doesn't vote in November, please don't tell me; You won't like what I have to say!

I heard how many Christian Conservative MORONS lost our country to Obama by not voting in '08 and I just couldn't take a repeat of that moronic action. !!!

Anonymous said...

"imp, you know, I think a LOT of respectable Blacks will NOT be voting for Obama this year.
I just feel it...."

Here's what I feel Z....if the black / latino / illegal vote is below 95% this election ( from 98% ) I will fly out to LA....take you out to dinner anywhere you Olive Garden, McDonalds , Chik-a - Fil or a Mac n Cheese / burger joint.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Imp, the military? They'd be on HIS side surpressing, right?..."

Wrong Z....Promise keepers, vets, retired cops...have sworn not to take up arms against American Citizens. Quite the opposite. you think that POS Panetta insisted that Marines be disarmed while he was in Afghan?

Maybe....I've always said....the armed services might be our last hope against Marxist scum from carrying out the coup.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Seven Days in May is a story of the progression of a military takeover of the government by Burt Lancaster.