Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Death comes to a liberal Muse..........

Suze Rotolo has died.   Do you know who she was?  That's her in the album cover to the left.....she was (the Freewheelin') Bob Dylan's girlfriend and muse from 1961, when she was seventeen years old, till 1964, when they broke up.   She inspired "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright," one of my favorites (I was never a real big fan of Dylan because of his nasal mumbling and I do an imitation that kills my friends :-) But, I do like his songs performed by other people. (and, by the way, Rotolo died after a long illness and I'm sorry she went through that and my heart's with her husband of 40 years.)

I post this because Rolling Stone magazine says this: "Her left-wing background also meant she played "a huge role in Dylan's political awakening,"   First, it's fascinating that becoming left-wing is "political awakening" and, second, is it really seventeen year olds who budding leftists learn from? Suddenly, a LOT makes sense, doesn't it?  Heh

Here's a list of my Dylan favorites:

When You Awake (The Band did it best)
Up on Cripple Creek (ditto)
House of the Risin' Sun (The Animals did it well, Dylan's wasn't bad)
Maggie's Farm (nobody comes close to The 'Dead on that one)
He was a Friend of Mine (Good job by The Byrds)
Stage Fright (who can come close to The Band?)
Girl From the North Country (Dylan's is pretty good)

You have any Dylan song favorites?  And what do you think about the Rolling Stones comment in bold above?   And that 17 yr olds are the inspiration for budding leftists? :-)



Elmers Brother said...

My son is 17 and I've learned a lot. I look at the world much differently because of books he's suggested and hos attitude towards those les fortunate. I do agree with you about the awakening.

Elmers Brother said...

Sorry about spelling- typing from touch pad

Always On Watch said...

"Blowin' in the Wind," but I don't care as much for Dylan's version as I do versions by others.

"House of the Risin' Sun" is Mr. AOW's favorite Dylan song, but he prefers the version by the Animals.

Joe Conservative said...
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Joe Conservative said...

I don't doubt she was Dylan's muse, but I suspect that Dylan was A LOT MORE influenced by Woody Guthrie than Suze Rotolo, politically/socially. Woody was Dylan's model, Suze was mere "material".

Joe Conservative said...

Evidence for statement...

Ducky's here said...

>Visions of Johanna", best Dylan eevvvaahh.

Chris Smither does a great version in 3/4.

Ducky's here said...

A number of biographers have mentioned that Dylan was intent on becoming a recording star. His politics are unclear and his flirting with the counter culture was largely calculated.

His big contribution -- the pop song was made personal and I would say self absorbed. Hank Williams had started this trend and don't forget Hank as an influence.

Ducky's here said...

z, if you like Maggie's Farm, go back to the root in the Bentley Boys' "Penny's Farm" on The Anthology of American Folk Music.

The Anthology was an influence on him (and everyone else in the great folk scare) and Penny's Farm was one of the big ones. You listen to the song and you'll catch the populist roots in American folk music. Try Charlie Poole's "White House Blues".

Z said...

Elbro...I doubt many adults take their cues from 17 year olds but I know you have a special relationship with your son :-) He's terrific!
And, particularly, since Dylan's leftist politics are what most critics talk about, it struck me funny to hear where they got his start.

AOW....the ANimals' version is THE ONLY ONE :-) I loved Peter, Paul and Mary's Blowin' in the Wind

Joe, good point about WOody Guthrie..I'm a big Arlo fan, one of the best albums ever is by him and I'm not sure I still have it..:-( There's a song with a lyric that includes "Come on children, come on..." I have to leave now so I can't GOogle it but it's wonderful.

Ducky, thanks, I'll check all that out when I'm home. I'd like to hear the Joanna song to see if I know the melody...

Z said...

SOMETHING else I want to add is when I looked at the album cover on my post this morning, a wave of nostalgia hit me. Just like the huge billboard with the Beatles on it near my home......white with black/white shots of them all taken probably five years after their stardom. When I happen to see that billboard, I feel a rush of being 'back then' and it feels SO SO GOOD it's almost scary. it's comforting somehow in our world today.

Ticker said...

Z, it's Arlo Gutherie's "Gabriel's Mother's Highway Ballad #16". I have it somewhere packed away. Maybe I need to dig through those and find what other treasures are hidden there.

Woke up this morning with my head in my hand
Come on, children, come on
The snow was falling all over the land
Come on, children, come on

I don't know but I've been told
Come on, children, come on
That the streets of heaven have all been sold
Come on, children, come on

Come on, children, all come home
Jesus gonna make you well
Come on, people, now its time to go
Go to where a man can dwell

Well the sun come up while I wrote this song
Come on, children, come on
To remind me well that it won't be long
Come on children come on


Come on, Gabriel, blow that thing
Come on, children come on
All God's children got to dance and sing
Come on, children come on

All God's children got to sing and shout
Come on, children, come on
There ain't nobody 'round bound to kick you out
Come on, children, come on

One of these days we'll all be there
Come on, children, come on
Seeing those wheels way up in the air
Come on, children, come on

Come on everybody now what's it worth
Come on, children, come on
To make a heaven out of this earth
Come on, children, come on


Moses gonna make you well
You know even Daniel's gonna make you well
Jesus gonna make you well
Mm, mm, gonna make you well

Ticker said...

In the 60's most 17 year olds knew little about politics but more about raging hormones. My bet is that is what she contributed to Dylan.

beamish said...

I think we're all old enough to understand that Bob Dylan sucks and always did, aren't we?

Faith said...

She came from a radical lefty family, maybe her family had the main impact on him.

I had to get used to Dylan's sound -- weird because he really CAN sing if he wants to, have you heard him do it right? But he wanted that raspy sound and that takes getting used to.

It's all nostalgic to me. I don't think I have a favorite. Maybe Mr. Tambourine Man because I learned to play that on guitar.

Ducky's here said...

No Beamish, it depends on what you are looking for. In your case you enjoy a music that is devoid of harmony, melody, dynamics and any sense of counterpoint. Some would call that immature junk.

Dylan has talent. he is a very good phraser vocally and he had a real grasp of the folk tradition. There is often a very raw beauty in traditional music and an impact. Stuff that sticks with you a lot longer than your average metal band.

If you can't "get" his version of "Arthur McBride" or "Blood in My Eyes" then you probably can't get the whole flow of Western music. Too bad.

Debbie said...

I don't think I've ever heard of her.

I do love music of that era much better than today's so-called music. I cannot stand rap.

Right Truth

RedWood said...

"Rotolo, of Italian-American descent, was born and raised in Queens, New York. Her parents were Joachim Rotolo and Mary Pezzati Rotolo, who were members of the American Communist Party."

Nuff said. Probably rolled with Ayers too after Dylan. But Dorn was more "fun".

Anonymous said...

"A number of biographers have mentioned that Dylan was intent on becoming a recording star. His politics are unclear and his flirting with the counter culture was largely calculated."

Ducky, I think this is closer to the truth. I read years ago, that Dylan was really apolitical and was interested in his music much more than the political scene.

I tend to believe also, that his flirtation with politics was expedient more than anything else.

I was never a Dylan fan. The fact is, half the time I had trouble with understanding his mumbling and slurring of the lyrics. I just figured he was stoned.

Wouldn't it be funny to hear a conversation between Dylan and Ozzie Osborne?

I saw Dylan a few years ago on an awards show. Jack Nicholson introduced him and laughed while Dylan incoherently gave his acceptance speech.

Basically, I agree with Beamish. Dylan was more lucky than good IMO. He just lucked out because of the times and the anything goes environment.


Anonymous said...

Btw, Jane Russell also died. Yesterday, I believe. An old time star in her day.

She wasn't a great actress IMO, but she was a star, and deserves recognition. May she rest in peace.


Ticker said...

Pris you must have missed "Gentlemen Perfer Blonds" if you think she was not a great actress. Not only that but she could sing which is something that a lot of the stars of her era could do. She did everything from Big Bands,Broadway to Gospel, now that's talent.

beamish said...

No Beamish, it depends on what you are looking for. In your case you enjoy a music that is devoid of harmony, melody, dynamics and any sense of counterpoint. Some would call that immature junk.

There's your problem, Ducky. You look for music rather than listen for it. Whether that's endemic to the overall leftist fear of ever being confused for a rational person or not, you've completely missed that Bob Dylan can't sing, can't play and instrument, and God help us all if you dared ask him to write any lyrics.

As for folk music, give me Skyclad or Amorphis or Subway to Sally because Viking and Celtic metal just makes folk that much better. But if you must stay within the narrow confines that your dull whitebread English-speaking suburban Boston existence restrains and limits your exposure to musical arts to, check out Chumbawumba from Britain.

That's an island nation across the Atlantic where they speak English, Ducky.

Z said...

Ducky...DYLAN'S POLITICS WERE UNCLEAR? REALLY? :-) I just read the comments again and saw that and had to laugh. OH, sure, maybe he was a Republican, right!? hee!!

Ticker, re the sex, you're SO right; I had that thought, too.
And THANK YOU for the song lyrics...Oh, I DO LIke how Arlo did that song, it's just beautiful. Very simple but so nice.

Beamish, you're too young to know how ragingly popular he was when I was young. But, I'll tell you, I never liked his voice EVER and didn't mind saying so even tho everyone I knew thought he was THE ANOINTED ONE! And yes, NOW we're all old enough to know HE CAN'T SING.
By the way, I don't even LIKE REALLY GOOD SINGERS...or let me put it this way: I like Willy, I like Leon, Phoebe Snow (God, how did HER name pop into my head!?) I like Cocker...they are NOT "pretty" voiced singers but I like tjeor STYLE more. Of course, I DO like "pretty singers" like Sinatra and Bennett, etc. SO, I LIKE good voices but...
anyway, Dylan's voice style never won me over, his style doesn't make up for his voice TO ME, that is. But he wrote some very good stuff.

Faith, that is a good song, I'm not sure I knew he wrote it, thanks.
No I have NEVER heard Dylan sing without the awful nasal twang and the mumbling. (I really wish you COULD hear me do him!!)

Ya, Pris...Jane Russell. SHe was never a favorite of mine but she was talented and, apparently, a big time Christian...
I always thought she seemed slutty to me with the snarly mouth and low cut stuff ...and the Howard Hughes rumors... And, of course, that was the studio stuff.

Ticker, you think Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was great acting!?


beamish said...


It's okay to say it. Bob Dylan sucks. Who cares if he was yesteryear's Justin Bieber.

Anonymous said...

"Pris you must have missed "Gentlemen Perfer Blonds" if you think she was not a great actress. Not only that but she could sing which is something that a lot of the stars of her era could do. She did everything from Big Bands,Broadway to Gospel, now that's talent."

Ticker, actually, I loved Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I didn't say she couldn't act, I just don't think she was great. Marilyn Monroe outshone Russell in that movie, IMO.
Believe me, I'm sure I've seen every movie she ever made.

Maybe we just have different ideas as to what great is, but heck, that's ok.


Anonymous said...

A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall


Edie Brickell did a good job on it, too.

I like Dylan more when he sings, less when he sing/talks.

FrogBurger said...

I like Dylan's music ok but cannot stand his singing. Mumbling is not singing.

" In your case you enjoy a music that is devoid of harmony, melody, dynamics and any sense of counterpoint."

Ducky stop being in your brain with art. Art is felt first, not analyzed first then felt.

Still an adept of intellectual masturbation I see. We have another say in French for say. It's also called "masturbate flies." I knew you'd like it.

Z said...

Beamish, does it sound like we're pussy footing about the fact Dylan can't sing? :-)

Jen, you know it's interesting you pick that song; I swear I think it's one of the FEW of his own songs that I actually LIKE him doing, really. THanks for the reminder.

FB, no..mumbling is not singing :-)
You know, tho, it's what you're used to. I didn't much like French singers because they tend to get nasal and with too much vibrato but I got to REALLY like Edith Piaf when I lived there and heard her here and there.
What used to crack me up, in Paris and Rome, was when I sang at piano bars, as a guest, and the regulars flipped. They LOVE foreign singers, or AMerican singers, not sure which :-) A night in Rome was one of the highlights of my singing EVER.
Paris is a hard nut to crack but I had quite a few of the club singers look VERY ticked at me getting asked to do more and more songs! :-) Felt good!!
They even like your singing in their language with a lousy accent!!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving all the discussion on music.

There's a new movement in folk with SO many great new talents.

Fleet Foxes
Iron and Wine
Band of Horses

and on the country / alt-country/ cowpunk scene, it's just as exciting.

Ryan Adams is my FAV!

This kind of music is important, I think, with thoughtful, mindful lyrics.

Z said...

Jen, I feel like a freakin' DINOSAUR when you talk bands...
Beamish does that to me, too!
I've never heard of all of yours, some of his :-)

I love the term COWPUNK and can imagine what that is! I think I'd like it.
For a singer, I'm woefully more enchanted with melody than words, hence my horrid inability to MEMORIZE LYRICS!
If I was singing much again in public, I"d be THE TELEPROMPTER SINGER, giving Obama a run for his money!!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone mention "Tangled Up In Blue"?

love that one...

Anonymous said...

have you ever been to pandora.com?
That's where I find a lot of new bands.

You're no dinosaur to me.
When I'd come home from school in junior high, I'd take my dad's collection of 50's rock-n-roll albums and listen to them on my turntable for hours. Mom let me borrow her Beatles albums.

You've introduced me to a lot of new music that is right up my alley!

cowpunk = alternative country, country with a little bit of folk or rock

Z said...

Jen, how the heck do you know Dylan songs so well? Tangled IS a good one I'd forgotten

You a big Dylan fan?

Z said...

Jen, I HAVE? Well, thanks!

By the way, FIFTIES is a little early for me, young lady :-)

I don't know pandora...Do you have the radio on during the day or mostly in the car like I do. For someone who likes music as much as I do, I almost never have it on in the house.
BUT, I was REALLY SMILING yesterday with that Carole King/Taylor album (oops, CD!) on..it's so so so SO good. xx

You know what band I'd like...that one whose name I can NEVER remember but they did that "SAVE A HORSE RIDE A COWBOY" song? I love the lyrics...makes me laugh EVERY TIME they come to that line.
But, basically, I like that kind of cowboy funk...all their songs I've heard are good. Of course, THE BAND is kind of like that (WAAAY better, but that funky twangy sound).
I need to post another BAND song video but I also need to get music off the front burner here at geeeZ; I like to shake things up and I've done music enough for a while!

Anonymous said...

I listen to pandora when I'm at home. I put it on the website and turn up my awesome speakers. ;-)

I did have satellite radio in my car, but it ran out. So now I am addicted to my favorite several cd's. Radio pretty much stinks around here, although we do have a new public radio station (all music) and it is AWESOME!

I don't know who sings that "Ride a Cowboy" song, maybe Trace Adkins?
I don't know much about contemporary country.

Here's a Ryan Adams and The Cardinals song that's good. He was in a band called Whiskeytown that makes me cry....damn that melancholy music! ;-)

p.s. I enjoy the diversions from politics as I am in perpetual denial. :-)

Anonymous said...

good song

Z said...

Jen, the more I heard the more I really really liked it (when I could think of anything other than "he needs a comb" FORGIVE ME, I'M OLD :-) I like funky but not messy :-) (but I digress)

I liked the song, liked the HARMONY a LOT...one doesn't hear really nice harmony anymore in young bands too much, at least I haven't, and this band's was excellent.

I YouTubed more of his stuff and found that he wrote WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE, which I recognized when I heard HIM do it on the YOuTube video but I\ knew it wasn't him I'd heard before so I saw Tim McGraw recorded it and that was the way I knew it. I actually liked Adams' better!
Honestly, Jen, I liked his stuff..thanks.
How well known is he? I'm getting him mixed up with the more famous (I THINK?) BRYAN Adams.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the Andrews Sisters and those dear girls who introduced the world to Mr. Sandman o the Arthur Godfrey Show to anything that came subsequently in the pop music field. The Lennon Sisters were a pale imitation. ;-)

I agree totally with this sage remark:

I think we're all old enough to understand that Bob Dylan sucks and always did, aren't we?

YUP! That Emperor was as naked a jaybird the moment he hit the scene -- and UGLEEE!!!

Anonymous said...

Ryan Adams (and a lot of other folk / alt. country) artists have gone under the radar.
He has a very loyal following, as he's been with Whiskeytown, The Cardinals, and has also done solo work.

Like Dylan, he seems to be an old soul before his time.

I think RYAN Adams is from North Carolina, and it sure comes out in his music. I love his accent and honesty in his lyrics.

I'm glad you liked him! I didn't know that his song had been covered by Tim McGraw. Adams covered a song called Wonderwall by Oasis, and made it 10x better than the original.

BRYAN Adams, on the other hand, is from Canada....and he's in a different category. :-)

Anonymous said...

The house of Rising Sun;

By Frijid Pink.

and Matt Monro, I Remember, but I couldn't found it on You Tube.

Oh, Z;

you returned me to my 12 years old.


Anonymous said...


Did you know that there is a direct line between the music and curring the most of the deceases?

A part of my Research was based on that, and we have the amazing results.


Z said...


SAM: Enjoy the song! How beautiful it is! :-)
The following link should get you to Matt Monro at YouTube and you can listen to your heart's content!


Jen, N. Carolina...makes sense, that wonderful slightly southern thing. I really did like him and am a little surprised he hasn't made it bigger. Glad he has a loyal following xxx

Z said...

SAM "curing" "diseases"

Yes, I do! I'm happy your work deals with that because it's important work. I have a relative who has done work with healing through piano music...certain pitches and tones heal.

SOme say MOZART's music is particularly healing...have you heard that?

Anonymous said...


The pure notes;

The notes should be decorelated;

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I'm sorry, I'm going out of the subject of your BLOG, but if you are interested, I can give you many examples, and Many witnesses (but in FRENCH) of the cured people.

I'm going to listen to your MM.


Z said...

SAM, does this come to people naturally or does one train oneself to hear all the sounds in a chord from that one middle note? Are you saying that, with a C chord, for example, if you audibly play the E but hear the C and the G in your head, THEN you will be well?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Z;

My long post was eliminated again,

You know, wordings do not come easily, and when it comes, and I write the long pages, I forgot to save it.

I'll write about what you asked later.


RedWood said...

"She wasn't a great actress IMO.."

Right you are...but she had a big bust that she was perfectly willing to capitalize on. So...not much different than the so called "stars" of today...Hilton, Lohan,,,,et al.

Ducky's here said...

Next up, Kanye, Newt or Sarah"?

beamish said...

The house of Rising Sun;

By Frijid Pink.

Oh man, I think I played my dad's old vinyl of that so many times it carved the record in half.

Anonymous said...

Sam, maybe if you break your long posts into segments they will publish. It's worth a try.

PS. Be sure to save whatever you write.

Z said...

Ducky, you've got to be kidding.
If only people like you would pay attention to what Beck says, never legitimately refuted, by the way, maybe we wouldn't be in this mess with Obama. All the Left does is continue to mock. very dangerous game. Be careful what you wish for.

SAM, remember to save if you can, as I'd suggested. Also, very long posts must be broken into different comments. I'm so sorry, I know how difficult that is and how frustrated you must be.
I am, too, I am eager to hear what you had to say. I'm very sorry.

Anonymous said...


I like the animal's performance,

FRIJID PINK; it's something else, specially the sauce of the rhythmic BASS guitar 1/4 of the pitch is absolutely FANTASTIC.


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Z said...

SAM, how sweet of you to tell Pris that! She's a very good woman and SMART!

And yes, Sam, I'm very interested in this.
Tell me again; must this be a 'gift' that one can hear all three tones in a chord upon only hearing one note, or can it be learned and THEN also the person gets the same effects of healing?
I wish you were around all my years of migraines! :-)
Good night, bon ami.

Anonymous said...

Jen, how the heck do you know Dylan songs so well? Tangled IS a good one I'd forgotten

You a big Dylan fan?

You're not that old, and I'm not that young. :-)

I don't know Dylan all that well, but he was the inspiration to a lot of the music that I like now.
I listened to him some in college, like every good wanna-be beatnik.

cube said...

I think Dylan just wanted to get into her pants.

Anonymous said...

Sam, thank you. How nice of you.