Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gas Price Hypocrisy from the left

Please, please watch this least a few minutes (you won't want to turn it off and it's not that long at all).   The hypocrisy is breath taking...and please send it to friends/family.    Imagine how Bush was treated by the Left when gas prices were $1.87 per gallon?  Such insults.   And now?    You'll see media stories where "rising gas prices are a GOOD THING!"   "There are reasons to be optimistic, people's lives have been saved from high gas prices"   Check it out:

Remember Pelosi and Hillary's lines next time you pump gas for yourself.  And Obama's "ever so hilarious feeling of our pain" while he was running for president.

 (thanks, Mustang)


Bunkerville said...

A good one-- Linked!

Rita said...

Well that was good for a quick laugh. Gonna run. And my tank is nearly empty. I'll remember this video when I'm emptying my checking account to fill up the gas tank.

Brooke said...

That was breathtaking, wasn't it?

If the GOP nominee had any cajones, just pounding the point of gas prices ALONE would be enough to win this election!

Fueling my vehicle aside, when I think of filling my fuel oil tank for this winter, I want to cry. And then slap the you-know-what out of Barry Barack Soetero Hussein Obama.

Always On Watch said...

Obama -- and the Dems in general -- don't give a damn about what gas prices are doing to "the little people" right now.

And it's not just the gas prices! Take a look at the price of heating oil. Much of the Northeast heats with oil.

Always On Watch said...

Well, I guess that there is one good thing about the high price of gas: it will cost Obama and the Dems LOTS of votes in November.

PS: "Optimistic about the price of gas," blabbing on the video, is surreal. People really have taken leave of their senses!

Always On Watch said...

Hey! Here's a thought: When people freeze to death in the Northeast next winter, then we have population control. I guess that the Left is optimistic about THAT as well!

sue hanes said...

This is a good video - Z.

Now this is probably not what ya are looking for - in the way of a comment - but when I think of pumping gas - I always remember what my late mother-in-law said - that she had NEVER - pumped her own gas - and she lived to be 101.

Of course for much of her life - they did that for ya.

But - Z - I never mind pumping my own gas - even when I lived in the Detroit area and I would stand there freezing my *ss off - in the winter.

Made me feel kinda good - kinda like - along the lines of doing my own housework.


Silverfiddle said...

Sure. Gas prices go high enough and stay there, Government motors may actually start selling those battery-powered crap boxes.

Anonymous said...

There's no reason for a conservative candidate to make this an issue. $4 a gallon now will be $2.50 by election day and it will have precisely zero to do with any policy conjured by the executive branch.

If conservatives make this an issue they will end up with egg on their face, We all know prices will start dropping soon because we've been though this cycle before. If we make it an issue we allow Obama to take credit for "fixing" it when the market normalizes.

Liberalmann said... prove the point that President's have no control of gas prices and the opposing party uses it for political gain. The Dems did it and now the GOP is doing it.

But this time it is after he's increased production by 350% and our number one export is now...oil! Talk to the oil companies and speculators. Talk to the GOP whose constant rhetoric about invading Iran is helping to drive prices up.

Mitt Romney: The President Can't Control the Price of Gas (Video)

Liberalmann said...

Always On Watch said..."Obama -- and the Dems in general -- don't give a damn about what gas prices are doing to "the little people" right now."

Wrong again AOW. Are you that uninformed or do you just make this crap up to fool your readers?

"....President Obama had a sharp response to Fox News' White House correspondent Ed Henry at his press conference on Tuesday.

Henry asked about high gas prices, which some have warned will increase if a war with Iran breaks out.

"Your critics will say on Capitol Hill that you want gas prices to go higher, because you have said before that will wean the American people off fossil fuels onto renewable fuels. How do you respond to that?" he said.

Obama's reply combined annoyance and derision.

“Ed, just from a political perspective, do you think the President of the United States, going into reelection, wants gas prices to go up even higher?" he said. Turning to the room at large, he added, "Is there anybody here who thinks that makes a lot of sense?"


Ducky's here said...

Yeah, oil heat but the winter was so mild that my heating bill was actually lower this year.

I still want to see an analysis which demonstrates that the price hike was due to inadequate supply at the well head. Proof that the "drill, baby, drill" simpletons know what their talking about.
I don't believe they do. It's just kabuki for Rollo.

Z said...

Ducky, that's as funny as all the lib pundits talking about how we're using less oil...but they NEVER mention that the East Coast hasn't had a winter. That's amazing.

Do you understand that this video is about HYPOCRISY?
Liberaldude ALWAYS misses the point but I think he just doesn't least I like to think you do and that maybe it's intentional that you 'miss the points', finding smaller points you feel negate from the articles.

Can't work this time; the whole point is hypocrisy.

Let's see you disprove Hillary and Nancy's comments...Obama's comments...let's see you say they're edited :-)

beamish said...

You're doing it wrong. You're supposed to inflate your tires with algae.

Ducky's here said...

z, Obama's middle name is "Hypocrisy".

Just like Bush, Clinton and Reagan and ...

Always On Watch said...

FYI....Liberalmann is furious with me because I deleted one of his comments at my web site. He came back and reposted most of his previous comment -- the portions about which I had no objections -- then proceeded to call me a liar.

Therefore, he has now come over here to rant about a comment that I made here at Z's.

Once again, we have a clear example of the Left's version of civility.

Note: I haven't yet visited Silverfiddle's site to see if Liberalmann has been throwing a temper tantrum about me over there as well.

Rita said...


First, I had a good laugh at your ignorance as to why oil production is up. If you seriously believe that Obama is responsible for the increase, the it's apparent you cannot understand even the most simplest of concepts.

Second: I'll repeat what I posted on a past post because it seems you can't quite grasp things very quickly. Read outloud and slowly, that might help you understand.

"Nice Lib-kid. Do you want to repost your "civility" comments that Z had to delete when we were discussing our soldiers?

Of course you do.

Does it make you feel superior to post insulting comments on a clearly conservative blog and then get insulted when someone insults you back?

You seriously need to get a life.

Your "methods" do not change one single person's ideas, they don't contribute to the discussion in any intellectual way.

It's like you're attempting to be a playground bully in the middle of a group of business professionals.

Not working kid, go eat your ice cream cone.

At least Ducky can occasionally get in a good point.

You're just a waste of comment space."

Z said...

AOW, you can't care what libdude does! The idea of someone keeping his comments is a little scary to me, you know? WHat, he copy/pastes them again?? WOW.

Let it go, AOW....Ducky and we disagree, but at least I think he's really smart.


I just WISH more people would see this video..PLEASE SEND IT TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW! (ya, I know, I haven't, either...........we need to be doing more than blogging ; blogging won't save our country)

Liberalmann said...

Lol, can't dispute my facts so you just insult. It's what the right is good at.

Z said...

Libdude...don't feel so badly.
We can't help ourselves.

Always On Watch said...

No, I don't care what he does. But I won't have him calling me a liar at my own site. Period.

Yes, I will let it go -- here at your site.


.we need to be doing more than blogging ; blogging won't save our country

No kidding. That preaching to the choir thing is problematic.

However, I do find that blogging does enable us to learn about matters that we don't see elsewhere.

And I suppose that preaching to the choir does build our morale. TO A POINT.

Z said...

AOW, don't get me wrong; you are absolutely right in not accepting that ridiculous stuff from anybody. I'm with you on that.
I just hate to see you acting as if what he says counts :-) I know you know better BY FAR!

As for blogging, yes...we have all met some of THE greatest people EVER on our blogs and it does definitely boost the morale to know there are so many good people in America still; you don't get that reading the paper or watching (*&(*& television! :-)

sue hanes said...

Z - 'blogging won't save our country'

Neither will all of the Other things that People do - speaking out, protesting, rallies, running for President when you know you're goona lose anyway,etc. - but put them all together - Z - and that could HELP save Our Country.

Anyway - I happen to Believe that
Blogging is a Very Inmportant Part
of Saving Our Country.

sue hanes said...

I Really Do - Z.

Z said...

Sue, I hope you're right.

Z said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

I agree with Sue Z that blogging really is getting the word out. When I come here I always leave more informed and take that information and pass it around.
If the lefty's can rally around Media Matters(and that's saying alot)then blogging is alot more beneficial.
By the way great video ,I am passing it around!

'You're doing it wrong. You're supposed to inflate your tires with algae.'
LOl Beamish!

Z said...

Lisa, I suppose you and SUe are right...we do learn at others' blogs. But, we aren't voting for OBAMA! Well, Sue is, but I'm talking about us conservative bloggers; WE KNOW not to vote for him, we've seen what he's done...we know we want a Republican again.
SO,'s it help that much?

I guess this is why I ask, so often, for everyone to send stuff we see on our blogs to those who don't look at friends and family who wouldn't find out so much stuff because our media won't tell them.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I've seen this video elsewhere, the annoying thing is that most people out there won't see the double standards. Hopefully i'm wrong on that.